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Training Cesar's Way presents SIMPLE SESSIONS with Cesar Millan.

For the first time, Cesar Millan goes LIVE on Instagram for 5 days straight, to take students and fans into his world renowned Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals program, with exclusive snackable bites of human behavior and dog training methods.

This is the official REPLAY made available for anyone to experience a glimpse of what is taught during a Training Cesar'sWay Fundamentals course. There's nothing like visiting the Dog Psychology Center with Cesar, but here's your chance to get a taste.

Each day Cesar talked about some of the training philosophies that make him the best dog behaviorist in the world.

You're watching DAY 4 of SIMPLE SESSIONS.

FOCUS: A look inside Cesar's world and the secret to leash work.

- The proper leash placement with Junior
- A rare look inside Cesar's home
- Redirecting your dog's energy
- Understanding Cesar's key methods


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  • Goldie Short
    Goldie Short

    I would love to see a full walk by Cesar. Walks are so incredibly powerfull! I just learned a few days ago how powerfull it can be. I adopted a dog 2 days ago, he has an insecurity that looks like fear, Ive known him for a bit more then a week now and am already seeing a HUGE difference in his fear/insecurity. All I do is take control while walking unlike his previous owners. I walk confident & calm, he stopped pulling during the first walk, hes still scared sometimes of new things/sounds but a lot less then before.. I do feel like my walks could be better, I dont use a leash like on this video but got the leash on his collar instead. I also got some issues getting him to explore and play, he seems to favor following a lot more, constantly looking at me in a proud and relaxed way but bumps his head against my leg a lot. (Sometimes I wonder if the reason for him staying so close is maybe because it feels safe next to me). I think seeing a full walk could make me understand a bit better as to how and when to make him explore after following. (I am 1 of those people that learns more from watching then listening :P)

  • Nicholas Pitti
    Nicholas Pitti

    Cesar look up Jordan Peterson for some wisdom on life. He has done an analysis on Geneis from the bible and other stories that actually make me want to read bible.

  • Travis McDonough
    Travis McDonough

    just got a puppy and he hates the leash, should i leave the leash on him to get used to it? how can i move forward with teaching him the leash is a good thing?

  • mel Locks
    mel Locks

    You are encouraging me to keep my pack. 6 dogs. Was trying to adopt 1 or more out but I do like them all. Maybe I can make it work. Full time work in office but maybe this can work.

  • mel Locks
    mel Locks

    Wow, I like you Cesar. I have been going to all sorts of other trainer vids, read some of your first book tonight about your childhood and decided to watch your vids. Why not the original. What I like is you admitting your strengths and your weaknesses too and what you want to work on. Check out channel Derek Prince Ministries. He IS calm, secure and peaceful. Lovely man. Great lessons. Free yourself from anger, insecurity and fear. Freedom, wisdom and creativity; these thing Daddy in heaven, this is what we ask for for Ceasar. Thank you for Cesar. I ask for protection from insecurity and anger for him and those who read this. Open the eyes of our heart Lord. Plant a seed of loyality to you Father in heaven. I ask for this in Jesus Mighty name.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    WOW SUPER Thank you sooooo much 😍👌❤️

  • Tadeu Monteiro
    Tadeu Monteiro

    Cesar tens que ter um gato! Grande abraço de Portugal e parabéns pelo teu trabalho! 💪👍💪💪💙💙💙👍👍👍🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Denise Brown
    Denise Brown

    Cesar, you are such a gift to everyone that has learned from your vast knowledge and experience. Thank you !😊🤗

  • Shannon Looney Ridler
    Shannon Looney Ridler

    I just adopted a rescue Labrador/Golden retriever mix and she is such a lover, so smart, and just the best girl I could have ever gotten. I didn’t realize that I actually needed her so much that I did. I appreciate all your knowledge, and wisdom. I just wanted you to realize that all you are doing for us pet owners. I truly have learned so much from you. Thank you so much.

    • Shannon Looney Ridler
      Shannon Looney Ridler

      I have also learned to heal myself through Maggie my dog because I am in cancer treatments and I was dying in my bed until I got Maggie. I promised her that I wouldn’t fail her and so I no matter how bad I feel I get up and I take so many walks through the day with her and she has given me a reason to live again. I didn’t realize that I needed her so much, she may have needed a home but what she gave me was so my more then I could have ever given her. Dogs have always been in my life but this relationship with Maggie is so much more and so much different then any of my other dogs. Amen 🙏🏼 and thank you got all your knowledge. God Bless you, your children, family, and your staff. 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️

  • Brian Engel
    Brian Engel

    Cesar Millan is My Hero & Mother Nature's Spiritual Leader. I absorb every word you say by watching it over & over again. Thank you for helping me to replace a debilitating fear of dogs with a life of service to mankind's best friends. Eternally Grateful.

  • gloria aguilar
    gloria aguilar

    Very timely message!!

  • A G
    A G

    Man, I love this dude. Always have always will. I'd go to war for Cesar Millan! Such a genuine spiritual dude.

  • Penny White
    Penny White

    What do I do when my puppy is afraid and wants to run home. Big dogs barking, trucks, etc. frightens her. Hard to get her socialized with Covid. Thanks

  • Cristobal Rivera
    Cristobal Rivera

    Holy crap Cesar! I was just going through the same as you internally, and have been taking my time to free myself for everything that was holding me back to had amazing relationships and success with the world. I have no dog nor was I thinking about them, but for some cosmic reason I came across one of your videos and as soon as it ended... OMG something clicked!!! I don't know what it was but something in me started to align. I have been doing meditation, physical activity, better eating habits, getting disciplined, reading, listening and watching anything/everyone expert or not in the subject, you know the whole 9 yards so that I don't have any excuses later saying I tried everything and didn't work😁. Now, I know I'm no Tony Robbins (YET! 😏) but what I believe helped me the most to begin liberating hate, anger, un forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, insecurities, etc. was SPEAKING OUT LOUD (not in my mind only), every day as often as I could, the same words you use here but different verb tense. Instead I used "I AM FREE OF" and "I LET GO OF". Something amazing and unpleasant happened in my body after watching your video when I started to say I AM FREE AND LET GO OF. I can only describe it as the same thing that happened to Eric Cartman at the end of ur episode of South Park. It felt like a brutal 1 hr or so of physical, mental and I guess spiritual apocalypse battle. While I was claiming my freedom (out loud) of those negative emotions/feelings I started to feel my chest congested to the point I had to stop what I was doing due to the discomfort. Shit I even thought "fuck I'm having a heart attack". You know since I'm a Doctor and see this all the time, it is a heart attack until proven otherwise. But deep deep down I knew my body was really starting to surrender to what I, the true pack leader of my life, was speaking to it everyday in a calm, confident and assertive way. FREEDOM!!! I made sure to do it in English and Spanish, so that my body had no excuses, u know, "ehh well I though you meant ..." haha not in this life Pal 😂 NO EXCUSES! So after that looooong hr of telling my body (OUT LOUD) to let go and be free, forgiving everyone/everything that I thought hurt me in the past and asking for forgiveness to everyone/everything I thought I hurt even in the most "insignificant" way, I went from a 10 of negative feelings/emotions to a 1. I felt lighter, more calmed, relaxed, started to feel joy and happiness in all my being (which I've been trying for months), etc. It was like a bag full of bricks had been lifted. Of course, some bricks were left there to remind me that I have to be discipline and continue doing what I've been doing on a daily basis, just like with the dogs. Eventually, I went to the hospital I worked and made sure I was not having a heart attack 🙏🙌. Finally, thanks to you, the chatter monkeys in my mind, my body and spirit started to learn to surrender to the beautiful sound of 👉TSCHHHHHH, NOT ANYMORE✌️!!! Love u all!!!

  • Ágnes Slemmer
    Ágnes Slemmer

    I love you Cesar and your videos. I'm from Hungary. I train one of my friend's dog walking leash correctly. I don't use very short leash yet, cuz I wanna accustom slowly. But he's already on short leash.:) I really love him. :) And I always train him new things:)

  • Amy Benware
    Amy Benware

    Love this, love you Cesar. Thank you so much for reminding me of the importance of connecting while walking my dog. It is one of the only times I truly meditate. Keep on being awesome and encouraging to the universe!

  • Angeline Gerardi
    Angeline Gerardi

    That one resonated with me. “Homeless people don’t give up on their dogs.” He’s right. It’s all you. Take accountability. This is a part of you.

  • Alicia GC
    Alicia GC

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts and teaching us how to do right by our beloved dogs. The power of calmness, confidence, love, and joy is profound. I had it all backwards and my dogs became unstable. I finally realized it was me and not my dogs who were the problem. I am working on being the pet parent they deserve. I just subscribed to your channel and consider you my teacher. So much to learn about energy, leadership, and transformation. The world is so fortunate you are in it.

  • Ana Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez

    Eres una luz muy impresionante y tu estructura me ayuda muchisimo aunque aun debo cambiar mucho mio y mi familia

  • angela hill
    angela hill

    Hello Cesar ive been watching you for years i think your fantastic please tell me how do i go about doing what you do to become a dog trainer ive always wanted to be a dog trainer when i was younger im 63yrs old is it too late to try and becone a dog trainer as ive got 2 border collies i have lots of patience with animals i would like to change the way people train there dogs they always blame the dog but im like you i think its the person who needs to be trained to show people how to train a dog correctly my border collies help me put my washin into my washin machine for me as ive got back problems i cant bend so my collies help me every day ive train my dogs to be an aid dog they both pick things up for me on a daily bassis i love my dogs i aggree how you train your dogs ive done the same with my borde collies

  • Juleee_ Jules
    Juleee_ Jules

    Thank you SO MUCH! I don't have an animal yet. When I do i will be ready with your guidance. I'm so in love with all your words! SO GRATEFUL to have found this and your other videos. Thank you SO MUCH. God Bless You Always. XO

  • Daniëlle

    Are you going to travel again once the borders open up and everything calms down? If so, I would love your help to become a better leader and be a better human to my dog Ollie. He is a rescue and came home with me at Only 4 weeks old. I never had a dog before that, plus he was very sick. So I had to literally learn with him. We both had to find the best way to help eachother. Im disabled and he was very sick. He thank god made it and is now a healthy and happy boy, but I have to learn more about the language and leading him the best way. I want to give him the best life so badly and I worry about not being enough a lot. I love Ollie with all of my heart. He is named after Oliver Twist btw. We practised leading without me saying anything and we try new things and work on it until we succeed, but we could really use your help. Things like socializing with other dogs and humans and not acting aggressively in certain situations. He doesn’t want to, but he doesn’t know how to do things differently and I haven’t found someone who was able to help me help him. I do all of it on instinct and reading a whole lot, plus trial and error. And also fitting it to his needs and abillities at that time. So, if you ever plan to come to The Netherlands. I would be honored if you would teach me. Thank you 🙏🏻 💕 I wish you all the luck and health in the world.

  • Catherine Armstrong
    Catherine Armstrong

    Cesar, Our rescued dog, she´s only 8 month, was found with terrible wounds round her neck possibly due to being strangled/ hung. the wounds have healed very well but I´m reluctant to put anything round her neck due to this experience. What would you suggest?

  • Deborah Cayetano
    Deborah Cayetano

    My dog wears a leather collar with a ring to attach a leash. You mean I need to change to your type of leach to walk my dog?

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Junior 13 yrs old so quickly. I trust that you can find a doctor who can restore his hearing.

  • Hina Bhardwaj
    Hina Bhardwaj

    I always leash my German Shepard , who is 3months old, this way but then he starts eating the rope while evrytime I had to keep it pull up so that he don't gets it in his mouth. But when he is not in mood to walk any further he sits and starts eating the rope plz suggest where I am going wrong.

  • cati agui
    cati agui

    I have a 7 month old yellow Labrador, I have spent money to get him trained because he has a lot of anxiety (two different trainers had said his level of anxiety is beyond normal and I don't know why) well....taking him for walks is not easy, this pup will literally put his attention to EVERYBODY ELSE but me, when I take treats with me he gives me a bit of attention but if I don't I become just invisible for this dog, I have never felt so ignored. I'm sitting here today, feeling sad and disappointed because i have followed every trick and advise i have been given and nothing seems to work......nothing. The moment I step outside with my dog it's like I'm dead to him....he behaves like he could not care less about me, I'm almost to the point of crying because God knows i love and care for this dog, but i swear if i give the leash to some random stranger in the street, my dog would happily walk away with this other person. I feel like nothing I do it's enough for him.

  • intergalaxy

    Hi Cesar! I have an 11 week old puppy. Is it safe to use this now or should I wait? He puts on breaks and is constantly pulling on leash when I try to walk him.

  • Aliyah2409

    I so need your help Ceasar. My female 3 y/o rednose pit won’t walk past a certain point on our block. I’ve tried going little by little but she just starts to pull back to go home. Idk what to do. She was a rescue and had come a long way so far but it’s been 3 years and u still can’t get get inside a car or part that certain point.

  • DangerTaco

    I struggle keeping the leash up high on cane Corso. So much extra skin and wrinkles in that area

  • Kimmie D.
    Kimmie D.

    Thank you , Cesar for your positivity I enjoy watching and listening to your wisdom your honesty , teaching others to be at their best not only just for your pets but just in general I appreciate your words of encouragement thank you again

  • Thais Ferreira
    Thais Ferreira

    Amazing.Thank you from 🇧🇷

  • Esperanza Singleton
    Esperanza Singleton

    Cesar God gave you the purpose to be who you are.. I pray for your wisdom love and security for you as a human, Que Dios te beniga

  • Gwen C
    Gwen C

    Cesar speaks for the dogs ❤️ We are blessed to have you Cesar in this world. What you do brings hope to dogs and dog owners, and transforms so many lives. I believe that for many of us outside of US who can’t reach out to you for help really appreciative of your videos. I always dreamt of having you meeting my dogs. No doubt all the dogs that ever met you and received your help are the luckiest ones. ❤️🙏 thank you Cesar for being who you are. You already have it all within you, you just have to tune in with your soul essence ❤️ We love you We love you. We love you!!!!!

  • Leah R.
    Leah R.

    I have a 5 year old German shepherd and a 15 year old rat terrier and they have never been trained. They are just calm and obedient guys. I thank the Lord that I got a calm and obedient puppy both times. They were just born that way. The weird part is that one night I couldn’t sleep so I was laying in bed watching TV at about 3AM when my window shook a little. Troop’s ears went up and he put his paw on my bed. He was completely silent. All the sudden, he jumped over my bed and grabbed something that came in the window. All I know was there was blood everywhere and it wasn’t Troop’s! Afterward, he came back around the bed, licked me with his bloody mouth and went back and laid down. Told you it was a weird story. And he has never acted like that before or after that night.

  • Ann Gutgesell
    Ann Gutgesell

    Bc of you, I literally trained my 80lb female GSD to use my commercial xl bed treadmill this morning. I’m so darn proud of her. Once I got her to understand the concept and what I was asking of her, she gave me a full 15 mins on the treadmill. Afterwards, her tongue was hanging, tired and calm. I’m so excited, I now have something new to do with her, structure wise and getting her tired mentally. Many thank to you. I never want to stop learning.

  • J Moon
    J Moon

    Cesar you’re amazing individual you should run for president what you just said about love and changing the world that’s why I think you should run for president ❤️🙏

  • Rupal Patel
    Rupal Patel

    I just got my very first pet which is golden retriever puppy who is three month old. And because of him I started watching your video and I must say I am getting addicted, not only that started falling in luv with you and your way of treating dogs. Also learning from your video to train my puppy. Somewhat working and thank you for your knowledge . I salute you and respect you and your commitment towards everything you do for pet owners 🙏🏽

  • Anna Nik
    Anna Nik

    Love this guy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cecelia Martine
    Cecelia Martine

    Hi, my name is Cecelia, I am a dog walker. Oh my gosh you rock. What breed is the gorgeous black and white puppy?

  • Karen Mcginn
    Karen Mcginn

    At what age puppy can they start using a slip lead?

  • Volvox

    I found you through South Park. You're awesome!

  • Volvox

    Woa! Thank you!! Power of calmness, back to basics (walking and connecting with the dog's soul), leash up the neck, nose up and proud. This helps me! There is just too much to quote from this video!! Thanks a bunch!!

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma

    Thank you so much r a blessing...I have learnt so much from you because of which I can take care of my dog better....I love Junior I cant believe he is 13😍

  • hashriel izz
    hashriel izz

    Tell me i’m not the only one that tried to lip-read this...

  • Karen Nadherny
    Karen Nadherny

    Thank you for this video! my son just rescued a dog that is afraid of the leash.

  • Howard Barber
    Howard Barber

    I have two dogs that are in desperate need of training and I need your help my stepdad has been telling me next time my dog attacks a new puppy or our small dog again they are going to get rid of her and I tell them of their dog doesn't stop jumping on me and biting me he will be gone l need your help as soon as possible we are getting a new puppy sometime in June!

  • Angie Saj
    Angie Saj

    Thank you so much. This is the message I needed. God bless you. ❤️🙏

  • MrESpann

    My 6 month old Frenchy still wont walk on the leash. I believe their was some trauma before I got him, he wont move at all on the leash and he gets very nervous. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Joseph Schaumberg
    Joseph Schaumberg

    Good morning

  • Itzel Estevez
    Itzel Estevez

    Awww the doggy in the back ☺️💜

  • Sue Gilmore
    Sue Gilmore

    I’m with you Cesar. Meditate on releasing insecurity, fear and anger. Living in the moment: freedom, wisdom, creativity. This is an insightful statement. Thank you.

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover

    HELP!!! Ok so I have 2 dogs. A 4 month old Pitbull (Koko) and a 8 month old mutt (Lucy) and they are always PLAYING and FIGHTING and PICKING AT EACH OTHER. Lucy is BIG, STRONG, and ENERGETIC. Koko is SMALL, PLAYFUL, and NIPPY. Most of the time They’re playing turns into full on DOG FIGHTS. Koko (the BABY) has SCRATCHES and BITES and SCABS AND BLOOD ALL OVER her NECK. From Lucy playing rough. I need them to stop. They are not really aggressive with other dogs or humans. Just each other. I’ve tried everything I could think of. If this doesn’t stop soon we might have to get rid of one. PLEASE HELP

  • Mónica Sánchez
    Mónica Sánchez

    Hola 👋 soy tú súper almiradora me gusta mucho cómo nos educas a cuidar a nuestras mascotas 👍

  • maria huerta
    maria huerta

    Lástima, no saber suficiente inglés. Ahora no sé si dice que Junior tiene 13 años y está enfermo... ¿Quién sucede a Junior en el cargo? ¿Está entrenando a su sucesor?

  • Joanne Ford
    Joanne Ford

    🙏🐕 I Love your personality and positive outlook on life! You understand the animal world and are so interesting to listen to. Thank you for educating us! 👌

  • Kathy Janulis
    Kathy Janulis

    Working on being the best version of ourselves❣️

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White

    I have a deaf mix golden retriever and Dalmatian very good dog the only two problems when she see another dog goes crazy I do Exactly Cesar Millerton do it don’t work the other is with food aggressive when people walks near the food she growls barks and bit

  • 0123 Cecilia
    0123 Cecilia

    So happy you are planning a show for kids, I have not found anything how my young children should play with our pit bull puppy. Any suggestions?

  • Rick Wiebe
    Rick Wiebe

    I thank God that the coyote accomplished getting you across the border. You are an amazing human being and an inspiration to anyone with ears willing to listen

  • Cha cha Elbrecht
    Cha cha Elbrecht

    You are an inspiration

  • Janai Vazquetelles
    Janai Vazquetelles

    Prayers for you Cesar! God bless you! You are awesome:)

  • Rosemarie Donaldson
    Rosemarie Donaldson

    I wish I could walk my now 12 month old German Shepherd Bodhi. Have had dogs all my life and loved taking them for walks and training, but my first walk with my new gorgeous Shepherd, was a disaster. He dragged me down the road and I ended up with black eyes and scratched all over, a real mess. That has never happened to me before with any of my dogs and Shepherds. All I can put this experience down to is that I was younger and stronger back awhile. Never thought it would come to this. Of cause I love all my dogs. I really miss the walk with Bodhi, he is a very loving dog. If anyone can come up a way that I can walk this little/big monster, I would be very happy. I am a 5ft female, with a slight build???? Rosemarie -- From Queensland Australia

  • Siiri Andrekson
    Siiri Andrekson

    Sorry,You say the nose off the floor, but my Beagle boy is hunting all the time and teacher told it's his nature... what must I do????? he's 4 months old...

  • The Alfa
    The Alfa

    Thanks cesar

  • Alexandra Finnegan
    Alexandra Finnegan

    Cesar, you are so wise. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and feelings with us. Everything you say is so true. I hope one day I can come see your facility and just experience your dog psychology center. Keep up the content, I think we are all loving this!!! :) And of course the awesome dance party tiktoks!

  • Gob Ontu
    Gob Ontu

    My health insurance company in Germany spent a lot of money on my psychotherapy. If they had financed a dog for me, they would have saved a lot of money, and I would have saved myself a lot of tears.

  • lilysaltiel

    You are the best.

  • Kim Holtby
    Kim Holtby

    What about using the leash on a puppy?

  • Ramiro Reyes
    Ramiro Reyes

    Thank you you are amazing I really love your show

  • Sabine Schuh
    Sabine Schuh


  • Cathy Howard
    Cathy Howard

    I need help with my Samoyed , he is so stubborn full of energy almost 7 months old

  • Steve White
    Steve White

    Caesar your the best 👍

  • Steve White
    Steve White

    Ceaser Milan your the best you have changed my whole concept on dog behaviour 👍

  • S Showell
    S Showell

    I am a preschool teacher, (and dog companion) and have been guiding my children using these exact same beliefs and principles for 25 years. It works with dogs and it works with children, too. Love and respect create trust, the basis for all relationships. I too, believe my work will help, in some small way, to create a better world. Keep up your passionate work with dogs and their humans, I'm working hard with my children and theirs. Peace.

  • Katarzyna Czubaszek
    Katarzyna Czubaszek

    What about letting the dog sniff? He has to explore, but then the collar goes down and he can pull.

  • Melinda Zupan
    Melinda Zupan

    Hello Cesar, I have been a big fan of yours for a long time. I love everything that you're saying. I've always had a very special connection with animals. One of the things that helps me get spiritually connected to an animal is to get real quite, calm and just sit with the animal and see what comes. People might be surprised at how much information you receive if you just open your heart and mind. I'm not saying that an animal will talk to me, it's more like pictures and feelings that come. When I was young my parents were abusive and I would turn to our animals for comfort. Boy did they give it. Animals are absolutely amazing. I love them all. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. This society really needs you to remind them that humans are not the only ones here. Thanks again.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    Un beso a Spot 🥰

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    Gracias cesar! Eres un gran ser humano, con tus enseńanzas, aprendo a amar más a los animales, sobre todo a mis 🐶

  • kewl pen
    kewl pen

    I have been watching you Cesar from the beginning. You've helped me raise a pack of children and a few dogs as well! I absolutely ADORE your WAY! Like it's a religion. Thank You So Much! 💗✌

  • Bill Garrison
    Bill Garrison

    Thanks Cesar for this long rap. We all needed it. Towards the end you mentioned the pursuit of happiness. I had to chuckle because I'm working on a CD, and it's called "The Pursuit of Happiness" as music has always been for me, kid of like your dog walking! Cheers!!

  • C B
    C B

    Cesar IDK if you'll read this but Brenden Burchard can help with personal development. I hope you connect with him, you are both super awesome!

  • SundayIsForLovers

    I'm already reconnecting with this videos. It's absolutely Excellent.

  • Maria José
    Maria José

    Keep the good energy. Thank you for your words. ❤️Portugal

  • Felicia Fitzmaurice
    Felicia Fitzmaurice

    So inspiring, not just about my dog but also in life. Thank you.

  • Juan Suescún
    Juan Suescún

    Hi César and team. This video should be titled: “I Walk dogs for a living“

    • Juan Suescún
      Juan Suescún

      Or “Walking dogs for a living”

  • Snowball

    Love Junior!

  • Kathy Karpin
    Kathy Karpin

    Is Sofia the same dog I met @ the DPC, 5 yrs ago in Fundamentals 1, in Fla? Love you, Cesar! Would love to come for a visit, but I'm busy personal training people here in the Bronx.

  • Carrie Denham
    Carrie Denham

    @cesarsway y @trainingcesarsway ~ Cesar, mi hermano, muy Fantastico. Muchas Gracias!!💗🐾

  • Diane Laliberte
    Diane Laliberte

    Boston MA, Love and Respect CESAR....NO BS!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🙏

  • Patricia Glaser
    Patricia Glaser

    Hi from Smiths Falls Ontario Canada, my dog is terrified of thunderstorms, what do you suggest we do to help calm him ?

  • Joanie S
    Joanie S

    I've had my 3 yr old rescue dog for just over a year, and we walk almost every day. When we walk, he pulls hard. When he sees another dog, he jumps up, barks, and acts like godzilla. I think he just wants to play, but it scares people and some dogs. At doggie daycare he never acts this way when around other dogs. So, I cannot figure it out. I bought a harness for better control over the pulling. It works for a bit when I hook to the chest ring, but then ge goes back to pulling after awhile. A dog jumped out of the back of a truck stopped at a 4way and charged us, recently. My dog backed out of his harness in 2 seconds flat! So, a loose lead around his neck would not be secure enough in such a scenario... not yet. You also keep mentioning making sure the dog's nose is not touching the ground. He is always nose to the ground scenting, hunting. I don't feel that loose lead you demonstrated around his neck would be secure enough to hold him back if confronted by another dog. I used to have a collar that prevents him from getting loose, but was concerned it might hurt his neck with all the pulling... it doesn't stop the pulling and his nose was always to the ground. So how do I fix this?

    • 4514LU

      I know this is an older comment but hopefully this helps: I have started using a harness and slip lead at the same time. The slip keeps her head up and allows more control, the harness leash allows a second point of control and gives me a way to hold her if she has a godzillla tantrum and starts choking herself out, then she has to lay down in submissive posture until she can control herself. It is embarrassing but the only way to fix leash reactivity is to address it every time. I have also had good luck with a e-collar to interrupt her focus if she starts to melt down at a dog and for off leash time in case of wildlife. (My girl has a very strong prey drive.)

    • Jaystonishing

      Maybe try taking treats to help guide his nose up.. practice at home before the walk.

  • George Claire
    George Claire

    I love how (as of now), there’s two dislikes .just wondering why.. how, what ???

  • George Claire
    George Claire

    Thank you for my daily therapy session

  • Shane Centeno
    Shane Centeno


  • さなえの散歩


  • Braddah Brad
    Braddah Brad

    It made me so sad he said Jr is lost his hearing 😭 I watched Cesar get him as a puppy and when Daddy picked him out 😭💔😭💔

    • Gob Ontu
      Gob Ontu

      Junior is not sad at all. Junior got the big lot with Caesar as his master and has no reason to fix himself on something he does NOT have (what is -by the way- one of the many things human beeings can learn from dogs)

  • KING THE YORKIE Official
    KING THE YORKIE Official

    You are amazing my friend, I love your books!! they have help me rise my yorkies. I want to do a review on my channel. will do it soon!!!

  • Braddah Brad
    Braddah Brad

    Cesar once said “you aren’t walking the dog, you’re walking together!” It was stuck to me because I always used to “walk the dog” when in reality in the dogs mind we really are walking together as a pack. Thank You Cesar for everything you do, everything you’ve taught me and your passion for Mother Nature ❤️

  • MannyMoo GSD
    MannyMoo GSD

    Watched this, took the dog out, got him tired, tested this out. AMAZING. So proud of him and us! Thank you Cesar we will keep at it.