One GREAT way to Exercise with Your Dogs while you #StayHome! (Ignoring Food!)
In this episode, Cesar teaches Sophia, a new way to exercise without leaving the house! Using his kitchen as the location, Cesar teaches us how to exercise with our dog using food.
Tools needed for exercise:
Two Scents:
One for your dog to stay away
One for your dog to move forward
So your scent is not associated with the other scents
This exercise will help you connect to your dog through how a dog learns: nose, eyes, ears
This will also help you on your walks as you encounter many different scents along the way.
Keep it - Natural, Simple, and Profound.
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    I noticed on a previous episode with spot that you feed the dogs carrots and celery as a treat correct? Is there other vegs that they would like and be ok for them?

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    Anushri Bajaj

    Loved the fact that you have addressed the nose in the leave it command. Dogs are Definitely smart to apply it to other frames and situations once they have understood the concept . Our problem is regarding territorial infringement with regards to nose. We have a 2 yr old female st. Bernard, who is pretty much good with basic commands, understand and even applies leave it on roads and streets. But in the society that we live in, whenever a new dog enters a home and once she gets a whiff of it, then all training is forgotten and she just wants to constantly bark at him from the balcony and always takes or drags us there to smell him on the staircase. All the training seems to be forgotten and it's like , there is only instinct driving ber, no brain at that time. We would really like your help in altering this situation.or atleast to distract her and bring her into a calmer state of mind.

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    Yevhenii Kalashnyk

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    Gabriel 2018

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    Gabriel 2018

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    Meel wallace

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    Cheryl Schumaker

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