THREE GREAT WAYS to Exercise with Your Dogs when you #StayHome
In this episode, Cesar teaches you THREE great ways to exercise with your dogs at home!
Cesar uses the three motivations for a dog in this video:
- Food (Using the power of a dog's nose to find scent)
- Toys
- You! (Search & Rescue)
Keep it - Natural, Simple, and Profound.
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Better Humans, Better Planet
Trust, Respect, Love

  • Susan Radovsky
    Susan Radovsky

    I adore Cesar’s lessons!!! Negative people shouldn’t watch and leave thumbs-down feedback!!! Please!

  • steven lath
    steven lath

    My god I love this guy

  • Adam Unaza
    Adam Unaza

    I had the same name as you as child, but I grew to fear dogs due to being bit from unknown dogs, I still love dogs I know or have knows sense puppy’s but any dog I’m unfamiliar with I’m really scared off and I can’t train my fear

  • shauna cohn
    shauna cohn

    CESAR omg I couldn’t focus on annnnnything except that green lounge room - if you don’t tell me where you got the lounge I am going to DIE - I have been watching your videos not for your absolutely dog expertise but to see your absolutely beeeeaaaauuuuutiful green lounge and omg I got to see it in its absolute glory!!!! Thank you!!

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    Daddy would be proud. Love all of the dogs, Junior,Sophia,Benson and cant forget our special Daddy

  • travelkaka

    Yes boss the tuna is for you..u are agreat human Sir

  • karina kim
    karina kim

    I loved the video! I'd be really happy if you'd upload some videos on how to raise a puppy to avoid having an unbalanced dog :)

  • Vanessa king
    Vanessa king

    i love ceasar

  • Clara Papaya
    Clara Papaya

    Great video! I like the training ideas :) All three dogs are just amazing

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    This is one thing I'm having trouble with...she likes to destroy chew toys...I have been only letting her have it when she is alone...but I have 2 wiener dogs...whom I also bought small toys for...also, only alone She does ok staying away from their's...but, a couple times the small boy went into her coop and she bit him... honestly, not an aggressive thing, because he snuggled with her after the vet (but, it's embarrassing and COMPLETLEY unexceptable) do you have any advice? This also hinders her service training...people don't understand that it's supposed to be only me and man is the worst...I've tried to work with her, but, when I try to "correct" him, it turns into an argument But, if she's a service dog I should be her only do I train her so that she can go with me?

    • alis_n_wundrlnd

      She keeps smelling the doorway

    • alis_n_wundrlnd

      She's a great dog...lovable pittie...and, she used to love being inside...but lately, she won't come inside, and, I don't know how to figure out why

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    We had a boxer lab mix...she was soooo smart! She learned "your stick" .. one time when we were out she brought the wrong stick a few times...we were in the woods...finally, she found it.... WAYYYY up in a tree

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    "The tuna is for me" 🙂

  • Marcia Moore
    Marcia Moore

    Smiling from ear to ear! 😊

  • George Nikou
    George Nikou

    sweet wine collection!

  • lili Mi
    lili Mi

    Pensé q hablabas de exorcisar a mi perro VA DE RETRO.

  • Fayga Costa
    Fayga Costa

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏you rule and you are the best😊🕺🏻🕺🏻👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Stephanie Ghiaa
    Stephanie Ghiaa

    Cesar help ! I'm so confused with this video as i have been playing with my beagle the "IGNORE FOOD" game. Would you recommend me not to play this kind of game ? best regards, love from France

  • Jen Coss
    Jen Coss

    I have been watching caesar since the dog whisperer & haven't stopped, been to his live shows & he is brilliant. Can't believe junior is 13

  • Romain Grelier
    Romain Grelier

    This little dog is so cute

  • Miko Gugo
    Miko Gugo

    awww my dream dog. He's sooo cute.

  • Desert Diva
    Desert Diva

    Absolutely loved this video! Junior is amazing! I have a pithuahua , so double the determination!! Lol thanks for all you do Cesar!

  • Jessica Ethington
    Jessica Ethington

    Hello! I have a 3 year old pittie, just have had her for 4 months, and she destroys all her squeaky chew toys. Its after we have played, and she is through playing, tired. She will chew up and spit out all the insides until she finds the squeaky. And , well, I have to say, it fascinates me, so I have been letting her. So now I need to take that option off the table. Thanks for that information!

  • Yadira Lopez
    Yadira Lopez

    Como pasa el tiempo.... todavia recuerdo cuando junior era solo un cachorro...y ya tiene 13 años 😲

  • Holly Kins
    Holly Kins

    He's best behaved Pom lol almost all Poms I know bark constantly.

  • Tootsie2890

    I can’t believe junior is already 13 years old

  • Ninjamom 4
    Ninjamom 4


  • robert hidalgo
    robert hidalgo

    Great video as always, Cesar, my 2 Sable German Shepperd Brothers fight every 2-4 months, last time I had to once again take them to the vet for stitches, can you please guide me in the right direction please Cesar, im begging you, this is heart renching to see them injured thanks, Robert

  • Kristi S
    Kristi S

    Nice wine collection Cesar!

  • Littlesmiley12

    That looks like Jenna Marbles house!

  • Omar Dresseur de chiens Ifrane
    Omar Dresseur de chiens Ifrane

    Thank you César 🙏

  • Norris Dority
    Norris Dority

    My pup is smarter than your💋


    Hi 👋 im ayden i also like dogs

  • Crazy Smalls
    Crazy Smalls

    When I heard Jr was deft I kinda was crying

  • Tierrez

    Eres lo Maximo Ceasar!! much love from Cali.

  • 鈴木美香

    I always see it for pleasure. I am glad when I have you attach Japanese subtitles!

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    Mariela Alberto

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    vanishta Nature loves you

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  • Jasmine Sabado
    Jasmine Sabado

    I am truly in awe of Cesar's wisdom. Here is a man whose intellect is primarily founded on instinct, and the world is all the better for it. Humans have gotten so out of touch with Mother Nature and Cesar is a conduit for us to remember how to connect with all that is natural for a well-lived life."Better humans, better planet" Energy is everything. Thank you Cesar and team!

  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Vanessa Ramirez

    Nunca he tenido perros. Tampoco tengo perros pero me gustan tus videos César.

  • Bristal Copeland
    Bristal Copeland

    i have 3 dogs and i teached them to surch and find people and toys


    Hi Cesar Millan ! I am a big fan of you! In 2012 when i was 12 years old,I watched you and I wanted to be just like you.First I wanted to be vet to animals so that i cab help them,but 1 year later i went to a doctor and he said that I am alergek to cats and i was very sad about it..then i touth that i want to be like you.I started learning about the dogs,reading books about training dogs.Then I was so happy that you came in Europe in country Bulgaria in our capital Sofia. I beg my mom to go in Sofia,so that I can talk with you and see you.But we live in Varna wich is far away from Sofia.Varna is near the Black sea,I was hoping and beging God you to come in my city....but it didn't hapend.I have a lot of problems with my dog,I wanted to contact with you...and i don't know if this comment you will see it or answer.You are famous in the world. I know and I see a lot of people that need you more than me.I have searching other trainers in my city,but my dad and mom thins that we don't need a trainer,because our dog is now 9 yars old and my parents say that is too late to train him.I know that you can take a lot of money of everyone so that you can help people,this is your job and its normal and I don't know if we have that so much money.And I am sure that you wont come in Europe in country Bulgaria in my city just because i need you.I dreamed since 12 years to meet you.But I just don't have luck.Now I am 20!


    Ive been watching cesar all of my life

  • Juan Ramirez Campos
    Juan Ramirez Campos

    Como lo veo en español 😂😂😂

  • andrea hoh
    andrea hoh

    . I love all the content it’s been really helpful. I figured I’d share a product with everyone that has helped to improve my dog's intelligence and behavior it was great for my new pup and my old girl enjoys it too

  • Melanie Perrone
    Melanie Perrone

    I have started walking my neighbor's two puppies (14 months old), golden retrievers, they are about 80 - 100 lbs each. I'm trying to get them to stop jumping. can you give me tips on this? they haven't been walked very often and they have a lot of energy, but they are the typical lovable goldens. Thank you!

  • Pilgrim Carolee
    Pilgrim Carolee

    What happened to Jr. To cause him to go deaf???

  • Hilisj

    Am I allowed to give my dog tuna from a can? like Starkist or something! or does it have to be a can for dogs?

  • The Bulldog family
    The Bulldog family

    We play rope

  • J.Cunningstunts

    Cool kicks Cesar! And yes he is a goood boy. Keep inspiring us

  • Cna229

  • Cecelia

    Hi: Cesar I started watching your videos when my son Israel came home with a Shelter Rescue Sadeya she's a Lab, Germany Shepard mix. However she was very skiddish and frighten now thanks to your help she is very respectful and a happy girl she doesn't bark every month are so she may bark otherwise no barking. She doesn't get on my furniture or come into my bedroom unless invited with my son it's another story she does what she wants in his room, however overall she's a well manner animal thanks for your help keep sharing your talents...Cecelia.

  • Ismael Cano
    Ismael Cano

    Ceaser give me your pitbull, your dog must be very disciplined lol

  • P Petkov
    P Petkov

    5:40 why not just move the cup to a different spot? Cesar goes through the effort of using gloves not to confuse the dog but now 2 cups smell like fish

  • Dani Strada
    Dani Strada

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    ian chrispas

    Cesar millan you're the man ...You've really Inpired with what you do and because of that I'm going to start my chanel ....I want to take my love for dogs to the next level

  • Controllered

    Hi, my dog has been acting different because his newly discovered arthritis, it’s making him nervous at times and he acts almost like he’s uncomfortable with everything around him. He’s not vicious and never has been, any ideas to help him feel more comfortable when he is distressed?

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    daniela quintero gonzalez

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    Nathali Romero5679

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  • Tricia Brookes
    Tricia Brookes

    We exercised with laps in the house. The stairs were brutal though Abby the 🐕 was fine. Sheba the 🐈 even got in on it but I got quite a workout 😀

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    paul clarence alahayan

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    Gad M

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    Stephanie Bejarano

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  • Franz Stephen Tuason
    Franz Stephen Tuason

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  • Dane O'Brien
    Dane O'Brien

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  • zeth Carvajal
    zeth Carvajal

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  • Tomango

    So apparently my dog and I have been doing the 3rd game for years unintentionally. Because she keeps losing the ball, but then we keep finding it again and again so many times it became a searching game for us, so when I see she lost the ball, I'm like "where's the ball" and she starts searching the house like Junior did. And once she located the ball but couldn't grab it... She will literally tear down a wall like you said. We sometime also play hide and seek, but it's difficult since I'm usually alone and she always follow me, so I had to hide when she's distracted, she's so happy when she found me. (Sometimes she saw part of my body and just stand there like, dafuq u doing? Or just lay in superman position looking at me until I come out)

  • Alezandra Davila
    Alezandra Davila

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    Sonia Cabrera

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    Andres Carranza

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    Alex Allkins

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    Oliver Crawford

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  • Enqian Hu
    Enqian Hu

    I really like the video and hope to share with others. Due to the issue that IRbin is inaccessible here, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you for permission to share the video to the other website. I'll give sources of your original website. Thank you!

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  • AD Ptr
    AD Ptr

    Perhaps a video for those who wants a dog as a pet for the first time? Important advices, things to consider before getting one, Medical costs aspects, how to take care of the dog, how to toilet train, how to communicate, body language of dogs? Thanks Cesar for the inspiration. I really like watching you being very close with animals and able to understand them all. I am from Singapore by the way. As you know Singapore laws on animal abuse are simply not enough to deter people from neglecting and abusing dogs, even the vets are able to PTS them upon owners requests???

  • Dog Tips & Info Videos
    Dog Tips & Info Videos

    Definitely great ways to exercise your dogs at home. Thanks for this video Cesar. It's always great to see dogs having fun and being happy like this.