MY DOG BITES MY BOYFRIEND!! | Cesar Solves the Case | Limited Series
Dog bites can happen for a lot of reasons, from a puppy in the teething stage nipping you to an attack by a strange dog on the street. A lot of times dogs can even bite those that are closest to you creating a disconnect in your relationship. In this limited series, Cesar Millan helps health & fitness instructor Rrayyme and her boyfriend Nathan with a common issue pet parents have regarding dog aggression and dog's biting.
Ara is a rescue who has been attacking her owner’s boyfriend. She is a perfect dog when her owner, Rrayyme, is around, but when Nathan, her boyfriend, enters the equation it’s a whole different story. Ara shows aggressive and over protective behaviors. Nathan hasn’t touched Ara in 5 months. Rrayyme and Nathan are at an impasse and don’t know what to do. Let’s see if Cesar Can Solve the Case.
00:55 - Rrayyme & Nathan share their story
02:17 - Cesar meets Rrayyme & Nathan
02:51 - Cesar begins taking Ara out of the Kennel
05:57 - Cesar introduces Lorenzo, our llama, to Ara
09:24 - Cesar tries to pet Ara
13:01 - Nathan begins to work with ara
20:04 - Nathan tries to pet Ara
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Trust, Respect, Love

  • a m
    a m

    this guy is clearly not good to the dog thats why hes scared, this guy should be the one who cesar should train

  • David Rufes
    David Rufes

    That boyfriend is so annoying

  • Jovanny Camacho
    Jovanny Camacho

    Bro the guy is literally the definition of DOUCHE hahaha

  • Ryan Castle
    Ryan Castle

    Right Lorenzo, he's like wtf"🤣🤣🤣

  • Ben Tong
    Ben Tong

    Did she just say cohabilitate.....

  • A Big Foot with internet access
    A Big Foot with internet access

    Let's be honest...most of yall didn't know the guy (didn't know how to be within the presence of the dog) since Cesar started to teach him smh...


    I love how he fix’s the dog in a couple mins and starts to fix the human as well

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez

    He probably beats the puppy while she's not around. I wouldn't want to be around him either

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez

    He taught me a good life lesson here

  • Jay S
    Jay S

    All these commentators judging this dude for his 'negative energy' yet spilling out all these negative comments about some stranger they know next to nothing about... Makes me pretty sad, to be honest. Makes me think ya'll just tearing someone down to make you feel better about your own shortcomings, but I could be wrong.

  • Drew Perkins
    Drew Perkins

    Yeah nah the boyfriend is oozing anger and impatience towards the dog. He obviously can't forgive the fact that she was scared in the past and bit him because of it. Doesn't seem like he's a dog lover at all. He even had to be told to smile... weird vibes

  • Samuel Eto'o
    Samuel Eto'o

    There’s a lot to be said about the bf, but if he really buys into what Cesar taught him about bonding/brotherhood he can definitely find calmness. The “tough guy” thing tells me that he doesn’t know who he is, not that his deep down self is the pretend-to-be-cool persona.

  • Xpertyash

    The BF Is a psychopath and am damn sure that he abuses the dog verbally and physically thats the reason the poor baby had to bite that son of a B.

  • Kayleb Erickson
    Kayleb Erickson

    That man should not be around animals...

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    So every animal this guys meets, the animals hates him lol

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    Clearly he isn’t a good guy if every dog he meets wants to bite him 😂🤨

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk

    That guy looks like such a douche

  • Wallace Gentry
    Wallace Gentry

    The kid reminds me of one of the boys n blue, who have major insecurity/fear issues. Maybe she should dump him altogether, take Cesar's advice, and all will be well.

  • brandon faris
    brandon faris

    Very attractive girl, Very nice dog, Piece of crap BF.

  • isoy1230

    Perfectly demonstrate the proper way to tame the canine. Bravo....

  • Alejandra Herondale
    Alejandra Herondale

    Really that guy is not a good person, it's for that the dog doesnt like him, she feel that but the girlfriend don't

  • Alejandra Herondale
    Alejandra Herondale

    Realmente el tipo no es buena persona y la perra lo siente por eso lo rechaza y la novia no se da cuenta

  • debra lerner
    debra lerner

    depending on the history of the dog if you notice when a dog gets put in a animal shelter situation it is because it looses trust in man and i do mean MAN do you know it is men that cause the problem dogs are not born with problems man gives the dog problem biting is a reaction to mistreatment also if the dog has been back and forth to dog shelters this causes A MAJOR PROBLEM too many OWNERS confusion mistrust become the dogs thought prosses it is though patience and giving the dog TIME all these things will be cured but you have to not rush her let the dog trust YOU give the love praise and all the past will be erased

  • Jeff Sharp
    Jeff Sharp

    "now she's got 2 dads" well that escalated quickly

  • Jeff Sharp
    Jeff Sharp

    She just needs to tell the dog that her bf isnt hurting her. Regardless what it sounds like

  • Vincent Sablan
    Vincent Sablan

    Forgot to mention: Lorenzo Llama!!! Freakin' CLASSIC!!!

  • Vincent Sablan
    Vincent Sablan

    It's sad that the girl goes for muscle-bound IDIOT, while the pup KNOWS he's garbage.

  • Pavia Pascal
    Pavia Pascal

    Proof that humans needs "animals sensitivity" ...

  • Jovy Tio
    Jovy Tio

    HI Czar i have a 9 months dubberman pincher what is the best partner dogs to go with him? thank

  • Hamza Tariq
    Hamza Tariq

    People are being ruthless in the comments section and you know what...I am loving it....😂😂😂

  • tee tom
    tee tom

    She doesn't like him cause u can see that he has an attitude and probably flips out after shooting up his steroids

  • krystle soto
    krystle soto

    I am not here to shame anyone but the boyfriend shows NO interest in the dog or working with her. I hope she left him.

  • Vicky Sanders
    Vicky Sanders

    Get rid of your ego dude

  • Bonananaa

    Errmmmm..... I don't think "Cohabilitate" is a word.....

  • Dian Junior
    Dian Junior

    Bf just want the sex n not the dog

  • Erika Flores
    Erika Flores

    Cesar is really teaching him how to behave, not the dog!.

  • 10kid

    His personality and body language speaks many words the owner is a clear bimbo

  • IrishHungryDwarf

    Now I’m off to rent a llama to cure my dogs aggressive behaviour 👌

  • sciure sci
    sciure sci

    See how the dog almost bit ceaser too even though she just met him ? Same thing must've happened the first time she met the boyfriend. She's not properly trained. It's not just the boyfriend,they're both assholes.

  • Conor Green
    Conor Green

    Nathan’s a bellend

  • Joanna Dagmara Chmiel
    Joanna Dagmara Chmiel

    the boyfriend is so ...... im a all it macho man ...... idiot

  • xDirtyPandax

    I think he might secretly be hitting the dog and out of fear it’s biting.. he giving off bad vibes

  • BamBamBoo Yaaj
    BamBamBoo Yaaj

    There's too many things to talk about this video but amazing work from Cesar for being able to teach the human and the dog this day. If you watch enough Cesar Millan videos, you'll understand it's the humans fault.

  • Rakkasan 2/187
    Rakkasan 2/187

    This D-bag is the problem not the dog. Seems like the steroids are what’s causing him to have a negative vibe. The dog played nice with the D-Bag only for Caesar’s sake. No doubt he’s mistreated this dog and heck I wouldn’t doubt if the girlfriend gets some of that as well. She needs to drop that idiot!

  • HobbyLobby TradingPost
    HobbyLobby TradingPost

    My dog has switched “masters” from me to my boyfriend, and won’t let me touch him anymore :’( He attacks aggressively We are his third home and I’ll never give up on him, but it’s so hard not being able to pet him, or put his leash on him, thankfully he still loves to walk with me

    • HobbyLobby TradingPost
      HobbyLobby TradingPost

      If *that* guy can do it, so can I!!!!!!!!!!

    • HobbyLobby TradingPost
      HobbyLobby TradingPost

      I hate this boyfriend. I soak up every second of my dogs existence. I enjoy watching him play with my boyfriend and living his joyful little life. I might need to do some meditation to get on the same “calm” level of my boyfriend, I don’t have a calm energy. Eeeeeeeeeeeee my babies, I’m coming for the belly rubs!!!!!!

    • HobbyLobby TradingPost
      HobbyLobby TradingPost

      Omg I’m crying... I CAN DO THIS

  • BB Ghillini
    BB Ghillini

    I was nervous just watching his "bad" energy, No personality.....he doesn't appear to be a gentle person. More like...I am in charge.

  • Amy Duque
    Amy Duque

    I pray she broke up with that narcissistic pos

  • Juanita

    I just love that yoriki Cesar

  • deucethegod

    This dude definitely was beating that dog. His body language, posture, etc and the dog flinching and shaking while he's petting her says a lot. I wouldn't doubt that he's a dick.

  • Edwin Thomas
    Edwin Thomas

    It's more him that is causing the issue not the dog. He will eventually leave her and dog.

  • Braulio Bonilla
    Braulio Bonilla

    The boyfriend is annoying af She need to break up with this bag of negativity


    The boyfriends stands there with wide open legs just like a douchebag.

  • Taipari Waaka
    Taipari Waaka

    The level of communication by Cesar is to not only gain trust from the dog and the owner, but to tell the bf he is the issue without putting him down. An all round good human

  • francella petaccia
    francella petaccia


  • francella petaccia
    francella petaccia

    That guy is a jerk! He's making that poor dog's life miserable! How could he have ever worked at a rescue?! I feel sorry for the dogs!

  • Sajjad Huxxain
    Sajjad Huxxain

    Come Pakistan lahorr

  • Argos Ron
    Argos Ron

    I don't want to be with him either !

  • Cheng Cheng
    Cheng Cheng

    Love your story and energy with dogs and humans. God bless your family.



  • Israelquinones

    no culpo al perro que muerda al novio . La verdad A mi también me cayo gordo!!!

  • Nancy Rahhal
    Nancy Rahhal

    The boyfriend is so snobby. Just his character alone sucks. Nothing wrong with the dog. It's the snobby ass boyfriend

  • Samuel E
    Samuel E

    That dude is trying so hard to look tuff 😹

  • Jane Spitfire
    Jane Spitfire

    the dog is jealous of the boyfriend. But betcha boyfriend been mean to the dog.He looks scary anyway

  • Brett Duffin
    Brett Duffin

    Muscle boy is so scared of being who he is afraid he is, he pretends to be a boss. Poor guy. Well trained caesar, but I am afraid he has a long way to go.

  • anthony kobe
    anthony kobe

    Cats and dogs know if you a bad person or did something terrible to them and they will shake or run from you

  • Sakeebul Haque
    Sakeebul Haque

    She badd tho

  • Glenda Bracaglia
    Glenda Bracaglia

    I do not trust this boyfriend. If this was my daughter, I’ll tell her to let him go.

  • Katja Brakenhoff
    Katja Brakenhoff

    If so many dogs bit you, AND a lama spit you in the face all the time, smth is wrong with you. The whole body language of this dude, in the beginning of the video in the background when Cesar starts with the dog, getting her out of the kennel, i just want to punch him. Yes, i have a lot of experience with dogs. I rescue strays. Mostly the bad ones, agressive, scared, sick. Not the puppies, many people do that already. This guy, girl, choose your dog, she's right. Dump the dude

  • Jason Popp
    Jason Popp

    Awww. Man this is awesome to watch. Bet these two are cuddling rn. New bffs!

  • Sonja unome
    Sonja unome

    This guy is off in so many ways animals are smart.

  • Sonja unome
    Sonja unome

    Somone who has your features must have done something mean to her. And dude get away when ceaser is working with her you give EVERYONE anxiety STAND DOWN creepen up behind them WTF no wonder she doesnt trust you, shes smart. YOU ARE A LIAR anyone who has worked with unfamiliar dogs would NEVER HAVE THE STANCE your taking. Your agressive and do not belong in the position of compassion towards a dependent creature. Being an Alpha requires empathy and interaction with a terrified animal is making it feel secure your going to give love not only to enforce whos whos boss. Through gentle control and repetition is how you gain trust.

  • Marissa Marie
    Marissa Marie

    Anyone else get bad vibes from the girls boyfriend? I’d be biting him too. His energy is so negative

  • StayLow KeyHumble
    StayLow KeyHumble

    Dog's aren't stupid, one of the things dog's do very well is sensing a person's feelings towards them. The boyfriends body language and reaction to the lama showed he didn't know anything about calming a scared dog like this down and this is why the dog reacted that way towards him because the dog can already sense his frustration and anger towards the dog not cooperating with him. Cesar is on point with everything wrong with the boyfriend. He doesn't seem like he has a sensitive side and seemed like he needed more training than the dog lol. Just from his body language and way he held the leash and tensed grip, I can see him abusing that dog, if not hitting him to listen I can bet he would drag the dog forcefully to walk with him scaring the dog. Dog's don't just shit like that unless they are very uncomfortable and afraid of that person causing the dog to go into defensive mode. Im sure Cesar noticed it and is why Cesar turned into the dog whisperer alpha Male showing dude u in my house and I'm gonna show u how to do this. Lol. Great stuff Cesar. 👍🤙💯 Give the boyfriend a little credit for being there so at least we know he did put some effort. The girlfriend was cool and calm and definitely is why the dog loved her because she had all that Cesar was talking about.

  • sipi sipii
    sipi sipii

    Pffff that BF 🤮

  • Lea Ann Savage
    Lea Ann Savage

    I was sad watching the boyfriend, his energy never really changed even at the end. I wonder how this case turned out back at home.

  • Cheydene de Freitas
    Cheydene de Freitas

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with his dog, she is lovely. Just scared and needs patience and gentle love. The boyfriend is the one who has a problem, he is absolutely awful.

  • Leah Nantz
    Leah Nantz

    He doesn’t even want to learn he just complains

  • Leah Nantz
    Leah Nantz

    He doesn’t even wanna be there! So disrespectful to Caesar! His ego has to go.

  • Leah Nantz
    Leah Nantz

    That boyfriend got hella issues the dog is totally fine

  • Armen Kilejian
    Armen Kilejian

    His character so ugly with the dog. Also he knows nothing about dogs super nervous and giving the dog bad energy.

  • Grave boy Y
    Grave boy Y

    This guy said 😑

  • Joshua Carlson
    Joshua Carlson

    In this industry, and similar I find it refreshing that someone actually has proper vocab....she has bitten me (proper), what I hear in my industry ...she has bit me (improper)

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    My dog is named ara too

  • 2shayZEE

    I see what the problem is. The boyfriend's shorts are too far up his ass!

  • jesusluvsfreaks

    Boyfriend seems like a douche.

  • Marian Franklin
    Marian Franklin

    I have a yorkie the that I got him from said he pee every where he is fix very friendly he loves to stay out side all day am at the point I don't no what to do

  • Geobanne Sosa
    Geobanne Sosa


  • Susan Leftwich
    Susan Leftwich

    Cesar, I hope you get to read this...... I’m sure you have seen this ‘new dude on the net’ called the 🐕 whisperer!!! I much rather see your videos. I trust you !!!!! If I needed help, I would definitely refer back to you !!! I just happen to have cats. Much love and admiration for you and your knowledge. 😊

  • Ivan

    19:09 the girl bites her lip because she got turned on that her boyfriend can finally be with her dog 😂😂😂

  • Amanda J Britt
    Amanda J Britt

    Well done everyone xxxxx

  • Jayy Elizabeth
    Jayy Elizabeth

    *i want to be that bird climbing around the dog cage*

  • Jayy Elizabeth
    Jayy Elizabeth

    I wish i had Cesar’s politeness💀 he got chomped on by a dog then asks the girl if *she* was okay

  • Nico

    she is very niceeeee, a lot

  • Tracy gray
    Tracy gray

    I need your help! i see what you do with so many dogs. Its great. I have a challenge for you, LOL My dog Lucy is a handful, she a walker hound we rescued when she was just a pup running along side the road alone and hungry. I don't think she had ever been inside a home before. Shes now 3 yrs old and im at the end of my rope with her. I really don't want to get rid of her, shes beautiful and unique. Here is a list of things she does that we cannot get control of. Our house is brand new and if the windows aren't locked she opens them and jumps out through the screens, she has ruined every screen in this house but 2. I haven't replaced them yet because she will just ruin them again. Every night she pees once on the floor, even after being let out before bed. She has started showing aggression to our little dog Bailey. She has attacked her 3 times, once she drew blood on her little ear. She has started growling at people if they walk up to her to pet her while shes in her chair, even with our 14 yr old daughter, her father and a couple times at me. She has serious aggression if there are treats being given out. She will attack another dog or someone if they come near her when she has a bone. I have to not give them bones to prevent it. She'll also get aggressive with toys. The last thing i can think of right now is her jumping. She jumps on every adult that comes to the house, its annoying because my dad is disabled and has a hard time walking and he won't come to my house because of her jumping. I will put her away in a room for him but he still refuses.. You want a real challenge? Ever been to Central Maine? Im in Bradford and would love some help with her before I decide to find her a new home. We love her but shes so unpredictable. Oh shes also attacked our cat a couple times..

  • Geli Atun
    Geli Atun

    Girl, just live with your dogs. Your boyfriend doesn’t listen but your dogs will. If i were aura “the dog” i will bite him for sure to defend myself because he’s so terrifying. 😭 But I hope Aura is living in a good place with a good owner and lots of love right now. 🙏🏻 please be healthy Aura you’re amazing ❤️

  • ulosefish

    This bro dude obviously beats the crap out of that dog

  • Luis Nava Castro
    Luis Nava Castro

    This dude is so tense the whole time and seems to not listen very well. Good job on his part getting out of his comfort zone, he has as much work to do as the dog it seems.

    • Luis Nava Castro
      Luis Nava Castro

      I think it’s unfair to judge the lad based purely on this video. I do agree he seems uninterested at time when Cesar is talking, and you body language is insanely tense. Then again he might be scared himself and he’s clearly a macho that struggles getting in touch with his sensitive side. Doesn’t make him a bad person, maybe just some bad characteristics he can improve on. Hopefully the dog and his gf will make him grow into a better person. If he doesn’t it probably won’t last long anyways

  • yvonneost12

    2.48 who stands like that just to chat with someone , except someone that has tabs on one's self ..

  • Bayara Amara
    Bayara Amara

    Best thing about boyfriend is, he is willing to find help, and open to learn to love. I'm sure many people done with the first bite.

  • etologuito

    Cesar is right , this is a different case level. The girl should to break up with his robocop boyfriend and keep the dog.

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