Understanding The Keys To Dog Separation Anxiety & Energy
Training Cesar's Way presents SIMPLE SESSIONS with Cesar Millan.
For the first time, Cesar Millan goes LIVE on Instagram for 5 days straight, to take students and fans into his world renowned Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals program, with exclusive snackable bites of human behavior and dog training methods.
This is the official REPLAY made available for anyone to experience a glimpse of what is taught during a Training Cesar'sWay Fundamentals course. There's nothing like visiting the Dog Psychology Center with Cesar, but here's your chance to get a taste.
Each day Cesar talked about some of the training philosophies that make him the best dog behaviorist in the world.
You're watching DAY 2 of SIMPLE SESSIONS.
FOCUS: Simplicity Behind fulfilling the needs of a dog.
Cesar tackles some of fan questions starting with a very common topic of Separation Anxiety. He shares steps to take to drain your dog’s energy and the importance of focus. Why exercise is your best and should be your first tool.
- Exercise to achieve a tired state = calm mind.
- The more a dog stays focused, the more he drains energy.
- Exercise, quiet energy, and take your time
- Finding your dogs motivation to use for redirection
- How to gain trust
- Introducing pack members
Learn more about Training Cesar's Way, dog training, & more:
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  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Chiara RÓ Zafira. Zlatý ma učil síce píliť drevo, no každý má právo k vzostupu aj pádu. Zlatý zlyhal a on je teraz padlý anjel. Boh nemá čo spájať a človek nemá právo rozdeľovať. Vybrala som si pokoru a skúsenosť. Podporujem Vás. Zlatý putin prcal mimozemšťanky. Vinný. Každý, kto neuposlúchne rozkaz okamžite, zlyhal.

  • Duke49th

    Exercise. Well, means I have to get a farm like him. Philippines is not designed to have exercise with your dog. Except in the deepest province maybe. One reason why I think to go back to Germany. As there I can easily walk my dog(s) for hours, even without leash.

    • Duke49th

      Or at least getting a treadmill. Which I will soon. Let's see if that works out.

  • Leslie Hinson
    Leslie Hinson


  • Beth Slaughter
    Beth Slaughter

    Life is beauty. Dogs are life. Its absolutely circular. All day... my pressa girl says live life every day...

  • Nayibe Lázaro
    Nayibe Lázaro

    Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos. Decidida a ayudarme y ayudar a uno de mis perritas que es suuuuuper ansiosa al punto de hacerse daño a ella misma 😞

  • Lili Delgado Gaviria
    Lili Delgado Gaviria

    Thank you, thank you very much! So helpfull 😊😊😊

  • Brooke Cowley
    Brooke Cowley

    Saw your shows here in NZ and you changed not only my relationships with my dogs but with myself. You are so generous with your time and money and knowledge. You are making a difference in the world!

  • RDB

    Mainly women at this site...no wonder Cesar is pandering and sucking up to women, and lying to them.

  • RDB

    Cesar is pushing his leftist agenda...how shocking, not

  • RDB

    Buddha's, Crystals, in your house Cesar? Wow, now it's making sense why you're so promoted by you know who...and no Russians huh? LOL....sad Cesar you're being used my friend.

  • Monica

    Cesar, you are amazing!!! I always learn so much from your videos! Thank you 🙂

  • Kelly Markell
    Kelly Markell

    With regards to “the walk” and having the leash in a position to hold your dogs head up high, what would you advise for a chihuahua? I know people use a leash on their chihuahua when showing them in competition but a harness is preferred for this breed on their every day walks due to their delicate neck. Please could you advise on how to keep a chihuahuas nose of the ground? :)

    • Kelly Markell
      Kelly Markell

      Cesar actually answers my question in Session 4 :) Be sure to give it a watch! He’s such an inspiration 💜

  • Euphonia Hale
    Euphonia Hale

    I had a sheltie mutt with separation anxiety that got terrible after we moved and our other dog died of cancer. I went and got dog books. We would practice leaving and returning and ignoring her on our return until she calmed down. After a week of doing this lots and lots she got better. She was totally better after we adopted a cat whom she bonded with, instantly I might add. Like that was the cats purpose was to teach sunshine to be calm.

  • vivek dashora
    vivek dashora

    Hello sir , I have recently adopted a female dog and she was abondened by the first owner .. she always try to cut her leashe and run away and sometimes get very exited and hyper when tied .. kindly advice how do I recover her from trauma

  • NAUTTY68

    Cesar, my love and respect for you has grown just a little bit after watching this video. Thank you so much! You are a gem in our community. Your views resonate with me. ❤ I'll be looking for a backpack for my @NenaSkyAlvarez 's morning walks. Thank you for following your path! Much love and good vibes! -CynthiaAlvarez ✌🏼🐶

  • Sonia De La Pava
    Sonia De La Pava

    Otra vez ¡ por favor quiero dirección de César Milán en Español NO en Ingles

    • Magdalena Plasch
      Magdalena Plasch

      Estoy de acuerdo👍👌👍👌

  • Welsh Mel B
    Welsh Mel B

    Hi from South wales UK.

    • Welsh Mel B
      Welsh Mel B

      Hi my anties dog always dirtys in the house when she gets up in the morning, she gets up 5.am

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    Because of you i started tai chi. Calms down and busy with energy. So many people are saying my dog does this, my dog does that. Yeah but what do you do as a human? Humans have so many time for their phone and social media but not for living beings inside their home. We live in a world that is soooo fast, stressful. We need to practice calm energy. So many people about the separation said: does not work. Trust me, they don’t even try. Start young, don’t let the puppy walk after you the whole time.

  • xpdta ooki
    xpdta ooki

    Hi Cesar. My son and her girlfriend owns a dog and they live in our house. I don't have problems w/the dog but i am just confused because when my son and his girlfriend is not around, he's quite (no barking) but when they are around , he barks at me again and my husband. I really luv him .It's just that he goes away when my son and his girlfriend are around.

  • Jessica Krueger
    Jessica Krueger

    Thank you for this explaination. I didn't understand why my dog would stay happily in the other room when I'm working at home. But when I put him in the kennel he has anxiety...and it's all about my energy when I leave the room. Also, I now understand why an hour long walk outside does nothing for my dogs energy sometimes compared to 15 minute walk back and forth in my apartment. Walking outside, I let him smell more than he should VS inside he's total focus is on me. I'm hoping to get him a halti and a backpack. :)

  • Mosh

    I adopted Jules, a 5 year old female yellow Labrador retriever, from a local breeder. Jules had 5 litters before being retired. Although it wasn’t a puppy mill Jules was just one of 3 females and two male adults and was housed separately in a kennel. Jules now lives with me, my husband, our 10 year old Belgian shepherd and our 3 cats. here’s my problem - Jules literally follows me everywhere inside and outside and becomes the most needy and pushy when I pay attention to anyone besides her. She wants/demands my constant attention. She isn’t mean - she doesn’t attack the other animals she just pushes her way between me and them. I don’t walk my dogs on a leash as I live on 50 acre property with no neighbors. Jules is never leashed and outside she doesn’t runs away - she always keeps me in sight. I guess she is suffering from severe separation anxiety even though my husband and I are both retired and she is NOW never really alone. Clearly, she wants all my attention. So how do I satisfy her need for healthy affection/attention? Especially in an environment that has no boundaries - no leash, no crate - ?

  • cassien14

    I have multiple issues with my dogs.They have no problem being calm when I go to work I have an issue when the see me.Like if I go on my porch they flip out if they can't get to me.Or if the see a dog my one dog freaks out he cries 24/7 I'm at a loss.I take them on walks but I can't figure out how to leash train them at the same time....Cause they freak out being separated as well....its crippling.Me and my husband can't go camping cause of my dog louie.He can't see dogs,squirls anything he cries...He cries the whole car ride cause he can't get to us....plz help 🙏 I don't feel comfortable posting on my Instagram this question but I'm willing to submit a video if needed.Both dogs are stubborn and smart.They know sit lay down stay paw...but once I leave or they see stuff outside pure panic..but I'm able to tell them out of rooms or off my bed and they listen...my dogs are so weird and confusing 😕 HELP

    • Eden Garden
      Eden Garden

      cassien14 but what do you do at those moments?

  • Moy6moises83

    Thank you Cesar for taking the time to educate us, thank you so so much

  • Patty J. Ayers
    Patty J. Ayers

    I think sometimes a dog just doesn’t want to be left all alone. That’s not separation anxiety!

  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez

    You might not understand why we have Jesus in a cruz. He gave his life for us so is a positive thing.

  • Chrystal Rampaul
    Chrystal Rampaul

    I have two separate packs of dogs living in the same home. One set is common mixed breed and theyre older ( ranging between 7 to 12yrs). The other set is mixed with german shephard, rot and common. There are 5 of them, all siblings. However the girls in this pack, three of them, are nervous, anxious and aggressive towards each other. They fight with the slightest provocation, sometimes just walking past each other their hairs are raised. The two boys are calm and dont engage in much fighting other than romping. What are some methods that can help with this situation. If I go to intervene or call them to break apart that usu triggers the fight. Help me.

  • Samantha Hu
    Samantha Hu

    Yeah my dog follows my EVERY step at home and it drives me bonkers so I started training him to stay on his bed in another room for a short while.. and yeah it's a difficult thing for him to do. Super helpful exercise though! Another thing is I don't know many people who have calm stable dogs that I can train my pups with. I can only do as much as I can with them alone, but can never take it to that next level :/

    • Nym Net
      Nym Net

      My problem is with the ppl I meet at the park who are all goo-goo gah-gah-ing all over my pup, exciting her to the point of peeing herself on the concrete. I've decided to walk at different times now.

  • H J
    H J

    I love this simple lessons. I don't have a dog now. I don't have the time for it. But this lessons could be applied in the future if ever I get to have one. It takes time to learn but it is always better to have an arsenal of knowledge before delving into something that would affect another being, be it a dog or cat or whatever.

  • Songsparrow Adventures
    Songsparrow Adventures

    My puppy is just over 6 months old. Two weeks ago she ate something from the old compost in the garden and got poisoned by it. Called compost toxicity, she went into major seizures and went to the hospital where she recovered well, then she was spayed 4 days ago and needs to be quiet so she does tear her incision. She is a very energetic puppy,but not allowed to do exercise at this time. My question to you is, how can I help her release this energy without exercise. Thankyou

  • Trina Ryan
    Trina Ryan

    Hi I'm from nz I have a catahoula bulldog cross called raye we are having trouble with her barking and lunging at neighbours and people at the gate. I'd love any ideas, wev tried a trainer but no help. Please please help

    • Brooke Cowley
      Brooke Cowley

      How old is she? Has she ever bitten another dog or a person?

  • SundayIsForLovers

    Wow. This "Simple Sessions" series of videos is AMAZING. I am learning so much. More than ever I want to visit the ranch and learn from you guys! 🙏. Thanks for the nudge!

    • Samantha Hu
      Samantha Hu


  • Justin Xiao
    Justin Xiao

    My idea for 33:31. Schedule the dogs' playtime in a neutral zone like a dog park for several days, then the old pack members wouldn't be so surprised when someone new that they played with before barges in.

  • Justin Xiao
    Justin Xiao

    I swear the IG comments are requesting answers to questions already explained for them. They don't even think for themselves. For example, when Cesar explained the concept of the connection, that person that is asking 18:32, he really is just asking for Cesar to tell him how to do it instead of figuring it out for himself. As Ford says "thinking is the hardest activity a human can do, so very few people engage in it". Sorry. Just got triggered by that. Love to Cesar from Upper Darby!!

    • Nym Net
      Nym Net

      Justin Xiao, my daughter grew up with dogs, cats, birds, stray horses. Her first job after leaving home was at a pet produce shop on Sydney. She called me one day and said a customer, not the first, had walked the aisles for many minutes before asking for help; she could not find the food with her breed of dog pictured. :(

    • Eden Garden
      Eden Garden

      Justin Xiao yes a lot of people say: my dog does this my dog does that. Yeah but you as a owner, what do you do? What do you want to see? People are lazy... that’s just it. Enough time for social media and their phone but not for living beings inside their home.

  • earth strong
    earth strong

    4:38 separation anxiety. 👍

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    Eva Augusta


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  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Good Morning Mr. Millan and Team, very interesting all what you are doing and teaching. Your Knowledge is amazing. It must be always be a pleasure to work with you and getting this high level of Knowledge and good feelings!!!!!!!!! I'm sending you so many lovely greetings. Thank you for working so hard to make people's happy. GREETINGS 👋😘

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter

    Yes Cesar!

  • Crystal of Twin Star Enterprises
    Crystal of Twin Star Enterprises

    Cesar, The information you share is also extremely useful in Divine relationships with self and other. I'm so deeply grateful that you are subliminally helping people to awaken! Blessings to you and your family, friends and staff!!

  • Jennie cartier
    Jennie cartier

    My dog has separate anxiety but she a re-Home dog so maybe that’s why

    • Jennie cartier
      Jennie cartier

      nicole sweet no ,now that I been home she use to be now! It’s not going to be good when I go back to work!

    • nicole sweet
      nicole sweet

      I just adopted a dog who also bas separation anxiety from me. How has your dog been/were u able to fix it yet?

    • Jennie cartier
      Jennie cartier

      Undefined Error Yes..Her first owner passed away a couple years ago

    • Undefined Error
      Undefined Error

      With re-home dogs 9 out of 10 have some sort of trauma or anxiety ):

  • Jackie Lavallee
    Jackie Lavallee

    Thank you so much! I have 5 little dogs in my house and one of my dogs barks and growls at people who come in the house. She has never tried to bite but she goes right into flight mode. She does it daily with my father in law. She will sit with him for hours but when he leaves the house then comes back she acts like she has never met him. I’m not sure how I can fix that and help her to not be so scared. I’ve tried the sh noise but that doesn’t work. I stay calm the whole time but nothing I’m doing seems to work ☹️

  • Melek. B
    Melek. B


  • Jana Bry
    Jana Bry

    Cesar, Thank you 🙏. Usually, how long should the walk, without the nose touching the ground, be to get the dog tired? Can we do a walk in the morning so he's ok when we go to work and play fetch at night to tired him? Or, it's better to have at least 2 walks? I have a rescued Pittbull. Been 2 years I'm is third owner and I cannot leave him. He is so anxious. He lives just for me. 😔 Thank you so much in advance you are an amazing soul. 💙

    • Jana Bry
      Jana Bry

      @Undefined Error Thank you! First time I have a Pitt. One of the best dog I've had. They were all amazing but him and a great Dane I had 13 years ago, wow! ♥️

    • Jana Bry
      Jana Bry

      @TX Rider thank you! 🙏

    • TX Rider
      TX Rider

      It depends on the dog, my last dog I walked 5-6 miles every morning before work.. The last foster I had tired out after about 3-4 blocks. What Cesar is saying works, it's what I've done for years. I do also tell my dogs a unique stay command every time I leave for work or for several hours though.

    • Undefined Error
      Undefined Error

      Really any dog, no matter how big or small, should be walked at least twice a day. Walks are very important as they get to explore the scents&sights and socialize which boosts their confidence, tiring the dog out with play is great but it doesn't replace a walk. If you don't have a lot of time or energy at night maybe you can walk a short route and let the dog use the rest of its energy up with play afterwards? At any rate, it's great that you have a rescue pitbull! They often don't get a second chance, let alone a third..

  • Maggie Chavarela
    Maggie Chavarela

    I love you ceaser your the best

  • Gimena Varela
    Gimena Varela

    Hola! Soy Gime de Argentina, como hago que mi perra yorkshire no ladre a todo el que pase por el pasillo. ?


    Dog 🐕 super star

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    willow&daisy sisters

    hello cesar

  • 37South

    All that budah stuff is anti-Christian! Sorry but that is the truth!

    • M Smith
      M Smith

      37South Sounds like you are “judging”. Not a Christian habit either! Practicing habits of Christ might help you see clearer!

    • Sávio Pinho
      Sávio Pinho

      @D Lehmann nope

    • Jaime Rolon
      Jaime Rolon

      37South everyone is entitled to there belief.

    • D Lehmann
      D Lehmann

      Time to OPEN your MIND and Heart! there is NO anti- Christian but in your own mind

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    Alexis Mei

    thank you for all that u do!!

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    *Es en serio?? Ni siquiera subtitulos en español?????*

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      D Lehmann

      you've got to be kidding-

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    Rez Unreleased

    Thanks for the tips Cesar your video are extremely detailed I can tell that you put all of effort into them. Thank you sharing your knowledge with all of us. 😊

    • Justin Xiao
      Justin Xiao

      I swear the IG comments are requesting answers to questions already explained for them. They don't even think for themselves. For example, when Cesar explained the concept of the connection, that person that is asking 18:32, he really is just asking for Cesar to tell him how to do it instead of figuring it out for himself. As Ford says "thinking is the hardest activity a human can do, so very few people engage in it". Sorry. Just got triggered by that. Love to Cesar from Upper Darby!!

  • Jim Morales
    Jim Morales

    great advice cesar is my idol to train my dog

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