Teaching Our Puppy How To Get Into The Pool!
In this episode, Cesar teaches our Puppy, Spot, How to get into the pool!
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  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman

    Junior, Sofia Amazing!

  • Penelope

    Cesar Millan is always keeping me busy on quarentine. I am always watching your videos. Plus I'm subscribed, turned on notifications!

  • Penelope

    Man Spot is running for dear life. Spot: I need to escape. OR I WILL DIE!!!! Spot: ok let me just climb on Cesar... ok I am safe. Oh no...... I'M IN THE WATER AGAIN!

  • Gaby Tornel
    Gaby Tornel


  • Stuff

    Are all dogs capable of swimming if you put them in the water and let them figure out out? (with human guidance/support of course)

  • Syed Zain
    Syed Zain

    Big fan from Pakistan #RespectCesar 💖✌️

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Helloooooo, Smart is sooooooo cool swimming like a Fish 🐠🐠🏊 and Sophia is checking"" the situation if everything goes the right way🌞😊so lovely all of them how they care about SMARTIE""❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️SALUDOS

  • Kathy Clark
    Kathy Clark

    That was great, Cesar, so foresighted of U to teach them how to get out safely FIRST!

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte

    Jr is the man! and this might be the most important video Cesar has ever made ... btw if you have a baby/toddler same damn lesson ......

  • Kara bo bara
    Kara bo bara

    my jack russell was stalking a lizard and fell in the pool. thankfully i was watching. it occurred to me that had i not been there he wouldve stayed in the corner where he fell in trying to get back out and wouldve worn himself out and maybe even drown. great video!

  • Ava B
    Ava B

    Spot is just so cute!

  • Max Elfrink
    Max Elfrink

    Thanks Caesar, watching this taught me how to swim!

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas

    Cesar tienes una intuicion increible. De donde viene tu don?

  • Aubrey

    That was AWESOME! I'm so excited to watch this series on Spot. :-)

  • antoninmiriam

    What happened to the other dog who was first in the pool?

  • angie dyer
    angie dyer

    All of your videos are super cool!! What an adorable pup! Sophia and Junior are such amazing dogs. It’s funny, in the show ring I’ve seen a lot of horses tell the riders where the gate is while they are competing! 💙🤣💙🤣💙🤩💙🤩

  • Harry Christtananta
    Harry Christtananta

    Haloo, Mr. Ceasar Millan.. I'm a dog groomer. I'm thank you so much, what you tought in all your film about dog whisper. It's very helpfull & give me a good lesson about understanding dogs. Harry, thank you🙏🙏🙏

  • Jenniffer Espinoza
    Jenniffer Espinoza

    My poor baby flipped over and he freaked out like he was going to drown. 😰😭 I will try again with treats. I was amazed of one of my dogs just swimming on her on and obviously my other needs more training, hopefully with this video will help

  • Ale


  • Pankaj yadav
    Pankaj yadav

    Thank you Cesar for your kindness

  • Roseanne Lawrence
    Roseanne Lawrence

    That's so cool.

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    May you always be blessed for the amazing work you do with humans and 🐕!


    Daks ah!

  • ALI Mcally
    ALI Mcally

    I couldn't finish watching. I have one this size and can't imagine making her stay in the pool when she's obviously scared for her life.

  • Hannah Arn
    Hannah Arn

    I like this one because it really explains everything. Sometimes I’m still confused after his videos.

  • Florecita Roquera
    Florecita Roquera


  • PJ *
    PJ *

    That was so good ! Just having this knowledge is priceless. That's why I'm the Greatest Grandma who knows everything 🤣😄😂

  • mrsteve555

    arrr, all that prep talk about starting off by teaching the dog where and how to exit was not followed, the pup was obviously trying to find the exit and was in a state of panic get me out... i think this is the only video of Cesar that i was uncomfortable watching.

  • M C
    M C

    Spot is so cute and innocent. I would like to see potty training.

  • Angie Suarez
    Angie Suarez

    I loved it .....

  • deanna belle wingo
    deanna belle wingo

    Soooo cute thanks love hugs

  • Sunshine Reggae
    Sunshine Reggae

    Ahahaha that little clown wants to swim fast to get out 😂😂😂🏊‍♀️🤡😉❤️

  • Nico'sWorld

    Thanks for sharing how to's with Spot, I'm a visual learner and expecting puppy in fall. This helps greatly. I'm reading puppyhood book but nothing beats watching it done too! Gracias Cesar!!!

  • Noelle Brown
    Noelle Brown

    I watched this and the video about the GSD you did a few years ago. I just tried a combo of the 2 videos today with my 7 month old Aussie and a half hour later she was jumping into the pool after me and swimming all around on her own. Thanks for the good tips!!!

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Good Morning you all, I missed this week your Friday's Fitness!!!!!!!!!!? Hmmmm, I just saw a Video from beautiful RIO 🦜Greetings

  • mmanut

    Enjoy your Channel, THANK YOU CESAR‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸

  • 7mfpm

    Now I need a video how to have a pool

  • Amy 1
    Amy 1

    Awe little guy!


    Pero que haces con el cachorrito ?? Le va a dar un ataque al corazon !

  • Phoebe Angelatos
    Phoebe Angelatos

    What breed is spot? Such a cutie


    Ugh. I love junior so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Karl Müller
      Karl Müller


  • Breonna Nichol
    Breonna Nichol

    My dog is 11 months old and she hates water and I can barely give her a bath, what can i do for her to get use to water

  • Another Review
    Another Review

    Now that my puppy knows how to swim I keep catching him going in alone, any tips to teach only go in when invited?

  • Anna Johnston
    Anna Johnston

    Mr Milan what are you treating your pool with? Setting a sm spa for my 15 mo labrador retriever who was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. Awaiting for her to be evaluated where she is a candidate for SX. Due to covid 19 unable to get an appointment. Should I use chlorine or food grade hydrogen peroxide ?

  • Chandler DeGuzman
    Chandler DeGuzman

    can I still teach my 1.5 year old pit this?

  • evelyn brigett
    evelyn brigett

    Hi Cesar! Great info! What about when we have an "above the ground pool"? They cannot exit without our help and there's nothing they can stand on or hang on to.

  • Felix Jhon
    Felix Jhon

    Can I tech a big dog

  • Mish R
    Mish R

    The dog swimming on its back is the coolest thing I’ve seen all year 😂

  • sonyafly

    Wonderful. I have a young puppy and a pool. WHAT AGE SHOULD WE TEACH THIS?

  • Chelle Nalehp
    Chelle Nalehp

    Sphie is a dog , so i love her. But if she was human oh man i'd hate that beotch hahah ... she's so annoying to the other dogs

  • J Man
    J Man

    Can all dogs swim on their backs?

  • J Man
    J Man

    How comes we don't get Cesar's arm camera pov?

  • Maria Brooks
    Maria Brooks

    Thank you so much for taking the time to document SPOT's journey. It is so incredible how one can train your dog at such a young age. What type of breed is Spot?

  • cam sidhu
    cam sidhu

    That was sooooo cool, really cool to see how you taught him to get out cesar :)

  • Marcos Sill
    Marcos Sill

    Damm Jr is a freak diver! Awesome show 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Cha-la head Cha-la
    Cha-la head Cha-la

    You’re the best Cesar!

  • amyexner

    Omg poor spot; maybe go close to the exit and show him where to go; you know what you are doing; I’m not as though as you.

  • Whitney Mcmurry
    Whitney Mcmurry

    Junior swimming underwater is awesome!

  • Diana D
    Diana D

    Now how do I do it with a bigger dog? A "Lassie" for example. My Maya loves hanging out around the pool when we swim but I don't quite know how to get her in. I tried louring her in with toys and food, but she always backs off

  • Ty Drac
    Ty Drac

    like does he even age?

  • Grace Butt
    Grace Butt

    How can I get my dog to not be terrified at getting a bath,she becomes so terrified ,she hides and cries and struggles........she is a 8 pound shih tzu........please help

  • Peppi-Lotta Viita
    Peppi-Lotta Viita

    I love the little noice that Spot makes when swims

  • chanellovvesyou

    did Junior just do a barrel roll in the water? He's crazy confident in that water

  • Applelonia Pierre
    Applelonia Pierre

    I almost screamed "stop abusing that dog" then I remembered who's dog it is🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Top Dogs
    Top Dogs

    How old is Junior now?

  • nene sluta
    nene sluta

    Cesar milan do you believe in buddhism?

  • Kohirents

    Amazing way to teach a puppy how to get out in case of an accident

  • Chelle Nalehp
    Chelle Nalehp

    Sophia is the annoying older sister lol .. or a helicopter parent

  • Jacki H
    Jacki H

    Remembering when Junior was a little pup like spot, and he's still a cutie! Lol

  • Brian Engel
    Brian Engel

    Real time learning with Cesar. I've watched every single episode of TDW 100 times at least. I enjoyed this video the most, the small nuances of watching you live dog psychology. My Hero. You changed the World for mankind's best friends.

  • Roberto Abud
    Roberto Abud

    lol the little dog is fast

  • Mega MindyLou
    Mega MindyLou

    Drown-proofing your dog. ❤️

  • Marie Klüver-Kristensen
    Marie Klüver-Kristensen

    Could you please do more videos where the dog is just way too hyper and excited and hard to manage? Especially around other dogs? And how to teach a dog to respect other dog’s boundaries, because my dog doesn’t respect other dog’s “stop” and “no” signals, because he is WAY too playful

  • Teresita de Jesus Del R. B.
    Teresita de Jesus Del R. B.

    Me gustaría que subtitularas tus vídeos en español.

  • Candice W.
    Candice W.

    I have pool but the most important is I don’t know how to swim 😂. And how should I teach my puppy to swim 🏊‍♀️

    • PinkBalloon

      The puppy knows how to swim already, it's natural to them. It's getting in & out that they need help with. I hope I'm correct with that.

  • Farah Pinto
    Farah Pinto


  • Red.diamondxx Xx
    Red.diamondxx Xx


  • George Munoz
    George Munoz


  • Spir.Tar. Herc.
    Spir.Tar. Herc.

    Are all breeds Doggos?

  • Amy M
    Amy M

    I took my Chihuahua once to the beach. He wasn't interested in swimming in the water. He was too busy digging holes in the wet sand and trying to bite the bubbles that would come up.😂

  • Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial
    Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial

    É fantástico,adaptação deles.🤝

  • R MCI
    R MCI

    My wife and I watched all Cesar episodes. We have a 19 year old Siberian Husky. He just started flinches at noises like a plastic bottle being smashed in alittle or a sharp sudden noise. He not scared just flinches. Anyone know what we can do besides be real careful not to make any sudden noise. He has never been scared of any noises. And I don't think that he is scared of the noise. Thanks for any help.

  • Danielle L' Aviere
    Danielle L' Aviere

    Love Sofia...💓

  • Carlo Filippo Pezzoli
    Carlo Filippo Pezzoli

    How some people can put thumb down ?

  • emeldelossantos emeldelossantos
    emeldelossantos emeldelossantos

    My account AMMIE WAS

  • emeldelossantos emeldelossantos
    emeldelossantos emeldelossantos

    Wow i love dog sir thank you for sharing your video i like it

  • Tracy Heaslip
    Tracy Heaslip

    Thank you Cesar you are phenomenal! Could you train me not to feel guilty and feed my dog human food?

  • Fabricio Fercher
    Fabricio Fercher

    Information and behavior don't come with the DNA Instinct is an empty word, there is no information in it. All behaviour are conditioned by the environment and recorded by associative memory.

  • Bini A S
    Bini A S

    You dont really need to TEACH them to get in pool, just throw them puppies into the pool.... lol

  • Geovanni de jesus De la rosa lara
    Geovanni de jesus De la rosa lara

    Eres de lo mejor Cesar !!

  • Elena Sereix
    Elena Sereix

    Por que no enseñar al cachorrito directamente en el sitio donde se sale e ir alargando la distancia cada dia? Menudo shock ha tenido innecesariamente!

  • Ursula Bernard
    Ursula Bernard

    Como le enseñas a nadar en la piscina a un boyero de pelo corto de 1 año 3 meses que le tiene terror al agua?

  • Carmelita Pereira Da Silva
    Carmelita Pereira Da Silva

    FANTASTISCH 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • wow dad
    wow dad

    Cool Video . little dog is a fast swimmer.

  • Jasmine Whittall
    Jasmine Whittall

    Do you have to have a certain amount of chlorine in the pool for the dogs? Or just water? Cant believe Junior swims under water, amazing!! Love Spot! 💕🐾 he's doing so well. Love your videos Cesar, keep them coming please 😁

  • Silly Millie the Golden
    Silly Millie the Golden

    I can't wait to see our girl try to swim. Amazing Video!!!

  • fdyjt

    you are the man cesar.really man i have so much respect for you that you cannot imagin.greetings from belgium i watch alot video's from you

  • sheena elvee
    sheena elvee

    What breed is Spot again? He looks pretty similar to my senior dog when she was a puppy... i never really knew her breed...

    • Viking Dogmanship
      Viking Dogmanship

      @J Man there must be some rat terrier or Jrt in him

    • J Man
      J Man


  • Sally D
    Sally D

    I would love to see more training videos on topics such as rescuing a dog that can't relieve themselves unless they are on a walk. Or one who is an escape artist etc. Thanks so much! I am so glad I can still get your fabulous content again. It is invaluable!

  • Lucero C
    Lucero C

    I love this video! Thank you for teaching us!