Why I Love Pit Bulls
Bully breeds are severely misunderstood and often unfairly discriminated against with Breed Specific Legislation. Both my right hand dogs (Daddy and Junior) have been Pit Bulls, and here's why I think the conversation around this breed needs to change.

  • Sofía

    I love them!!! Son tan inteligentes, amorosos y expresivos💕

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Mr. Millan, Ooooo YESSS I absolutely agree with you. They are more sensitive than so many people's aren't. Sending lovely Greetings to all which have a Pitty or Staffordshire Terrier 😂❤️

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello, YES of course they are Dog's and not Giraff's 😂 love your Video's. Thank you for posting this sweet Video about your loving Breed like Daddy was and Junior is. I love them too and the American Staffordshire Terrier like my Lady "" was. Or maybe she was a Pitbull too? Who knows exactly, she was from España without Breeding Papers. Anyway she was a very sick Puppy and I rescued her Life and the Vet's. She loved me soooooo much and I loved her sooooooo much. Best Dog ever. And now my Chihuahua is the same as my Lady" was!!!!!! Reinkarnation 🤔😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Greetings to YOU and your lovely Doggie JUNIOR


    aw i would love to have a pitbull one day, but im afraid im way to addicted to bullterrier now xD Bullbreeds = Best Breeds :D

  • Tara Reilly
    Tara Reilly

    Yeah I really grew to love pitbulls over the recent years started out with my sister having pitbulls my sister had pitbull dogs and she still has a pitbull and then it went to this IRbin show that is on TV as well like you Caesar it's called hulk the Pitbull well Marlin and Lisa are the owners of it of the program and I really really love them and I love you so much Cesar I really do and I admire all your positive work all your positive energy I admire so much about you Caesar and you are phenomenal

  • Scot Simmons
    Scot Simmons

    I've had Pibbles for 25 yrs. Only breed I'll ever own!

  • emeraldmisst

    I agree. My friend has a huge (American I think) Staffordshire bull terrier. and it's the sweetest dog ever

  • Sage

    are all dogs the same "species"??//

  • _Caro_

    no mentira jaja

  • _Caro_

    cesar mi pit bull trabo de la mandibula a mi rodwailer del cuello y no lo suelta beni rapido se esta desangrando avellaneda al 2040

  • Jeanne Esterhuizen
    Jeanne Esterhuizen

    Ever since meeting my first pitbull 4 years ago, I've fallen in love. I now have 2, and educate everybody about them! Since then even my parents in law have gotten pitties! Proud pitbull mom💕

  • angeliqueinhollywood

    No Caesar, they're not just like any other type of dog. You never hear of a Maltese or poodle killing another dog or attacking humans ....but pit bulls do everyday

  • kjell159

    I almost threw up after this video. Not even a single source cited. Just anecdotal rambling. I didn't expect more in the first place though when someone linked this video. Let's forget about all the deadly maulings. American/Staffordshire Pitbull Terriers being responsible for over 60% of all deathly accidents, while making up less then 5% of all dogs. Just give the 'its not the dog, it's the owner who trains it' excuse, right? Because that's how far pit bull owners their intelligence reaches. I want to see an untrained rabbit mauling a child already... And btw, the 'nanny dog' is a myth sprouted in the 70's. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Yd6Khpe_uKCq1pU.html

  • J Ro
    J Ro

    Pit Bulls are the best!

  • Thomas

    I don't have problems with pitbulls love them personally

  • Karl G
    Karl G

    Owners who don't know the breed is a more clear answer to why they can't handle them. If people learn about the breed they are getting, they can prevent attacks on humans and animals. But, why even get one of these? If one of them attack, it's almost impossible to get them to let go of their victim sometimes. You can hit it, stab it, shoot it and it won't let go. It's a perfect killing machine in the wrong hands. And everyone can get one with no control who buys. That's the problem. Why not buy dog breeds who are more stable? Why not buy a German shepherd from pure lineage if you want a stable guard and family dog? A dog that thinks, and have a brain. The germans knew what they where doing. And that's what breeds and breeding is all about. Breeding forth desirable qualities in dogs. Physically and mentally. It's strange these days when talking about different breeds that this generation take offence when talking down pitbull's and other attack dog breeds. Like they are pulling the race card on dogs. Like every dog breed is the same. It's not. Read facts about the breeds. Borrow from the library.

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Good post but this video was specifically designed for the pro pit movement.. according to pro pit they are the gentlest breed of dog, that its all in the training and in no way are they genetically hardwired to be natural born killers... which they are... demon spawn from hell.

  • John Downs
    John Downs

    Why are they the number 1 breed used in dog fights, if they're so sweet and gentle? Not an unfair question.

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Its cause the pit owners bury their heads in the sand and listen to doofuses like this tell them they are no different and breed traits do not exist... they are a crap breed and need to go away like the dodo.

  • Nicole Dimino
    Nicole Dimino

    My pitbull is a big licking baby...

  • Mike Rose
    Mike Rose

    Pitbulls are amazing dogs. Chihuahuas on the other hand are the real demons.

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Yeah so many people die at the hands of chihuahuas every day.. but the demon spawn pit is such a great dog.

  • Ruth Andres
    Ruth Andres

    Hands down my favorite breed! If you give them proper love and training, they will give you their whole heart

  • David B
    David B

    I like Mountain Lions but I don't think they should be pets in neighborhoods.

  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    All dogs even pitbulls are good, all we need to is spend time and put alot of love in them.🐶💖💟

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Pits are demon spawn good if you like death.

  • soup al
    soup al

    I love pitbull i really love pitbull they are the best

  • Jess Cox
    Jess Cox

    My puppy pitbull the sweetest, most gentle amazing breed I encountered. He survived parvo at only 9 weeks old and he is so brave and protective over our family yet would never even nibble on my kids. He knows when my kids are sick and does everything to make them smile from rolling over, to trying to hear their heartbeat when laying down. He is just amazing.

  • Sean Sheep
    Sean Sheep

    There are no bad dogs, but there are plenty of bad dog owners.

  • Rebecca Cain
    Rebecca Cain

    Something most ppl don't understand about the bite ratio and statistics regarding pitbulls and why there are more "pitbull" bites reported: "Pitbull" has become a blanket term that the media applies to almost any dog that looks like them. In reality, the statistics are completely different from what is portrayed, and "pitbull" type dogs bite much less than is said. Most are very friendly unless they have been abused.

  • Sean Murray
    Sean Murray

    People that believe all the stories about pit bulls being vicious and ruthless dogs by nature, are the same people that believe in ghost stories.

  • Steve P.
    Steve P.

    Pitt Bulls are very affectionate and loving dogs until they're not! Then it's to late!! We live in the country and a neighbors Pit Bull came into our yard early September and mauled our 8 year old Chihuahua. 300 stitches and four days later he died. Since that day if I see an off leash uncontrolled Pit Bull in my yard, or any other dog for that matter, I kill it! No questions asked... loving dog or not! Control your animals or I will!!

  • L grey
    L grey

    No matter the breed, owners turn dogs aggressive. If raised right these dogs can be the most trusting, cuddly, smart and loyal.

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Yeah pits are the only breed of dogs that predisposed traits never came into play for that they are so special... demonic hellhounds

  • Love a Bull Linny
    Love a Bull Linny

    I love mine too.❤🐾❤🐾❤

  • ash S
    ash S


  • Δημήτρης Μπάρδας
    Δημήτρης Μπάρδας

    Ignorance huh? They react huh? That's bullshit. Two years ago my neighbor's pet pitbull attacked me for no apparent reason and it would bite my leg off if I didn't get in my house in time. I didn't do anything to provoke it so what did that monster react to? I didn't even look at the damn thing! Pitbulls and Rottweilers are genetically designed to be aggressive. They can't be tamed.

  • Heather Brenner
    Heather Brenner

    I had my two red nose pitbulls with me when I went to pick up a friend from a bar. While I was sitting outside waiting for him some lady came up to my car and started yelling at me because "how could I let those viscous things in my car" and "don't I know that they're dangerous, they killed someones baby" I was a little shocked, I just responded with I'm sorry you feel that way. My friend came out a just the right time and we left, but yeah some people are misinformed....also rude...I love my babies, one of them got out of the yard at my moms house and got hit by a car, she was still a pup, just a year old. But I still have my boy its nearly 10 years later and he's just a good ol doggo. I can kind of understand why some of them become aggressive though. I had 2, now I have 1. But, they both came to me because other people were assholes. My girl I got from a guy on craigslist. She was so skinny you could have mistook her for a chihuahua, and when we brought her home she was wearing a harness that I had to cut off because it was way too small and it wouldn't move. My boy I got because one of my neighbors came to my house and said "I got this dog and I don't want him anymore. I'm going to put him out and call the dog catcher." I was like WTF you can't do that they don't rehome pitbulls. So I took him.

  • Amber Slater-lower
    Amber Slater-lower

    Yes cesar!! Pit bulls are like any other fur baby out there!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Dave Reid
    Dave Reid

    I love pitbull because their like any other dog ?? Why dont you love other dogs then??

  • bjspranger

    I adore Bullys too. I gave my daughter and her family ok ne whi was neglected and when I rescued him I named him "Lucky" because he is such a charmer! Hes cole black with a bit of white and NEVER barks or bites! These wonderful d pi gs if treated properly are very loyal and loving pets. Thank you for soeaking up for them. God bless!

  • Tali Nicoll
    Tali Nicoll

    I know I am late to comment but I'm with you I don't like why people think that pitbulls are bad just because how that look and used to act

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Cause only someone stupid doesn't take these dogs for face value... man designed the perfect fighting dog and its a proven adversary... horrible breed of unpredictable mayhem

  • Jack Beck
    Jack Beck

    pitbulls are the best

  • AllyPiper

    I agree :)

  • Imani Jackson
    Imani Jackson

    People will listen to you! Advocate for them more. I had to make my put an emotional service animal just to move

  • Justine White
    Justine White

    THANK YOU!!!! There is no bad pit bull-Only Bad Owners!

    • Karl G
      Karl G

      Owners who don't know the breed is a more clear answer. If people learn about the breed they are getting, they can prevent attacks on humans and animals.

  • The Summerland
    The Summerland

    adopted two pitties from shelters, along with my two cats, and they are soulmates, sweetest natured dogs I've ever had, all dogs, like humans, are individuals, and a product of their environment and treatment, no dog is 'born bad', but bad humans can make them that way, then we blame the victims instead of the perpetrators

  • Noman

    I love my pit, but I would not recommend a pitbull for a novice owner. They can be a handful.

    • Noman

      The Summerlands I agree that there are exceptions, but the entire point of dog breeds is to develop behaviors and physical traits that manifest consistently. The point of a breed is to generalize. Generally speaking, pits are powerful dominant dogs with strong prey and fight instincts. They are generally difficult for novice owners.

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      all dogs are insividual, I am 5 ft tall and a senior and adopted two , (5 years apart) from shelters and not only are they non reactive and gentle, they are gentle and loving with my two cats and the easiest dogs I've ever had, don't generalize..but yes, I agree that ANY animal owners need to be cognizant and responsible regardless of breed

  • Cry Havoc
    Cry Havoc

    There are no bad dogs......only bad owners.

  • Carlos Gastulo
    Carlos Gastulo


  • trel ghinxx
    trel ghinxx

    All of you are crazy Pitbulls are horrible dogs. They are not genuinely friendly dogs. They need a lot of training to become the nice dogs you are speaking of. If they are not trained properly they are looking to do harm. They are far from being Golden Retrievers when comes to being friendly.

  • Seneca Gunz
    Seneca Gunz

    I just got a pitbull three weeks and I've been in love ever since

  • Isabel Firemountain
    Isabel Firemountain

    I LOVE pitbulls O.o

  • Steven Corwin
    Steven Corwin

    Pitbulls just need training.I watch my dog all the time and she is happy..

  • Jason Carpp
    Jason Carpp

    Awesome video! I grew up being told that pit bull dogs were dangerous attack dogs that will attack anything and anyone within its sight. I've never been attacked in any way by a pit bull.

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      You should buy a lottery ticket luck is on your side.

  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl

    Pitbulls are great dogs but they are not for everybody. need a responsible owner who wil socialize them since puppy to adress the Dog Agression they was bred with and NOT train them to be Human Agressive. They should never be trained to be guard dogs because a dog like this trained to be Human Agressive can be very dangerous for other people and fatal for him ( he will be put to sleep if he will bite a human ). So if u love this breed just let them to be pets and love them

  • F.B.I. Agent 3301
    F.B.I. Agent 3301

    This is a great video

  • Didi M
    Didi M

    A MILLION thanks Cesar for all you have done and continue to do to create awareness over the horrific ignorance far too many have been taught to believe about our "sent from the angels" best friends. I watch your TV shows every chance I get and not only do I continue to learn but also continue to have my very "Spirit lifted and healed' every single time. HUGS!!!!

  • Mack & Me
    Mack & Me

    Here is one for U Cesar. U need to look at this. Your experiences and opinions are your. own.www.liveleak.com/view?t=Vwyd_1529906173

  • Spitfirenut Spitfirenut
    Spitfirenut Spitfirenut

    Those dogs are about as lovable as a fucking piece of shit!!!

  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl

    The BEST dogs for me

  • Erica Flegel
    Erica Flegel

    I have a pit

  • Faranak Peart
    Faranak Peart

    My Jack Russel was attacked by a Pitbull about 13 days ago :( It was such a terrible experience! The Pitbull was not on a leash and it came from nowhere and I watched my poor dog in the Pitbull's jaws being thrown from side to side and I could do nothing just nothing! In the end, the Pitbull's owner had to throw herself on top of her dog so it would let go of my dog! She also told me "your dog is lucky that my Pitbull didn't grab her by her throat"!!! I come from a family of dog owners. Our dogs have never misbehaved and were always such loving dogs. I have been feeling angry, depressed, fearful and of course, nursing my dog to a better health. I can't help it but I hate Pitbulls. Why would anyone want to have such a dog as a pet?!!!!! Now someone please tell me how to overcome what I'm going through? I know that time is a good healer but I will never ever trust a Pitbull after this. Explain to me why you love Pitbulls? Also, I really question the kind of people that have dogs such as Pitbulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like people to fear you? Do you enjoy haveing a dog that is so powerfull?

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      They are a narcissist wet dream dog... they live to defend the maulers... horrible breed with horrible breed traits... no need for pits in our society unless you love blood sport and carnage.

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      and my pitte was bitten by a jack russell I walk her with and she didn't harm him, they are all individual I am sorry that your dog was hurt, but it is the individual dog, not the breed.

    • Sundancer2453

      We have a pitt and it's all about the owner. Obviously the owner of the one that attacked your dog is totally irresponsible as a dog owner and shouldn't have ANY dog. The fact that it came out of nowhere says that no one was watching the dog and that the dog had free reign to do as it pleased. They may also have trained it to be a guard dog. With ours, you can take food right out of his mouth, take his toys, and he will sit there and wag his tail waiting for you to give it back or play. They are a great breed. But like Cesar says, he trains humans, not dogs. Homans are the reason dogs have issues.

  • Bitsho Heights - Brawl Stars
    Bitsho Heights - Brawl Stars

    I love stray dogs

  • Misty Tallo
    Misty Tallo

    Best dogs I've ever had. Wish they could live as long as me ❤🐶

  • Love Bug
    Love Bug

    Pitbulls are my breed! And while socializing my Pitbulls we have been bitten by 5 different dogs, all were labs and weenier dogs...

  • Simply Impish
    Simply Impish

    I love them too! I've always had one or more since my teens, 40 years later-yep, still my favorite. Thanks for your videos and sharing your knowledge.

  • Reer Alwaax
    Reer Alwaax

    Soooo what? That will not bring back my puppy. Yes i blame the owner, the poor woman did not have the strength to hold on to her leash. Some people should not own Pit-bulls.

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      so very sorry, and I agree that all dog owners need to be responsible, but it is more the temperament of the dog than the size, many large dogs can be non reactive while small ones can want to bite. Any dog requires a responsible and cognizant owner, more so if they are reactive, regardless of breed. Many pitties, liek mine, would not hurt anything, my male was attacked and did not bite back, all individual. So sorry for your loss.

  • Lupe Sanchez
    Lupe Sanchez

    i love pitbulls

  • Edna Krebs
    Edna Krebs

    I love pit bulls too & in my town we have pit bulldogs on the K-9 unit for our police department. Also in Indianapolis we have an Halloween costume parade for pit bulls & other dogs. Never had any problems either. My Miss. Elsa is a rescue & I have never seen a dog love a child as she does my 3 yr old granddaughter. In fact the dog lays on my bed looking out the window waiting for Kira to show up.

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      love this!

  • Stephanie Barron
    Stephanie Barron

    Why I don't love them: because one of them killed my friend's brother and because another killed an innocent child not far from here. Tell me this Caesar: if Pitbulls are so gentle and trustworthy and no worse than a Chihuahua, why have they been the dog of choice of dog fighters for generations?? Because they'd never hurt a fly?? Try not to insult people's intelligence so much, and good luck in your future endevors.

    • Esfand

      Owner fault

    • Gavin Gibson
      Gavin Gibson

      Stephanie Barron people use them to fight because of their crazy strength for their size, tenacity, pain tolerance, and how the original game dogs which aren’t popular today were super aggressive towards dogs, but not humans.

  • MrSadatique

    Maybe it sounds weird, but I think Cesars face is slight similar to Pit Bull. Thats the reason he likes them :D

  • S Chavez
    S Chavez

    I like pitbull but I hate those stupid owners

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      I hate pits and the stupid owners that go along with em

    • lucifer blood
      lucifer blood

      J Liberty troll

    • J Liberty
      J Liberty

      I hate people that insist on owning a dog capable of killing people. Pitbulls will break down screen doors to kill the small dog behind it. They dismembered neighbors gardening in their own yards. They have cost over $100,000 for surgeries on a single person!

  • MY Wong
    MY Wong

    Hi Caesar, can you raise a Bull Terrier please?

  • lilly

    I also love pitbulls❤️

  • Christine

    And I LOVE PITBULLS TOO!!!🐾🐾♥️🐾🐾😘💯🙏🏻😍🌈❌⭕️❌⭕️ I had my furr baby for 17 yrs Butchie I think about him everyday

  • Nikita Don Diva
    Nikita Don Diva

    Pit bulls are cuter than all other dogs. Yeah I said it. Cropped ears or no cropped ears.

  • Susan Mahabir
    Susan Mahabir

    I went from being scared of them, to being a pitbull mom for the past 23yrs and counting. I love this breed. It is the perfect dog.I have always protected my boys from hateful, ignorant people.

  • Polina Ball
    Polina Ball

    Thank you!

  • Natzxx 2
    Natzxx 2

    I love Pitbulls too ❤

    • Eliazar Cruz
      Eliazar Cruz


    • Natzxx 2
      Natzxx 2

      Eliazar Cruz 😂

    • Eliazar Cruz
      Eliazar Cruz

      Natzxx 2 what about me

  • sandhya kodukula
    sandhya kodukula

    I love dogs... Any breed....

  • Spitfirenut Spitfirenut
    Spitfirenut Spitfirenut

    You idiot pit bull people. You know the truth.

  • Lisette Sanchez
    Lisette Sanchez

    I love my pitbull 😍

  • Hello Old friend
    Hello Old friend

    Its the owner not the breed jesus i wish people would lisen to this man more often he has saved us with our dog

    • lucifer blood
      lucifer blood

      J Liberty it is not a gun it is a dog. A nice dog but with a bad reputation

    • J Liberty
      J Liberty

      Flower, who should we listen to? The dog groomer turn dog expert. No thankyou. I'm not going to play Russian roulette with my family!

  • Sketch Ur Dreams
    Sketch Ur Dreams

    hi sir i m Rahul Patel from INDIA i m found of dogs i wona start breeding i m new in this will u please suggest me for that please sir

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters

    Do they eventually snap unpredictably like everyone says. My friend is selling pitbull puppies and I have been contemplating for 2 days because I really want to adopt one but everyone is telling me I shouldn't because I have 3 kids. . I really want to but I'm don't know what is do if they attacked my kids

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      @The Summerland the only myths and fallacies is the pro pit movement spreading such harmful propaganda about the worst breed of dogs... they are horrible dogs with horrible breed traits and unless your a psychotic narcissistic psychopath there is no reason to harbour these horrible dogs

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      @The Summerland they are also the only breed that requires a whole band of lobbyists to try to convince us normal people that they are misunderstood yet in reality any normal non pit nutter knows these dogs are born killers and are not normal... breed traits exist in all dogs, and pits have horrible traits, end the carnage with so many other stable breeds out there no need to keep pits around so they can continue to be the leader of death and destruction...

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      that is a myth and fallacy, like any other dog or human, they don't nsnap more thna any othe rdog or humn would unless abused, stressed, etc...misinformation..many are therapy and service dogs and they were beloved family dogs at the trun of the century, Helen Keller owned one as did President Roosevelt, they were RCA spokes dog and war heroes, only when humans began abusing them and the media turned them into monsters did their image and reputation become distorted..see badrap.com or National Temperament Testing score 86.2 %, better than many other breeds. Also National Pit bull Association for information..do the research from accredited sources not anti pit propoganda

    • Sundancer2453

      Your best bet would be to have the whole family in on the training so each one of them can be pack leader and have control. If it's a family dog, the whole family should be included.

    • Tornado1994

      No. Chow Chows however WILL Snap.

  • The Chameleon
    The Chameleon

    All pitbulls end up needing to be euthanized.

    • Marco Polo
      Marco Polo

      "Each year, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized, approximately 40% of whom are Pit Bulls. This means that nearly half a million Pit Bull-type dogs are killed in shelters annually." Source- Barkpost.

    • Osiris1992

      Do you have any empirical evidence to support that statement?

  • Ragamuffin Hooligan
    Ragamuffin Hooligan

    Pitbulls are the best dogs! Only jackasses make them people aggressive...the irony is that these dogs love to be around people. Mind you, they are dog aggressive...it's their lineage...the early American settlers were into dog fighting, so they bred this breed for that purpose. I can't fathom as to why people want to make them people aggressive!? A dog would naturally defend you with his life!

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      wrong and misinformation, all dogs are individual, I adopted towo pitbulls from a high kill shelter and they are more non reactive and dog and cat friendly than a therapy labradoodle I sit for, genetics can have a factor but not the determinant one, not all herding dogs herd, each dog is an individual and you are spreading more misinformation that condemns even the dog friendly ones to die bc of the prejudice..no dog is born bad or dog aggressiv,e it is how they are socialized that is the determoinant factor, even former abused fight dogs can be rehabbed and be therapy dogs, it's not innate, aggression is a taught behavior, and they were also 'bred'a t the tuen of the century to be family dogs..Petey from Little Rascals was a pit, Helen Keller, President Roosevelt , had pits, they were the spokes-dog for RCA, etc only after humans and media turned them into monsters has their reputation been maligned

  • Kittylover Watches
    Kittylover Watches

    My pitbull is watching with me :D

  • Pablo Torres
    Pablo Torres

    yup yup

  • Arcadio Martinez
    Arcadio Martinez

    my 2 youngest daughters came very close to getting killed by a pitbull i can show you their scars only by God protection they survived that breed from hell. so don't even try to change my mind you will know when one of this beasts is triggered on attack mode they are unstoppable and they will kill

    • bonnie the bunny118
      bonnie the bunny118

      I'm so sorry to hear about your poor babies and that dog was a bad one. But here are a lot of pitbulls who help people. I support your opinion but it's ok I know what it's like to almost lose someone to a dog. I have 2 pits and 1 husky. I have had my pits since I was a baby. And I just got my husky. But your family doesn't deserve to be hurt by anything human or animal. I hope you have a good day. And dont fear pitbulls if you do just keep you distance and ignore them. It's ok. I hope your life us happy and fun for you and your family. Have a good day or night 🙂

  • ZuRriX

    I grew up around pitbulls. There was always about 30 pitbulls in my backyard, since my dad kept breeding them and selling them. I immediately fell in love with them. They are just full of energy, playfull, fun and great to be around. We still have about 30 of them and I play with each of them on almost daily basis. I am currently 17 and in a year I am supposed to be going of to college and I've always wanted to have a pitbull living with me in an apartment. I hope one day this will come true (: These are just the loveliest of creatures, if you treat them right.

    • The Summerland
      The Summerland

      breeding is terrible and contributes to the euthanasia of millions of innocent animals annually bc of overpopulation! you are adding to their suffering

    • Osiris1992

      Just make sure you train it right and that pitbull with be one of the best friends you've ever had.

  • Di

    I love them too, so much!!

  • PITUFO 801
    PITUFO 801

    i love my pitbull too


    I too love #pitbulls

  • Happy 2 B Rodz X Wife
    Happy 2 B Rodz X Wife

    I Think it's France that no one longer allows Pitbulls to enter its country. That has to mean something.

  • Ksenija Gospić
    Ksenija Gospić

    I love all dog breeds All these arguments big dogs vs small dogs are ignorant and stupid We all know by now that dog s character depends on the owner responsibility If you are a dog lover you love all dogs

  • leezo pup
    leezo pup

    I love pitbulls but mine past away 2 years ago😭

  • Veerendra Mc Coon
    Veerendra Mc Coon

    How do I get my pitbulls to be likable towards other dogs?

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      They are doin what demon spawn does best, kill other things... genetics working...

  • Maple Taster
    Maple Taster

    Anyone who denies the true traits of a pit bull and ignores all the warning signs is a pit bull loving freak that doesn't know anything about their poor choice of a pet and what it can actually do to them if it snaps for any reason. Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. It's quite common for a pit bull to show no signs of aggression. People will call it a nice dog, a sweet dog, even the neighbors and then all of a sudden something triggers the dog, and it attacks a human in a characteristic way of biting and hanging on until a lot of damage is done. Pit bulls are responsible for about 67 percent of dog attack fatalities each year, which is way too many compared with other breeds. Pit bulls make up less than 6 percent of the American dog population. It's very poor policy to allow any child around a pit bull, in my mind, let alone climb on a dog. These dogs can be canine crocodiles. They have a dark and bloody history. In the United States, pets are considered property in the eyes of the law. And one of the most hotly defended rights of the individual is the right to own anything, no matter how stupid or dangerous the choice - even when what someone wants to own is a threat to them, their family, and the community around them. No other dog in Societies as pets have ripped the limbs off of humans and other pets like the pit bull type dogs. No other type of dog has decapitated any humans like the pit bull type dogs. These dogs should not be considered pets because of what they can do and what they have already done to thousands and thousands of people and 100's of thousands of other animals.

    • Daisy Girl
      Daisy Girl

      @Homer J Simpson I dont keep.up.anything. I just have one pit and one Staffordshire bullet terrier and they are great loving dogs. As child I had and german Sheppard and boxer and a pekinez. I love all dogs and I think not exist such of thing liek bad breed . Every dog have his own personality all can be loving companions and best friends with a loving owner who treate them right. That's it

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      @Daisy Girl yeah keep up the pit propaganda but you never mentioned nanny dogs

    • Homer J Simpson
      Homer J Simpson

      Excellent post, i agree 100% with what you said, only pitidiots will disagree with you.

    • Daisy Girl
      Daisy Girl

      I can bet u never owned a pitbull ... i,m amazed how all this people who ''know everything'' about pitbulls actually they NEVER HAD ONE! Only a owner know the real character of a dog. So stay away from my dog! haters !🤬

    • melissa harris
      melissa harris

      Complete ignorant BS here buddy.

  • Maple Taster
    Maple Taster


  • Leopoldo Buenaventura
    Leopoldo Buenaventura

    I love my pitbull....... dogs don't have issues, a lot of human beings are messed up and need to blame it on someone or something else

  • Iloveapplefritters

    Irresponsible piece of garbage humans ruining the reputation of one of the most loyal, trainable, and sweet breeds on the planet

  • Yagmur Sevda
    Yagmur Sevda

    They are not dangerous, we make them so!!!

  • Yagmur Sevda
    Yagmur Sevda

    Pitbulls are my favourite dogs!