The Importance of Focus on Cesar Millan's Fitness Fridays
Exercise is important for the mind, body, and soul. What else is important while you exercise and burn energy is FOCUS. In this Fitness Fridays with Cesar Millan, Andre, Calvin, and personal trainer Gary; watch how the guys go through their routine to encourage you at home to incorporate a focuses mindset while working out.
Have you already been exercising and your fitness routine is on point? Share your story and what makes you focus in the comments.
Are you just starting and finding it hard to include exercise in your daily lifestyle? Don't worry as it take times and practice just the same way we do with training our pets. It's not easy to just walk your dog or keep them focused, so if you start with yourself then you will be steps ahead. Stay focused and be patient as you grow into your better self. Cesar and the boy have started this journey together and it's important to know that with every positive intention comes positive results. FOCUS!
Exercise Routine in this video:
- Warm-up Hill March/Climb

- Heart and Hustle Monster Sets x 3 Rounds

Exercise 1: goblet squat x 15
Exercise 2: overhead Press x 12

Exercise 3: single leg RDL x 10 each

Exercise 4: Shoulder Taps x 10 each

Exercise 5: stationary split squat (hold 10 breathes)
Exercise 6: triceps kick back x 12
Exercise 7: penalty box agility (two in two out) x 20 seconds
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
Get your mind right. Align your heart. And, roll up your sleeves.
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Better Humans, Better Life
Trust, Respect, Love

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