My BEST Advice On A Doggy Couch Potato
In this episode of CesarSOS I give my best advice on best practices if you have an under active dog. Thanks for watching!
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  • runbear

    So basically Ceser said you got a lazy a$$ dog that everyone wants

  • lydiaD777

    Riley seems like the kind of dog that just wants your company, not needing much more activity than being in the same room with you. Talk to him, show him some love, cuddle, enjoy!

  • Jennifer Raby
    Jennifer Raby

    my bulldog is just like Riley and my beagle is the opposite and some days I wish my beagle was more relaxed because he is very active. This was a great video.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Good Morning Mr. Millan, all my dog's are very interested in playing with their Bally" or going out for Walking. BUT every dog has his own Character and this is Okay. He is the more relaxing and chilling One, fine also. We humans are also very different and not like programmed Robot's 😂❗Sending Greetings ❤️ ‼️💯😂😂 funny OMG I read a book for him😂 no, I doesn't I learn sometimes Spanish and read lout some Text's and he is listening to me 😂❤️Greetings and a nice evening.

  • Jill Lopate
    Jill Lopate

    My dog was middle of the pack....very happy go lucky. He and I played with his ball because its what he liked to do. But if he would have been a couch guy, I would have just given him scritchies, or "guess which hand your treat is in" kind of stuff. I Love Cesar so much for his understanding of people AND dogs!❤

  • LilacsAdore

    Aww Cesar is such a sweetie.

  • andres lora
    andres lora

    My dog is just like this, she just sleeps all the time and gets up when she's hungry. When I take her to the park, after one lap of walking she is already crying to go back home. She does love the outdoors, just not running everywhere like other dogs.

  • Adela Marquez
    Adela Marquez

    My dog sleeps 80% of the time only wakes up to eat drink and poop

  • Paramita Chandra Dewi
    Paramita Chandra Dewi

    thankyou for the advice! my dog is definitely a couch potato and once I thought there was something wrong with her, but this video explains a lot

  • Kristy Yates
    Kristy Yates

    This is my dog 💯. I have had Bubba since the day he was born and even as a puppy he was just a big chubby lazy boy. He is just over 3 now and only about once a day he will want to play and run all around the house for about 10-20 minutes before laying down to chew on his bone for an hour and back to sleep he goes. He is the perfect dog because I have dislocating knee caps and was so afraid to have a dog that needed to run and play all the time or pull on the leash but he is a slow walker and very much a couch potato. 😂 I don't know what I would do without him. ❤️

  • air pods
    air pods

    what breed is this.

  • cornelia montemayor
    cornelia montemayor

    Ilean your dog is amazing calm you can make him a Therapy dog with Therapy dog international.You can take him to nursing homes or schools ,bookstores or collage as stress relief dog . This is what I do with my super calm dog . He came to you for a purpose,he is an Angel to help others. Good luck sincerely Conny

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez

    Hola Cesar gracias por este vídeo. Quisiera saber si podrías hacer uno sobre la cosa siguiente: tengo un gato en casa y tu sabes que. contrario a los perros los gatos se creen el alfa en su casa y no dejan que otro animal se acerqué asu territorio. Sabes si puedo hacer que mi gato de 6 años de edad humana pueda aceptar mi cachrrito? Hello Cesar thanks for this video. I would like to know if you could do one about the following thing: I have a cat at home and you know that contrary to dogs cats are the alpha in their house and they don't let another animal get close to their territory. Do you know if I can make my 6-year-old cat in Human age accept my puppy someway

  • Sam Hartje
    Sam Hartje

    I like that doggy belly 😌

  • Norris Dority
    Norris Dority


  • Lucy B Siguenza
    Lucy B Siguenza

    Cesar! I neeed your pack leader collar for my two yr old dobe and i cant find it anywhere ☹️ Where can i get it asap? Please let me know.

  • Crativ Name
    Crativ Name

    I remember watching him on nat geo And when he got bitten by holly

  • Sumida Ryogoku
    Sumida Ryogoku Shiba Inu is super chill. He REALLY loves chilling on a couch or on his bed in front of a fireplace during winter.



  • Katy K
    Katy K

    Que pena que no tienes canal en español.....

  • Acownz z
    Acownz z

    My puppy gets really excited/aggressive when he sees other dogs how do I calm him down

    • Alexa Not from Amazon
      Alexa Not from Amazon

      If he is young enough, Take him out to see dogs more often and reduce the anxiety in two ways: 1. Train him to wait patiently on a lead, even when dogs are not there. Like every couple of steps, calmly get him to sit and if he doesn't you just don't move forward. This way he eventually learns that he is not rewarded until he sits calmly. Once he can do this well with no anxiety, you can move to step 2. 2. Get him to do this, calmly, when there is another dog. If he doesn't move farter away until you can get him to. Do this a few times until he is calm at a distance. Then start getting closer to the dog but still having him calmly sit. Over time you do this closer and closer and he will eventually associate calmness with other dogs.

  • geoffreyjones2000

    Hello sir, I'm celebrating my 59th birthday... wanted you to know that I thought of you today

  • Brenda Cona
    Brenda Cona

    Hola Cesar!como estas?...podrias hacer un como cortar las uñas a los perros de forma segura sin lastimarlo?...porque tengo mi perra que no quiere y se asusta y muerde...muchas gracias Cesar!🙌👍💖👏👏👏👐bendiciones

  • marialaura Trujillo
    marialaura Trujillo

    Me gustaria que hablaras conmigo ❤ necesito a me ayudes con mi perra

  • Retrix XD
    Retrix XD

    Ariva mexico cesar millar

  • Alvin Cootes
    Alvin Cootes

    Their are times in the past where I got bit loose dogs that run around but in time you're show made me know how to handle loose dogs without using ugly force thank you for showing me the way

  • Rebekah Asdfjkl
    Rebekah Asdfjkl

    My dog just killed a chicken😞 I grew up in the country where dogs that kill chickens got rehabilitated...with a bullet. Obviously I’m not going to have my dog put down but damn I have no idea what to do.

  • It's Me Sudhi
    It's Me Sudhi

    My dog is aggressive towards other dogs but she is friendly towards peoples she is a 3 years old labrador dog can you please tell me what should I do to control her aggression towards other dogs

  • Cristhian Cortes
    Cristhian Cortes

    César eres el mejor veo tus vídeos ojalá puedas hablar un poco más en español soy mexicano y admiro el cloro esfuerzo de el trabajo y la perseverancia 👍

  • Courtney Reid
    Courtney Reid

    I want Riley!!!💕

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce

    This dog like my dog. My dog is named Momo. All she does is just kinda watch TV all day

  • Skipper

    I just want to say Cesar, that you are amazing. I love how you handle things. We recently got a dog, and it has been great!

  • Alessandro LinuxBSD
    Alessandro LinuxBSD

    I wonder why Cesar exalt dog of the middle of the pack when instead who live in a city inside small apartment with few possibility for activity will be a lot better with a couch potato dog.

  • বাবু ॐ
    বাবু ॐ Saw this today. Lots of comments. What do you think about this gsd behavior?

  • KingOG

    I have a pet dog name lucky super hyped barks at anything that moves anyone got any tips?

  • luis Prieto
    luis Prieto

    Cesar please please do a video on how to yard control your dog,I don’t know why my dogs run after any dog they see, thier not aggressive and have never gotten in a fight,all they do is run towards them sniff them and then come back I don’t know why,we take them on runs and to dog parks,I’m really struggling because people don’t know that thier not aggressive and they get terrified when they see them running towards thier pup,I have a German Shepard/Labrador mix and a golden retriever

  • Marcos Huayhuaca
    Marcos Huayhuaca

    Cesar tenes canal en español?


    Hi Cesar Millan ! I am a big fan of you! In 2012 when i was 12 years old,I watched you and I wanted to be just like you.First I wanted to be vet to animals so that i cab help them,but 1 year later i went to a doctor and he said that I am alergek to cats and i was very sad about it..then i touth that i want to be like you.I started learning about the dogs,reading books about training dogs.Then I was so happy that you came in Europe in country Bulgaria in our capital Sofia. I beg my mom to go in Sofia,so that I can talk with you and see you.But we live in Varna wich is far away from Sofia.Varna is near the Black sea,I was hoping and beging God you to come in my city....but it didn't hapend.I have a lot of problems with my dog,I wanted to contact with you...and i don't know if this comment you will see it or answer.You are famous in the world. I know and I see a lot of people that need you more than me.I have searching other trainers in my city,but my dad and mom thins that we don't need a trainer,because our dog is now 9 yars old and my parents say that is too late to train him.I know that you can take a lot of money of everyone so that you can help people,this is your job and its normal and I don't know if we have that so much money.And I am sure that you wont come in Europe in country Bulgaria in my city just because i need you.I dreamed since 12 years to meet you.But I just don't have luck.Now I am 20!

  • YunG

    my dogs sat exactly like the first part he loves the couch 🤣

  • jimena Saucedo
    jimena Saucedo

    Hello my dog got lost i am going to post a picture of him in your store so if can put the picture in IRbin plz thx

  • Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
    Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo

    You tube is not recommending your videos make more videos more Often about your Animals

  • Trish

    I can't tell you enough how much I love and look up to Cesar Millan. For years and years and years now❤❤❤😭😭

  • Fer ferchu
    Fer ferchu

    ¿¿Y el canal en español??

  • Daniela Quistiano
    Daniela Quistiano

    Deberías de tener un canal en español, quisiera tener ese conocimiento que tienes

  • M Smith
    M Smith

    We also are LUCKY enough to have a calm and well behaved dog! She doesn’t respond to anxious and over stimulated dogs! THAT is CUTE to us!

  • Weight Pull Lulu & Ace
    Weight Pull Lulu & Ace

    Hi there. what is your thought about the sport weight pulling.

  • Anuprita Duggal
    Anuprita Duggal

    Thank you sir, I'm v busy n my two dobes I walk in morning or evening but now they are eight years they sometimes just love to sleep n I'm thankful esp in lockdown n me sometimes really tired

  • Erick Cortez
    Erick Cortez

    Hola César Discúlpame mira tu programa es lo más hermoso que he visto la verdad a mí me encantan los perritos sabes y rescatados 15 perritos lo tengo en mi casa y pues aquí estamos tú crees y pues he visto tu programa en la tele y ahorita acéptame suscribi contigo pero siempre lo he visto y mi programa favorito sabes y la verdad que eres un hombre extraordinario con los animales y sencillos te mando muchos saludos Que Dios te bendiga y te cuide siempre y siempre seas así amaramos animales muy hermosa amiga

  • Rodrigo betancourt
    Rodrigo betancourt

    Go to the hell Many Doggies diez because of you here in cali colombia

  • Sasha Gan
    Sasha Gan

    so sweet

  • Krystyna Jachowicz
    Krystyna Jachowicz


  • Kayla M. J.
    Kayla M. J.

    My bull mastiff/pit bull is a big couch potato. Seriously lays around all day every day. Could care less about toys or balls except on some random moment he’ll feel like playing and when he’s done he’s done. Never pulls on the leash, he’ll sit outside all stoic like observing all the neighborhood kids and any “suspicious” behavior. He never barks unless he feels the need to. Is so patient and gentle with my kids. But then he’ll see other dogs and get anxious and make all these whinny sounds and wants to charge them but then just dominating like smell them. He freaks out if kids throw rocks in a river or go swimming, the weirdest noises come from him. Like his mind shifts to a different gear, if another dog even gets near him when he’s in this anxious mind set he’ll lash out at it. Oh And he doesn’t come when called most of the perfect yet not so perfect. I adopted him 1 yr ago and he’s 5 or 6 yrs old.

  • maritakperu

    Cesar, you are an E X T R A O R D I N A R Y human being!.. Thnaks God for Cesar's life, he's a real gift so please, bless him always! We love you Cesar! Many thanks for sharing all your knowledge about dogs as well as your love and respect for 'em. Big hug,

  • mario pacheco
    mario pacheco

    Soy de mexico y nos justaria adoptar a un perrito pero a mis hijas les encantaria teniamos una vesina q tenia un perrito y nos dijo q nos ivan a regalar un cachorro pero se movieron de estado y el sueño de tener uno se esfumaron vivo en california

  • Giberish Boner
    Giberish Boner

    your intro is too long that it feels like it's forever. geeez

  • Joe

    i love my coach potato dog we just put on tv and we both watch our shows together lol, he loves watching animal planet

  • Bethany Lightowler
    Bethany Lightowler

    My dog is crazy all the time she’s a labradoodle and gets 2 runs a day I take her to park in the morning 4 laps of the park and in the afternoon I take her out on a bike ride her buddy is the same breed but is a couch potato so I take her out in the afternoon on her own as she likes to be slow and take her time I do all the walking,feeding,vets,pick up poop,cuddles as on one else in my family want to do anything and if I stop then the dogs will have no life but I love them both and they both sleep on my bed

  • Leticia V
    Leticia V

    No podrían traducirlo x favor en ESPAÑOL. 😒😒😒😒😷😷😷😷🐕🐩🐶

  • agilityscottie

    This video is too short, but if this dog really does not like to move at all, he is maybe in pain, as a professional dog trainer I always check first if a dog has a medical issue.

  • The Bulldog family
    The Bulldog family

    here is our couch potatoes napping together

  • Trina

    Our 6 month old puppy is super smart and I think a leader. we are really struggling! we have two older dogs that are wonderful, this one is a trial. The other dogs dont really like her. shes pushy and annoying them all the time!

  • Paul Madkow
    Paul Madkow


  • María José Leyton S.
    María José Leyton S.

    Mi perro es un couch potato, pero pasa que cuando se queda solo en casa le da la ansiedad y rompe todo a su paso... qué tacticas de desapego son buenas?

  • Zack

    Cesar you should do an off leash training with a malamute. I'd like to see how it's done I've seen many people make it work but my girl is a runner even though she's great on leash or in yard

  • J Ro
    J Ro

    Riley looked at the ball like: “What do you want me to do with this?” 🙄

  • Aris Simion
    Aris Simion

    Ceasar Millan is good man. Lol . His dog saver.

  • Finn Paddy Dog Training
    Finn Paddy Dog Training

    What is wrong with people? And why do they want to change their couch potato dog???

  • Nina P. Kozlova
    Nina P. Kozlova

    I have an 11 y-o and a 12 week puppy. The puppy is on speed pretty much - takes a lot of exercise (both training and simply chase, fetch, etc.) to get her to tire even a slightest bit. So when we go on walks, the pup and I often run laps to and from the old dude. But every now and then the old dog gets in a crazy playful mood and runs around like a pup too. However, a ball has never been his thing and might never be. A short wile, but still. However, a ball has never been his thing and might never be. That’s just the way he is. Riley might surprise the human around other playful dogs. Even if the pooch never plays ball. Ever.

  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs
    Spiritual Entrepreneurs


  • Jéssica JJ Jessy Milena Jose
    Jéssica JJ Jessy Milena Jose

    Lovo you very much

  • Patricia Foy
    Patricia Foy

    yes i have a couch potato too

  • Alexander Sanchez
    Alexander Sanchez

    Cesar Millan con está pandemia se saltó muchas cosas mi cachorro tiene 5 y le ha dado ansiedad lo estoy sacando a pasear pero el no hace que caso que puedo hacer? 🙋‍♂️🤔

    • Alexander Sanchez
      Alexander Sanchez

      5 meses*

  • Forest Stroble
    Forest Stroble

    Why the low quality cgi dog filler though?

  • rebeca vadillo
    rebeca vadillo

    Por favor has un canal en ESPAÑOL! Con los mismos videos y se te triplicará tu audiencia! Saludos!

  • Xuanlan Nguyen
    Xuanlan Nguyen

    Hello Cesar. Can you post your guide by picture. My listening English is not good. Thanks Cesar 🙏

  • sp entertainment
    sp entertainment

    I lijke you, cesar. You teach people how to handle their dog in a normal way. Your methods are super cool to watch.

  • mooluu furry
    mooluu furry

    Hey Ceaser do you know what I should do to stop my dogs aggressiveness towards other dogs

  • SmokyLIL PIPI
    SmokyLIL PIPI

    I got a dog name cico it’s a boxer mix with a American pit bull it’s really big and the tongue it’s so long he it’s so strong that it took us 4 people to stop him from getting into a fight


    🐕💕🙏THANK YOU

  • JustPatricia!

    That’s my Shaggy, he loves to cuddle, eat and sleep 😂 but I love him, like Cesar said, there are times he is feeling playful. Dogs are awesome ❤️

  • tjpm

    What should one do when their dog is shady? My Lola is sooooo shady. lol

  • peter gold
    peter gold

    brilliant dog he would make any house a home good luck to him

  • Tommypierre Manning
    Tommypierre Manning

    one time I got charged by a pit bull, and I just say to the charging dog is just say'' friendly passer by'' twice, and he turned back to its owners!!

  • Sustainable Living
    Sustainable Living

    What about for a dog that use to play but has lost his joie de vie? Do you ever recommend essential oils?


    I have 2 Great Danes. One of them thought the couch was a potato and ate it.

  • YoSoyelqueYoSoy la resurrección y la Vida
    YoSoyelqueYoSoy la resurrección y la Vida

    !!! Excelent video Thanks for your Iniciative!!!!

  • osamashatat

    Love ❤️ Cesar Milan

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    Ponle subtitulos a tus videos :/

  • Lee Frances Laguna
    Lee Frances Laguna

    Cesar is my Mommy's Crush 😁 she keep on watching his show on TV when I was in elementary.

  • Lee Frances Laguna
    Lee Frances Laguna

    I used to watch ur shows on tv before when I was in elementary. But now I'm in College, I really searched Cesar here n IRbin just to see him and know if he's still sharing his knowledge and skills on how to train and take care dogs.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

  • Cristina Castillo
    Cristina Castillo

    Soy de México y me encantaría tener tus consejos en ESPAÑOL, por favor ! Gracias compañero

  • Lydia Berwald
    Lydia Berwald

    Es wäre nett wenn es übersetzt wird auf in Deutsch sonst super danke

  • Biggy Dizzy
    Biggy Dizzy

    anime watchers are the best dog people change my mind

  • Trigger FTW
    Trigger FTW

    Cesar i need some help! I have a husky that is very insecure.. If you touch her paws she'll snap at you.. If you try to pet her she'll snap if she's not feeling it.. Shes a beautiful dog and I've had her for almost 7 yrs trying to work on her but i feel like i still see no real progress.. Could i get some advice my brother? I love your videos and i love dogs more so im not giving up on my pup..

  • Ross Pond
    Ross Pond

    Hey Cesar my dog is half white German Shepard half french mastif ! He is amazing around children and other dogs but keeps shoving his head between my legs ? And will stay there until I stroke or rub all around his neck ? Is this normal

  • AB

    I have the opposite of Riley lol. She naps then bounces of the walls till we exercise her to death then she naps and the cycle continues all day lol.

  • Alisson Cruz
    Alisson Cruz

    Mi idolo es un encantador de perros, Cesar eres el mejor 👍

  • Shane Centeno
    Shane Centeno

    The Best Ever Dog Whisper..!👍

  • Lamar

    Fake smile fake tooth