What Is Cesar Millan Like Behind The Scenes? (Latin America Tour)
Step aside, beauty vloggers- Cesar Millan is here! I hope you enjoy this look backstage at my shows!
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    I hope you enjoy this backstage look! What is something you learned from this video? Do you enjoy being on stage?

    • Julia G
      Julia G

      Watched again as appeared on my cell coincidentally, took so much out of following you backstage once again, appreciate your power and commitment to move on, indeed enjoy being on stage and upgraded to support for the better. Thanks to You!

    • DM Sinarao
      DM Sinarao

      I hope you can tour here in the Philippines sir Cesar.. I am a huge fan of yours since I was 15

    • Blanca Rugerio
      Blanca Rugerio

      Cesar Millan Que gracioso eres César ❤️🇲🇽🐕

    • Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName
      Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName

      Cesar Millan Why in the hell are you putting on makeup? Seriously dude.

    • jnlje

      Thank you Cesar !!!!! I really enjoyed the behind the scenes !! Hope to see more of this

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles


  • Jill H
    Jill H

    If I could meet any celebrity it would be Ceaser millan I love you!

  • carlos quintana
    carlos quintana

    U help make life a better place.

  • Djona Gomez
    Djona Gomez

    Cesar come to Cebu, Philippines! (after this covid situation is over :( ) We would love to see you in person and people need to hear more of you! Love you Cesar!

  • eu euu
    eu euu

    You radiate beauty in and out, no need to worry,have a wonderfoul week.

  • Debra Johnson
    Debra Johnson

    Amazing work. Congrats!

  • Isabelle Larose
    Isabelle Larose

    Im Always happy To see new vidéo about you César !!! This one in particular is very interessting. I HOPE ONE DAY TO SEE YOUR SHOW LIVE IN PERSON ,dont stop your wonderfull work

  • sandra lowe
    sandra lowe

    I saw him in uk. He is brilliant and very entertaining

  • Pippi Langstrumpf
    Pippi Langstrumpf

    Thank You for changing the world in such a wonderful way!! Together we are making the world a better place. Love from Germany

  • Christina Gay
    Christina Gay

    My gracious... I have thought Cesar is so handsome for years. Undeniably attractive to me. This is the first time I've seen him wearing glasses and his handsome/attractiveness just went through the roof. It's rediculous that he could be any MORE good looking but he did it. 😍😌

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u

    Cesar no lie dude you look a lot like my grandfather Al but just a younger version of him lol. We call him dog whisperer 2.0

  • justchill okay
    justchill okay

    Cesar is the man! 👌

  • Ni Carvagno
    Ni Carvagno

    Dear Cesar, You are my hero. I am not a dog lover like you, but have seen many, many of your TV shows. You have taught me so much about dogs and human nature. I have cleared many incompletions within my self as a result. In watching your behind the scenes, you said that you get nervous before your performance. I would like to suggest that you go within, which you do daily. Look for the deep root thought pattern that is triggering your fear. HINT- it is connected to your 1st marriage with your wife. I hope I have been of service to you as you are to the world. NITHYANANDAM!

  • Geraldine Mar
    Geraldine Mar

    Just subscribed to your channel. Long overdue. Absolutely captivating. Also hope to see you live, one day😍

  • Martine Patino
    Martine Patino

    You are spreading the loooove & understanding ❤️

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez


  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hyper Hyper😂❣️

  • Ms Magpie
    Ms Magpie

    To me,he is the perfect man.

  • SYN30STM

    I was hoping it would be more in spanish but still great video. I wonder if you will do a spanish channel if you dont have one already.

  • Goska Paluchowska
    Goska Paluchowska

    I love your transparency. Simple yet profound! Your methods really work. I am your longtime fan!!!

  • Kim Armelli
    Kim Armelli

    Cesar I love your spirit

  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown


  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown

    Such a good man. He brings so much goodness/happiness/peace to the world, human and animal alike. Love him and he deserves everything he gets and has!!

  • Prob_io

    Makes me feel super Latino 😂😂😂😂🔥


    god bless you my brother you are amazing

  • xxx

    Hahaha. No mames Caesar!

  • Emi Mahmoud
    Emi Mahmoud

    Cesar donde esta jahira que ya no se le ve ? Where is jahira Cesar? I haven't seen her lately in any publication. Is everything ok ? Love your work. Keep it up!

  • Laura Connolly
    Laura Connolly

    You work so hard.

  • ellemijn de vries
    ellemijn de vries

    i lean spainish bc of you, i know hat u can talk english but its funny

  • ellemijn de vries
    ellemijn de vries

    9:09 little bit akward, Cesar am a big fan!

  • Princess Tiny of Pom Pom
    Princess Tiny of Pom Pom

    You get millions of comments so not sure if you will ever read mine. I hope so. I remember attending your show when you came to Calgary. I felt I shared your pain as I went through hell with my marriage breakup in 2010 and everything that had to go wrong did go wrong then. My marriage ended, my mom died, my dog of 14 yrs died, had a flood in my house, my car was totaled, lost my job. God bless you always Cesar. I too have a pom. I love dogs very very much. It is my hope that I meet you in person someday. I hope you promote spaying and neutering dogs when you go to developing countries. I hope you will advocate for animals killed brutally in China and other countries. Thank you so much.

  • A&B


  • Dinie Madsen
    Dinie Madsen

    Love the shirt

  • Demi Mays
    Demi Mays

    trust respect love Mother Nature

  • Sandra Davis
    Sandra Davis

    Wonderful !!!!!

  • Ethel Eklund
    Ethel Eklund

    You and your teachings are a blessing!❤️

  • Ily Vi
    Ily Vi

    Wow Cesar, I truly enjoyed watching you do your show in Monterrey. Loved listening to you speak spanish. It was obvious the love you felt being there. ❤️🙂

  • Shirley Tramm
    Shirley Tramm

    I love you Cesar! I know everyone tells you and now you hear it again! Ty for all you do! You bring so much light to the world. I hope I can talk with you someday...

  • Lilylibra

    Cesar...... way overdue. Humans and dogs alike, have long needed your guidance and inspiration. One exceptional man. 💖

  • N Baron
    N Baron

    You radiate such a positive energy, it even beems through the screen. I love your wit and appreciate you’ve shown a ‘back stage look’. I wish you good health and love. Thank you for being you🙏🏼

  • Laura Matz
    Laura Matz

    love you Ceasar,,you've taught me so much

  • H Tres
    H Tres

    i want you to teach my bro how to do men's eyebrow!

  • ShushOrIWillKissYou

    I think what I learned most from this video was how to mentally prepare yourself for a challenge.. Find something that calmes you yet energizes your passion, turn on some music, so some exercise, get your mind thinking positively about the upcoming moment, getting in sync with the people you work with. I think there is a lot to that.

  • Jennifer Pauk
    Jennifer Pauk

    Cesar is one sexy man.I live how he loves all animals.He is my idol .

  • ajay pethani
    ajay pethani

    Amazing ! 💐

  • Lynette Roggenbuck
    Lynette Roggenbuck

    I imagine his grandfather being so proud of him

  • bubba butt
    bubba butt

    I learned who my favorite celeb is. A pack leader goes from point A to point B and safely thru life. I need to learn Spanish!

  • Barbara Proper
    Barbara Proper

    I see a lot of similarities with raising children :-) parenting children is my expertise and i love to see how rules boundaries and love works for both groups. I hope we get to get enough time soon to take a dog into our family soon. Are you coming to holland any time soon?

  • Karina AB
    Karina AB

    Cesar, Me gustaría que hicieras videos en español, por favor. Es excelente todo lo que haces.

  • Ginger Rose
    Ginger Rose

    Gorgeous ❤️

  • Rocío Dominguez Ortiz
    Rocío Dominguez Ortiz

    This was epic to watch !!!!! Xoxo y viva Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Freezer VJ
    Freezer VJ


  • M. Rici el Original
    M. Rici el Original

    I'm a good dog but I need my mom to be train , no it's not truth she's good Mama . 😍

  • jmakit Jay
    jmakit Jay

    ring ring ring lol hello all three so love your work and you and philosophy/being that applies for all beings ( and i think your very handsome beautiful smile)

  • SilvaMC

    Love energies and frequencies all over the world, one dog at a time.

  • Diane Sanchez
    Diane Sanchez

    Thanks for sharing Ceasar!! I love wut u do, i love dogs i have 2. Sigue Adelante 🐕🐶❤ I hope to meet you one day!! I would love to visit your ranch one day and have Tequila.

  • Paula Taylor
    Paula Taylor

    Where do I buy the shirts?

  • Mariah Moreno
    Mariah Moreno

    César can I sing the intro song for your IRbin channel 😹

  • Terry Sanders
    Terry Sanders


  • Stephanie Mclean
    Stephanie Mclean

    I hope la vida es un carnival is one of those latino happy go lucky songs you listen to?❤

    • Stephanie Mclean
      Stephanie Mclean

      Shoot me some recommendations :D

  • Kelly Allin
    Kelly Allin

    This was great. I love your mission. So happy you are back and doing so well. God bless you 💖

  • Melody

    I hope Cesar continues to go on tour! My bf and I need to meet him! We watch his show on Disney+ every day.

  • Rachel Faith
    Rachel Faith

    Thank U once again for sharing Ur insight with viewer fans! X0

  • Nia Ongoongotau
    Nia Ongoongotau

    is it weird that i find cesar fine asf ? ... 😂

  • Zeept65

    I love your shows your love for animals and family! Would love to see a video on grief after you lose a family member your pet I've got a fifteen year old lab who we adopted from a rescue she has three legs I was born without my left arm she lost her left leg I know she was meant for me because when we got her paperwork she was found on September 1 and had her leg amputated on September 2 which is my birthday! She has healed my heart so much and she's my BFF! How do you deal with losing one of your pac? Love all your videos thank you for sharing your gift with us and all the animals you've saved!!!!

  • lillithdv8

    Es un verdadero placer ver a Cesar compartiendo su sabiduría y sus técnicas. Espero poder participar a un evento algún día

  • Veracity

    Appealing to the sadly prevalent desire to believe that subjugating a dog is an indispensable part of training. Let’s be honest, there’s a REASON why dominance-based training caught on for such a long time, even before Milan. Some people just love to think of themselves as the undisputed leader of the pack. They relish in having power over something and it brings a song to their heart every time they hear Milan chastise someone for not being “alpha” enough.

  • Destiny Zero
    Destiny Zero

    I watched Dog Whisperer with my dad during dinner EVERY night as a kid. Still love watching your videos! I have 4 dogs (3 golden retrievers and 1 mini daschund) and YOU are the reason I'm as confident as I am as the pack leader 😊❤ thank you! Side note: Never expected Cesar to like rap music 😂

  • Julie Curtis
    Julie Curtis

    I need your help cuz I'm disabled and my dog goes nuts when she sees other dogs and I can't walk her because she pulls so hard. I'm trying to follow your training method and we've come a long way. I just can't get her past this because she's been attacked 3 times now where we live.

  • Gloria Roberson
    Gloria Roberson

    How do you handle anger around the animals. Not anger towards them but something caused by other sources?

  • LesCream-err

    I love the way u have made me see things differently my dog is so much happier in the process😁😃😉 I believe we can change the world too. One person and dog at a time. Much love ☺

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Yes yes, "Once upon a dog" ! Very good headline! I like seeing you on stage doing your best job all the time. For me I doesn't like it being on stage. Staying or sitting behind or in front of the stage I feel more comfortable!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keveno16

    also did you ever see the youtuber that by mistake posted a video of her smacking her doberman? she could really use counseling

  • keveno16

    are your sons making merch anytime soon as well ?

  • Gem

    You are awesome! Learnt so much from your dvds. I'm in the UK I have season 1-5 on dvd but I can't find anymore where could I get them? 😃 Love your show!

  • JustM

    Behind the scenes with you was enlightening and entertaining. Thanks for reinforcing the importance of choosing the people who are around you. I'm equally comfortable in front of or behind a video camera, so I enjoyed all aspects of this adventure with you. I'm so excited that you've started doing longer videos. I love dogs but don't have any pets right now, but thanks to binge-watching your TV shows over many years, and reading "Cesar's Way", I have been able to help others with their problem dogs. I am consistently sharing with people lessons I've learned from you. Everything you teach - and how you demonstrate with your own life - has helped me genuinely grow as a person. When I finally am in a position to have a dog again, I will be a much better pack leader!

  • Luisa Chavez
    Luisa Chavez

    Cesarin,me encanta ver tus videos,y eh aprendido tanto de ti que me gustaria conocerte,ojala y algun dia te animes a venir a Toronto Canada,Aqui te esperamos con los brazos bien abiertos,en hora buena!

  • J Ferrer
    J Ferrer

    Nice Job Cesar! Love the channel.

  • marsu 223
    marsu 223

    U are great person ! 🥰🦴 Dogs love you 🦴🦴🦴🥰🙏

  • Shaimaa Atwan
    Shaimaa Atwan

    Wish you all the success in life

  • Empress

    Hi Cesar, i love your show first off! Next, I don't have a comment, but, rather a suggestion. I loved watching this video, but, as an all English speaking woman, I would so much appreciate it if you could ask your people to CAPTION EVERYTHING being said. From beginning to end😁 -Even the Spanish that was brief, but spoken!! I WOULD LOVE & ENJOY hearing (not hearing), READING everything that was said!🙌😁👍 As I ENJOY the entertainment behind your shows, it would have been nice to LAUGH ALONG with the crowd! Well. That's it!😊👍❤ LOVE❤ Ms. Heart❤ Muahhhh! #DOGISLOVE #CESARMILLAN Give me a heart if someone OR EVEN BETTER YOUUU from your camp read my ASK!😊👍🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 thanks! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Susy

    I've had my fur baby for 16 years, had her since she was 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, she was attacked in our apt, and I couldnt prove it when she was barely two. She used to be so sweet, still is but she's a little vixen lol. Could never afford training for her, but... she's our little vixen :)

  • MaryJane Ma
    MaryJane Ma

    Heating pad will help the shulder too. So Grateful You are ok from the skateboard accident with the Emu. And Thank God for Granting You to all Animals & Humans on this God Loving World. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Especially for Saving my dog's life. 😃💗

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez

    Your the best Ceaser love you, love your channel. Keep dishing out all your wonderful knowledge on dog.

  • Mildred Zuniga
    Mildred Zuniga

    Todo un galán con ese lindo corte de cabello,y ése color blanco natural que luce perfecto con el oscuro de las cejas; y el par de arrugas de la cara complementa la belleza masculina de un hombre maduro Guapo...

  • kim pascoe
    kim pascoe

    Cesar, living in Portugal, I get very distressed at the fact that most Portuguese do not treat their dogs as sentient beings, keeping them on chains, outside , not exercised, just using them for breeding to hunt and guard, before abandoning them. The people of Central Portugal, in particular, need you to do some work with them to help them view their dogs as more than posessions. Please help.


    Eres pura vida!

  • Diana Long
    Diana Long


  • Revina Que
    Revina Que

    I love hearing Cesar speaking in Spanish even though I can't understand, because he sounds so much more natural and comfortable. Maybe you can do an all-Spanish episode (with English subtitles) sometime!

  • Robert Cannon
    Robert Cannon

    Thank you for being you! ¡Muchas gracias amigo!

  • Sumara Marie Buchanan
    Sumara Marie Buchanan

    I am enlightened Cesar ~ Thank you

  • Sumara Marie Buchanan
    Sumara Marie Buchanan

    YES ~ WE CAN ~

  • vase l
    vase l

  • sacred ground
    sacred ground

    Awwwww. Beautiful presentation Cesar. I appreciate how genuine you are. Even under pressure, your authenticity, love & respect for your people--your fans--is obvious. I love your sense of humor & how well you imitate the expressions & behavior of ill tempered dogs & silly people. Thank you for all you teach us! Much love.

  • V

    There is such Power in meditation and Caesar just reaffirms that for me! Thank you for everything I learn from each and every video....;)

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    Other than the white hair, you look the same from when you did the tv show. Congrats, hot guy. Hey, you're handsome with our sin makeup. Okay. You're beautiful. I wish I had you years ago to inspire me. I didn't know men like you in my youth.

  • Samantha Thomson
    Samantha Thomson

    Cesar, I work for Amazon and I just emailed Jeff Bezos to tell him that I have mapped dogs onto an Amazon FC. I too believe that dogs are the vehicle of change in humanity. I think I have created the bridge. You taught me so much, I created my own and now I want to combine everything and bring it to the world. To talk to you would be a dream come true.

  • McSabbia McSand
    McSabbia McSand

    Felicidades Cesar, has ganado mas de lo que creias perdido. Dios te bendiga, una paisana en Italia.

  • MakingEndsMeet

    Im so happy for you! You were on top of the world. You lost almost everything. You were giving up on living. But then you figured out what was really important to you... family, trust and love... inner peace. You inspire me to be a better, healthier happier person and a better leader and friend to my dogs. Thank you