What Training Cesar's Way Means To Cesar Millan
Training Cesar's Way presents SIMPLE SESSIONS with Cesar Millan.
For the first time, Cesar Millan goes LIVE on Instagram for 5 days straight, to take students and fans into his world renowned Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals program, with exclusive snackable bites of human behavior and dog training methods.
This is the official REPLAY made available for anyone to experience a glimpse of what is taught during a Training Cesar'sWay Fundamentals course. There's nothing like visiting the Dog Psychology Center with Cesar, but here's your chance to get a taste.
Each day Cesar talked about some of the training philosophies that make him the best dog behaviorist in the world.
You're watching DAY 5 of SIMPLE SESSIONS.
FOCUS: What TCW Means To Cesar Millan & A Special Conversation With TCW Trainer Steve Del Savio
- A special story about gratitude
- What Daddy and Jada mean for Cesar
- The different energies we as humans need to harness for ourselves and our dogs.
- Trainer Steve Del Savio joins Cesar to look back at his experience of TCW and the impact it made on his life.
- Intimate conversations from Cesar's intentions and heart.
Learn more about Training Cesar's Way, dog training, & more:

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    Faiv Youkay

    Love you, Cesar! thanks for everything!

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    Thanks for sending sooo much Energy. ❤️

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    wow Cesar, you're a role model. Learning each time from you. Thanks for the sessions, teaching your profound knowledge to the world and your wonderful work. better humans, better planet!

  • Matthias B.
    Matthias B.

    Honestly just saw one of your old shows and can't believe you're supporting neutering dogs. What would you think if it'd be done to you, cut your balls off? It's toxic to the dogs health, opens the door to disease and actually it's not the dogs fault if the owners are disabled in theor brain. Can't believe it. Why don't you neuter the overpopulated world? Wouldn't that be the same?

  • Angie Saj
    Angie Saj

    Where is the other guys ranch? Cesar mentioned he also had one. Just curious.

  • Söyle buna dayanır mı acep can
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    Cesar I am in desperate need of your help, please! For the love of my dogs and my family I need your guidance

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    Indemental Media

    Chi chi belle holly

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    Sedona Rhodes

    Does anyone think that Zach George is a misleading person who is feeding people that humanize their dogs? So many people think he is better but he confuses commands with phycology

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    Ale Flores

    Hola saludos desde Querétaro México 🤝🐶

  • Stephanie Baxter
    Stephanie Baxter

    I’ve got a 90lbs blue nose pitbull. She’s almost five years old. She’s never been socialized with dogs or people. The picture is that I got her at 8 months old. She was already 80lbs. They hadn’t taught her anything. I mean anything!! She didn’t know to ask to go out. She was food aggressive with my daughter (that was the biggest thing I worked on right away). She had never been around any other dogs. Her mom had died giving birth. The other pups were sent to new homes right away. Kay Cee was the only one they kept. They had planned on keeping her for breeding (I’ve had her spayed). When she got too big to handle and they couldn’t do anything with her, they sent her to me. I’ve been working with dogs since I was a kid. The only issue is that people are ridiculous about pitbulls. I couldn’t find anyone who would let me socialize her with their dogs. People would leave the park. I thought, ok I’ll get her in an obedience class (she was really well behaved and didn’t need anything in that area, I thought it would be a good way to socialize her). The trainer informed me that they couldn’t allow her in the group. People wouldn’t join the class if she was there. They would do private classes, but I didn’t need that. She needed to be around other dogs. She’s now fully grown and she still has never been socialized. People are still terrified of her. Now she charges at people. She figured out that people freak out when she does it. I don’t know what to do. The landlord has given me notice that I have to get rid of her. She scared his brother and his wife. She broke free and charged at them. For the record, no one was bitten or hurt. She just scared them. I’m at a loss. She’s a beautiful dog, inside and out. But I can’t chance re-homing her because she could possibly hurt someone. The charging people could easily escalate if it isn’t managed properly. She’s not a bad dog but people don’t listen. I have already been in a few situations where people come over and they don’t listen. Immediately they are trying to let her. She is a super excited dog. She hits a point where she is completely overwhelmed with excitement and she is completely zoned out. It’s really hard to get her back down once she gets there. But people just won’t listen. How can I find her a home when I can’t even get people to not try to touch her right away? They always seem to think they know better. I honestly don’t know how you manage to deal with these people. I’m not a people person. My dog likes people a whole lot more than I do. I don’t know what to do or how to do it. At this point I can only put her down, I REALLY DON’T WANT TO. She is a great dog and she’s never done anything to deserve a death sentence. HELP PLEASE???

  • Teresa Hampton
    Teresa Hampton

    We have a 1 2 year old Morkie. When we got her we put her in a Kennel at night and she was fine. After about 3 months she started crying when we put her in it at night. Every single night she cries and yelps. If she can, she runs and hides. We Never take her out once we put her in. She's been let outside, fed and watered. She is very attached to us. She does settle down after awhile and does well then. Do you have any suggestions? Also, she is above super hyper whenever anyone comes around. She just loves every one so much, however she is hard to get quieted down then. Children are hesitant around her because she is over the top excited! Any suggestions?

  • Darren Wallace
    Darren Wallace

    Good dog video

  • Darren Wallace
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  • Sedona Rhodes
    Sedona Rhodes

    I want to spread the message as much as I can. For now we have just one standard poodle

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    Much love and respect.. My relationship with my dog Itus has continued to grow stronger with using your techniques and advice..

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    paul clarence alahayan

    Hello cesar, im a big fan. You inspired me a lot hope i can meet you one day.

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    diana baroyants

    you are the best spiritual teacher

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    Maigy Vang

    I absolutely love your philosophy, not just with dog training but of life. That it’s all interconnected, absolute truth! Thank you for all your wisdom. ❤️

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    Janai Vazquetelles

    Missing Daddy! Such an amazing example of loyalty!!

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    Barbara Damijanić

    Really great.....I live with dogs since I was 12 years old. Now I have 42. Trough my life I had 2 pekignese,and then my Nefera,she is 10 years old now. In the middle I took a dog who was 14 years old. Half pekignese and he lived with me another 3 years. Love him so. Few years ago (3) I take home with me a statford who was always locked on the terase,they never take him out to walk and he was so deppresed that I ask his "human" if he want to give me his old dog because he get from a girl stat a 9 litlle dogs. And he gave it to me without a five minute of thinking (I couldn"t believe it ).... So,I came home with my new staford named Gens and he saved my life...And I heal him every day.At first he lose a finger ,2 years ago he died from bone cancer... Now,I still have my Nefera and I got a little cane corso ,she was so small that she was two times smaller than her brothers. After 20 days I lost my job because of Covid and she is very well now. I have problems in my life to find a job. So,thinking why G. does this to me ? And then I reflect my life from start. I have time,daughter is big now,I live alone with my dogs..... Since I recall I love animals (especialy dogs) and plants.First on my mind was a dog hotel,but don't have money. Then I start to grow plants.Every kind. But,now when I look this great Cesar Milan (because I must deal with a huge dog) I want to open a ranch and I would love if I can heal the animals,people,planet,plant,..... Thank you Cezar Milan

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    Samantha Hu

    Thank you for your wisdom love and generosity Cesar.

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    Cody Mcgonagill

    Well I'm glad they're enlightened but too much hippie talk

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    Melinda Nichols

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    Unfortunately not everyone has the $ to make that so called leap of faith

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    Maria Hernandez

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    Maria Hernandez

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    Cal Harris

    God has truly endowed you with a gift . I followed your show for years and I always learn something new about being a proper pet owner. Thank You Carol

  • Loretta Powell
    Loretta Powell

    I've had it with this dog behavior crap. My dog knows full well what to do and does what he wants anyway. Well he can do it elsewhere. Trained him to get in the truck, he can do it. Time to leave the park, he wont get in the truck. Not because I tell him to, not for a treat, not for anything. He can stay at the stinking park.

    • Loretta Powell
      Loretta Powell

      Oh, and take your desire to blame me and shove it. My energy and attitude were fine until he refused to obey.

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    As you can see, with the corona virus, we are nothing. We think we are everything, money-fame-power. But nobody can beat this virus with money-fame-power. We have been brought down to our knees. It makes us humble, it makes us connect with our family again, more time to work on ourself, be creative. I think this is the time and place to practise gratitude.

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    Claire Breuleux

    The first video I watch a few years ago I found it amazing ! Thank you for all these dogs thoughout the years that you put back on the right traks, as well as the owners you helped to better understand their dogs.

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    Angie Lindsey

    So glad you here in America Cesar, you are a blessing to helping Americans with their animals, you are a blessing to helping animals, and animals and need, thank you so much for being part of us here in our great country, may God bless you and your family away's. I would love to meet you and see all of your beautiful dog's and 🐈's one of theses day.

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    Why does my dog have loyalty to those people with food? Why does he rather be with those that disrespect him vs. Those that respect him?


    Viva cesar Millán

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    ok then what

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    I named my pup after you. Ceasar, He was the best dog in the world an I owe some thanks to you. I wish I can send you a picture of him you would LOVE him he was a tank, a teddy bear, a protector, helper, in alot of ways he way very so much like your pup "Daddy".Gosh how time flies by...... My Ceasar just recently passed in December. I miss him every dad and I can see you in this video holding back some emotions. I know how hard it is to loss your best friend, your everything. I have only gotten 1:31 of the video. I instantly started tearing up. I send much love, joy , happiness to your self an your family! May Daddy and my Ceasar...R.I.P....

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      I pray for the boy and that poor mistreated dog. Peace.

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      Awesome. That is what I did. I studied Cesar, watched all his shows, over and over again, plus practice on friends dogs, while looking for mine. Took a total of 5 years. She was definitely worth it, however I was ready for almost anything. Thanks to The Dog Whisperer Shows. Good Luck and Have Fun! 😊

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