My Dog Whispers Sweet Nothings To Me | Dog ASMR
¡Hola mi gente! I am so excited for you all to meet Sophia Millan who I rescued from Puerto Rico a year ago. What will she like? Let's explore some #Dog #ASMR together and see Sophia's #FoodReviews!
Better Humans, Better Planet
Trust, Respect, Love

  • Charlise Philson
    Charlise Philson

    Thank You! I absolutely love it!!

  • Sam Keane
    Sam Keane

    She's my personal favorite of your pack!

  • rcsc824 sc
    rcsc824 sc

    Wow.. delicioso!

  • Moniqua Christensen
    Moniqua Christensen

    So sweet and amazing sounds from this highly discerning beautiful dog! Love this video! Love the subtitles, lol. 🐶😊💜🐶🙋‍♀️

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles

    One thing is for certain, Sophia has excellent table manners. Not one crumb.👍

  • kuldeep rexwal
    kuldeep rexwal

    cesar please help me.😭 i m from india. my bitch is very aggressive towards outsider please help me please guide me what to do. she bited 6-7 people.

  • Cll Clan
    Cll Clan

    I loved the part were she sees the green bean and then just gets back down

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee

    "Ok I will have a teeny". Cuuuuute Sophia. Humans eating ASMR I don't enjoy but this was great. And that wall shelving decor art is beautiful behind her. I could look at that for hours, it's as gorgeous as Sophia.

  • Miguel TheBarber
    Miguel TheBarber

    Sophia has better table manners then some people I have seen !!! So cute!

  • CatsInHats S.Crouching Tiger
    CatsInHats S.Crouching Tiger

    What delicious sounds are these! Oh sooo good!

  • vicktorv

    En que momento Cesar MIlan se convirtió en la Caricatura de Cesar MIlan?

  • May nin Ng
    May nin Ng

    God bless you and animal

  • Melanie Pate
    Melanie Pate

    Loved the video. Cesar has a sexy voice. Cute doggy too

  • MaryS Sp.
    MaryS Sp.


  • Turkana

    Such a beautiful video Cesar keep it up 🙌🙏🙌😍😘

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose

    So I guess I’m not that weird if others like to watch pets chew their food. I feel like a Mom watching a child enjoy life.

  • Cate Hennigan
    Cate Hennigan

    Just what I needed 💗❗️

  • Carrie H
    Carrie H

    Peanut butter is not good for dogs, almond butter is a better choice :)

  • Amanda Horner
    Amanda Horner

    Would love to dance some salsa with Cesar - When are you coming back to Northern Ireland??

  • isf tish
    isf tish

    I used to have a poodle who made such a large variety of sounds, like he was talking and expressing his feelings to me. I would sometimes deliberately ignore him, and he would do a low-high-low growl-howl, and bite and pull my hand away from my mouse and keyboard. When it was time to walk, he would tell me by a soft whine and then point his nose at the leash hanging on the wall. Sometimes he will flick the leash to make the chains sound to signal to me.

  • Laura Briese
    Laura Briese

    Very cute

  • Barbara Walker
    Barbara Walker

    You are truly the dog whisperer and,my cat is very happy with being ,with , Spot Pet Insurance Company,♥️🐈😻😻

  • DeAnna Lemburg
    DeAnna Lemburg

    Loved it thank you need more in the moment

  • The Golden Otty
    The Golden Otty


  • K-rose Bouvier
    K-rose Bouvier

    Best video ever!!!

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you! ❤️

  • Yes_Dubs RXSZ
    Yes_Dubs RXSZ

    Mmmmmm sospechoso creo según yo cesar Millán es de Mazatlán Sinaloa

  • jcrnda

    What a lovely dog! Thank you Cesar, magnifico! My dog would eat anything that I eat. And he was convinced he was a pitbull although he was only a Pekingese. Sweetest dog and loyal friend who passed away before his 17th birthday. Miss him every single day...

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Dog Is Love - sending you ❤️

  • Cold Flame
    Cold Flame

    I just found out cesar millan has a IRbin channel I remember when I used to watch the dog whisper For hours, you know I subscribed without even watch one video

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you for the love! ❤️



  • Mordy S
    Mordy S

    It wont eat a liberal diet. Smart dog.

  • Anonymous Platypus
    Anonymous Platypus

    She is so cute

    • Anonymous Platypus
      Anonymous Platypus

      Thank you so much for liking my comment Cesar

  • Creciendo Emprendiendo
    Creciendo Emprendiendo

    jejeje que buen video,, increible.. muy lindo perrito

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia

    Esa chama quita es muy inteligente y bella ☺️ Si sabe bien cuál es la comida chatarra😁😂😅paso muy bien la prueba con 10.5 😁♥️🤗 y que bien tronó los Cheetos 🤪 Bonito video Sr. Cesar Milán

  • Doro

    Gosh. This is way too funny. Love it. What a cute dog, and I love seeing what she's thinking. "This is my favourite day" ROFL. Do more of these, please.

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      More to come! Thanks for the love ❤️

  • Anita Sylvia
    Anita Sylvia

    your dog eat food is so cute. volume to that room is so big when high volume in your headphones or speaker. Amazing video cesar milan, nice to meet you, i'm from indonesia. your fans when im in high school maybe if i know so talented action what have you done like training everyone just dog. Love and Respect

  • Kassie Glascoe
    Kassie Glascoe

    Any tips for crazy separation anxiety, food aggression with animals, an growling when people walk threw the door, an also car anxiety

  • Celeste Chick
    Celeste Chick

    I imagine this is what dogs listen to when they can't fall asleep lol

  • Adiestrando mascotas x Male
    Adiestrando mascotas x Male


  • Interviewer Von Artista
    Interviewer Von Artista

    whisperer...I get it..jajaja love it..but I thought, is he drinking Tequila? and low and behold...

  • SueSage ASMR
    SueSage ASMR

    Loving this!! Very soothing 💜😌

  • raghu nandan
    raghu nandan

    Soo nice video 😆🤣👏

  • Jaylee Clough
    Jaylee Clough

    Very well trained. She is showing lots of patience for papa's treats

  • Just Sam
    Just Sam

    That was sweet!

  • Nobleman Q Vittorio
    Nobleman Q Vittorio

    Cesar I been watching your show alot lately. You have and amazing gift. I think it's so special that you can maybe even work with people with special needs. My daughter is 9 and she has autism, she's just about non verbal and I say to myself all the time I wish I could understand her more. But I honestly think you can change the world with this gift you have. Much respect and love my brother. Keep being great💯🙌🏾💪🏾

  • MikeL A.
    MikeL A.

    Hello Pal! I just watched 8 of your videos regarding taming, disciplining, training, and the like. I want to ask if you have POO and PEE training. I am one your fans!

  • Sandra L
    Sandra L

    Haha! This is so cute 😝

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you!

  • maricelaazura0214

    Lol love watching the video Sophia is such a beautiful and smart dog 👍👏

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Sophia ❤️

  • Heidi

    Watermelon in chicken..Sophia: Yeah...still not eating water-food

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


  • Michele Renella
    Michele Renella

    I love Cesar but this video is creepy

  • gecks mcgoo
    gecks mcgoo

    wow what a nice surprise to find u doing ASMR ☺️

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you! ❤️

  • Buckeye Phillips
    Buckeye Phillips My pups

  • Iris Postema
    Iris Postema

    She looks like a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, but also like a Kooikerhondje! And don't forget dashhund, She is so cute.

  • Gabrielle Tran
    Gabrielle Tran

    Cesar. You alaways have a way with dogs. Sophia loves to the moon and back!

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


  • Daria Solovieva
    Daria Solovieva

    Gorgeous room, dog and ASMR artist!

  • C Ls
    C Ls

    My dog wasn’t to excited about watermelon until I got her to bite into it. Now she likes it. She’s so pretty, curious to know her breed

  • Beaver Kat
    Beaver Kat

    Sophia Millan? Thats so sweet😍 She has good taste😃

  • Jessie Moreno
    Jessie Moreno

    Anybody out there that can give me pointers on how to train my dog to go to the bathroom outside,would be greatly appreciated, Thank u,stay safe everyone,,,

    • AJ Sunflower
      AJ Sunflower

      Take them out OFTEN. If you don’t give them the chance to go inside, they’ll eventually get used to and prefer the texture of grass (or whichever outside surface they go in). LOTS of praise and/or treats when they do go outside. Also, when you do take them out, be as boring as you can so they don’t associate it with play time. Good luck! 🤞

  • magdalena

    Best Video to calm down 🥰 Beautiful Sophia 💛🐾

  • Jianda Monique
    Jianda Monique

    Sooooo sweet

  • Rameen Khan
    Rameen Khan

    Sophia 8s so smart how is she with her dance

  • Darla Clark
    Darla Clark

    Now this is so darn CUTE Cesar! Sophia is beautiful!💜 Thanks for the smile on my face ☺️

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      thank you 🙏🏼

  • Johannah Haugen
    Johannah Haugen

    CUTEST video I've seen today😂💙💙

  • rebecca zephyrin
    rebecca zephyrin

    Totally adore little girl such a gentle soul ❤️

  • Vanessa Hawarden
    Vanessa Hawarden

    My Lurchers wait nicely for cucumber skin words needed!

  • Kristi Beard
    Kristi Beard

    She is adorable!!!

  • Kristene

    This was adorable. 💗

  • ashystyle

    What the hell was this Cesar? Step up man!

  • Michele Marie
    Michele Marie

    Love Love Love,,,Sophia is a sweet beautiful gorgeous dog, and I love to see you drink tequila...WOOHOO

  • animallover5626

    Yes, dog is love ❤️

  • Scaramanga 08
    Scaramanga 08

    This is so cute and funny at the same time.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Now I'm feeling hungry.

  • DiverseKitty

    I'm a big fan of ASMR. I'm a big fan of Cesar Millan. This is legendary.

  • Euphonia Hale
    Euphonia Hale

    Sophia has such a sweet spirit

  • Sari Luoma-Keturi
    Sari Luoma-Keturi

    Hehe, this was a great video! I've been following your journey for quite some time and I love what you are doing

  • GabiAPF

    Sofia is adorable! And my dog heard your whispers and fixed her eyes and ears on my computer.

  • Rathish

    Hope some day you make similar video with junior

  • Ceraunophile

    Mmm delisioso

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Muy delicioso!

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K

    Lol ASMR

  • Raj21 Jo
    Raj21 Jo

    That moment when being stuck at home with extra time on your hands gets to Cesar Milan. 🤣😆😄 I love this unusual video! It's such a fun momento of social distancing life!

  • Rebecca Trumbull
    Rebecca Trumbull

    What the heck am I watching??

  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez

    I smiled through the entire video. I feel whole and happy ❤️ lol

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Dog is love ❤️

  • Irena Stacova
    Irena Stacova


  • Andrew Lockwood
    Andrew Lockwood


  • TupacLebt ElvisNich
    TupacLebt ElvisNich

    Sweetest dog ever ❤️

  • Karen Sawyer
    Karen Sawyer

    I HAVE TO TRY THIS AT HOME!!!( this was TOO cute!!!) What a funny, adorable video. Loved it!

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you! ❤️

  • R.A.M

    Reminds me of the bond between myself and my parents border collie cross lurcher. He too is a rescue and just recently found out why we bonded so quickly and it freaked me out a little but my parents kinda had a vague inkling about him when we all picked him up. Dogs are amazing.

  • Delta Mejia
    Delta Mejia

    SSSSSophia se parece a mi...No nos gusta las cosas saludable

  • nhbkel

    this was amazing 😍😂 so cute!!!

  • Dear Red
    Dear Red

    I love Ceasar. He is my hero.

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


  • Silvia Vo
    Silvia Vo

    Oh I loved this video hahaha awesome

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith

    I compared this dog harness with EXPAWLORER and its half the price

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Aurélie Jenna
    Aurélie Jenna

    awwwwwwwwwww 💜💜💜💜

  • Daan Elmalik
    Daan Elmalik

    I really like Cesar he have the ability to talk with dogs sure he understand the dogs language best one of the world 🎉🎉💝💝if I was a judge I will of course choose him as the animals star

  • Vanessa B
    Vanessa B

    I love all the crystals in the background 💎💛🐶

  • Luise Liehn
    Luise Liehn

    Sophia couldn't have found a better home!

  • Allan Aranjo
    Allan Aranjo

    Beautiful and so well behaved doggie.

  • secret Gamer9t4
    secret Gamer9t4


  • MAMBa Dzieciom
    MAMBa Dzieciom

    Interesting video. I have a dog similar to yours, adopted so I don't know her breed ((

  • Alexandra V
    Alexandra V

    Your normal voice is calming me more😂 I can't believe Cesar is doing this😂😂😂

  • Wandaria Newton
    Wandaria Newton

    Don't let him fool you Sophie lol

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


  • Wandaria Newton
    Wandaria Newton

    Your beautiful Sophie