Reacting to my first ever TV show episode!
In this video, Cesar reacts to his first ever episode of his iconic show featuring the Demon Chihuahua, NuNu.
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  • Becca Bullard
    Becca Bullard

    I remember your first show. I never missed one of your shows. I’m so glad I found you on IRbin. You are so inspiring to everyone.

  • Rayn Lantagne
    Rayn Lantagne

    I appreciate the fact that this is a deep dive reaction. You break down each piece and express it's meaning. I love it and love you, Cesar. Mah man.

  • Jesse Alarcon
    Jesse Alarcon


  • Barbara Pearson
    Barbara Pearson

    you are an amazing, human being...

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    20:51 That's a perfect example. So all for us humans is just "funny to see" is actually dog behavior, and that has to be understood in order to understand dogs. Amazing.

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    Granted, if you don't understand the language of dogs, you're pretty much doomed with a dog.

  • 49erfan 69
    49erfan 69

    I think a big question that needs to be answered is what would happen if mr.bubz met Cesar

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster

    I don’t like this common phrase “drawing blood” as if any dog bite without blood is somehow not as serious. Bite(aggression)= unhealthy

  • Khadijah Davis
    Khadijah Davis

    Haaaaaa, i love you too Cesar!!!!, i remember that episode

  • Irene González
    Irene González

    Mi perra les gruñe a los niños pequeños y los asusta , le digo, no Zuki y le tomo la garganta y le digo que no lo haga, le acaricio la cabeza y las orejas y se relaja, de momento lo deja de hacer muy bien , pero otro día ve a otro niño que se le acerca y les gruñe de nuevo, es una Golden Retriver, saludos desde la CDMX. ❤️🌈 Súper ese vídeo del programa. Tal vez los niños van medio jubilosos al parque con ganas de interactuar con ella y eso no le gusta. Yo solo le digo al niño, no corras a ella porque no te conoce y la hago relajarse en el momento guardo distancia con los niños un momento y la relajo acariciando el cuello, la cabeza y las orejas, la hago sentarse un ratito enfrente de ellos y nos vamos.

  • GuineaPigs Forever
    GuineaPigs Forever

    Cesar is the best 🥰💕😻

  • Ceecee Costly
    Ceecee Costly

    I loved these episodes! I learned about my adopted chihuahua from you Cesar! You are an awesome intelligent person that is a born teacher!

  • steven lath
    steven lath

    Amen I grew up in peru and always gave my food or what I could buy for the pups I saw they never had issues but pups in GA america they have a personality

  • steven lath
    steven lath

    I want to be like you

  • Roseanne Lawrence
    Roseanne Lawrence

    That is cool.

  • Melina carrera
    Melina carrera

    I loved it when you said " I love you cesar" thats is called self love❤️🙌🏼

  • Yuge Yun
    Yuge Yun

    I really love this show. It helped me so much to understand dogs and train my family's dogs that had behavior problems. It amazed me how quickly they responded to the body language and energy. When a new puppy arrived to our home, our older dog attacked the puppy repeatedly in a way that looked really bad. I decided to watch some episodes this including to come up with a solution and ended up trying this technique used with Nunu. When he attacked, I flipped him on his back and to my amazement I needed to repeat this only twice and it was enough for him to understand I'm in control and when I forbid him of attacking the puppy, he needs to respect it. After that when he approached the puppy ready to attack, it was enough for me to just let him know with my presence that I'm there to protect the puppy and he would retreat. Slowly the older dog started relaxing with the puppy and in a few months the two dogs became friends. I kept using the energy for all sorts of things, like the dogs barking at the hoover. I kept standing in between the hoover, walking slowly towards them, claiming my space and showing them I protect the hoover and eventually they stopped barking. The problem was though that my parents were more difficult to train and get to continue the work I started.. This made the dogs behave badly again once I moved out, but it was still amazing to see the difference.

  • Sally Eats
    Sally Eats

    Wow, I’m a cat person and cannot resist watching the dog whisperer! 😻😻😻

  • Twila Bergania
    Twila Bergania

    I grew up with dogs and my dad loved your show. Watching my dad practice what you teach on TV on our dogs and on our family was amazing. Our home became a safety net and a training ground throughout the years, not just for animals but for us children. I'm very happy that I found you on IRbin now that I'm a dog owner too. It's great to see how far you've come. I hope you know that you've inspired generations of dog lovers all around the world.

  • Erika Guen Lopez
    Erika Guen Lopez

    Wow I remember watching this episode way back when i was in highschool. I really love watching the dog whisperer. Love from the Philippines!

  • mattia dizard
    mattia dizard

    Im 30 i watched ceasar when i was a kid growing up

  • Richard Strong
    Richard Strong

    I think Cesar looks better now than he did then. He's in better shape and the white hair look works for him.

  • Martin Leal
    Martin Leal

    ❤👏👏👏👏👏 🇺🇸👏👏👏

  • Jamedra A
    Jamedra A

    Honestly, he should train parents....

  • Cristhine Mae
    Cristhine Mae


  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello, nice to see this again and again. I love that I saw that many times on TV📺 and now again via Internet. Saludos desde Alemania Greetings from my Mexican at home to NuNu 😂

  • Bethany Duncan
    Bethany Duncan

    I firmly believe Cesar is going to reincarnate as whatever is the best thing after human

  • S

    8:54 Had to pause the video just to laugh omg xD

  • Jenny Angeles
    Jenny Angeles

    Very proud of you Cesar! I became a canine handler for homeland security and I also feel so blessed to be a Mexican in the USA making my dreams come true 🥳 🇺🇸🐕💙

  • R E
    R E

    Cesar has grown so much regarding his "american people skills" lol. His too direct ways and him not being to explain his ways or be truly communicative, was what I could see very frustrating for all parties, including Cesar. And thats also why some people got all upset with Cesar criticizing his manners and ways. I actually blame his producers. They should have supported Cesar much better and they should have not stressed him out this much. Cesar was just misunderstood at that time! I'm so happy he now have his own youtube chanel where he can relax and be his self, and also has adapted better to the american culture, and how people sees their dogs like babies in these cultures.

  • Kirah Renaue
    Kirah Renaue


  • Kulit Banas
    Kulit Banas

    Since I was 19... Now I'm 29.. Ceasar actually taught me a lot... In my self and when I had my first dog and now my Chihuahua and Pitbull, I'm applying all the things I learned.. Thank you Ceasar...

  • fangirlfortheages

    Caesar is our irl Mexican Iroh :)

  • Harriet Orcino
    Harriet Orcino

    You are an amazing person,, I Love watching your videos. I grew up around dogs and cats my whole life and have used a lot of your technics on my dogs. I'm hoping my next dog I get ( bcos I'm 80%deaf) I can do the same. Much love to you brother 🙏🙏💖

  • Jullian Molina
    Jullian Molina

    I wish I could learn under this guy

  • C G
    C G

    "I'm a lover not a fighter ", lol Cesar, I love your sense of humour!

  • 0verride

    Lmao, his name's nunu XD

  • V H
    V H

    I think Cesar is more handsome now! I miss his direct way of speaking it cracked me up Everytime, this time included! 😆😆

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    I have been binge watching your older episodes on Disney channel. Now you see how we feel watching these reruns. I still cry every time I see Daddy. My husband laughs at how emotional I still get and after watching them over and over for years. I just discovered your u tube channel. Now I watch you on this channel. It’s refreshing. I don’t cry over the u tube. Some of the dog owners do frustrate me still. But you hang in there and that is great to see.

  • Dr Dub
    Dr Dub

    Cesar’s hair matches the background

  • Priscilla Mckinney
    Priscilla Mckinney

    The dogs here are chunky and I get a show! Lol

  • svampebob007

    That's why I love Cesar, even back in the days and now, his methods can still be "justified". "pack mentality", "dominance"... etc, can easily be switched with love and compassion for sure, but at the end of the day, pets are animals, dogs/cat second then Mr and Mrs fluffy balls third. I used to watch his show and I've used his "Tsk" trick on my cats, and 14 years later, they are "well behaved" like my vet constantly tell me, in our 14 years together there has never been any clawing mishaps... same goes for my now 1 year old Laponian Herder, I kinda use the "Dude you're not the leader here I am" mentality with were by just taking the toys away when she tries to hard, stop playing if she barks, and even just hold her in place by placing a hand (my human paw) on her back/tummy if she gets exited. I've read a lot of bad shit about Cesar, but as a animal lover and duck farmer, this dude loves animals and would rather hang out with the bad dogs rather then people, because people can wait, bad dogs need their owner trained.

  • ReaverDropper

    Cesar keep up the positivity you are few people in this world that is making a change. It's amazing seeing how far you came, also I found out on your latest video you have llamas?! What do we call you now besides the dog whisperer?

  • Saron Williams
    Saron Williams

    "DREAM AS BIG AS YOU CAN!" Words to live by. Caesar, you help so many with their mana & Qi. Did you know that you would become a guru? When you reflect on the essence of life, you come to know that all we are is ENERGY. When I do African & Native American cultural awareness workshops, I teach about energy and the need for synergy with your energy & intent. You give me hope in this world.😇😊😇😊😇

  • Catana Emanuela
    Catana Emanuela

    God bless you guy

  • Agent 99
    Agent 99

    Who else remembers this episode clear as day?!!🙋

  • Lori Park
    Lori Park

    Watching you watch yourself may be better that watching the episode without you watching yourself! 😂

  • Dog Time
    Dog Time

    lol- "look at my mooves"- always so funny and alive! Much respect Cesar to you from India

  • Dog Time
    Dog Time

    Always so much fun to watch- really a true Dog Whisperer - I have learnt so much about dogs from Cesar and have come to realize how they have different emotional needs from us- else I wouldn't ever be able to ever believe that aggressive dogs are a cause of Human Behavior which is many times our regular behavior

  • CG Francisco
    CG Francisco

    I want to meet this guy before the world ends if only He could come here in the Philippines , but this Covid-19 is a drag..

  • Sara Shepard
    Sara Shepard

    I watched and loved your show back then.

  • GR EG
    GR EG

    always very useful advices, thank you Cesar

  • Florecita Roquera
    Florecita Roquera

    Cesar gracias me ayudo muchísimo tengo mucho que trabajar por que tengo cinco Nunus en casa🤣🤣 una familia de chihuahuas papà mamá y sus tres cachorros y son muy celosos y prácticamente son dueños de la sala 🤣 pero cada video tuyo me ayuda mucho me gustaría sería un sueño que me visitaras ojalá vengas pronto a Houston🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Watching Cesar makes me so happy and relax

  • Leona Pom
    Leona Pom

    That chihuahua is a cutie

  • Ya llegue ́ Salaz
    Ya llegue ́ Salaz

    You are as beautiful as when you were younger.❤

  • JESSE Rimon III
    JESSE Rimon III

    Been watching you ever chance I get. Love your show and the way you take care of this beautiful dogs. I deeply appreciate your show.

  • Vivian Pixley
    Vivian Pixley

    I didn't notice you had aged at all. I guess I just aged with you :)

  • Mishkawolf forever
    Mishkawolf forever

    the he bit everyone but me sent me xDD

  • Chris D.
    Chris D.

    I am also very thankful for teaching me how to live with a dog, a pet, and a friend

  • IamalwaysGodschild

    i love Cesar Millan ;)

  • Ny H
    Ny H

    I want to get my puppy trained so bad 😩 but I’m just not up to neuter him rn 🥴

  • Jill Lopate
    Jill Lopate

    I have such admiration for this kind, sensitive and intuitive man. Can I be shallow for a moment and say his attractiveness has only increased over time!❤




    Es impresionante el " sentido " de entendimiento hacia los animales específicamente de los perros. En hora buena que puedas compartir tus conocimientos.

  • Yvette Diger
    Yvette Diger

    When you're gripping the animal you aren't squeezing the crap out of him. I understand the amount of light pressure being used. And your terminology is fine, pc ppl have a problem. And animals aren't human beings, as this is where I believe people mostly go wrong treating dogs as such. You are a gift to the world, Cesar. Keep up the amazing real love you have given to us humans and dogs.

  • Ashutosh

    He's angry because they named him Nunu aka Dick

  • Kim Harris
    Kim Harris

    I remember when this aired like it was yesterday. Thank you Cesar, you changed my life forever in the best ways possible.

  • Joey

    Cesar, I have been your friend since I discovered The Dog Whisperer season 1 and you are such an inspiration. Your show were being nominated too.I know a lot of other dog trainers were not happy that you stole the limelight and started to say means things about your training and you being a Mexican. You proved to us that you are original and genuine and kind. Thank you for all your good works.❤️❤️❤️

  • Magnolia

    Senor Cesar Millan, usted tiene una vida espectacular! Felicidades! Because it's you who has created it! You're so gifted! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world! As an old Mexican Indian said you can be as young as you want to be, but when you don't have personal power, you can get fat in a very short time! And you haven't changed! You have a lot of personal power!

  • Gwen Duran
    Gwen Duran

    My grandma trained her excited happy young Pitbull into a chill good listening dog and she lived a great life Rip Bessy girl

  • Miah Ferrer
    Miah Ferrer

    You are an amazing human being I will follow you for ever my friend , God bless you Cesar

  • Miah Ferrer
    Miah Ferrer


  • Mundo a Parte
    Mundo a Parte

    Wait what in America people don't walk dogs lol

  • Live4Beats

    Ay Cesar you were a little too close to Tina there ... but ima let you slide because you were fresh out of Mexico 😂🤣🤟🏻

  • Izelin Kinga Fekete
    Izelin Kinga Fekete

    you are perfect right now too

  • Caprice Closson
    Caprice Closson

    Great video on how to train so many little Chihuahuas are like that and people don't know what to do with them

  • Adriana Banos
    Adriana Banos

    I love him when he speak Spanish.

  • boxx cutta
    boxx cutta

    Dang He's right he does look like George Lopez I never noticed. Also his advice really helped me in my training

  • CDS Neighbors
    CDS Neighbors

    You overthink everything and say you're smart, but you're not. Two hours are usually kind. Honestly, I'm so mad at you. You're giving out false information. I'd love if you give out real information. Please do if you need any help, please reply to this comment. I am a professional.

  • Armando Alvarez
    Armando Alvarez

    Cesar m you are the best bro I seen all your videos it's amazing how you communicate with all these animals and also the birds man I wish I could do that keep up the good wood Cesar thanks.


    Me gustaría que hicieras videos en español

  • Yvette Diger
    Yvette Diger

    You are a gifted teacher. Use your detractors to further educate the people and keep up the beautiful work in making the dogs happy and healthy. You are a genius. God bless you!

  • daniela villasenor
    daniela villasenor

    How fun!

  • Maria Frometa
    Maria Frometa

    Hi I’m new to your IRbin channel and it’s absolutely amazing. I love everything you have taught and are teaching. Believe it or not I’ve learned more about myself and humans in general because of you in the past week of watching your videos. Thank you so much. Que Dios siempre lo bendiga y para adelante siempre!

  • Victoria Adams
    Victoria Adams

    I'm so excited and happy to see you on IRbin, I've missed watching your show. I've used your techniques in training my dogs in the past, and now with my 3 year old Duke. He's a combination of Sherperd, Husky and Rottweiler. He's beautiful and smart but needs work from barking and from when I leave him home alone, he's good while I'm gone, but goes nuts when I first come home, barking and jumping on me. I'm 66 yrs old I don't need him jumping on me. Love you Cesar!

  • Riri Gurl
    Riri Gurl

    Does Cesar have a cat?

  • Ирина Терехова
    Ирина Терехова

    Цезарь, а, я!!!помоги мне. Сибирь

  • Sing Your Style Studio
    Sing Your Style Studio

    Will you please use your vibes to help train my 15 week French Bulldog ? ....Before it gets worse. I’m at a loss. Ok train me... whatever you call it. I’m in serious need.

  • Veronica Bautista
    Veronica Bautista

    Puedes hacer tus videos traducidos en español la neta nooo entiendo lo q hablas

  • Trudy

    Cesar... I have rescued 5 dogs because of your training and watching every video they are in a beautiful pack...with me as their leader. Thank you so much. Anyone who criticizes you is jealous ( ha) YOU ARE THE MASTER. I adore you.. Thank you. MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS yes.. Your family is fabulous also.

  • ThePTspecialist

    Do this more I would watch every video!

  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz

    I love how excited Cesar gets when he watches the intro.

  • micshelle Henry
    micshelle Henry

    After ALL these years you are STILL fine!!😍😘😘☺☺☺

  • j hart
    j hart

    I've been a soul brother ever since that episode. Thanks Ceasar!

  • redpepperdave

    23:32 is how you ninja block unwanted behavior

  • Matilda Mårtenson
    Matilda Mårtenson

    I would loooove to see you react to a case where you're using Daddy as help!

  • Solange Bernal
    Solange Bernal

    Cesar deja de maltratarte tanto, después de haber pasado tantos obstáculos en la vida has llegar donde estas, eso es admirable. Tu nos estás mostrando muchas cosas valiosas. Nosotros te admiramos por tu bonita energía y ayuda. Te lucen los colores, las canas son sabiduría y tu acento es tu “TRADEMARK “ mi respeto y cariño!

  • Adam K
    Adam K

    Jesus is the only Way to the Father, receive Him before it's to late. Salvation = 1 Receive Christ and become born again. 2 Love God above everyone and everything. 3 Love thy neighbor as thyself. 4 Walk in obedience with Jesus, repent from all sins, and do what He want's You to do. 5 Forgive everyone. 6 Have Faith and Trust in God. 🌼🤜🤛🌼 Tribulation starts soon. Fake Alien inavsion ( Demons that look human ), mark of the beast, a chip/mark or vaccine that changes Your DNA. Whatever happens, do not take it. Project Blue Beam, Jesus in the sky can be a hologram type of thing, do not be deceived by it. Do not listen to anny big world leader that will arise, this person is the antichrist, it can be Obama, but not sure. Shalom

  • Ezequiel Primera
    Ezequiel Primera