Teaching our Puppy, Spot, how to stay!
In this episode, Cesar teaches Spot, our puppy, how to stay using the stairs!
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  • farmer kylee
    farmer kylee

    I’m trying to train my dog to leave the cats alone can u help me out

  • stormy dawormy
    stormy dawormy

    love the jersey on him

  • Heather Laninga
    Heather Laninga

    That wine room is amazing and distracting. Cesar if you are ever short a dinner guest I'd be happy to fill the seat :)

  • Rivka Van Breugel
    Rivka Van Breugel

    Look at his little tail😍

  • Melinda Lofgren
    Melinda Lofgren

    I am a pretty good trainer; at least with all my past dogs, and others have asked me to help them with their dogs (Eskies, Rotties, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, blue tick hound etc.) Even volunteer trained at a German Shepherd kennel with Shutzhund trained dogs. I've always had very high success training. I'm still not you. My new puppy is a Yakutian Laika. She is the oldest puppy I've ever gotten. She was 12 weeks and 2 days when I flew from Seattle to Dallas and back in 1 day. I let her acclimate the first 2.5 days. Just teaching her her name, and to go outside to potty. Then started with little 5-10 min training sessions throughout the day. She is incredibly smart, she learned sit an a few minutes with ASL sign, and after day 1 she was bored, I added a verbal cue, a month in she's reliable indoors but not outdoors. She will do down, stand, off, most of the time leave it and drop it. Heel is a work in progress but she will do beautifully if you go at a very fast brisk walk. Come is also about 50/50. Forget any of it with distractions outdoors. She is a socialite and just wants to say hi to everyone and every dog. I just started using some German Commands too. She is learning the game of fetch quite well. Brings it right back about 80% now. However, I've never; in my entire life, seen a dog this stubborn, not even huskies. It's part of the breed, if they don't wanna they put the breaks on so you constantly are redirecting to get them to do as asked. My husband just won't use the right words, or hand signals, and that's incredibly frustrating because consistency is everything!. She is incredibly bonded to me in just 1 month and a week, follows me everywhere! Wakes from naps and follows me to next room etc. (more about that in a minute). I take her everywhere with me, she meets dogs on walks a lot, but her only real play sessions were with a 7yr old Mastiff, and a 3 yr old Doberman with his sibling a 2.5 yr old Rottweiler. I hate off leash parks, and people are poisoning dogs in our area at them or bringing in fight dogs to seriously mame the dogs and sometimes kill them. So with Covid it's been extremely hard finding puppy play time. FYI I use baked organic chicken breast and some baked organ meat cut up into small tidbits for her treats, she spit out everything else. She was under weight when I got her home and gained nearly a full pound in 2 days, clearly her litter mates were eating all the food. She isn't a gobbler, she's a grazer, eats a little, plays a little, eats a little more etc. In the 5 weeks I've had her she has doubled in size going from 9lbs4oz to 17.5lbs. Vet says she's incredibly healthy. She's losing teeth and adult ones are coming in. She is now almost 17.5 weeks old. My questions are: 1. I'm having a really hard time getting her to understand stay and her release she just sits there still, no matter what I try. I've never had issues before, but she's very spontaneous and refuses to "want to do it" so far. I've seen your videos as well as others, but those techniques haven't worked at all in a week of trying 8 mini sessions (10 min each) every day. Any other advice or tips would be helpful. 2. Constantly biting the leash, I've made it very very boring, not doing anything, turning my back, walking the other way.....still biting the leash. So ideas with that would be appreciated as well. 3. I know some dogs like to mouth, I know you can't change instinct from what they were bred to do. Her breed was bred to be sled dogs in -57F temps, herd reindeer, hunt, and be part of the Native Siberian Yakuts family and constant companion. I have her on a leash, I've begun harness training with a Wonder Walker front clip, she is fine wearing it until she tries to pull then she bites the front strap ( any tighter I couldn't get a finger under it) and the leash frantically, jumping and really freaking out. If she walks too far behind you she nips at your calves or shoes. She does pull a lot on leash, even after a 15-20 min game of fetch before her walk. Her biting has drawn blood twice on me, so I began "No Bite" and if she bites too hard I'll put a drop of apple cider vinegar in her mouth. That part is getting better, but she bites at her brush incessantly, I treat her when she isn't biting during a grooming/brushing session but it's non-stop. She lets me brush her teeth, wipe her ears, and wipe her pads off but will bite at the wipe sometimes. Any advice besides patience and time? 4. Potty training nightmare! When we brought her home she had bloody diarrhea for 4 days, she passed pine chip bedding she was eating at the breeders, breeder had her on very hard core worming meds as well. I've still never seen a 3 month old puppy walk into their crate and defecate and then lay down in it. We live on the 3rd floor of an apt with elevator access, so against my best wishes we are also using pee pads. Still she'll walk into her crate and poo or pee. I made the mistake of yelling NO! after the first week of her here and now she does not want to be in her crate at all. I have coaxed her with treats, I have given her Kongs full of nummies and chew toys, she has water also, but even if I'm sitting at the door, as soon as I close it, she's screaming bloody murder, biting at the wire, pawing at it, jumping around, and this does not stop, only escalates, at first I tried 5min. waited in between screeches to open door again, I've tried 5min -30min. It still gets louder and louder. She has only slept in her crate 5x now. I thought she had quit with the accidents in her crate until 2 days ago she went pee again and again 3x during one day in her crate. Any advice? I will take her out, she'll go both, I'll walk her etc. she'll go again. As soon as we walk in the door, she goes in the house again within 5 min. She does go to the door now to go out, but sometimes she refuses to go to the bathroom and will just sit there outside (on leash) no matter how much coaxing you do. After 30 min of this, back in the house and she'll pee or poo again. It's almost like she's marking her territory. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • TatianaBazan

    Thank you so much cesar im training my border collie puppy 4 months old she is so energic and inteligent!!

  • Frame Of Mind
    Frame Of Mind

    Amazing. Thank you

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    desneiges chartrand


  • ƁᙈββŁΣ ßΛĻŽ
    ƁᙈββŁΣ ßΛĻŽ

    Omg!how cute he is!..which breed is he?😍

  • Leslie Martinez
    Leslie Martinez

    Thank you so much for this video! I just got a Husky she is a girl and I really want her to be trained so thank you! This helped so much

  • Shirley Brightly
    Shirley Brightly

    I hope my dog can behave just like that , but I got to be Caesar first. 😱

  • Helen Gibson
    Helen Gibson

    Hi Cesar. I have a bit of a confusion. My puppy Max is 19 weeks old (give or take a week). He is doing ok, I had kind of accepted that he found us a bit unstable and didn't want us to lead him, whilst on the lead. However, I recently took him for a walk along a very busy rural road, employing what I believed to be the right energy etc. He pulled ahead in front initially, he then decided that he wasn't going to move, he had done this once before and I had literally just waited until I was able to coax him back into walking, this was not an option on this busy road. So initially I carried him a way then eventually, as he is getting quite big and carrying for over a mile wasn't an option, I was able to get him to walk with praise. My confusion is that whilst he was afraid of the traffic he walked at my side where I have been trying to get him to walk, when the road was quiet he pulled ahead. How is this that when he's afraid he trusts me to protect him, when he's not he wants to lead? I don't see myself as unstable, but accept that my energy and inner self may be to him. Any guidance much appreciated on how to move forward. I want to be able to take him anywhere, so getting him used to cities, beaches and all other types of environments is important. We live in a quiet rural setting with cows as neighbours, he enjoys lying in the fields with the cows when they are lying down. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

  • Harriet Orcino
    Harriet Orcino

    Yes He is absolutely adorable

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    lane owen

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    Ratan Prajapat

    This video is great to how to teach new puppy to stay.its very successful for my new puppy.

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    Gloria Forzaglia

    Great video. Look at the little jersey shirt. Adorable!

  • Angelina Alonso
    Angelina Alonso

    I've been trying to teach my puppy to stay without any success, she gets excited, jumps and eventually gets frustrated when i move away from her, this stair method looks great definitely trying it today!

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Amazing, Sweet puppy , sweet face 😍

  • W Lol
    W Lol

    Hey Cesar my family and I just got a Dogo Argentino puppy he is 11wks old and we are trying to house train him. Do you have any advice for us to have him listen to my wife and daughters. He somewhat listens to me but not as well with my wife and kids. The first week or so he was doing great we would leave the patio door open and he would go out when he needed to but then he became kinda belligerent with my wife and go potty inside. Any input would be greatly appreciated. We are in the greater LA/OC area and absolutely love your videos thank you so much for the content!👍🏽❤️🐕

  • Laura Te Aho-White
    Laura Te Aho-White

    Works well with other species of animals too

  • Tejas Borkar
    Tejas Borkar

    Which brand food you give to your dogs??

  • stephany lara
    stephany lara

    You are a natural! I love your videos! and spot is the cutest

  • Joel Whitney
    Joel Whitney

    What if don’t have a giant set of stairs?

  • Segevs Email
    Segevs Email

    He isn’t barking at all. How’s that?

  • Just A Tad Reactive
    Just A Tad Reactive

    *"Allow him to work harder each time!"* Noted. I swear I haven't used this with my ex before. I sure as heck would do it now this time, canine or humans alike.

    • William Levy
      William Levy

      Are you a man or a woman? Because a woman has no place being dominant over a man. If he isn't dominating you properly leave but at least leave with constructive criticism.

  • Elizabeth Acuna
    Elizabeth Acuna

    Hi Cesar Millán, I would love to learn how to stop my German Shepherd from being so protective over my children when we take her on walks. She always wants to be i front of them and if they walk in front of her she begins to pull. Please help.

  • Keishxxn

    I want to know for my puppy

  • Keishxxn

    What treats are you using ??

  • Joanne Davenport
    Joanne Davenport

    My daughter just bought a new puppy , she didn't realize the cost of time and energy, she is so overwhelming, she is so tired she can't do anything cause the dog wants her attention, she can't walk her due to parvo til all the shots are completely finished, I feel bad for her, the dog is at her apartment til sh comes home from work, the dog whines, we need help please.thank you.

  • Kayla

    Zak George is better.

  • Ana Luisa Calixto Torres
    Ana Luisa Calixto Torres

    How can I keep my dog from getting over the bed or stepping in the tables? When I try to correct her, she responds as if I was playing with her

    • BigHenFor

      You need to be like a parent and project authority. Right now you are not projecting that feeling. Do everything Cesar does here to get your dog to sit down calmly and alert looking at you. Don't speak to the dog when you want them to stop doing something immediately. Cesar uses sounds like a hard, sharp"Tssst" with an upright open hand toward the dog for No, and "kiss-kiss" for Come get you reward. Don't use words, as dogs understand energy better than words. So, if you want them to listen to you, you have to project calm and assertive energy and act like you mean what you say in voice and body posture. Also, the dog has to see that you are a pack leader, above them in the hierarchy in the house, so you will have to train everybody else to respect you before the dog. Get the family in the habit of when they come into the room they greet you first and make a fuss of you and ignore the dog until after they have greeted you. Feed the dog last. The dog should not be allowed anywhere without your permission. The dog should not be treated as a baby. They need you and the other humans in your household to put in rules and boundaries for them. So draw them calmly, assertively, but firmly and consistently. Don't argue, shout or beg. Just use sound and body posture to tell them when they are being naughty and to stop. And just as important is rules and boundaries is rewarding good behaviour with a treat or affection. So watch this video again, and use the same methodology to train your dog to obey you, and learn his place in your pack. It will take time and effort but, if you do this he will be a happier dog because he knows his place, and you will be a happier owner. Start now. Don't wait until he becomes an unruly teenager.

  • Megan W
    Megan W

    How do you potty train?

  • Ramona Lewis
    Ramona Lewis

    My pitbull puppy keeps criss-crossing in front of me when walking or running. How can I get her to walk in a straight line?

  • TRU GR!T
    TRU GR!T


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    Dee xx

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    Sing Your Style Studio

    Please help Ceaner. French Bulldog puppy 15 weeks. Barking and showing new signs of aggressive behavior. How do we get your help?

  • Robyn Mcandrew
    Robyn Mcandrew

    he is soooo cute the way his ears pick up i don’t see that very much bc my dogs are springer spaniels so there ears are floppy they do go up but not like spots😍😍😍

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    Suhas chandan

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    Leslie Ann

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    American Bullies Clayton and Lakai

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  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Mr. Millan, what is SPOT actually doing now? So lovely Puppy now month's later would see, if it is possible for you to show him on Video what he is doing for new's. Sending as always lovely Greetings to YOU and your family ❣️

  • Matheus Pessoa
    Matheus Pessoa

    Cesar, you recommend training the dog while it's hungry or between meals? Is it more effective to achieve the calm brain mode if he is a bit tired after playing?

  • Sky_ Styles
    Sky_ Styles

    He's so cute and such a good boy! I love the Koby Bryant mini jersey!

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    Emerald Anastasia

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    Jenny Cannon

    Thank you so much Caesaer will try this love it.....do you use words like stop and no? Would love a video to stop barking at people or noises from fear...my 4 month mastiff cross beardie pup and myself were alone in lockdown so she has missed puppy training and it was just us. She's a rescue pup. Do I say 'quiet' or 'no'? A friend today told me about using a clicker? Thank you. Watched your video about smells too with food on the floor. Amazing.

  • L Burg
    L Burg

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    I have a 3month old chihuahua mix rescued from a hoarding situation, having trouble getting him to listen.and come. I am 73. Any advice?0

  • Claudette Rogers
    Claudette Rogers

    I have a 3month old chihuahua mix rescued from a hoarding situation, having trouble getting him to listen.and come. I am 73. Any advice?0

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  • Amy Caryn Johnson
    Amy Caryn Johnson

    I would like to see how to walk a dog by himself. I ha e given my foster dog a bath but he still stops to scratch himelf a lot on the walk. When he isn't scratching I have tried running with him to get the energy out because he wants to chase rabbits but then he jerks me to a stop to scratch. I have been told he was given flea and tick treatment. It seems like it might be part of his difficulty getting used to a collar and a leash. I've also tried training with freeze dried liver treats but he isn't super food motivated.

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    Great information as always. I've learned a lot by watching Cesar in order to train my little 12 pound dog Maddie. Just 30 minutes ago, I had forgotten how much the owner's attitude and demeanor mean to a dog. I took Maddie out for a walk and decided that this was my walk and not hers. So with a relaxed leash, I said let's go, with my eyes forward and walking with purpose. It's amazing how much this impacts our walks. Instead of out in front hunting, she is looking up at me for the next move. Another thing while training is to randomly change direction, walk in circles, make the dog guess and look to you for guidance. Also, sometimes just stop and say "sit" (assuming she is trained on this) and ignore her while checking your phone or something. Always giving gentle corrections if she tries to get up without permission. It's all pretty easy if you think like your dog, which is what Cesar Millan's videos teach you to do. A local dog trainer suggested when she was a puppy, to take her for walks in the house on a leash. Go up and down the stairs, around the coffee table, through the kitchen etc. I did this with Maddie when she was a puppy and wasn't behaving. It calmed her right down.

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    • GhostMan YT
      GhostMan YT

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    Can u show us how u potty train ur dogs! I have a new puppy and i would like to know how!😊👍thanks!


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