The Llama Whisperer, Cesar Millan
In today's video, watch Cesar Millan interact with his llama, Tina, as shows you he is not just the "Dog Whisperer"
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    🎩👈 I love this Style😉😂🦜🕊️Greetings

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez


  • Shannon Looney Ridler
    Shannon Looney Ridler

    I just rescued a 10 month old mixed Labrador and Golden retriever but I think she has Rhodesian Ridgeback in her because she gets a mohawk down the center of her head all the way to her tail when she is excited or even scared. She had such an amazing temperament and personality but she watches tv and anytime an animal comes on the tv she barks and carries on like a crazy dog. We are trying the clicker method but if you aren’t on top of it with a treat she won’t stop and when I stand in front of her and tell her to stop and sit she will but it’s insane how many commercials have animals in it. Lol 😝 If you have any suggestions or want to come visit Washington D.C area I would love for you to meet her. She is so anxious also because she is a rescue but she is so young that she is already grown out of all her stresses I think. She is just very cautious still. Love all your recommendations and we love watching your training advice for everyday life with animals and everything you discuss. Thanks 😊

  • mitochondrion97

    My hamster, husky and I play tgt, is that achieving some sort of calmness & trust too? Hahaha

  • Harper W.
    Harper W.

    Such a sweet llama!

  • Patricia Cabrero
    Patricia Cabrero

    Nacimos mismo dia, me gusta mucho su programa...en lugar de venir con 100 dllrs ...vine con $20, i know what he talks about...

  • Lee Angel
    Lee Angel

    Living my dream, fantastic man fantastic life

  • xredstar303x

    I get such peaceful vibes from your videos

  • badbeanie62

    Hi Cesar! Just want to share the correct pronunciation of Emu. The correct way is eem-you. As opposed to E-moo. 😊

  • MissKate Joker
    MissKate Joker

    I'm obsessed with Millan's family pack ❤❤❤

  • Ivonne Bravo
    Ivonne Bravo

    Thank You Cezar for wearing the Fedora. Blessings.

  • crissibrat

    César!! La ondaaaaa

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    We have cockatiels and i practise calm energy with them. They are doing well, thank you Cesar for teaching us so much.

  • NaturallyNaeerah

    His love for Daddy makes me tear up ugh!

  • MrGerardo

    What kind of bracelet is that? It looks cool.

  • toëntje

    Cesar Millan the real life. .Dr. dolittle. .. I love your style ..all the best wishes for you and your family. .

  • Reeno

    "that's not what I'm here for I'm going back to Peru" 😂

  • Y. not
    Y. not

    1:27 prophetic words from 1 month before the COVID explosion.

  • ILoveHorses❤🐎

    The EMU is drumming. So cool!

  • Nicole Jessica
    Nicole Jessica

    You are getting more handsome!

  • Dai B
    Dai B

    Does anybody knows if he has daddy's ashes inside the green necklace he is using? (I've seen him with it a couple of times and always wonder😊)

  • tigerwoman484

    Poor birds having no ability to fly since you got rid of their wing feathers!!!!!!!

  • Corinna Harris
    Corinna Harris

    “ oh my god you just pooped”

  • Celtic Hero
    Celtic Hero

    I'm gonna try this in my next romantic relationship.

  • Celtic Hero
    Celtic Hero

    Are you God???

  • Treestorm

    That llama is so zen.

  • Treestorm

    I'm curious if cesar is a bacteria whisperer too.

  • H Tres
    H Tres

    omg! you look better when you got older! just like daddy the pitbull's elderly gray hair face.

  • Shannon Mcgregor
    Shannon Mcgregor

    I enjoy watching Cesar's videos. He is a wise old sole. People who have a strong connection to animals are very special 🤗

  • Tales_Untold

    Hey Cesar, sorry for posting this under so many of your videos, but i really need your help. I am feeding my english bulldogg by let her sit down and let her wait with her food in front of her. The dog takes the food on a „okay!“ of me. My questions are: In my opinion she is waiting focusing my eyes for the „okay“, But not really calm. 1. How can I recognize if she is REALLY calm? 2. How can I calm her down in this situation? Do I just wait with a calm and confident Energy or do I have to interrupt there focus on me to let her lay down, with head on the ground instead of sitting down in Front of me for example?

  • Jeff Okriya
    Jeff Okriya

    Dogs are beings of light, thanks to all dog trainers , vets, care givers and dog owners.

  • mr pliskin
    mr pliskin

    is this guy kinda addicted to domination ? cant be halthy and respektfull

  • Rita Schaffer
    Rita Schaffer

    I'm so glad I found this! You guys are so inspirational. Keep up the great work!!!

  • troebeliewoep

    Cesar on youtube is a huge blessing. All this even applies to cats! My cats are respectful of boundaries, they are calm, and loyal. They follow me everywhere!

  • Mary T
    Mary T

    Beautiful Teach People we need Balance with Nature

  • Asenla Longchar
    Asenla Longchar

    Love you lots cesar but I am kinda annoyed with the guy in the background! 😒

  • J J
    J J

    Animals are smart ,they need to talk that it.

  • Lara

    You've become Dr Dolittle, Cesar :D. I like to think of you as an animal intrepreter. ♥

  • dan m
    dan m


  • Luise Liehn
    Luise Liehn

    Because of you Cesar, my dog is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!!

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    U are literally a genius.

  • N. R.
    N. R.

    amazing energy. I only wish and millions of other People only 30% of it and the World would be save

  • Francisco Cepeda
    Francisco Cepeda

    That's what I'm talking about RELATIONSHIP AMONG ALL CREATURES ON EARTH, THAT IS BEAUTIFUL Steve Irwin would agree 1000 %

  • Ana Maria Esparza
    Ana Maria Esparza

    Hola cesar espero q m contestes por favor estoy muy desesperada mi Malshi cachorro d 3 meces comenzó a comer su popo ya la lleve al veterinario m dio un polvo por 5 días pero no l alludo no s q hacer😭😭😭

  • Robin Allen
    Robin Allen

    “Lama drama” t-shirt guy was very impressive

  • Vanessa Lanning
    Vanessa Lanning

    Thanks for the words of wisdom! You are a very wise man Ceaser!

  • Jessica Tuck
    Jessica Tuck

    question for cesar tho. What about the dogs in the shelter? I volunteer at one and on many occasions I have to get hands on with the dogs to get them out of their cage to clean it. We don't have time to bond with the dog or create a respect before invading space.

  • Improvising Gamer
    Improvising Gamer

    I need help with my puppy. He goes porty on a pad when we cant take them out but last now he just pooped on my couch, the place he sleeps on most times.

  • Lanchunglu Golmei
    Lanchunglu Golmei

    Cesar is living my dream. Beautiful human being. I’ll Always support you.

  • Annette Sweet
    Annette Sweet

    i love your shows pls keep them coming ..i have 3 dogs 2 cats n 2 birds .. i try to follow your rules with them and be a great pack leader

  • Kristina Jakakas
    Kristina Jakakas

    Awww, you connected with me cesar 🤙🙏deep shit

  • nele bes
    nele bes

    I really don’t like how the birds have cut wings and can’t fly. It’s the most natural way of moving for birds and to take it away from them is cruel :/

  • AbsoluteZero

    chick filet vs in-and-out: this aint even a competition in-and-out all the way baby!

  • MidnightWolf 001
    MidnightWolf 001

    Having a gift with animals since I was young, I completely agree with what was said here. Recently I rescued a year old cat, named Blue, whom was very traumatized by what she went through before she arrived to me. Been around cats my entire life, and they are drawn to me, just like other animals I've met or have had. Even have had very strong bonds with some, cat-wise, where they and I could read each other inside and out, energy and behavioral-wise. But, with Blue, tis a very new ballgame. Well, more heightened I should say as she is very sensitive to what goes on around her and my emotions, even if I'm not hinting at them with her. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia due to ptsd. So, keeping my energy and moods in check and in a positive way can be a struggle. My last bond, Mew, used to pick up on that. Yet, her response would be to just cuddle with me and relax; an understanding presence like that of a mother. With Blue, it sends her into anxious fits, where she dashes around me, yowling; worried energy and uncertainty as to what to do as she views me as her security blanket. ( She got severe anxiety that can seem like they're on steroids, worse than the average level of separation anxiety cats tend to get. ) So, I've really been practicing keeping myself calm and in check around her, not just to help her out, but to help myself, as well. Seems to be helping a lot from both sides.

  • Vick Minton
    Vick Minton

    All I want from 2020 is cesar saying emu

  • Dudez

    Hi Cesar! Can you make a full vlog spending your time with junior? Thanks.

  • Reika Yang
    Reika Yang

    Hey Caesar, can you help me please, my dog is just 1 year old, and nowadays he marking every where, can you help me how to stop him marking every where.. Pleaseeeeeee🙏🏻😭

  • Michelle Wollenzien
    Michelle Wollenzien

    Cesar Millan, I've been watching you for years. 4 years ago, I rescued a puppy and she is the product of me watching your shows. Her name is Lula. She and I share amazing energy. I call her que chula lula. She was a beach dog in Mexico for 3 years. Now, we are in Los Angeles. Thank you and your family for sharing your gift.

  • Dom

    Hi Cesar! I recently purchased a ranch and I'm a big lover of Mastiff breeds. Is it possible to keep multiple Male Mastiff breeds together? I'm thinking of getting a Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Boerboel, Spanish Mastiff, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro for now. I intend to bring them up together when they're pups. Please let me know if it is possible to keep these males together?

  • Megon S
    Megon S

    Yay for Ceaser. Entertaining video after a difficult day. Thank you for your work with animals and humans on so many platforms/ media

  • Glenn Thorn
    Glenn Thorn

    please learn how to pronounce EMU properly

  • yazkaz

    "Tina was a young ass freak, start suckin. . . my knees got weak"

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle

    Cesar, it has become a big trend for teens and young adults to get German Shepherds on social media. However in these viral videos it’s viewed as funny when these large breeds act out, paw their owner and show over excited behavior. Please show these behaviors as lack of proper exercise! They want large dogs but not the responsibility of getting their energy out and it’s sad!

  • Cris Brackett
    Cris Brackett

    I'm so happy your true message about people is being shared here. Probably not Animal Planet material. Too real and transformational for that backing. Go Cesear.

  • Queenie Francie
    Queenie Francie

    "I want him to be like a dog but in the air. That is my dream!" I love it!

  • Ali Sotoudeh
    Ali Sotoudeh

    Cockatiels are the best, love the part you had the ladder train with her or him......keep up the good work and good luck

  • Modern Canine Vlog
    Modern Canine Vlog

    There are some very deep insights here. Thank you, Cesar! LOVE the new T-Shirts!

  • Karen Dominguez
    Karen Dominguez

    I just adopted a stray dog that was roaming around. He likes to jump over to my neighbor's yard. I have a feeling he is a escape artist. Somone please tell me how I can stop him from jumping the fence or should I just wait till he gets used to me. Ps I left out a lot of details if anyone is interested I will tell you how he came to me.

  • Lisaa

    daddy and junior in same vid perfect

  • P Q
    P Q

    long time learner of Cesar's approach to animals. Amazing effects of animal energy and how it removes me from depression.

  • Sereta Mage
    Sereta Mage

    Huge fan. I could watch your shows forever.

  • Emmalinda Blundell
    Emmalinda Blundell

    PLEASE... emYOU... Not emOO

  • Julie Berlier
    Julie Berlier

    Cockatiels are lovers

  • Eddie Perez
    Eddie Perez

    Thank you Cesar and Co for the great videos. What an awesome pack!!! What a great example of true loving communication that transcends all differences.

  • Dan T
    Dan T

    New age Noah

  • SleeplessinOC

    Oh my goodness Benson is such a cutie !!!!

  • S. B.
    S. B.

    You're the Beast Master

  • Robyn Dismon
    Robyn Dismon

    What's the crap on the llama's face? And why is It there?

  • AllyPiper


  • Sehara

    I adopted a rescue cat. He is a young adult, lived on the street...but now he is following me everywhere, comes to me when called even he is protesting sometimes (chirping). My wish is to train him because I see that he is really smart..he figured out how to show me what he wants, he brings me to the food tray when he wants to eat or to the toys when he wants to play...I guess he is training me 😂

  • noelly89

    The llama is named Tina, like Tina from Napolean Dynamite? 🤣👏👏👏

  • Vex Gone
    Vex Gone

    I can use those birds as a gimbal

  • Sapphire Sky824
    Sapphire Sky824

    So what you're saying is, Cesar is Dr.Dolittle

  • Michael Keller
    Michael Keller

    I thought you was a dog whisperer

  • anonymous2024


  • Angela Flow
    Angela Flow

    Ese es el planeta q debemos construir. 🙏😘🙏🙏 Gracias Cesar por todas tus enseñanzas.

  • Mr Kouhx
    Mr Kouhx

    Dog whisperer: no ANIMAL whisperer: yes Love how he just knows so much and not just dogs. That just shows how much he knows

  • doodlbug223

    You are so blessed, and living the best life! I wish I were there! ❤️ I love being around animals! Would a macaw ever attack the cockatiel? Just something I wondered while watching the video..

  • JstUrHope bts
    JstUrHope bts

    Love the 💜

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis

    love, love you and your content!! Your mission is amazing! Look into to Birdtricks channel for bird training for flight.

  • Howling Waters
    Howling Waters

    The one who does what others would not dare does so because he refuses to acknowledge the myth that it cannot be done. I am grateful for the teachings. Your Gifts never cease because you don't. May God continue to richly bless you and yours.❤🐶🐕🐩🐺🦜🕊

  • Juli Chio
    Juli Chio

    Rama in the Ramayana said friendship is the strongest feeling, because it can go on forever and can happen between all different species. 🙏💓🕉️☯️❤️🐾 Bless you Cesar!

  • MegaAngel307

    What idiot gave this a thumbs down.

  • Iwona

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie..

  • Jan Voght
    Jan Voght

    Love you forever Cesar Millan

  • cherina castuera
    cherina castuera


  • Ruth Peyton
    Ruth Peyton

    I loved this video and in-n-out is the best💛💛

  • hella cook
    hella cook

    the best match to Cesar is someone who is closer to their primal side, my best advice is look to ACTIVE spiritual ppl--those with a higher purpose who use psychedelics responsibly

  • T Babs
    T Babs

    I'm in love with what you do, how you think, and how you share your calm energy with others. I love animals more then people. I also wish I was able to visit your paradise when I lived in the same city as you.

  • Cris Cas
    Cris Cas

    Estoy muy impresionada y conmovida al ver las expresiones de la Llama, sus orejitas, sus ojos, sus movimientos. Agradecida por este video y por todo el trabajo que ustedes realizan.

Cesar Millan