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We have so much to learn from animals! Guava Juice learned how to not get spit on by llamas, and how to calm separation anxiety!
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    IRbin pack, I always want to know what you learned from today's video? I'll be reading your comments!

    • Michelle Kelley Jenkins
      Michelle Kelley Jenkins

      I've learned so much from you in regards to training my service dog. I've had him for 9+ months and right before COVID Stay at Home was implemented in my city, we received our trainer; but we didn't get to start training until 6/29/2020. Shadow is a German Shepherd. He is very vocal and gets bored, so in training - if we are waiting on the dogs that aren't at the same level as we are, I have to keep him working, doing different jobs. When I got him from another Veteran on 12/29/2019, he was 13 months old. He knew the sit down command but had no leash training, etc. So while the weather was wonderful here in Texas we went on long walks and I had him conditioned to walk at my pace, etc. Once the hot weather hit, we weren't walking because part of my disability is exacerbated by the heat and I am not a morning person. I tried to get in even walks after the sun went down but it was still hot and humid. So when we started training, I felt I had disappointed him by not walking him therefore he was unconditioned to walking at my pace and started pulling. We are a little over 3 weeks before we have our first "test out" and I am concerned with the pulling and whining when we do the 3 minute separation. My trainer says that she will allow a little whining because he has gotten 99% better at his whining/barking since we started training. I use "quiet" and treats/affection along with the "focus" command/marker when he is whining at say the hospital pharmacy because he knows that Starbucks has his "pup cup" already prepared as soon as they see him. He has gone from jumping on me and whining and barking to doing his tasks while I am waiting in line to get my ticket to pick up my prescriptions. Once we see how much time we have and if there is no line at Starbucks, then we go get his treat, if he has done everything I've asked of him and once we sit down and I tell him to sit and wait, then he gets his treat. This has truly gotten better over the 9 months I've had him. As for the pulling while walking, I got a SPORN nose harness and we've had it for three days (today makes three) and even though at some point he tries to get it off, he's really dealing better with it than I thought he would. Now that the weather is nice, we take a morning walk with the harness and an evening walk without the harness, just his service dog vest and he is doing so much better. You're videos have helped me so much as I suffer from chronic anxiety and I calm myself before we go out in public so that he isn't feeding off of me and is doing his job to the best of his ability. If you have any suggestions on anything I've said above, please email me at Thanks so much Cesar!!! You are amazing!

    • Leoni Esser
      Leoni Esser

      To love equally. No matter what animal. 😍

    • TheLeigha72

      Diversifying the exercise and mental stimulation. Plus, I couldn't agree with you more on the energetic balance and building of trust.

    • Bruce Fox
      Bruce Fox

      I love connecting with all animals i just have a natrual connection to all animals i get alone better with animals then people

    • Lavinia Redmond
      Lavinia Redmond

      I learned that my dids need structured jobs/exercise and genuine love

  • Fee Ferolin
    Fee Ferolin

    You have such a wonderful place! ❤️ A great place to relax and to feel peace.

  • krasoniek76

    Dear Cezar, your videos are full of wisdom. I always need to watch it few times to be able to fully understand, to process it in my mind. I started to watch your videos to learn about dogs but actually I learn about life. Thank you so much for this inspiration, for all what you do for us. All the best ❤️

  • Wyatt Lane
    Wyatt Lane

    Is that a westie

  • Pug Things
    Pug Things

    I learn so much more from Cesar than any relationship experts. I am sure Cesar has been through a lot. Thank you for the advice.

  • Eileen Li
    Eileen Li

    Lorenzo is boss man llama

  • Lorena Burgueno
    Lorena Burgueno

    Cesar be my life coach 😝

  • miff Kapii
    miff Kapii


  • Urban Monkey
    Urban Monkey

    Their is no man how needed a day with Cesar than this man child. If you have ever watched this guys content its horrible loud unthinking garbage. Cesar has the opposite content its thoughtful and full of intelligent and creative information. Guava has content with the only thoughtful thing is the click baiting.

  • Priyanka Devi
    Priyanka Devi

    What is wrong with the camera man..They are moving too fast..Didnt get the reaction of Lorengo..I love he understand animals..M learing as a human to be calm..and act at situatins..Thnak you Ceaser

  • Ujwal Jm
    Ujwal Jm

    This is one quality spiritual video

  • Angel Cordero
    Angel Cordero

    You bring me so much confidence when working with animals :)

  • Angela Doehring
    Angela Doehring

    Cesar I want to come n meet u one day! I love u n ur ways. I have 2 wonderful huskies that I continue to be great with them. I’ve learned so much frm u!! I love ur ranch!! That’s how I want to live. I’m originally frm Greece n I grew up around animals with my grandfather. Ur making the world a better place!! ❤️👍💪

  • chxq

    We’re humans he’s a god

  • Alba Luz Pineda
    Alba Luz Pineda

    Guava juice i love his videos😱😱😄😄

  • n bo
    n bo

    I always enjoy watching your videos. You are a great teacher. I'm watching today because we have just lost our beautiful golden retriever, Gonta. He was a good friend and so loving. I am struggling to stay calm but watching today helped me see that I can still grieve in a calm loving way and spread the love. I am a mother of 2 teenage sons and wife. My boys are hurting and I know it's harder for them to express sadness. Dogs and other animals can teach us a lot about life and relationships. Peace and love, Bonnie

  • piggyrp2342 gaming
    piggyrp2342 gaming

    I know guava juice

  • Patricia Cabrero
    Patricia Cabrero

    En solo 2 o 3 videos aprendi mucho , admirable Cesar,felicidades!!!

  • Spiritual Empress
    Spiritual Empress

    Roosters are cool though. I’m a dragon and one of my best friends is a dog 😂 dogs are my opposite.

  • ThuHuyen Tran
    ThuHuyen Tran

    Right on Cesar! I'm a rooster as well 1981! Oh yeah!!!

  • Abhisek Anand
    Abhisek Anand

    It is always so fascinating to see you work with animals ans so us that amazing ranch. I really wish I could meet you! Love from India 🇮🇳!

  • Alix Cervantes
    Alix Cervantes

    Did part 2 ever happen? 😭

  • Ursula Leach
    Ursula Leach

    I would just love to spend a month at your ranch and bring my dogs. As a child I was not allowed to have dogs because my mom was handicapped and always afraid it would get under her feet and she would fall. Later after I came to the states she was surprised that my dog did not get under her feet and actually seemed to know that she was handicapped and my cats were the same way and knew when they were allowed to sit in her lap. When I was little and my grandpa took me for walks every day, I had to pet every dog that people were walking and many owners said that they would prefer me not to because the dog didn't like children or would bite. But I never got bitten and I even put one big Great Dane in his place I approached him slowly not looking at him let him sniff me talked to him softly and then pet him. The owner almost dropped his uppers he could not believe it. A friend of my mom said I had dog perfume on me and that's why dogs loved me. I mean it, I would love to spend a month on your ranch and work with you. This video was incredible. I always thought your methods only applied to dogs but now I know that I can approach almost any animal with the same attitude. It means a lot to me. Maybe I can even the mince that run around and get in my food to not be afraid of me. I catch them humanly and then release them. I hate killing anything they are part of nature. Maybe somehow I can let them know telepathically not to come back. Cesar you are special and I love your eyes and your smile

  • Lily

    Wow so lucky

  • astheskylarksings

    Cesar is absolutely my guy... but isn’t he going a little too far? Divorce and attempted suicide-doesn’t that disqualify a person from going this hard on the life coaching?

  • mmanda515

    Just watching brings a calm peace. Something I haven't felt for far too long. Wish it were possible to live, be, learn, work, absorb, heal.... surrounded by that energy, respect, love & protection.

  • Tam G Smith
    Tam G Smith

    Cesar, you should write a book.

  • Mary T
    Mary T

    The perfect Paradise I wish I was a Dog and lived there ALWAYS God Bless You and Everyone

  • cam sidhu
    cam sidhu

    cesar, you're really amazing! loved this... i've learned a new approach with my puppys seperation anxiety which i will try , but first lots of exercise! thx xx

  • Lara

    I love the look of your hacienda. Love all the bright colours, the buildings, the greenery, the lake. Absolutely gorgeous! I wanna live there!

  • Beena Rao
    Beena Rao

    My cocatyiel hates me and is very afraid' what to do? Please answer

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch

    7:11 her dog is working out in the back ground. 😆

  • Paula Taylor
    Paula Taylor

    I wish i could send you my Koi. I have 5 that need a home but I’m in Texas. I don’t think we can ship fish.


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  • Usomex Martin
    Usomex Martin

    Not my Grandmother 😒 She was a Mean person, til she passed away 😒😕Just sbscribe btw 👍❤😊 I want to meet Lorenzo one day, his so cute ❤😊

  • Barbara Von Traumer
    Barbara Von Traumer

    When Ceaser told the Filipino camera man “take responsibility for how you approach the Llama” blew my mind. Most people always blame a flight type of animal. This man is so deep.

  • Rachel Faith
    Rachel Faith

    Again! How exciting to learn principles of community by showing humble respect to other animals we want to appreciate. It really is in the "how" to make nonverbal agreements of approach introducing our intentions for acceptance of values or limitations. I'm vi sitin Israel at this moment (taking a step back to breath and catch up on Ur show) and U are well favored in my heart for gentle, calm energy. It opens and brings unity to relationships that are just starting or that have endured the test of time. Very healing. Shalom, faith

  • Edgar Barajas
    Edgar Barajas

    I wanna see Cardi B in his video

  • Kaiden Cross
    Kaiden Cross

    i would love to come see you and our ranch!!

  • John Chase
    John Chase

    Don't drink guava juice kids. It makes you head squished.

  • MaQuGo119

    How do I get a canadian qt3.1416 to marry so I can have nationality?

  • Ciara Boyle
    Ciara Boyle

    I'd love ceaser Milan if he can read my Female Dog. Can he come to Ireland ???

  • E Katt
    E Katt

    Ummm...Was that a person riding a Tortoise in the intro? Cause it looked

  • pasang sherpa
    pasang sherpa

    Your so positive Cesar and the positiveness you brought to your place is invisible and immense. Lesson learned today: Calm, confidence, love and joy. Dog is love

  • TheLeigha72

    Cesar is living my best life! By the way, I am a rat and we get along very well with roosters!❤️

  • Irish Colleen in MN
    Irish Colleen in MN

    Everyday I go to the lake and let my dog run around off leash. But, first, we do the exercise of me walking about 100 to 150 feet away and her waiting for me to give the signal for her to come to me. I can see that lowers her excitement because her legs shake when she is sitting and excited. It's a really good mental exercise. Plus, i think it reinforces that i am in control and she need to follow the lake rules - staying close to me, coming when i say, not approaching people or dogs, etc. What i have learned from you has taken mt quality of life to the next level.

  • ItzSamzz Lol
    ItzSamzz Lol

    Does Stuff Besides Jumping In Bath Tubs.?!! NANI!!

  • kleec0203

    Cesar has become an inspiration leader and teacher, teaching and showing general life lessons through dogs and other animals the skills and mindset in which to have a more successful and more important fulfilling life.

  • C M
    C M

    Who you are in the animal world is energy! Thank you Cesar, I enjoy the videos of your ranch with your pack so much!


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  • Liliana Gomez
    Liliana Gomez

    You should help my sister with her dog because they both have severe anxiety!! But like for reals ... I’ve never seen a dog try to get out of his harness and jump all over the place like a horse .... it’s bad

  • V

    Caesar you’re an inspiring and amazing human being and I thank you! The world is TRULY a better place for having you in it...;) And you have incredibly lucky children and pets!

  • Shell Edwards
    Shell Edwards

    Love the video.are you going to do anymore TV series? really miss them

  • Diego Borges
    Diego Borges

    I always remember your story of life. Had never forgotten that video. Every time I watch you it gives me a little hope that one day I'll beat depression/anxiety and get that same energy you have. It kinda amazes me...

  • The Adhd Gardener
    The Adhd Gardener

    4:40.. tears whelt up because I get it now..since becoming physically limited due to MS I no longer work and I cant exercise as much as I used to.. this made my ADHD ssooo much worse because I wasn't burning off the energy. Now ima ball of energy and as a result my dog is the same way🙄 dont know how to fix it but at least I get it now...thanks

  • Florence Dorado
    Florence Dorado

    Hi mr. Cesar millan. Your visitor are Filipinos. They are look like a Filipino

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher

    Maybe my young niece needs to watch this video.

  • Warm FuzzyBee
    Warm FuzzyBee

    I love your sanctuary!

  • stargzr

    I'm happy to have found your channel, Cesar. You were the first person that really taught me what it means to respect, not just dogs, but all living creatures. One of the most important lessons I've learned so far in life!

  • Cristal Cuevas
    Cristal Cuevas

    Your ranch is marvelous I would be so happy being in such a positive environment

  • Colleen Dreyer
    Colleen Dreyer

    what about challenging older dogs?

  • osvaldo arcibar
    osvaldo arcibar

    Free words of wisdom for anyone in need!!!!! Gracias tocayo

  • 601kiki

    Cesar is such a beautiful spirit, thanks for sharing your light

  • Eli Hill
    Eli Hill

    Ceaser, I want to talk to you about this BS crap called the wall!

    • Eli Hill
      Eli Hill

      Ps! I love your work!

    • Eli Hill
      Eli Hill

      Even if I don't spell your name correctly!

  • Bianca Renee
    Bianca Renee

    Cesar needs merch!!! I would love to have a shirt or something created by him!!! Btw I love you, you’ve helped me soooo much! Thank you Cesar! ❤️♥️🥰

  • lesliejax

    I want to be part of your youtube pack! I want to come to visit your ranch someday. I heard you say there are yoga and meditation classes, do you teach other classes too, especially related to "energy"? I live in Oregon so it might be a while....... but my family lives in So Cal ....... I want to visit and take some classes at your ranch!

  • Savana Crown
    Savana Crown

    Only reading ? What about answer them too ... only saying I’m be watching you since dog whispered I do some steps to training my dog is a blue nose Pitbull mix terrier and everything was going good until the tonto of my boyfriend show up and nothing works now so what I decide no do more I get tired and stressed

  • Kathy laino
    Kathy laino

    Do you have a twin,maybe?! Your advice and courage is woofwoof!!!!!

  • LoCoLoCo 7
    LoCoLoCo 7

    Cesar we need to talk your Lama has my Name (LORENZO) =)

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
    Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Ive been scared of dogs since forever but I learn so much from your shows and videos😁 Ive been watching for 10 years now. Hugs from the Netherlands/Holland!! ❤️

  • Maribel Gonzalez
    Maribel Gonzalez

    Wonderful surroundings and incredible work, dear friend Cesar Millan. . . Thank you 🌹😊

  • yarnpower

    It seems that being a dog owner can be good instruction for being a parent. Just like dogs, they need not just their physical needs met but calm, love, discipline and excitement.

  • Isabel Gonzalez
    Isabel Gonzalez

    I love seeing more of Cesar Millan! 😆

  • Alebal76

    Cesar, what do I have to do to visit your ranch? =) ... Seriously

  • Aquarian Gypsy
    Aquarian Gypsy

    Can anyone answer what type of dog Dahlia is @12:23?

    • Louise Kelley
      Louise Kelley

      Looks to be a weimaraner. Could be mixed breed with weimaraner.

  • Margaret Morris
    Margaret Morris

    My father was so great in handling and working with animals, (we had a small cow/calf ranch which he used dogs to herd the livestock) and making animals - mainly dogs & horses - WANT to work with & for him, he also trained/rehabilitated difficult or dangerous horses that no one else would touch. About 20 years ago I had a friend who for weeks kept telling me about this great guy with this tv show who could ‘train’ any dog, and she went on, and on, and on.. about your show until I knew the only way to stop my babbling friend from making funny noises & showing me the “touch”, was to watch your show, over the years I’ve seen the odd t.v. show about training dogs and was never impressed and mostly I just rolled my eyes and shut the shows off. Cesar I was astounded at your insight into animal behaviour (including humans, especially the humans holding the leash) and your techniques to actually change or alter a dog’s disposition while also recognizing and teaching their human handlers about the needs of a dog to be balanced and how to build a healthy trusting balanced relationship. I was known ( in a very small town lol) for having well trained dogs and also helping others who were having difficulties with their dogs or horses. You helped me to further understand some of the reasons behind the behaviour of a ‘rescued dog’ and some techniques to help these dogs and their ‘new’ owners because so many need more than just hugs & kisses to rehabilitate a unbalanced or insecure dog. One of my favourite episodes was when you had a woman who rescued and rehabbed dogs that currently had a golden coloured dog which was very intelligent and high prey drive, I think he was also a bit of a escape artist if I remember correctly, you took the dog over and found him the perfect home, working as a scent dog for either the Border patrol or in the mailroom, the dog found the perfect job and they were tickled pink at the dogs eagerness and natural ability. The lesson was a truly remarkable dog that fell into the right hands X3 to find the perfect fit, and sometimes a owner and a dog are just not compatible for whatever reason and that needs to be a consideration. One of the best features of your show, which I really respected, was that you spoke & acted from a good heart and kindness when you always offered to take or re-home a dog and then offered to find a more compatible match for them. I wish you would return to t.v. as there are so many dogs AND their owners which would benefit from your knowledge and insight and could very well pass that down through the generations of their families benefiting every dog they interact with, you teach so much and do it so well that most people are learning a heck of a lot more than they realize because you make it so dang entertaining to watch you figure out the puzzle of the dogs bad behavior and the technique to correct it! Anyway, thank you for teaching me things I didn’t know I needed to know, I really appreciate it 💜

  • Hide Matsumo to
    Hide Matsumo to

    Im forever gratefull for youre advice. Thanks to you i have become a dogwalker ( non profit , walk dogs for people who cant walk there dog so much or for cancer patients in chemotherapy) and doggysitter ( neighbours who go on holyday also non profit ) Raised my dog Hideto from the start youre way, Hide was born in my hands. Hide's best friend is a black swan at the pettingzoo. She is a disabled swan. He is the most calm, cool dog ever, but commands in Japanese. Again many thanks from Hide and me .

  • Bonnie Parker
    Bonnie Parker

    I love you Cesar. Your surroundings, your actions, and your words show you really do have the best interest of the animals AND people in mind. Thank you for teaching us how to take care of ourselves while we take care of our animals. I will try to repeat your words daily so I can be there best I can be! Thank you.

  • AR Sposito-Bernath
    AR Sposito-Bernath

    I was looking for something that would help me help my beloved Frankie with his anxiety in the car. He's also developed seizures. I cannot seem to find a similar situation in your videos. Am reading Be a Pack Leader now, but I just keep worrying that my sweet dog is suffering from what I am suffering do to post cancer battle, and losing my job due to the harassment I endured after my diagnosis. I worked so hard for 17 years with my former employer, so I know I'm struggling to find a new path, but now it seems my dog is suffering too. Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe there is a similar situation which I've yet to see. God bless you for sharing your incredible spirit and wisdom.

  • Prunus Spinosa
    Prunus Spinosa

    I like this content so much!! Expressing your philosophy so much better than in your former TV Shows. Please keep it up, I enjoy these videos a lot!

  • Star Light
    Star Light

    I wish I could hire this man. I miss my dogs being calm and carefree. I would love to have that peace in my home again. Good job Cesar. You are fenominal!

  • Hanna Kovalenko
    Hanna Kovalenko

    You are teaching me a lot!... this is quite fascinating idea of living!

  • alleyzipzero

    Wow the tidbits of life knowledge I get from this guy!

  • Nancy Dimeola
    Nancy Dimeola

    I love Ceaser Millan. Wish I could have him come to my house, 3 German Shepherds, extremely Agressive

    • Shar Roon
      Shar Roon

      With that breed you need to be strong leader so they follow you. It's also a working breed so they need physical and mental exercise. They are so smart but they need to work. One of my favourite breeds but I will probably never have one because I am not a strong enough leader.

  • Martin K. Schröder
    Martin K. Schröder

    Cesar goes bullshit.

  • Lali Siada
    Lali Siada


  • Micky Taylor
    Micky Taylor

    Do dogs enjoy music you play very mellow music

  • Outlaw Creative
    Outlaw Creative

    I had an opportunity to buy a Cesar Millan DVD box set and passed it up and I know I should not of, now I can not find your DVD box set. I was hoping to learn how to get my dogs to listen when around people and not jump up on anyone, once around people my dogs don't want to listen and they jump up on my mother and other people. To keep them from jumping on people, I will pick them up, then they could pet them. What to do, what to do?

  • LoveHonorRespect

    Hola Cesar Bendiciones, escuche tu entrevista en Puertorico y eres una persona tan Feliz con lo que haces de profecion,se me quedo una cosa que dijistes que eres mas Feliz con los animals que con los humanos por la energia que transmiten wow que mensaje. Eres tremenda persona que Dios te continue bendiciendo

  • Alejandra Rodriguez Robles.
    Alejandra Rodriguez Robles.

    Hola Cesar. Bendicio es!!! Y muchos saludos. Por favor ponle subtitulo a tus videos. Muchas Gracias...

  • Angela Zackery
    Angela Zackery

    Example of fitness?

  • claudia guzman
    claudia guzman

    Hola César, cómo puedo hacer que mi perrita Pudoll Toy no se muerda la patita trasera y de vueltas. Se la muerde con mucho odio de vez en cuando. Sobre todo cuando uno se la toca. (No tiene fracturas) Llegó a la casa desde que tenía 6 meses y ahora tienen 3 años. Sigue igual. Es unas pena ya que queda muy estresada y lo hace al menos 1 vez por dia. PD: buenísimos tus programas. Saludos desde Santiago de Chile

  • Norah N A
    Norah N A

    "say how you feel, then say how you want to feel" love this. More videos on your ranch. Maybe a day in the life with Junior

  • Florecita Roquera
    Florecita Roquera

    Omg la carita de Lorenzo escuchando como hablan de el jejejeje


    Cesar, you will always be my number one role model. Been following you since ‘10

  • Microphonechecka

    I’ve never stopped watching you Cesar! Your work is amazing and insightful.

  • FJ Parravicini
    FJ Parravicini

    "You need to drain the body before the mind can learn" I never thought about it like that!

  • Rahul ram
    Rahul ram

    Cesar millan ka video please Hindi language me dubing kriye please l needs

  • jp diazen
    jp diazen

    you will learn not just about dogs and other animals, but more importantly, he helps us improve and make life more better :)

  • ChyloeReece

    Also, so we learned how we should approach prey animals as a predator; but how should we interact with _predator_ animals?? I live in bear and cougar country and meet them often on the road, (whilst walking my dogs) generally they take off and run, but some get a little bold..