Update on Pit Bull Sonic
Paws for Veterans CEO/lead trainer Crystal Ayala shares the latest on Pit Bull Sonic's rescue story.
"Helping our heroes and saving the lives of shelter dogs is the best of both worlds," said Cesar Millan, "and Sonic will literally be earning his keep, his stripes, and his affection. We could not have imagined a greater outcome."
Learn more about Sonic's journey: www.cesarsway.com/dog-rescue/millan-foundation/Salute-to-Sonic
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  • TJ Brooks
    TJ Brooks

    🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗yayayaaaaa for Sonic

  • Maryann DelRio
    Maryann DelRio

    What an awesome story. I’m starting to see rescue pit bulls used in police work. I think pairing them up with Veterans is a tremendous idea. ♥️

  • tracey geraghty
    tracey geraghty

    What a blessing. Ptsd is agony. To relive a trauma. A gentle boy like him will be a great comfort

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Mr Millan, what is SONIC doing now 2020? Do you know something about him?? Greetings ❤️

  • Gwen C
    Gwen C

    So much love and light 🙏❤️

  • Sari Koske
    Sari Koske

    Tears of joy watching this. Bless you all for what you do. Win win win for everyone 💗👍

  • Geeta Kshirasagar
    Geeta Kshirasagar

    He isss so beautiful

  • Cynn's Life
    Cynn's Life

    Glad he found his purpose in life.

  • Riri Gurl
    Riri Gurl

    The way he just lays there and is so mellow reminds me of daddy

  • Pedro Israel Chavez
    Pedro Israel Chavez

    Can IRbin add a love button on here. Happy to hear Sonic doing great.

  • Rashard G
    Rashard G


  • Foppo Leeuwerke
    Foppo Leeuwerke

    What a fantastic dog everything about him is right.He will make some person very happy.

  • 59 thanks
    59 thanks

    I love you Sonic! 💗

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    ❤️😄BIG BEAR❤️😄 SONIC ❤️👍👍

  • mechele Yoder
    mechele Yoder


  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    Hooray for sonic!🎉

  • Tracey Jane Merrikin
    Tracey Jane Merrikin

    Is there anything better than this in life? Saving the life of a dog that was supposedly aggressive, and then having that dog help people with problems. Things like this restore my faith in human nature, which is sorely needed in this day and age, and it lifts my heart that things like this can happen ❤❤. Thankyou for making my day a lot better!

  • Laura Swan
    Laura Swan

    That's wonderful!!!🐕

  • Lucky C
    Lucky C

    That's not a pitbull that is a bully mix

  • beatonthedonis47

    Veterans are often disturbed and dangerous individuals - why put an innocent dog in unnecessary danger?

  • Veracity

    Most of the problems with Cesar Millan’s ideas about dogs have been pointed out elsewhere, so I don’t need to go into those at length. The idea of the dog as a domesticated wolf appeals to our romantic side, but it has nothing to do with reality. Besides, even if a dog were secretly a wolf (which it isn’t), Millan’s ideas about how wolves treat each other are complete fantasy. For more on this, see: www.nonlineardogs.com/100MostSillyPart1.html . We know that domestic dogs aren’t pack animals. They live in loosely organized, fleeting groups. Their relations are based on familiarity and above all trust-building. They don’t use real violence to resolve conflicts. They aren’t interested in ‘dominance’, and no such thing as ‘submission’ exists. They don’t have leaders, just good friends. Their social systems are based on respecting three very simple rules, and on finding mutually satisfying compromises - it’s not a "winner takes all" system, as our human one is. See: www.nonlineardogs.com/100MostSillyPart1-3.html . The real problem with Cesar Millan is not that he’s projecting wolf rules onto dogs, but that he’s projecting human social rules onto dogs. Millan is not the first person in history to have done this. Humans have always done it, from the very beginning of our cultures. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian ideas of how the animal world works reflected the structures of their own societies. During our feudal period, we divided the animal kingdom into noble and not-noble animals. We were sure the ignoble looked up to and were led by the noble. During the rise of industrial capitalism, we suddenly ‘discovered’ that the animal kingdom worked on the basis of ruthless competition, never mind noble birth. A long, long history of, “Gee, they’re just like us.” So why is Cesar Millan’s particular projection any worse than all these others? The answer: because of the period in our history that it came from. This whole romantic idea about the wolf as a noble but ruthless pack animal, true to an absolute alpha leader, arose in Nazi Germany and was part of the rise of the Nazi Cult of the Wolf. See: www.nonlineardogs.com/100MostSillyPart1-2.html

  • David B
    David B

    You are a good Man.....Cesar!!! Congrats to Sonic!!!!

  • troy w
    troy w

    Wow very pretty dog and awesome job

  • Grace Pattinson
    Grace Pattinson

    You should of kept him but at least he will be loved and help someone

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson

    Hard work and understanding pays off!great job!Sonic is awesome .

  • JEEPS_ B21
    JEEPS_ B21

    Sonic none pit bull he’s a bully Mastiff cross mix type not no pit bull

  • Natzxx 2
    Natzxx 2

    Sonic is gorgeous!! Thank you cesar

  • Avery Katusa
    Avery Katusa

    He is so beautiful!!!Thank you!!!😃🐕🐺🐖🐒🐯😍

  • Amrita Sikdar
    Amrita Sikdar

    He reminds me of Daddy :( I miss Daddy..

  • internallogic

    from almost getting killed to helping people. it's amazing.

  • Jacqueline Laguna
    Jacqueline Laguna

    I wish ppl.wouldnt judge ALL pits. Their amazing dogs! Bad, idiots cause bad pits!

    • xmachine 700
      xmachine 700

      You are amazing😊

  • Deadly Duddly
    Deadly Duddly

    That's a cracking dog .

  • Harry Stafford
    Harry Stafford

    how is he dumb saving sonic

  • mr Anderson
    mr Anderson

    fingers crossed he'll be OK now 😊

  • 1111stunna1111

    good for sonic he is showing the world what a pitbull really is, he certainly happy to be loved.

  • Carl Deaton
    Carl Deaton

    Sonic's a good looking dog. seems like he just needed the right environment and care.

  • TheBanaxel

    wonderful happy ending for sonic and may he be a blessing to his new owners

  • Anna F
    Anna F

    he is a big daddy bear, yeah. so sweet:)

  • Bel Fiore
    Bel Fiore

    Sonic is here in Florida yah!

  • Terri Romero
    Terri Romero

    I wish we could see more Pits as Service Dogs.

  • diversity7777

    Cesar, you are the only one that truly understand dogs and the only one that that could save Pit bulls from the ignorance oh humans, thanks so much for what you do.

    • Terry Brewer
      Terry Brewer

      @Jennifer Erickson There are American Staffordshire terriers(Am Staffs) & Staffordshire Bullterriers(Staffies)they are not "pitbulls", but purebreds. Pitbull not AKC recognized, term used describe "type" fighting dog. American Pitbull terrier is a breed, was recognized UK now banned. Allpibulls today originated from this. Am Staffs ears are cropped for showring, Staffies not. Also in terrier group , colored& white Bullterrier, natural up ears ( they have the egg shaped heads) There are so many types, Am. Bulldog Am bully many more. UK & many other countries ban cropping & docking. As long as is market will continue. If it's done properly(dobies, danes schnz. etc)not so bad. The way some are look mutilated. What about CaneCorsos, Presas, some people want fierce looking. dogs.

    • Motohunt94

      @C Baelz both of them are the absolute best for dogs I agree!! 🐾🐾🐕🐶

    • Rx7Tool

      @Jennifer Erickson I agree

    • Rx7Tool

      I understand dogs as well

    • diversity7777

      yes Joe I agree I love their work as well.

  • youaremysong

    I hope he's paired with a dog loving Veteran :) and i hope you guys do follow ups after few years too :)

  • CindiQ4You

    Thank you, Thank you, Love!

  • red men
    red men

    glad he didn't maul a baby to death! as one did yesterday in my town! His brother is on life support, after a family pet did what comes naturally to them. Of course the owners said the usual words, " he never showed aggression before"! I want to believe this breed can be good pets. All isee is powerful dogs that do serious damage or kill at some point. A breed that needs experienced owners and such work shouldn't be allowed in communities

    • Lucie Walker
      Lucie Walker

      red men that is an absolutely tragedy and I feel for that family, but the truth is that we dont know what the real situation was and how the dog got to that point. so many pet owners are very irresponsible about how they allow their children to interact with dogs, pulling their ears, stepping on them, pulling tails etc, unsupervised even. plus we dont know if these people allowed food aggression to build, possessiveness of objects....we won't ever really know the story. it is not fair to blame the dog, a dog is moldable, a dog takes it place when guided, and you must respect him and his needs to create this harmony. I have always had pit bulls. and I have three kids, I have raised them with the understanding of dogs, dogs are not people, they speak a different language, body language, not words. so when raised with mutual respect they can trust each other. I feel awful this happened to that family

    • 1111stunna1111

      red men i can understand how you feel, but we only know the tragedy and too little about how the dog got to that point, i personally try to be responsible even when my dog is very calm and playful, i don't let people arround him unles am present, unfortunate things like that are proof of how some people shouldn't own a dog..

    • Kristina Lopez
      Kristina Lopez

      red men They always show aggression before...it's them that didn't listen or pay attention to the signs of an insecure or uncomfortable dog...owners are responsible for how the dog feels around them and other people, that is why socialization is sooo important....it can always be prevented if you look at their body language and not wait til they bark..😒😔

  • tantricia44

    Sonic so handsome! He's so calm & cool now, I don't remember what his behavior issue was. He's demeanor personifies Daddy's spirit! Happy, he's getting a new home & a new fresh start! Good boy Sonic, good boy!

    • TheTruthNnothingBut, channel
      TheTruthNnothingBut, channel

      tantricia44 he was a guard dog, for drugs.. he also didn’t like other dogs and would fight. He was initially at a shelter and he bit another dog, the judge then signed the dog to C.M. Thank goodness!

  • D. R.H.
    D. R.H.

    Excellent work guys !!!

  • SilvaMC

    I'm a disabled veteran. I would love to have a hug from him. Give him a hug for me. Blessings to all.

  • Sunshine Water
    Sunshine Water

    Yay...what a wonderful story...Sonic is so adorable. I just love Cesar Millan...he's saved so many dog's lives and continues to make such an impact on the lives of people. :-)

  • Maritz MMS
    Maritz MMS

    He's so beautiful I'm so happy he was rescued 🤗

  • anni b
    anni b

    what a beautiful boy :) x

  • Howdoyoulikedemapples

    One gorgeous pitbull

  • Susan Nagel
    Susan Nagel

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sonic today as I stood in line at the county auto tag office with him and his Veteran "Dad" in Vero Beach, FL. This sweet and gentle pup was calm & perfectly behaved....a perfect match for this Veteran, who will have the pleasure of his company for many years to come. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in creating this union.

    • Geeta Kshirasagar
      Geeta Kshirasagar

      So lucky u. Nxt time if u meet give one big hug frm my side if possible ❤️

  • Swell Character
    Swell Character

    Now, I see some folks on here a little bit confused as to what Sonic is. Some folks seem to be upset because they think they are saying he is an American pit bulldog or pit bulldog, while others are misclassifying him as a Staffordshire bull or something. Sonic is more of a bulldog breed called an American bully. Based on how the term pit bull, or pit bulldog, is used by many folks, Sonic does classify as a "pit bull" type of dog. When many folks say pit bull, they mean certain kind of breeds and dogs with bulldog traits instead of an actual breed like the APB. When Cesar says pit bull, we know he does not mean an actual breed. I saw his documentary and it says that pit bulls include breeds like the APB, American Stafford, Staffordshire bull, and others. Basically they are the bulldog breeds. But yes, Sonic is not to be confused with an APB or a Staffy bull. Sonic simply does not have the design or build to be considered a true bulldog (APB). We can tell he is much too large, heavy, and slow. His performance for the things that the APB were designed for would be lacking. For anyone confused about the bulldog thing, that is just what many folks call dogs like APBs because that is really what they are. Like dog expert, author, and breed historian Diane Jessup writes: “First a hunter, then a butcher's dog, then a baiter, then a dog fighter, American Pit Bulls which display behavior typical of their heritage are gripping dogs; they come from a long, long genetic history which dictates they get a hold and HANG ON! This behavior saved their life during the years they were hunting boar, stag and bear, and also stood them in good stead when they moved on to working bulls, bears and other animals in baiting sports. This same behavior can work to make breaking up a fight quite easy and safe. The Pit Bull is a bulldog in action and appearance. He is a gripping dog - not a terrier (which means Earth dog which pursues its quarry underground). The English bulldog is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the show ring. In fact, English bulldogs were not even created until several years AFTER bull baiting (the purpose for which it was supposed to have been bred) was banned and discontinued in the United Kingdom. So, it is impossible for the Pit Bull to have been developed from a breed younger than itself. In fact, the English bulldog is developed from the original working bulldog - the Pit Bull. Written Pit Bull pedigrees date into the late 1700's. The history of the Pit Bull far predates the time when bans on bull baiting caused blood sport fanciers to turn to fighting dog against dog."

  • Sinead Cleary
    Sinead Cleary

    Yay, go Sonic. :)

  • axel jones
    axel jones

  • SeeItLikeItSub2It

    So he had to go through training, to go through training again to then go through more training. lmao I hope he enjoys his new home.

  • Sarah Li
    Sarah Li

    How is sonic has he got his forever home ?

    • Sarah Li
      Sarah Li


    • Melanie Ryder
      Melanie Ryder

      yes i think he found a forever home with a veteran in melbourne Fl!!!

  • Gloria Martinez
    Gloria Martinez

    To think a judge in California signed him out to Cesar Millan!

  • Sikram_PR

    "Sonic"is NOT real pitbull (everything about his/her size and CONFORMATION gives that fact away!) American pitbull terriers were and still are bred to be athletes and never over 6o lbs fat! They are terriers (not mastiffs)

    • Justin Merrill
      Justin Merrill

      bro did you just fat shame a dog?

    • bhoj03

      Markis Nieves lol who gives a fuck?

    • Deadly Duddly
      Deadly Duddly

      The Original 'Old English Bulldog ' as in the Bulldog that was used in the English bull baiting doesn't exist it was crossed with terriers and became the pitbull , other bully breeds , and the abomination that is the modern day bull dog . The dog we now refer to as the 'Olde English Bulldogge ' was not conceived created until the 1970's . When David Leavitt crossed the American/English Bulldogs and introduced some pitbull and mastiff to produce a throw back dog. To produce a dog that was more athletic , muscular, less flat faced and without the health /breathing problems of the modern day Kennel Club Bulldog . His aim was to produced a 17th (1820's) century dog that resembled the original bull baiters of the time .

    • Deadly Duddly
      Deadly Duddly

      Markis Nieves ...The APBT is a English dog and is a mixture of the Bull and Terrier which were crossed when bull baiting was banned in Britain . They were then used a fighting dogs, and were known informally as the 'pitbull ', the 'half and half' the 'bull and terrier'. When this was banned they became companion and working dogs . This dog was taken to the US by British and Irish settlers and renamed the APBT. In the UK the dog was selectively bred at the advent of the Kennel Club and renamed the 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier". You are correct the original dog was under 60lbs strong ,powerful and agile . I know there are some bloodlines that stay true to this original dog, however most of the dogs we see are crossbreeds( for size/strength/ aesthetics/temperament) of some kind either purposely meant or accidental . This is why the BSL talks off 'pitbull type' rather than a breed standard.As somebody points out in the replies , both the Boston Terrier and French Bulldog are bred from this original 'half and half ' 'pitbull dog '. The French Bulldog is also an 'English dog ' , the lace workers of Nottingham bred the dog with the Manchester Terrier , to produce a smaller companion dog that could move easily in their workshops. When the industrial revolution deemed the making of handmade lace obsolete they moved to Northern France taking there dogs with them .Eventually the dog became so popular it was renamed the 'French Bulldog'

    • Deadly Duddly
      Deadly Duddly

      +Weirdanimalboy that is all absolute cobblers.

  • Sweatiewheatie

    Would want a dog like him. Perfect mind

  • Hernandez Rock&Metal
    Hernandez Rock&Metal

    Hay un canal para ver esto en español?

  • Gus19

    ''Oh what a bad guy Cesar is, rescueing and rehabilitating that dog''.. The critics are so dumb and hopeless.

    • Just Some Stormtrooper With Internet access
      Just Some Stormtrooper With Internet access

      @Mats Lund give me the sources please

    • Heather Bailey
      Heather Bailey

      I disagree he helps dogs

    • fanny magen
      fanny magen

      Gusev1994 I

    • Mats Lund
      Mats Lund

      tantricia44 and by the way, the bpdy temds to take a certain posture for certain state of minds and if we consciously take a more suitable posture we can also alter a specific state of mind. if you want to be packleader you need to balamce yourself, a dog can be helpful but if it doeamt help you becoming balanced you are, at least not yet, suitable to be owner/leader of a dog or pack of dogs for that matter

    • Mats Lund
      Mats Lund


  • mansaeblink

    That's really good news for sonic! Hopefully he gets placed in a home soon :)

  • Terri Smith
    Terri Smith

    Sonic is being trained to be paired with a veteran with PTSD. Way to go Sonic~! And thank you, Crystal Ayala, for all your hard work and dedication.

  • Bobbi Jo Dietzman
    Bobbi Jo Dietzman

    I love this program!!! "Paws for Veterans" I am Navy brat so i have seen first hand what can happen.

  • MrDtothed


  • i dogist
    i dogist

    Ahh i love sonic >ɛ<

  • Leona Bajas
    Leona Bajas

    ♥ Sonic

  • Henry Daniels
    Henry Daniels

    Good for you, Sonic! Woohooo!!! It all started with that judge giving him a second chance and allowing him to be put under the experienced care of Cesar. Thank you, Cesar, for not giving up on him and for doing what you do best: promote positive energy.

  • ATLGrower

    How do we get apartments and private landlords to change their minds about allowing a person who owns a Pitbull as an acceptable 'Pet' resident when renting their property?

    • DetroitToTX65

      Sadly, I don't believe it'll ever happen. It's not just pits, but usually any bully breed, German Shepherds, Chows, and a few others. You can thank irresponsible pet owners for these policies. They ruined it for everyone.

  • gi822

    Go Sonic! Great job Cesar!

  • Gloria Martinez
    Gloria Martinez

    Go Sonic!

  • tyowongndeso

    Sonic is just beautiful.

  • Ellen Hayes
    Ellen Hayes

    Please never stop, nor let anyone else stop your most important work Cesar. You are the best!

  • Jon Metcalf
    Jon Metcalf

    I have learned a lot from you and your show, keep up your good work, for dogs and people, because your ideals could and do go for life do. Thanks your a people whisper to

  • Jon Metcalf
    Jon Metcalf

    I have learned a lot from you and your show, keep up your good work, for dogs and people, because your ideals could and do go for life do. Thanks your a people whisper to

  • alberto guerrero
    alberto guerrero

    Le deverias de poner subtitulos porfavor

    • alberto guerrero
      alberto guerrero

      @sam ronaldito Ya se:c

    • sam ronaldito
      sam ronaldito

      Jajaja creo que vamos a tener que aprender ingles :)

  • CletisVanDam1

    Dogs are awesome. Pit Bulls are awesome. Love is the best therapy.

    • TheTruthNnothingBut, channel
      TheTruthNnothingBut, channel

      Swell Character dogs- pitbulls, not the same thing lol. Dog is a generalization, pitbull is a breed, also a bulldog isn’t a pitbull...

    • Swell Character
      Swell Character

      @CletisVanDam1 You said dogs are awesome, and then said bulldogs (Pit Bulls) are awesome like they are two separate things. hahaha But I got you meant, buddy.

    • Claudia Nahir
      Claudia Nahir


  • Alpacalypse

    Oh my god, what a beautiful dog. I think i fell in love

    • zeenasworld

      me too.

  • Kaitlyn B
    Kaitlyn B

    Thought it was Daddy at first.

  • Haloskeeper1


  • Kaotyk Keta
    Kaotyk Keta

    aww he is soo cute and adorable

  • BigChubbz

    Lol love this guy seems like he doesn't care about anything

  • Sue Roediger
    Sue Roediger

    I think this is an awesome way to help soldiers with PTSD and at the same time restore the image of the breed. If pits can be seen as strong and brave and sensitive (rather) than - it will help soldiers get back in touch with their strong and brave and sensitive selves. Pride all around and everyone wins.

  • shurikenism

    He totally reminds me of Daddy!

    • patty stone
      patty stone

      I noticed that the first time in the way that he walked. It's the same stride as Daddy

  • bubblhd55

    Gorgeous boy

  • eunicemk

    Yaaaay way to go Sonic!!

  • Asof Man Well
    Asof Man Well

    lovely and so calm..love it!

  • Positive Magazine Meditation
    Positive Magazine Meditation

    Cesar, thanks for all you do!

  • Indykitty1

    good for Sonic

  • fashionbeautyhelp

    He's so cute

  • sweeetbpie

    yay way to go Sonic that great news to hear