What Happened to Holly? | Reacting To Cesar's Worst Bite
Many of you have been asking about Holly! It has been years since I have looked back at this footage from The Dog Whisperer- today I wanted to explain what went wrong the day I was bitten by Holly, and where she is now!
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In this vlog, Cesar Millan reacts to the episode of The Dog Whisperer featuring Holly, explaining what happened, what was going through his mind at the time that he was bitten, the mistakes leading up to it, what he has learned since, and where Holly is now!
Better Humans, Better Life
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    Do you guys remember this episode? Have you ever made a mistake with an animal and what have you learned since then?

    • Mark Grudt
      Mark Grudt

      They put the dog down.lol.

    • Xxdroom

      Yes. Seeing a dog flight in fear and stupidly enough grab it and offcourse I got bitten 😂

    • Kathy Brem
      Kathy Brem

      Cesar Millan well I have parrots-trust me, I’ve probably been bitten more than you!!

    • Jacque Setmayer
      Jacque Setmayer

      J S .

    • Juluis Reyes
      Juluis Reyes

      Saw your post sir today Aug. 15, 2020 and according to you holly passed away several months ago which means approximately happened after a year or within that year of the 2013 biting incident(national geographic channel). Rip holly

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Pokiaľ budeš písať anglocky, neodpoviem Ti.

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Prečo za sebou ťaháš tých, ktorí nechcú byť s tebou? Bojíš sa samoty? Chiara

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Policajný kynológ je Tvoje poslanie.

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Keď bude vidieť, že si šťastný, kdekoľvek a s kýmkoľvek budeš, som šťastná aj ja. Mne len pravdu poveddž. Akákoľvek je. Keď ma nenávidíš úptimne, povedž mi to do očí. Nebudem sa hnevať. Pravda mi zohrieva a hojí stdce. Chiara

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Serotonín. No Holly.

  • Happy Pooch Grooming & Pet Services
    Happy Pooch Grooming & Pet Services

    Hard to watch. This guy is so cocky. You don't have to dominate to build trust.

  • MoonNexus

    Spoiler alert they ate the dog afterwards


    Ole Wang Chung was hoping to have Holly for dinner. What a dick head.

  • Rajyogini Shiva
    Rajyogini Shiva

    U are a wonderful being , Mr Caesar ....super hillarious too

  • LIeb Lee
    LIeb Lee

    I live in Louisiana and there are so many stray dogs and cats. I live in a small trailor park crying all the time. My dream is to save these animals. God HELP!!!!

  • Travis Levee
    Travis Levee

    Wow. What a turn around. Cheers. Love ya

  • Clementina Ochazava
    Clementina Ochazava

    Yo tengo un perro Pomerania y le ladra a todo el mundo ya no sabemos que hacer como educarlo

  • AdventureVenture

    Only time I was ever bitten, I mistook the signs. It was my mistake.

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    Plot twist it’s a different dog

  • Angela Witherington
    Angela Witherington

    My husband and I watched your Dog Whisperer shows when they first aired and again now on Disney+. Your explanations and techniques have helped us SO MUCH with our dogs. Thank you for the good work you do, and we look forward to seeing more of you!

  • Laercio Charles Pereira
    Laercio Charles Pereira

    Very good Cesar, I have started to understand more more with you!! Thanks a Lot!! God bless you Man!!

  • Berat Kayaalp
    Berat Kayaalp


  • Backyard Music Feedback
    Backyard Music Feedback

    Dogs don’t speak English silly

  • Jordan Nguyen
    Jordan Nguyen

    That "HM, interesting" impression made me chuckle.

  • Zetsuke4

    Hm ph

  • A Nobody
    A Nobody

    Wait so he took the dog after? What happened to the family?

  • Hoolio McSausage
    Hoolio McSausage

    Looks like he's sitting in a hand crafted dog shit shelter..

  • paul birnbach
    paul birnbach

    I have a border collie, I wanted to see what will he do if I mess with his food while he was eating. He simply looked at like I'm some kind of crazy person, then walked away, sat and keep looking at me with curiosity. Hehe love this dog.

  • judy nichols
    judy nichols


  • Jasmine Saxer
    Jasmine Saxer

    This Sexy Man is amazing ! !

  • グールにも愛が必要

    It's a shame that a pit bull with the same 100% fixable problem would have almost certainly be put down, people are so ignorant and totally ignore the proof that they are no more prone to violence than other dogs. The bite numbers have nothing to do with their temperament, otherwise you could make the same argument that labs are over aggressive.

  • eli paredes
    eli paredes

    So i have nothing against you but (1) he didn't hit her. (2) he stopped her from going back after him again he didn't kick her. you just do thing a little different but he also been doing this alot more than you have

  • hillock10

    I am learning. We have a dog next house over who is aggressive to everyone in the neighborhood.

  • Deanne kliene
    Deanne kliene

    I spoiled my dog and now shes entitled to everything....dont make this mistake...she bites people...its my fault not hers...

  • Ricky Ross
    Ricky Ross

    From my experience I’ve learned that bullets are cheaper than dog food

  • ana maria
    ana maria

    I may be a dog 😂

  • Tadeu Trovato
    Tadeu Trovato

    Cesar, I gess you do not realize that, before the bite, the dog was looking to the left. Just close before the bite, she was looking to the right. The owner was to the right side of her. I'm telling you that, in the beggining, the dog was AVOIDDING the man, looking to the other side. My dog does the same thing when I am eating some food he knows that is not his food. He avoid to look. (Sorry for my bad english).

  • Cruz Miranda
    Cruz Miranda

    I love how he was unfazed with the fact that the dog just bit him😂😂 I would have been done, I would quit after that😂

  • harry latham
    harry latham

    you are a god send, sir.

  • Jeronimo

    Sorry Cesar, nice talking your way out of this, but you made a mistake here. This dog would have bitten anybody coming that close to her food, while she's eating 😇

  • Jean-Renaud Viers
    Jean-Renaud Viers

    Thanks a lot for what you do, Cesar Millan.

  • Zlx

    That last kibble kiss just made my day! Even the dog whisperer himself can't stand it and it's so relatable to see that 😂🤣

  • Miguel Quazar
    Miguel Quazar

    The bite scene is good with Guile's theme

  • vpasify

    Buenisimo video!

  • Rohan 11
    Rohan 11

    Hes god fr sure🙏🙏

  • cjr1881

    Lost his hand

  • LaBreezyUK

    I love this

  • Bleach

    0:43 “Youre just a client!” If you know, you know.

  • Ben Laws
    Ben Laws

    He was doing so well up until he said “ the water is to keep the oxygen in myself” 😂😂😂

    • Marcie F.
      Marcie F.

      @Shir-Sure The original post AND my comment was said as a joke they wasn't made for ANYONE to take as serious as you're making it. Most people including myself understands that we as humans can mess up a words a little when being put on the spot. Take a chill pill and relax a lil SMH 🤦

    • Shir-Sure

      Well sometimes when english isn't your first language you pick the wrong words to describe stuff. Happens to my mom all the time.

    • Marcie F.
      Marcie F.

      As a nurse I laughed so hard 🤣

  • Steven Dalloesingh
    Steven Dalloesingh

    South Park episode actually put.this guy on the map. He is the one that stood up to and tamed Eric Cartman!

  • Jerry Desir
    Jerry Desir

    No dog for me... Thank you

  • Faze_hefty -_-
    Faze_hefty -_-

    I have a problem with my dog tiger he is one years old and every time when I have friends over he Barks and barks he doesn’t behave he like to run away when I call him and I’m close by to tiger he runs is like I’m chasing him to come back to me and nothing we don’t wanna call animal control because he is a very good dog I don’t know what to do please help me.

  • Jessica -aka JessaNae
    Jessica -aka JessaNae

    *Kudos to you for hanging in there lol! I love the way you work with dogs!! Too many ppl don't take enough time with their animals to train them, and most importantly... you HAVE to gain trust with them especially if they're insecure!! Just like everyone has heard "dogs sense fear"... they can sense all your emotions!! If you are aggressive with your dog, they most certainly will gain fear and that can cause them to get aggressive with you!! I'd love to meet this man!! There's nothing I'm more passionate about than animals and I seriously need to have a job working with them and I'm not sure why the heck i don't lol! Me and my pup, Yoshi, send or love and appreciation Ceasar!!!*

  • Robert Vogel
    Robert Vogel

    I have a Boxadore , (half Lab half Boxer). His name is Larry. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He was very loving, playful and a happy dog. He loved everybody from my dad to my grandchildren. At around a year, year and a half he was diagnosed with parvo. The vet said only half of the dogs that get parvo survive and of those that do survive 1 out of 10 end up with brain damage. Several occasions he has become aggressive and has attacked me and family members out of the blue . I can't let anyone near him. My question is, could parvo be what has caused him to be vicious. He's bitten me several different times. He's never been kicked, Punched or even yelled at. He's 12 years old and he's my baby boy.

  • Cris Barbieri
    Cris Barbieri

    Seria maravilhoso se fosse legendado. Ou traduzido

  • sirius black7
    sirius black7

    I wonder if that really is the same dog

  • wheresmary

    16:50 Holly wants that damn food🤤

  • Candy Smith
    Candy Smith

    I love the story of Holly ,,, thank you so much for telling her story!!!! Many blessings

  • Nika Shu
    Nika Shu

    А в целом к нас есть мастер в россии по собакам.. Антуан Наджарян.. Он мне ближе

  • Nika Shu
    Nika Shu

    Я так кошку воспитывают и ей когти стригу вовремя.. Когда она ранит меня ими.. Т. К. Она не знает что делает это)))

  • Jojo George
    Jojo George

    Caesar Milan please come to Indian. we have got wonderful working hound breeds and mastiff breeds,which will really excite you.These are the most focussed and skilful dogs that you would ever see in your life.

  • fil access
    fil access

    You're a PRO Cesar. Most of all, your humility is what we admire and respect you as a human being - beside an EXPERT in what you do.

  • Creacher Creature
    Creacher Creature

    I love dogs but I'm so afraid of dogs, this was terrifying. I can only have small very docile breeds like Boston terriers.

  • Thomas Moss
    Thomas Moss

    Turns the video off right before he chops the dog in the neck

  • pgurl1971

    Omg I love yo Caesar- you are so brilliant

  • Dennys Torres
    Dennys Torres

    Simplemente Genial Thank you

  • jack myers
    jack myers

    Notice Caesar never pulled away from the dog as it was biting him just let it chew on his hand and then give it a light tap in the chest with his foot ! As u c the dog immediately stopped biting him ! Then he held his ground and holly calmed and acted sorry almost !

  • Dodie Odie
    Dodie Odie

    Honestly, what I'm seeing is that the dog was relaxing somewhat but still a little wary. Then she turned her head and looked away for a moment. Then when she turned her head back toward you, there was your hand on her head. I believe that you startled her, and that is part of what caused her to grab your hand. I think she was saying, basically, "Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that." Bite. Bite. Bite.

  • Nucketking

    I really wanna send my dogs there so they can get that pack like treatment since one of my dogs gets overwhelmed easily and bits anything around her.

  • JoPeSol7

    My dog bit me once....once.

  • Vera Regina Fava Jardim
    Vera Regina Fava Jardim

    😭 Legendas em Português,please!! 🙏🙏🙏👍🤗💖🇧🇷🙏

  • Ligia Tambini
    Ligia Tambini

    This is cringe AF

  • shelby hendricks
    shelby hendricks

    This video was so helpful my pup is 7 years old and is toy aggressive but recently started being food aggressive with my other dog and it is terrifying and I'm going to try everything I can to be on her level and help her overcome it thank you Cesar!

  • Magimagi Magi
    Magimagi Magi

    I believe the dog bit you because you were distracted talking to her owner your body was turned a little bit away from her, eventhough lion trainers can face terrible consequences if the turned their back

  • Julie Henderson
    Julie Henderson

    My 8 y/o female shiba inu has never liked anyone touching her face/head. I make strangers aware of this because she looks too darn cute! I know how to handle her, but I'd hate anyone to get snapped.

  • Trish House
    Trish House

    Nice one!

  • Mary Lurwick
    Mary Lurwick

    I love your approach your mind set Cesar with dogs !! Your awesome!!

  • DETO

    Thx , you are really helping ppl with your videos. Thanks, have a nice day Milan :)

  • Martin Mercer Jr
    Martin Mercer Jr

    My dog was never aggressive before or try to bite me, until he got older. I taken him to the veterinarian. He told because my dog is getting older. And has some arthritis. I have to lift my dog into the car for years. But the last couple of months I can not. I try to be careful. So now I bought a dog steps , so he can get into the car. But don’t like this , I am supposed to be his master. Can I train a older dog to stop this behavior

  • Jeta ICVI
    Jeta ICVI

    I love the white hair!

  • Ye Sahi Hai
    Ye Sahi Hai

    Watch this funny dog video irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/j61zYoaWz6SBpZ0.html

  • Jose Reyna
    Jose Reyna

    Sir you are awesome, I've learned a lot from your show/ videos. I don't have a did, but like to. But it the wife who doesn't want our family to bring a dog. Because she don't understand, and is afraid of them. Some day the kids and I will have a dog or two. Again thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  • louielouie95


  • Mangit Bangad
    Mangit Bangad


  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones

    Love how he blames the owner for just being there lol He messed up, he misread the clear signs, he ignored the dogs warnings Then stood over the dog to pretend he was in control, if Holly had just ran away at that point he'd have looked really stupid

  • Debra Jenkins
    Debra Jenkins

    Has Cesar ever trained animals for movies?


    He had his hand dangling there close to her....so she saw an opportunity to bite him.


    Doesn't he know....Labs don't give a crap....they will bite.

  • Travis k
    Travis k

    10:52 Cesar, my man. You need to be wearing a protective cup in these situations. That dog could have made a life changing decision for you. Protect the family jewels

  • Travis k
    Travis k

    The dog is in fear for its life with the owner. The dog has heard stories of ..... Ah nevermind

  • soli Sanchez
    soli Sanchez

    This video just confirms that it’s humans that give dog’s their issues.

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat

    Dr. Strange & Goku chi power you get Cesar Millan

  • Louise Millar
    Louise Millar

    I know how good you are cx

  • Louise Millar
    Louise Millar

    It was your fault I seen C xx

  • Misbah Ul-Haq Shah
    Misbah Ul-Haq Shah

    I wonder if a rottie gets hold of your hand just like that, would you still be able to free yourself without immense damage caused?

  • AngelinBluejeans Imvu
    AngelinBluejeans Imvu

    I saw this episode when this dog bit you, and at that time I was having a horrible time with a German Shepherd and asked for your help. Which I never got and concluded it was because you only help people that live in your area and I was on the other side of the country. Well, that dog is now 7 years old, and I have trained him in many ways, but he's clinging to some old behaviors and coming up with new ones. I will never get rid of him no matter what, and will just deal with his issues the best I can. I've learned that asking for help isn't ever going to happen. Outside that...at my dogs age now I seriously doubt you can help now.

  • B. Starr
    B. Starr

    That kick tho

  • Pedro Rios
    Pedro Rios

    Tu eres el mejor olvidate lo q diga la gente nadie sabe por lo q tu as pasado solo tu so palante y pal cilo mi hermano saludos desde Puerto Rico y para q lo sepas tengo un pitt q le puse el mismo nombre del tuyo Junior porque es igualito cuidate mucho Cezar y sigue ensenñandonos tus conocimiento y carisma y sobretodo humildad y respeto

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust

    We need another show of dog whisperer pls! Your own show!! ❤❤❤

  • Christian Joos
    Christian Joos

    This cezar Milan is a Charlatan. He couldn't tame a Chihuahua

  • Christian Joos
    Christian Joos

    Nope, Holly the DOG did exactly what SHE was suppused to DO! Bite The Strange Man! Bite His Hands, so He'll go away. Good Dog!

  • A Donttrip
    A Donttrip

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  • Marc Mccrea
    Marc Mccrea

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  • G00S3MAN

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