What Cesar Millan's Ranch Is Really Like
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    IRbin family! I'm so excited to be back and uploading videos! Let me know what sort of videos you want to see

    • Janice P.
      Janice P.

      Liv to see your family. I learn so much watching you interact with your animals. Tytyty😊

    • nevmind you
      nevmind you

      training people, or at least show how to deal with different dog behaviours

    • Stellar Cote
      Stellar Cote

      @Baby Charmz - Line up with more than 10 million other dog owners.

    • Lars Fiksdal
      Lars Fiksdal

      pukasmom 🥤❤️ loving Animals is the way to happiness and calmness

    • pukasmom

      I would love to see videos on how you integrate dogs that don't get along... If possible ( where I'm moving they have all their dogs separated one tied to the Lanai one in the yard one in the driveway and one in the house. I would love to see them all together and not tired up... If possible?

  • Wendy K
    Wendy K

    I have a sassy puppy who gets shy when meeting new dogs. She wants to hide by my feet, or get picked up. I'm not sure if I should let her hide or pick her up. Or should I step away to let her mingle. How do you build confidence in your puppy?

  • Sunshine Daydreams
    Sunshine Daydreams

    You guys are awesome! Such inspiring souls! 🦆🐢🦜🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  • Dot Norton
    Dot Norton

    Thank you for a little insight of your compound. I love it. I own a very loved Golden and I can't take him for walks due to a breathing problem, but when hubby is home he takes Jake to the park and to the farm. Jake is 5 yrs old.

  • Uki

    My favourite dog is pitbull! Grey or orange!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas

    Brilliant, funny and smart. You should be open to visitors ($$$$).

  • Nancy Van Kessel
    Nancy Van Kessel

    How do I get my American Cocker Spaniel to stop teething on my arms. I have tried everything! Help!!!!!!q

  • Jody Knight
    Jody Knight

    Ha ha ha ha Cesar's son telling him not to worry that they'll keep him up with all the You Tube stuff! Cesar's sons are also good looking men like their Papa but I bet there's a good looking wife and mother somewhere there too.

  • Rachel Fitnesss
    Rachel Fitnesss

    Animals and nature can really help you mentally ❤️

  • Wairemana TA
    Wairemana TA

    Love you guys and if I won lotto I’ll have a ranch and save animals too

  • Tharun Chowdary
    Tharun Chowdary

    this guy is living my dream life

  • naiomi isis channel
    naiomi isis channel

    is that holly in the 23:00

  • RA A
    RA A

    I miss this dude lol

  • Jeanne Lundgren
    Jeanne Lundgren

    If love to take a video tour of the whole ranch. I think you ate truly a dog whisperer

  • Helen Connolly
    Helen Connolly

    Well done Caesar and family love the interaction of all the animals and their total lack of fear wonderful ♥️

  • Sheila More
    Sheila More

    Love you all so much love so much love I absolutely i love it 😘

  • Sheila More
    Sheila More

    Oh my goodness Cesar you take you know the ones that Need so much love You’re so amazing you get so much love these animals that’s what makes you so you got so much love 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Sheila More
    Sheila More

    Oh my goodness Pablo the rooster he’s gorgeous and so is your son🤣💕

  • Sheila More
    Sheila More

    You’re so amazing that you love so many different animals I love them all and you teach your children your sons how to love animals and how to treat them and how to help other people with trouble animals amazing may God bless you I think it’s awesome I learned so much I’m sure everybody does too🥰😊💕

  • Sheila More
    Sheila More

    Cesar came out right this time🤣

  • Sheila More
    Sheila More

    Oh my goodness what I love about you Siri do you love your children and the animals we do mostly got something in common my friend thank you for the video🥰😊💕

  • Mireya mejia
    Mireya mejia

    Felicidades vídeos te sigo mucho instagram y me gusto tu entrevista con adelante micha

  • KandL Aviary
    KandL Aviary

    parrots don't live that long. We would only hope! Parrots in captivity can live from 20-50 years. 120 isn't obtainable

  • Cristina Cherodia
    Cristina Cherodia

    Amo este programa, parabéns

  • Angie Bisson
    Angie Bisson

    I just got a 4 year old male terrier mix from a animal shelter I've had him 2 weeks and he will freak out if I'm not right next to him or if I get out of view.

  • Tracy Martin
    Tracy Martin

    I absolutely love the ranch and I love all the animals. Great video keep them coming guys.

  • Cesar Mendez
    Cesar Mendez

    My name is cesar

  • Veronica Williams
    Veronica Williams

    I have followed u for years love your work God will always bless u

  • Mike Veramendi
    Mike Veramendi

    Princess needs help because she is super nervous and afraid so she goes into Attack mode!?!!

  • Mike Veramendi
    Mike Veramendi

    Michael veramendi here from California

  • Mike Veramendi
    Mike Veramendi

    I have his wife Princess here with me. We live in a Motorhome and just had a litter of 11.

  • Mike Veramendi
    Mike Veramendi

    How do you feel when your dog dies? Check out my Facebook because I just lost my baby boy American Bulldog Bones!

  • Amanda Wichmann
    Amanda Wichmann

    Thank you for your videos. I enjoy them a lot. I'm from South Africa.

  • cndgroff

    Calvin is gorgeous! If I was 50 years younger...LOL

  • Bob & Donna
    Bob & Donna

    we have watched you for years and bought your books which have helped us alot. I now have a problem child. She is a beautiful athletic standard poodle (Maddie) who has become aggressive in play groups and at the groomers where I am now told she attacks other dogs.. I am not sure what to do because this behavior is exhibited in day care and grooming situations when I am not around. She lost her Mama dog very suddenly from a horrible autoimmune disease. Our Gigi raised Maddie from 8 weeks on and suddenly dies when Mad was 8 months old. About a year ago we adopted Max from the SPCA he is a great friend for Maddie. A miniature poo mix. We think Mad may be trying to protect Max. Max is a very easy going Dog who loves everybody, How much to have Maddy come to your center for help??she is a good girl knows all the tricks and wants to please.

  • Lillyana Sanchez
    Lillyana Sanchez

    Hi Cesar can you tell me how you feed your dogs Thanks

  • Brooklyn Knight
    Brooklyn Knight

    Cesar I luv you for your work and for the luv of your son's and that you came a long way to be where you are. I told my son..."that I'm going to write to you if I can go and work with you" :) and he said do whatever you want lol

  • Margie Judge
    Margie Judge

    Cesar,please.write that science thesis and put your wisdom on the research books.contact that univ.north carolina professor sci dept.dog studies. Yes.YOU have changed us for the better.LOVE.change our minds and policies...

  • zhen lexus
    zhen lexus


  • Sandra Victoria
    Sandra Victoria

    Cesar millan eres muy buen ser humano felicidades tus hijos son muy lindos como tu

  • Robe Rey
    Robe Rey

    Cesar is bad to the bone! Like your shows keep up the excellent job!

  • Free Animals
    Free Animals

    Can I PLEASE come and live with you on your Ranch? Love you and all that you and your boys do for all of the animals! My favorite quote of yours: "In the 70s they blamed the Doberman, in the 80s they blamed the German Shepherd, in the 90s they blamed the Rottweiler, now they blame the Pitbull. When will they blame the humans?" Cesar Millan

  • reavleeful

    With all the negativity that’s going on in the world, your videos bring me joy. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Vanesa Lopez palacios
    Vanesa Lopez palacios

    speak in Spanish or substitute thanks Para los de España gracias

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    Lisa Banerjee

    A lot of pray birds & how safe is Rio outside? His wings looked short

  • I. alvear
    I. alvear

    we love you Cesar.

  • J-Nicolas Grigno
    J-Nicolas Grigno

    i'm from Canada, Can we go visit someday ?... It would be a verry good motocycle Trip !!!

  • Linda Watt
    Linda Watt

    Just love all of yous!!!

  • KneeDeep In Bluegrass
    KneeDeep In Bluegrass

    I want to live in Cesar's Valley!! How cool.

  • Dean Duggan
    Dean Duggan

    Brother I here in subic Bay Philippines there is a desperate need for a dog rehab here its right up your alley and I'm wondering if you could do a show here later when the epidemic is over take care God bless you all

  • Felix Chin
    Felix Chin

    I am imagining to have some sort of ranch ( in either malaysia or thailand). Something similar to your ranch, where human can learn to be more with nature, animals. A zoo. A meditation center. A indoor Eden garden. A rescue center... I don't know how will i manage to do it.....but i know god is showing me examples I don't know how i can

  • Ascension in Your Cards
    Ascension in Your Cards

    This refuge makes my heart sing😍

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    Sarai Gonzalez & Wendy Rivas

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    Eileen Li

    omg the ending was so cute seeing cesar and his two sons. long haired guy seems pretty funny, have him on more! Cesar listen to him about his youtube advice hahaha xDDD

  • LL.C Fernandez
    LL.C Fernandez

    Calvin looks like one of those Quileute guys. I wonder when he'll turn into a wolf.

  • jim bobastics
    jim bobastics

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    Go Pro Rottweilers

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    Odette Moronez

    Beautiful family of animals n them boboys! Wow! What a blessing 🥰🤗😁

  • M A
    M A

    I wish I lived there.😁

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    Cesar,hi im from Puerto Rico i had learn a lot from your therapies and still learning not only to apply it to dogs but also to myself and other humans,i'm going thru some deep struggles in my life at this moment and recently i discovered this You tube channel and im started my therapy sections with you and your kids again which i know will help me to overcome my situation and become a better person,thanks to God for bringing you in our lives,God bless you and your family huge family more!!

  • Swan

    He has a Llama named Tina 😂

  • Bob Circuz
    Bob Circuz

    You seem so happy Cesar your spirit is always amazing

  • Holly Bischoff
    Holly Bischoff

    Love You Cesar and Family! Have watched you for years!!!

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez

    you got a zoo there cesar...hope you are doing well threw fires going on around cali...big fan since 90's...you and jack hanna need to do a show together...you cud teach jack how to WHISPER...then jack might start to WHISPER to his & all he visits...BE SAFE

  • Aubrey

    Need more volume please.

  • joysef11

    I NEED to see how to get my Pit/Lab mix - 5yo female - to LISTEN to me - stop pulling on-leash - stop chasing squirrels & cats and stop reacting badly to new dogs on-leash walks! She’s a darling - manages well with slow intro to ‘most’ dogs - has her favorites - but first intro she can be sometimes behave too aggressive - pulling lunging and sometimes aggressively towards a new dog she’s never seen before. You seem to get dogs to behave so quickly - I’m still trying to get my dog to listen to me after 3yrs of leash-walking - and she almost always will lunge at squirrels - or try to chase a cat on our walks. Dogs are a bit different - but I really have to pay attention to her - try to distract her - walk in a different direction- or cross the street to keep her under control.

  • Lourdes DelaCruz
    Lourdes DelaCruz

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    george washington carver

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  • george washington carver
    george washington carver

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    joshua elliott

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    RikRamz Simz

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  • RikRamz Simz
    RikRamz Simz

    You boy is ripping the Biscuits by saying ,"we always have fun here".that's Heaven i saw right there. May God bless you and your family.

  • Ramon Rodrigurz
    Ramon Rodrigurz

    God bless.

  • Just*n Illusion
    Just*n Illusion

    Fabulous to have you back Cesar and the boys . I ve learned so much from your shows .Great work what you do for all the animals in the ranch...especially the dogs...All the best from Sunny South Africa

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    Jerry Kimmey

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    Dietmar Albrecht

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    Chinchow Chen

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    Manas Kumar Panigrahi

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    Patricia Rezende

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    Harley One

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    Caroline Cossee

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    Adriana Rizo

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  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

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  • Lilian McGuigan
    Lilian McGuigan

    So happy to see you and your family! I and my family have used your training principles for which we are extremely grateful. There are many different trainers out there, and many of their training strategies defy common sense. Yours truly work. Thankyou.