Reacting To My South Park Episode!
Tune in to see me react to the hilarious South Park episode "Tsst" from Season 10!
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • lian 1103
    lian 1103

    This dude cesar, represent my childhood and the reason why I love dogs and it's great how he take this, I love him.

  • Dr. Abuze
    Dr. Abuze

    This is how one should deal with the nimwits that voted for Trump: Send them to re-education camps where they get the "cesar" treatment before they are allowed to return to civilization.

  • Jackninja5

    He's a badass in real life and a badass in South Park.

  • Ale DsGs285
    Ale DsGs285

    Doblaje spanish.

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole

    Cesar Millan is the super nanny of dogs

  • T F
    T F

    “Unfortunately that’s also real.” So heartbreaking but also so insightful.

  • Zilla

    When you think about it, this like finding a rare Pokémon card but replace Pokémon with celebrities that know how to take a joke. This one is different: not only did ceaser took the joke but he tuned it into a lesson. This means that he’s is the rarest out of all.

  • ReymondPaku

    Qué no estaba muerto? Lo estoy viendo en Octubre del 2020

  • La_ Sebada
    La_ Sebada

    I thought you were dead (no hate or anything I have a lot of respect for him)

  • Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken

    Hi im Milan, with a single "L"

  • José Pablo
    José Pablo

    no he sido agresivo sino dominante

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130


  • Bradley Bell
    Bradley Bell

    I've been needing this video so long

  • MattGarZero

    This is super funny

  • albafikapsg

    Qué bueno que te gustara tu aparición en esta serie, saludos desde México

  • tiaan klopper
    tiaan klopper

    I approve this

  • Milher Mendez
    Milher Mendez

    That is what Single Mothers ALWAYS do... Fill their emptiness with their sons... and that is why Single Mothers are the worst for boys... 😑


    No te eh escuchado hablar español:(

  • LEVY


  • Mac P
    Mac P

    sir your laughter is pure gold :D

  • sidneyrocks777


  • diego garcia
    diego garcia

    La versión en español...??!!

  • Bobby Sebringstrout
    Bobby Sebringstrout

    How is the painting going Oh look it came back

    • creeper 788
      creeper 788

      I'm mexican

    • creeper 788
      creeper 788

      Hi! How are you?

    • creeper 788
      creeper 788

      Soy mexicano

    • creeper 788
      creeper 788


  • Commander Red
    Commander Red

    When this man walks to church, god takes his hat off and bows to him

  • havardmj

    "Oh look it came back..." lmao

  • christopher beasley
    christopher beasley

    His reaction to this show is priceless 🤣 South Park Rock's!

  • Garrett Reyman
    Garrett Reyman

    Such a great episode lmao

  • Alan Casillas
    Alan Casillas

    I’ve been following your ways since I was about 7 years old! And South Park since even younger hahah love how genuine you are stay blessed 🙏🏽

  • Jorge A MChz
    Jorge A MChz

    Greetings from Guadalajara México. Excelente trabajo 👌 señor César.

  • Jorge Arredondo
    Jorge Arredondo

    recien me entero que el tiene canal de youtube

  • Mark Beazley
    Mark Beazley

    You should listen to the commentary on the DVD for that season, they're actually huge cesar fans. Hence why they made him such a strong character 😁

  • Cloxx

    came here for a laugh, left with a lesson. thank you cesar

  • tcsharrett

    Tsssst is one of my favorite episodes

  • Łāma̫rcynā_ Ӿ
    Łāma̫rcynā_ Ӿ

    16:55 he's seems so happy when she said your the best ceaser

  • Kyle Davies
    Kyle Davies

    This video is almost as long as the episode.

  • East Coast Girl
    East Coast Girl

    That's the same with me and cats! No one gets to be around when I work with cats. Energy is everything.

  • Ivin3690

    wtf why his teeth so white

  • Kevin Alvarenga
    Kevin Alvarenga

    This is one of the best episodes from South Park, this reaction made it much much better 😂

  • humaniguess

    78% is him talking

  • kahea2018

    This is one of my favorite South Park satires. You could see he was hurt by that ending. I was too. That's why it's such a powerful satire. The selfish enabling is real.

  • 12397bmw

    He’s got my respect unlike most celebrities who get offended when they crack jokes about them, not only did he not get offended he laughed at the jokes and found them funny.

  • ITS Computers LLC
    ITS Computers LLC

    Cartman should have made him eat chili con Carne.

  • ugin Govender
    ugin Govender


  • baconknightt


  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft

    This is one of the best SP episodes imo 🙂

  • cristian dragneel
    cristian dragneel

    Only Cesar could control Erick

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore

    I feel like there was a nice middle ground for the relationship with cartman and his mom but she went farther than she wanted then went back to the other side of the scale

  • SFV OG GUY 0077
    SFV OG GUY 0077


  • Spaceichu

    I remember the first time I saw the episode and I was annoyed because of the tsst

  • Jonny Quest
    Jonny Quest

    I think this is probably the best video on the internet. I could watch Cesar Milan watch Cesar Milan all day 😂😂

  • katomoro12

    Im from Finland and had no idea who is Cesar Millan, but after watching this video he seems to be such a nice dude! Didn’t get offended about the show instead appreciated it, I salute you mr Millan👍🇫🇮

  • Cathy Cammisano
    Cathy Cammisano

    They didn't show his reaction when he said no to Ms. Cartman


    I was watching this yesterday what a coincidence

  • Daniel Aspajo
    Daniel Aspajo

    Over 20 plus years of South Park, Cesar Millan is the only person to be ever respected

  • veterano1525

    Cesar Milan is like a kind of god in south park.

  • Brooklyn Dom
    Brooklyn Dom

    You’re totally right about dogs needing to get away to come to the conclusion that they need the pack my dog was aggressive towards my abuelita first time he met her he went to Washington came back never growled at my grandma again except now it’s towards my grandpa

  • Three Percent Man
    Three Percent Man

    There's so many similarities between kids and dogs though haha

  • Aura 73
    Aura 73

    Sin duda naciste líder de perros pero aún más eres un líder de humanos.... regresa a 🇲🇽 y lánzate a la presidencia de la República, los “políticos” y muuuuuuchos mexicanos necesitan ser ignorados, shusheados, y educados. Serías el presidente que nos enseñe a ser buenos ciudadanos!!! 😝🙌🏻.... y te aseguro que arrasarías con las votaciones 💪🏻🤩

  • GHIxZ HERO58
    GHIxZ HERO58

    No hay subtítulos en español :c

    • Valgo Verga
      Valgo Verga

      Triste 👌😔

  • Robertelnoob

    And hes laughting with his representation hahahaha because its so accurate this one of the best episodes of South Park i always laugh

  • Amini moose
    Amini moose

    I honestly felt bad for Cartman in this episode.

  • Alfonso Moreno
    Alfonso Moreno

    Ame ese capítulo, César, el único en todo South Park en domar a Erick Cartman jajajajaja Grettings dear Cesar

  • rnto3

    Y la reacción en español?

  • Doc Quick
    Doc Quick

    You gotta love how he talks about his cartoon version as if he was actually there training Cartman

  • ereckv1

    They did poke a little fun with the whole "oh no, your just a client"

  • Feyo Lopez
    Feyo Lopez

    Thank you👊

  • Feyo Lopez
    Feyo Lopez


  • Lyft Driver
    Lyft Driver

    I bet u he's a 9

  • o

    I need your help with 4 children please I'm willing to pay double

  • Joshua Spath
    Joshua Spath

    The fact that he liked it made it so much better. And made me a bigger fan of him too

  • Ashley Moya
    Ashley Moya

    Even when it's a South Park episode when you analize it it's still educational.

  • Ashley Moya
    Ashley Moya

    Me trying to find South Park episodes: Me seeing him: is that- omg it is!

  • gujwdhufj ijjpo
    gujwdhufj ijjpo

    There are so many middle aged moms calling him hot in the live chat. 2:01 4:08


    No offense man I love you, you're a handsome man but you look like your constantly taking the biggest shit of your life constantly

  • Nutrition

    Wow very cool

  • Filthy Khajiit
    Filthy Khajiit

    "Perfection" - Cesar Millan

  • XxConnection UserxX
    XxConnection UserxX

    Hey Cesar my dog keeps on chewing on my clothes and keeps on aiming at my crotch, what do I do

  • SoupBowl436

    Did he actually voice himself in South Park??

    • angelfaye101

      No. The celebrities never voice themselves on South Park FYI

  • vangothen girl
    vangothen girl

    I remember the first time I saw this episode I was like "Omg no way!" And continued to laugh when Cesar was training Cartman like a dog. I also cheered on his mom for FINALLY disciplining her son. I had the same reaction when she undid the training, but I was also like of course. I love that you have a good, positive attitude about this episode because usually people put on South Park have a negative outlook being on the show

  • Rebecca Almond
    Rebecca Almond

    This is one of my fave episodes!

  • Josh Boersema
    Josh Boersema

    His face at the end... hahaha people will always resort to their old ways.

  • superevilgenius

    This is wholesome and adorable. I love it! This was one of my favorite episodes! I am glad to know you loved this episode!

  • Marko 2012
    Marko 2012

    IRbin me sorprendiste recomendandome esto

  • Diego Jerónimo
    Diego Jerónimo

    ¿aquí no hay raza mexicana? no olvidemos que el wey es de culiacan viva mexico cabrones esta va para los gringos: Ñ

  • Early Blue
    Early Blue

    I wish Cesar could have helped me train my mother, Karen.

  • Santiago Luquez
    Santiago Luquez

    This is great. The lesson is perfect. We're the problem so we're also the solution.

  • Sollace

    I still remember the line: "I don't train dogs, I train owners." What an amazing show.

  • swongilford

    Cesar, I think a lot of your technique is equally applicable to parenting of kids. Very inspirational. I am not a dog owner, but the pandamic lockdown in UK brought me to your channel some how. Love this clip, especially this South Park clip. (I never actually watch many South Park episodes before. I found it a little silly at the time.)

  • Nvte.Tre_7

    he rlly got off easy compared to other celebs lol and i love how he was able to take the joke n not be all offended by it cuz he knows exactly what south park does n it wasnt a personal attack

  • Treva Quen
    Treva Quen

    I watched every episode of The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan that I could. I didn't care if I had already seen the episode many times already. I'm still a big fan. It wasn't until I had an option for closed captioning that I could appreciate South Park (slight life long hearing issue, cartoon characters typically don't annunciate). After years of getting caught up on South Park, I see this episode with Cesar Milan. I agree with you sir. They nailed it! I appreciate that you omitted here the one scene with Cartman's mother and The Dog Whisperer "hooking up". That scene, Trey and Seth took some liberties for comedy sake. ;-) But, yeh, they totally captured your essence Cesar. This was fun to watch with your reaction. Truly thank you for sharing this. Tsst!

  • Squiggle

    I love to see it when celebrities can take a joke

  • Noah Krause
    Noah Krause

    All because you couldn't be his moms friend🤦😂

  • WillJM81280

    Knowing the South Park guys, they pbly binged every episode of Dog Whisperer just before writing this episode if South Park.

  • Mattia Santangelo
    Mattia Santangelo

    let's be honest, cesar can't be pissed: south park portrayed him like a hero


    E P I C O

  • Paige Mick
    Paige Mick

    Loved to watch your show when I was I was little and love South Park now. I remember my dad used to make the "tsst" noise at my sister when she would get cranky when she was younger 😂

  • bugthechat83


  • Tien Hoang
    Tien Hoang

    Wow they really made him look real reviewing himself.

  • Terry Prothero
    Terry Prothero

    That episode was too funny. Cartman definitely needed the Dog Whisperer.

  • Ocurrencias De Una Chica
    Ocurrencias De Una Chica

    soy mas famoso gracias al episodio de south park que mi propio programa jajajajajaja un capo