Our new Youtube Series, ANIMAL NEWS!
Hey IRbin Pack!
Welcome to our new IRbin Series called Animal News (featuring my two sons, Andre and Calvin!
In this series we will break down the videos into 4 sections
1. I answer a question that someone texted me at my number found in the video! (How to introduce your dog to other animals!)
2. Andre will share animal stories that feature humor
3. Calvin will share animal stories of hope
4. And I will share some animal stories of heart
I am so excited to start creating more of these for you! Please let me know what you would like to see in these videos!
Much Love!
Learn directly from Cesar!
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Better Humans, Better Planet
Trust, Respect, Love

  • Jose Bonas
    Jose Bonas

    Si fuera más de tus raíces te fuera mejor

  • vlrolas

    I love what you and your sons are doing with your channel. Great ideas, family unity, and values. Saludos.

  • modam70

    LMFAO "gotta move gotta move"

  • Djona Gomez
    Djona Gomez

    I love this series! I cant wait for more!!

  • BonBon Monel
    BonBon Monel

    The best channel I've subscribed to. Thank you Cesar, Andre and Calvin and of course the best part (sorry guys) the animals.

  • prank boy
    prank boy

    You're welcome guys to our country for a tour in Tanzania Africa

  • Fender Phan
    Fender Phan

    You have two good looking sons😉!

  • Chelsea Trissell
    Chelsea Trissell

    Love! Love! Love!

  • Sophie Wood
    Sophie Wood

    We need more heartwarming & joyful news in this world. I love Animal News! Keep them coming please!

  • Sandra

    Thank you ,very good video i wish we can do or to teach the governors of every state of this country that rules and they start to be better ..i guess animals are more intelligent.. same times or more of the times...ja..ja.. Cesar you are very good on your way to think i love your videos..

  • たむらまろ

    Calvin wears Japanese "Happi".so cool.I'm Japanese.

  • Bright Shadow Music
    Bright Shadow Music

    please can you kindly help me . my dog just runs out of house and we have to go searching for him , pleasr can u make a video

  • M E K
    M E K

    Cool news! Me encanto!

  • Carol Herring -like the fish
    Carol Herring -like the fish

    First off I love your shows and have followed you and tried to spread your skills for over 9 years. I find myself in Louisiana at the moment and volunteering at the local humane society. I Foster many dogs and cats and help shelter dogs become great animals an find forever homes. I've recently rescued my own German Shepard female almost a year old. And a black mouth cur female about 1 year old. The Shepard has been my desired breed forever. Due to the protection they offer, I live in a very rough neighborhood with theft and guns etc. The Shepard is very alert, smart etc, but she's not listening. I realize I need to go back to basics, what I know to do and works, but can I just start over and her forget my before behavior.? Every dog I've fostered I've house trained, cat trained, taught to walk on leash for there future home, even though I don't want to use a leash for my dogs,. I just have no control over her or she isn't surrenderd to me AT ALL.. And All dogs surrender to me. I'm calm I'm assertive she's exercised . I got her off a kill list from 5 hours away. She's a beautiful girl. But I'm at a loss. An it's sad as much as I can do for others pets I seem to be unable to do it for my own. Thanks so much for all you do and getting your boys started to help. I love watching you and your family grow. It's been an amazing journey. Thanks in advance. Carol PS I have told you story of Discovery probably as much as you walking all those dogs off leash and not even speaking much English at all 😆❤️I hope your children continue to learn from your AWESOME example.💙

  • Maria Gabriela Chapellin
    Maria Gabriela Chapellin

    Me encantan tus videos...

  • Mitali Acharya
    Mitali Acharya

    Hope to see more!! I love this so much! We definitely need an all animal news series!

  • Captain Petrson
    Captain Petrson

    Damn, the kids really grew

  • Dharshini Joseph
    Dharshini Joseph

    Are you sharing animal news about the animals we exploit? Respecting animals means going vegan!

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    D. DalanJe

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    Kat Jones

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    Hi 👋 im ayden i watch all your video is nice can you do a video about your junior 🐕

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    Kelly Robinson

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    Genesis Kravitz

    You and your sons make me proud. Strong men with tender hearts. Well done!

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    Adriana77 W.

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    nabolo 66

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  • Welsh Mel B
    Welsh Mel B

    I think your so fab and great that your family is working all together.Great team.hugs from Melanie South wales UK

  • Maria L
    Maria L

    It is a very popular video on IRbin with a dog attacking its own foot like it doesn't understand that the foot is a part of himself. Could you make a video were you explain the dogs behavior and why it is doing that? ☺️

  • Mina Skelly
    Mina Skelly

    I love this!!!

  • Bonnie Lawrence
    Bonnie Lawrence

    Beautiful family. Thanks for all you do.

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  • LordChrome375

    For years I've been wondering where you went! I'm so glad I found your channel.

  • angela colon
    angela colon

    Cesar you don't know how happy I feel to come across this new video of your new show Animal News. I have been looking for your shows and have missed seeing you. Your sons did a great job and they are so big and handsome. I wish much success. Please tell me were can I see more of your shows.

  • Solange Bernal
    Solange Bernal


  • Shauna

    Is it weird that I suddenly wish I was 30 years younger?


    Hooooooo.....tree girls.....woooouuuuuuuu.,❇️🌹🌈❇️🌹🌈...aiiiiiiiii,💃💃💃🐩🐩🐩 Love.... Love ...

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    bby m

    His sons are super handsome and seem like good people which isn’t surprising since cesar is amazing. People who are good to animals are good people in general


    Hi Cesar Millan ! I am a big fan of you! In 2012 when i was 12 years old,I watched you and I wanted to be just like you.First I wanted to be vet to animals so that i cab help them,but 1 year later i went to a doctor and he said that I am alergek to cats and i was very sad about it..then i touth that i want to be like you.I started learning about the dogs,reading books about training dogs.Then I was so happy that you came in Europe in country Bulgaria in our capital Sofia. I beg my mom to go in Sofia,so that I can talk with you and see you.But we live in Varna wich is far away from Sofia.Varna is near the Black sea,I was hoping and beging God you to come in my city....but it didn't hapend.I have a lot of problems with my dog,I wanted to contact with you...and i don't know if this comment you will see it or answer.You are famous in the world. I know and I see a lot of people that need you more than me.I have searching other trainers in my city,but my dad and mom thins that we don't need a trainer,because our dog is now 9 yars old and my parents say that is too late to train him.I know that you can take a lot of money of everyone so that you can help people,this is your job and its normal and I don't know if we have that so much money.And I am sure that you wont come in Europe in country Bulgaria in my city just because i need you.I dreamed since 12 years to meet you.But I just don't have luck.Now I am 20!

  • Michele Marie
    Michele Marie

    Love it....I am looking forward to more videos like this....Thre world neefds to know about energy and not what somebody or some animal looks like....read the God in every thing....

  • You are The Light #spiritual
    You are The Light #spiritual

    You truly are such a beautiful soul and my family is so blessed to have you part of their lives! Your love and passion for the animals and humanity is felt by all, and I thank you for giving it all! You have educated us so much about dogs, and our calm energy around them. Thank you for inspiring us each day with your love, respect, kindness and compassion! This show is a great idea and will be so fun to watch! It’s great to see your sons involved too! Blessings to you always!! 💗💗💗

  • 魂

    Can you make videos in Spanish too? Me encantaría si pudiera ver su videos en español con mis padres. Desde niñez yo y mi papá veíamos “Dog Whisperer” pero siempre deseaba que un día pudiéramos ver un episodio totalmente en español. ¡Ceasar eres un inspiración para los inmigrantes ! ¡Te agradecemos mucho!

  • Rediawan Nyoman
    Rediawan Nyoman

    How to take a control of two male huskies when taking them for a walk they drag me, can,t stop them to walk behind me. Also how to calm them down when meeting other animal such as cats or other dogs ? Looking forward for the tips, thaks

  • ConArdist

    I have great videos of my Beagle and guinea pigs interacting that would be perfect for this! Is there a site to submit them to?

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    Jenna C

    Emotion plus intention. I do like that.

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    maria G

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    Alicia Gold

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    Dana Dillon

    Hi Cesar. I have a dog that was severely abused. He has not bit anyone in six months, then suddenly, he has bit two people. What can I do to protect him and stop his fight response? He has come a very long way, with the help of your videos, but I want to make sure he is never in a position that could cost him his life. He is so precious to me. Please help him.

  • FantiMaus

    Hi Cesar. Firstly, thank you so much for all these years you have been teaching us humans and showing us how to understand and happily coexist with any type of energy in a dog. Secondly, I have taken your guidelines to help my mother and her dog since the dog is very fearful in public places and has an overexcited state when guarding the house. I managed to show my mother what she needs to do to be more relaxed and in control and that her dog can be relaxed too when in public places and at home. Thank you.

  • Gregoria Arteaga
    Gregoria Arteaga

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    Tania Jimenez

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    John Kilbert

    Hi there ceasar I have a? I'm having a problem with my pit bull he tries to eat the lawn mower and my hand tools when I'm working in the yard how can I help him from barking like crazy

  • Minerva Lopez
    Minerva Lopez

    Todo muy bien cesar pero ponlo en español para tu compatriotas de México o ya se te olvido el española se te olvido tus raíces saludos de monterrey México ra ra ra

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    Aaron Kunz

    02:35 01:35 03:49

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    Anna McLeod

    www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/owner-witnesses-dog-lie-another-22133045?.com&fbclid=IwAR1Sms7DwGzWpH-NDFD8JkEKclDGF3fZh4Sxunt1Ffm_Pq8ksw043QWcTJo Can or cannot confirm that apparently dogs CAN lie?

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    Jamedra A

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    Active Living Water

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    Cruise The Autistic Boy

    Mr. Millan! You did an outstanding job portraying youself as the villain in the South Park episode "Tsst"! Subscribe my channel!

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    Vitor San

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  • UnikeOnly- 4MyFaves
    UnikeOnly- 4MyFaves

    Hello Millan family, I'm happy to watch more vids and learn more... because learning experiences from everything in life takes 24/7. I'm a big FAN of all of your shows Mr. Millan and thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge, is greatly appreciated it 😊 and for those with destructive/negative comments I just wanna say... if you don't have the experience handling animals, specially dogs, then don't say anything and stay away from this type of shows( I'm sure no one is forcing you) and if you have the experience then by all means, make your own TV show and I will wish you all the luck in the world. Mr. Millan, I'm sending you and all your love ones all my positive energy and please continue being the AMAZING human being that you are🥰

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    Freedom Chance

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    The great Luis

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    I've got a question what if your dog got attacked from the other dogs that are abandoned from their owners, what should i/we do???

    • JayveeShen

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    Irene FP Padial


  • nova nova
    nova nova

    А почему без перевода?

  • nova nova
    nova nova

    А почему без перевода?

  • Daycare

    Your sons are so smart, handsome, and charismatic Cesar, I'm so happy for you.

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    Tony Davila

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    Kayleen Warunek

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    maria huerta

    ¿Por qué los gatos tienen que estar un poco alejados de los perros, o al menos la mayoría de ambos? ¿Hay alguna manera de conseguir que generalice la amistad y comprensión entre ellos, y no provoque confrontaciones -en las que mayormente los gatos terminan asustando, atacando, arañando, apartando o lesionando aunque sea levemente al perro-? ¿Criarlos juntos desde que son pequeños ambos ayudaría?

  • Cynthia Conway
    Cynthia Conway

    Cesar...wonderful 🙋‍♀️ idea...the new show! ...but...U do need to fix the lighting....purchase a lrge. construction light from Ur local Lowe's. It will help us see U & and Ur sons talking when a word is not heard the lip movement will help us understand U. 💁‍♀️ 🌴

  • kim pase
    kim pase

    Love this! I have a question: I have 2 well balanced dogs. However, during thunderstorms one of my dogs is scared of the noise. When she tries to get close to the other dog he growls at her. Is he reacting to get energy? They get along very well.

  • Karen Rivera
    Karen Rivera

    Two of my favorite things, handsome guys and dogs! Great start guys! Looking forward to more!♥️

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    Sandie Wallis

    Hi love this boys! N how exciting about the shelters! Love from Australia 😎🌻

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    Tino Perez

    And im a dog raise in chicago

  • Tino Perez
    Tino Perez

    Mira cesar.i love the way you treat your dogs because i love dogs.but im Mexican from iguala guerrero.but i heard you treat your dogs better than your crue.and you are raised whit mexiicans

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    sheenachan sub

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    loveLV life

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    Lori Bergevin

    Hi Cesar. My cardiologist recommended I get a dog for my anxiety. There’s a dog in foster that we’re considering ❤️ She’s amazing! Very social, yet super chill. Wants to always sidekick the mom of the house. Chills in her crate on her own at her own leisure & sleeps there at night. Great with the kids. Doesn't bark. Playful with other dogs. No food aggression. The only issue is, she pulls very hard when leashed. She’s about 40lbs + VERY strong (pit mix). I’m only 120lbs. I really want to do this right. She’s been through a lot. She spent 9 weeks in a shelter & bc of COVID, her only human interaction was her feeding 2x a day. She’s been with a foster family (friends of ours) for about a week. What’s the quickest way to get her comfortable on the leash? Help Cesar.

  • Time master
    Time master

    Andre just like Cesar... While Calvin taken on his mom s traits

  • vadil bello
    vadil bello

    Cesar, I have been a fan for 10 years now. I have wacthed every single episode of dog whisperer and believe it or not I have never owned a dog in my life and yet Im captivated with your show because of the message and life values you share in your show. Now, I have recently come across a variety show similar to the dog whisperer called "Dogs are incredible". I would really love you watch and react to the show and give your thought on it. I think we will all enjoy it as they have some good cases, and as a business point of view doing this COULD end up attracting more views to your channel from KOREA and perhaps other ASIAN countries as you know now they are sources of profits now even hollywood movies are now trying to have Asian casts and market heavily in Asia. Please please take a look at the show in IRbin and hope you would do reaction videos to it. Sincerely your long time fan :)

  • Kathleen Debaun
    Kathleen Debaun

    Just had to share it’s true about your calm energy. I managed to stand face to face with a cow running wild and touched her nose and told her you have to turn around and walk back into your pasture and she did as I said, I was happy! No need to get a cattle rancher. I did it with my calm energy and love. Aloha from Laupahoehoe Hawaii 🌴🐄

  • DragonSkaterrr

    as an autistic person, i live with emotional people, no pack leaders, i trained my high energy chihuahua's on my own, no pulling, no peeing till i give u permission, behave, etc i started watching your videos and i was like huh thats almost the same the thing i want to say: i cant train the people who i live with so they always will mess up the dog, they will bark to everything etc how do i train the people? you see those persons on your show who cant be trained because they wanna treat the dogs like their child, and dont even wanna try, thats how they are

  • lucas borja
    lucas borja

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