Separation Anxiety: Quarantine Edition | Dog Psychology
Is your dog experiencing heightened separation anxiety due to #quarantine? Let's break down the 3 layers of dogs and discuss the misconceptions and truths of #separationanxiety. ❤️
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  • jatin sharma
    jatin sharma

    Hlo cesar sir my puppy 2 month old she lot of biting she's biting me and my family and she's played with clothes what can i do too slove it? Plz help me


    😫Every time I go out to work or go shopping I have this separation anxiety with my Shepherd 🤦🏼‍♀️he thinks I’m not coming back when I go beyond the front’s bad really bad neighbours have told me he (moos) really loud long forlorn howls and I’ve tried everything to reassure him and he will have none of it when I’m home he is constantly watching me and those eyes 👀.....follows me everywhere 🙆🏼‍♀️even there as well.... I’m the only one that exists in his eyes.....I have tried the time extension five minutes at a time then increasing it going then returning 🙆🏼‍♀️and I’m at a loss as to what I’m doing wrong 😀wish you weren’t so far away as to help me with this problem.

  • Dana Piredda
    Dana Piredda

    I have a Problem whis Mi sweety doc two years jung he has a great Problem whith masculine Docs a He i dont No the name in Englisch ( Bellen) in Germany. So terrible when i Go for a Moment He is a Bestie Bellen Bellen Bellen an dont Stop. What can i do please Help me whith a smole answehre. PLEASE

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    Ceasar do a colab with with Michael Reeves (OfflineTV) and their robot dog

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    Sandy Miller

    We love you Cesar !!!!!!

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    Iryna Iryna

    Thank you a lot, dear Cesar! Wish you just the best in your life!☀️🕊🏡🐾🍀💰🍯🌻🦋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    Thank you Mr Cesar, hope to connect with our first pet just like you, out of sheer love

  • Steve Bob
    Steve Bob

    Thank you cesar for lots of great videos. Could you show us more about training puppies 🐶 Love to you and your pack.... Steve

  • alexxis lee
    alexxis lee

    Hi Cesar! I've been watching you since I was 12 (11 years now!) and I've always been so enchanted by your work and love to listen to you talk so I can learn! I can't believe that people are so blinded by hate or ignorance that they try and disclaim you.

  • Goddess Hi
    Goddess Hi

    Watch "Trump holds first public event since coronavirus diagnosis" on IRbin

  • Pam Webb
    Pam Webb

    I have a female Boston Terrier 15 yrs young, she's noe deaf and blind but still energetic. She WAS always smart and obedient, not so much any more.😜😵🤔 She poops and pees in the house without a second thought! She hates for us to go outside and paces and howls. Yes a BT howls! I have COPD and she is really difficult now. I can't get her nails trimmed bc she has started snapping at the ppl trying to do it. Any suggestions?

  • Wendy Mullins
    Wendy Mullins

    How do I teach my dog to bring a toy back to me? If you don’t have time to explain could you please send me a link that be helpful? Much appreciated.

  • Shannon Wolff
    Shannon Wolff

    Cesar, I just want to say thank you for your years of teaching!!! It recently helped me and my mother's dog a great deal. Sadly almost 2 years ago my father died suddenly and totally unexpectedly. My mom has severe COPD, but was managing at home for a while. Her cairn terrier started becoming aggressive at times, and finally Mom asked me if I could take her as she didn't know what to do and couldn't handle her. I realized very quickly that my father had been the leader of the pack, and my mom was not a strong type. This was fine with her little schnauzer who has a more laid back personality but Snickers (cairn terrier) was trying to be the "leader" as she felt there wasn't one. It did take a couple of months of constantly being calm but assertive with her, but now she has settled in wonderfully and is a very happy little dog again. Mom has gotten worse so I now have the schnauzer along with my own mini dachshund and a standard poodle so we have fairly large pack of 4, but they are all a happy bunch. Mind you the cairn terrier still bosses the much larger poodle around but he doesn't seem to mind!!! LOL!! Thank you for teaching me how to reach this little girl. Many would have given up on her (she bit me 3x in the first couple of months), but doing it right has helped me help her get back on track. Thanks!!!

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    dj8422 yoolie

    Love your t-shirt! So true

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    Utkarsh Pandey

    Cesar looking fit

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    Footy in Five

    Anyone know this breed? 1:25 such a cutie!

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    Julio M. Colona S.

    César pls haz un video en español :,( O pon subtítulos

  • AWP Dbest
    AWP Dbest

    high discipline continues to be practiced😍

  • Cali P
    Cali P

    Yo videos are amazing

  • Clover Bird
    Clover Bird

    We rescued an abandoned 6 month now 7 month old lab mix in Mexico because the neighbors just left him with no food or water and never came back. He kept coming to our house and yard despite my husband chasing him off repeatedly, and then when we went and asked around discovered he was abandoned so we took him in. Trying to train without treats because don't want him treat dependant. He can't be alone in the house he whines and barks and destroys everything and even turned bathroom sink on and flooded the upstairs when we had to go to a doctor appointment. It's like 97 degrees in October here sometimes he can't stay in car. Please help us, all I could find that seemed reliable was the remote e-collar to correct him while outside the house, but it's expensive and supposedly unnecessary. I really don't know what to do to stop the whining, barking and destruction. Family wants to get rid of him because of it but I don't want to just abandon him again.

  • private private
    private private

    I always notice when my dog is trying to follow me out the door when she can't come. Sometimes she's just like, 'Oh okay you're leaving now and stands back and watches" and I know she knows she can't come. But when she follows me around and I sense she's expecting to roll out with me, I communicate her w/ my imagination (sounds silly I know, but Cesar always says, 'picture the desired behavior in your mind') and I direct her to her spot, and i follow her and tell her down and stay. When she's down, and I see in her eyes that she understands she's not coming, I pet her on the head, tell her good girl, say the words "stay" again. And I walk away. Normally she doesn't follow me to the door after that, but every blue moon she'll jump down from her spot and follow me, however her behavior resorts to standing back, and watching from a distance, like, she's just making sure she understood correctly that she's not coming. I leave and she's all good. She doesn't feel left behind when I do that routine. Her big expectations to roll out are typically when she sees me in sweats and tennis shoes. That's when I really have to reiterate that she's not coming, cuz that's what i wear when we walk. So its that routine that may cause her some confusion. When I'm in my nursing uniform, she couldn't care less about me going, cuz she knows I'm leaving for an extended amount of time. She doesn't even follow me around the house, she's just like, "Pfft, deuces...See you in the morning"

  • abanda9111

    Sir, I'm a new subscriber. Do you have a video on how to potty train. I have a 1 year old pit bull and would like to bring him in the house more often.

  • Iris Ortiz
    Iris Ortiz

    I am having a big problem mine does not listen to me at all. Is still a 5 month old and is a rescue. She jumps and go crazy when someone comes to the house . I try to walk her outside and goes crazy.Any advice I will apreciated. Gracias.

  • Peggy Stewart
    Peggy Stewart

    I have the up most respect for you. Thank you.

  • SC0TTYB0Y 3000
    SC0TTYB0Y 3000

    Cesar you have helped me get over my fear of dogs thank you

    • SC0TTYB0Y 3000
      SC0TTYB0Y 3000

      I have watched so many vids and they have all helped me

  • Rens Tulali
    Rens Tulali

    Next Video: how to teach your dog not to bite beacause my dog always like to bite and somtimes he becomes agressive. He always want to play with my hand like a chewing toy and likes to chase people and vehicles on the road. Pls. Make a vid on this

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    Macedonian GangsteR

    Can i contact Cesar Millan for email?

  • Ashley N
    Ashley N

    Hi so currently I moved in with my dad I brought my dog with me my dad has a dog and recently he’s dog been aggressive to me before I brought my dog my dads dog was fine she was very cuddly with me is it because maybe I don’t let my dads dog in the room because before I used but now I can’t because of my dog and I also have asthma and she has a lot of fur what can I do I want the 2 dogs to get along but at the same my dads dog is aggressive to me and I feel bad because I can’t have both in the room because there very new to each other?

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    Harry Josh


  • Anna Markham-Roberts
    Anna Markham-Roberts

    Thank you so much, by dog beats me to the door to go buy buy....wants to be close except shower. Very productive, my best buddy...

  • LaylaCupcake Fox
    LaylaCupcake Fox

    ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ─██████──██████─██████████████─██████─────────██████████████─██████─ ─██░░██──██░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██─────────██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██─ ─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██████████─██░░██─────────██░░██████░░██─██░░██─ ─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██─────────██░░██─────────██░░██──██░░██─██░░██─ ─██░░██████░░██─██░░██████████─██░░██─────────██░░██████░░██─██░░██─ ─██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██─────────██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██─ ─██░░██████░░██─██░░██████████─██░░██─────────██░░██████████─██████─ ─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██─────────██░░██─────────██░░██──────────────── ─██░░██──██░░██─██░░██████████─██░░██████████─██░░██─────────██████─ ─██░░██──██░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░░░░░░░░░██─██░░██─────────██░░██─ 𝙄 𝙣𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙝𝙚𝙡𝙥 𝘾𝙚𝙨𝙖𝙧 𝙈𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙣 I really hope you read this (Before you read I have to warn you that I suck and professionally typing and this will kinda be like a text) Hi, I’m 15 and I got a rescue from the SPCA almost a year ago. Later we realized she was abused. We found out because she hid whenever she did something bad and acted very submissive and if you went to pet her and tell her she's ok she would flinch as if you were doing to hit her. A little while later after we got her, there was no information about her at all like the other dogs, no age whether she was good with kids or other pets. She killed the neighbor's chihuahua. I think maybe the other day I’m not sure it was on the weekend I wasn’t there I was at my father's. But the neighbors are devastated and the husband wants her to put down. I don’t want that and neither do my siblings. I have a younger brother who is now 12 and a baby sister who is now 4. Here is what I know about her so far/ what she's been like: When we first got her I was an idiot and trusted her. I've never been around a rescue and I was excited so I pushed past her boundaries. She had something where she didn't like her backside touched. So I got a bit nothing too bad. she just opened her mouth and hit me with her teeth. The second time with her, I was playing with her and she was fine but she pulled me down by my pant leg and started jumping and biting. I was so confused if she was playing or not but I covered my neck anyway. I was face down with my hand over my neck she turned around so I got up real quick and stood still till she stopped and went inside and told my mother the dog got in trouble and had to be in her crate. I felt bad but idk. The third time was a while later I was making a noise that sounded like a snake "sssssssssssss" I was doing it unknowingly and I bent down to say hi why making the noise and she bit me her tooth cute me right under my eye. I got a black eye I um.. cried😅. But not because it hurt, I cried because it hurt my feelings. I didn't know what I did. I forgave her the next day. My brother got actually bit though when he was playing basketball it wasn't deep he was ok it was kinda like a cut/scrape I think I don't remember. The last time I got bit was when we were driving to Florida for summer. I kissed her in the muzzle a bunch and she nipped me. There was no mark. I looked at her with a surprised/mad face and she hit me with her paw on my chest and licked my face 😂. (Please note, none of these events are remembered very well and they were far apart from each other if they weren't I would be a complete idiot) Ok, so, she has been "aggressive" before outside of our home and with our other pets. Around the time we first got her we took her to the vet. We even told the vet that she is a rescue. The vet made the mistake of not reading her body language and even me and my brother could see she was not comfortable with what was happening. The vet was petting her and she was being very submissive wagging her tail very low. The vet said, "oh she's so sweet and behaved" my mother said "um yes but she is still a rescue and we don't know much about her" the vet

    • LaylaCupcake Fox
      LaylaCupcake Fox

      I feel like I've just started to gain her trust and respect and now I'm going to lose her shes taught me so much and I want to keep learning from her that's why I'm begging you to help me.

    • LaylaCupcake Fox
      LaylaCupcake Fox

      touched her ears and millie did not like that and the vet said "oh she doesn't like that but she's still such a sweetie" and then she went behind her millie's face was very very readable her head was lowered her tail completely stopped wagging you could see the whites of her eyes when she looked at the vet behind her. Then the vet grabbed her back leg and picked it up and millie quickly snapped at her hand. My mother was very upset, the vets left to get another vet and she said she would take her to the back to do the rest and maybe millie was being protective and she was fine the rest of the time. The vet who got bit just had the skin scraped off and was bleeding but I wouldn't call it an actual bite. The other time that she bit another person was when I was telling the neighbor about the fence (It isn't very good and his dogs and millie are always at each other. I tried to get millie inside but she wouldn't and she was following me so I tried to help him with the fence and he said to me "you know those dogs can kill someone else dog" I said, "yeah but she is good with other dogs at the bark park" (that was kinda a lie because she always is trying to dominate and we were trying to get her to stop but she's never fought any dogs). He told me "you never know she can turn on ya" I was mad 😂. But he reached onto our side and to tie the fence higher (its metal, like chicken wire kinda. but an actual fence) and she nipped him I said sorry and asked if he was ok over and over and he said it's ok so I went to go tell my mom she got mad and said me and my brother can't bring her out by ourselves anymore ( that didn't last). She attacked our cat when my baby sister opened the door and millie saw him she shook him but my mom yelled and she dropped him he wobbling and breathing heavily the neighbor's daughter came to comfort me and my brother we took him to live at my dads and my dad took him to the vet and they said he had tissue damage and that's why he was limping we got an x-ray to be sure and he was fine. He didn't see her because he lost an eye around the time and something with his hearing, turned out he had a bunch of other problems later he got wobbly and they said he had something with half of his brain and he started walking in circles he lost the ability to use half of his face. He got cancer later and had to be put down not too long ago. Then we had quails and millie got to one of them and killed that too. She can't control herself its like she has this instinct that says kill small animals. She can't control herself around food either if your food is where she can reach it it's gone she doesn't care how hot it is how cold if it's in a wrapper if or not, she's eating it, and if you try to stop her in the middle of chewing she will defend her food. She doesn't care about dog food though. Ok, so I know you're probably like wth is this kid saying so this is what I'm trying to say is, My dog did something really bad and it's not her fault I don't want her to suffer because of it please please give me some advice can I save her somehow? This is the timeline of things she did not with dates though just in order. 1 Bit me because I touched her on her backside (My fault) 2 Pulled me down by my pant leg and jumped on my and bit at me at my neck I think she was playing because if she really wanted to hurt me she would have done so. 3 Bit the vet when the vet trusted her even though she should of read her body language. 4 I made an "sssss" noise and she bit me near (it was just a little cut) the eye and gave me a black eye. 5 Bit brother on the side because he was playing basketball (by himself she was scared of the ball she isn't anymore) his actually hurt and was the worst bite. 6 Attacked the cat (He was just in shock) 7 Bit the neighbor ( he thought it was personal so he fed her big treats a lot) 8 Killed the quail 9 Bit me because I kissed her a lot but she right after and licked me 10 Drove to Florida with us, got to play at the beach and have so much fun she got to go to hotels and everything! 11 Drove back and bit my brother because he tried to get back an empty wrapper from her. 12 Killed the neighbor's dog Things I think you should know about her: -I think she has separation anxiety because she is super attached to my mom and never leaves her side and if someone else walks her she wants to be near mom but if mom walks her she wants to be in front. For example, she needed to go on a walk but we needed to go to the store so we did both and i waited outside with her but she wouldn't stop pulling and crying. Maybe her past owners left her. -She has an instinct to kill things smaller than her; she must hunt and kill. -I think she has fence aggression because she was fine with the neighbor in the front yard where there is a fence but it is an open fence but she bit him when his hand came on her side of the fence in the backyard. -She is protective of my baby sister, when my baby sister wants to pet another dog or when another dog comes up to her and Millie is far away and sees she rams full force into the dog or growls and nips at them. -She was probably abused. She gets very submissive and scared when she has done something wrong and flinches when she thinks you're going to hit her. -She doesn't like men, idk why she just is scared of them and if someone she doesn't know comes close to our family and growls and barks - She's most likely a pitbull she looks just like one but the SPCA says she has non in her.. she looks just like a staffordshire pitbull. -She is a rescue and there was no information about her, it just said she was found. -She is really sweet but she can get really scary when she is killing something. -She is crate trained. -She is stubborn. She knows that you want her to sit but she won't do it unless you bribe her. -The guy who lives behind us hates her for no reason! He just stands and stares at her and she barks at him and barks and he just barks back and he says if she goes on his side he'll have her killed. She went on that side to go through people's yard to swim in the creek at night we're lucky he wasn't out. -She follows my mom around everywhere and if my mom goes outside with her, Millie jumps at her and nips and bites her shoes but she doesn't do it to anyone else and when she does it to me I can easily get her to stop. She listens to my mom otherwise. -She just turned 4. I'm sorry that was so long and it was probably ununderstandable but I really really can't lose anyone else this year, first, my childhood cat who could have easily lived 6 more years (he was 9) then my great grandmother on my birthday, and now millie, everyone is saying how bad 2020 is and it really is the worst year. I can't lose anyone else please! please! please! Tell me if I can do anything to stop them from killing her. I don't care if she has to go somewhere else. I just can't take anyone else I love dying. (sorry none of this was very understandable I tried my best it's kinda hard when you're thoughts are all over the place) -Layla

  • Rozanne Hough
    Rozanne Hough

    This is whats said about my dog too but its NOT S.A. it's intense hearing sensitivity &also happened after lockdown when cars could drive around again. Pls help. He's on anti deps and calming tabs but very strong and i don't agree but he shivers nd shakes TERRIBLY when the cars elwith pops n bangs go past with those intense sounds. He doesn't leave my side AT ALL and I have always been at home. He is 3yrs old and problem is 5mths almost. Pls help advise

    • Rozanne Hough
      Rozanne Hough

      He has always been sensitive to weather and cracker sounds but lockdown made guys pimp their rides and these exhaust sounds sound like shooting and crackers, he refuses to be outside alone and never leaves my side ever! He was always an outside dog, never ever inside but since these cars are pimped, his tail is between his legs, he runs for closed doors and windows to jump just because its flight and not fight. I'm losing my mind. Vet says he is depressed but I disagree 200%. I dont like the way he is on the medication. He is drugged permanently

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    Hola Cesar como estas? Estoy trabajando con un pastor suizo y estoy teniendo dificultades, se muestra muy desconfiado huye todo el tiempo cuando esta dentro de la casa, una vez que el dueño lo frena lo calmo y salimos a pasear con mis perros aunque un poco nervioso y poco social, apenas si los nota, todo el tiempo me mira pero cualquier movimiento que hago hacia el se pone en posición de cuerpo a tierra, es cachorro de 10 meses pero 40kg. No lo pasean y en la casa hay dos niños pequeños hiperactivos y el padre lo trata con mano dura. Algun consejo que me pueda ayudar a ganar confianza con ese bichito?

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      Cesar would have poked him on the side by surprise (when he is in the middle of the licking trance) to take him our of that obssessive state. The dog should jump in surprise and give you eye contact as if to say "why? what? what!" and that's when you look not-happy and say "NO!". Rinse and repeat until he never does it again. VERY important not to get frustrated or lose patience. They don't respond well to anger and frustration. Pretend you are teaching a 3 year old how to tie her shoe. If she doesn't do it the first 10 times you still try your best and you don't shout at her.

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    Awesome info! Please Cesar stop giving the dogs tennis balls, they are very abrasive and wear down the teeth and are full of chemicals. Junior has worn down his canines by chewing on tennis balls.

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