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  • Devin Weems
    Devin Weems

    4:34 personal notation. Universal law discussion.

  • Stacey Suharja
    Stacey Suharja

    Sorry the dog badminton up just caught ke off guardd

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    Is he building an ark? Lol...he's not the dog whisperer...he's just "The Whisperer"

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    I learn so much watching his vids...for myself as well as my pooches...I'm starting to kinda connect a little more with them

  • voyageusedestemps

    Oh to be a baby turtle on Cesar's ranch ☺

  • Doline Puntual
    Doline Puntual

    Cesar Millan is the best dog behaviorist!!! 👍👍👍👍

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez


  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez


  • Lee Angel
    Lee Angel

    Amazing, Cesar I want to be part of your wonderful world 🌎 ❤

  • xredstar303x

    Also that puffball Pomeranian is aggressively fluffy. Like I cannot handle the fluff. Does it have legs? Is it truly a dog? Or is it a puffball with a face drawn on? It’s so fluffy I’m questioning reality itself

  • xredstar303x

    I wonder if he likes reptiles like lizards and stuff. Aka scaly doggos (proven scientific fact- source: I own one. May not be as smart as a dog, but they are emotionally intelligent I think. Mine is a therapy gecko (not licensed but technically she is a therapeutic animal since she was prescribed to help with my anxiety). Whenever I’m having a panic attack I’ll sit by her tank and watch her. And 80% of the time, she’ll come out and say hello, and it’s like she knows I’m upset. She’ll start pawing at the outside of the tank and following my movements. When I finally take her out, we just sit on the couch or against a wall, and I cradle her in my arms, and she just finds a nice nook to curl up in, and snuggles up to me (instead of trying to escape or explore) and I swear it’s like she’s saying “hey, it’s okay. I’m here for you. It’s going to be alright”. Anyway, it’s this deep connection that I have with her that makes me really understand his philosophy. Maybe not about dogs but about connecting with animals, and connecting with nature, and being in touch with your energy and your feelings and your self. It adds peace to the chaotic world outside, and makes me strong because I feel connected to the natural world, it makes my feelings feel real, and natural. Even if my friends or family may not completely understand they will be there for me, and my gecko will too. She won’t understand, but she’ll somehow feel my energy, and the way she comforts me even tho she doesn’t know is just different than humans. Idk how to explain it. I guess she makes my anxiety feel more natural rather than unjustified, and it makes it so much more easy to deal with and think through.

  • xredstar303x

    Hope I look that cute at 26

  • Jennifer Pearce
    Jennifer Pearce

    Sometimes I had a hardtime hearing you, and your son's Could you wear miks please just a thought . Thank You!

  • Game Fish Tours
    Game Fish Tours

    Caesar. You are my hero. I have watched you for over 20 years. I have used your behaviour techniques with my dogs. I wish you a long life and many dogs.

  • Ursula Leach
    Ursula Leach

    I wish I could have been there to meet Daniel. I am German came here to America 43 years ago. But I am not always the "good German" and listen. In my heart I have always been a rebel but not when I am around dogs. I love dogs and respect them. Daniel does look so German, good looking hunk. If I was younger LOL..............................................


    Theres no question that Cesar was an animal in a past life! Thats not something I ever say, but the proof is right in front of us! Such a good dude.

  • Cara Carlson
    Cara Carlson

    I introduced my puppy to my bearded dragons with my older dog around. And I saw the moment the puppy went from hesitant to comfortable after my older dog sniffed the dragon, and walked away.

  • Tracy Cottrill
    Tracy Cottrill

    I believe it cause when my red ear slider bask under the uv lights, I massaged its neck and it actually enjoyed it

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    TOP of the TOP

  • Thomas

    pero of course jajaja que gracia cescar. Love from Spain 🇪🇸

  • lightsaber dude
    lightsaber dude

    Wheres ceasars. Fiance?

  • Mary T
    Mary T

    Training for the World Right Now hopefully

  • Miah Stalings
    Miah Stalings

    Aye he was getting down bust a nice move there lol🥰 ceaser is lite on the eyes as well😍

  • Olga Rhodes
    Olga Rhodes


  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez


  • Alex Max
    Alex Max

    So glad there's someone who can teach turtles how to behave properly, I really need help with mine... I can't control the little guy, he bites people, runs after the mail man and I even found him walking on the roof once and howling at the moon... please, I need help.

  • Yeila Sanchez
    Yeila Sanchez

    So I have a dog named Gio and he sounds like that when he's playing w/ other dogs😅 1:00-1:35 what a coincidence! Same name too!

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch

    I wanna retire on Cesar's ranch. Bin auch von Deutschland und hatte fast 30 jahre hunde rehabilitated, rescued and trained. Jetzt bin ich aber krank geworden und habe einen service dog that has served me for all 13 years. I can pick up 💩 and wash dogs and help around the ranch. 😊

  • Marion Janusz
    Marion Janusz

    Caesar, please never leave any dog alone with a tortoise! It’s like a chew toy that moves and taste like sushi!

  • Fenris pro
    Fenris pro

    I like his llamas! aww i wish my country permits big pets. Lol i thought tortoises cannot be trained XD

  • Lily

    Tooo cute turtle 🐢

  • Roman F.
    Roman F.

    I wish I could be there with you Cesar. You keep and kept me alive. You don't know but you are my best Friend.

  • Πως εκπαιδεύω το σκύλο μου / How I train my dog
    Πως εκπαιδεύω το σκύλο μου / How I train my dog 👍👍👍👍

  • Linda Elliott
    Linda Elliott

    I so love animals and Cesar❤️

  • Annette Resto
    Annette Resto


  • Annette Resto
    Annette Resto


  • xBurzurkurx

    Idk how affordable Cesar's services are but its funny seeing these rich couples from like Silicon Valley try to understand what Cesar is teaching them. Those ppl can barely connect with other people let alone animals hahahahaha

  • • A N G E L A •
    • A N G E L A •

    A video but nomas se a habla español!!! My parents love watching you pero como entienden más español, you know how it is oh ya se te quitó el mexicano? 🤔😊

  • Mariano Lopez
    Mariano Lopez

    Has un video en español!!!

  • Gennifer Davis
    Gennifer Davis

    Our household has a large 75lb 5-year old Sulcata tortoise and a 3-month old Australian Shepard. It is definitely easier to teach the dog to respect the tortoise than the other way around! I would be interested to see how your tortoises grow and interact with your other animals. I wish I could show a photo of them! I wish you the best of luck! Torts grow quick, and you have two!!

  • Danielle Naauao
    Danielle Naauao

    Sulcata tortoises so awesome. I have 2 Sulcatas. And turtles. Have 3 dogs.

  • Seven 77
    Seven 77

    2:52 that dog walking backwards though😂

  • Anupriya dobhal
    Anupriya dobhal

    I remember JIO (Pug).... he looked so tensed with the family but now he rescued him 😭😍 JIO looks so happy ☺️ good job ceaser 🥳

  • MAC 1
    MAC 1

    I'm so glad I found Cesar on you tube, I have been rewatching alot of tv shows lately they are the best. I really like Cesars old dog Angel , would anybody have the story was she on one of the shows, or one of Cessr original pack ?

  • Loving my dog
    Loving my dog

    Hi, Cesar can you please talk about pet lost...and how to deal with the lost. Why is it so painful for us?

  • MommyCassReborns

    I LOVE sulcata tortoises

  • Octa Red
    Octa Red

    1:00 .__. "the conjuring 4" with cesar millan

  • Daddy Lopez
    Daddy Lopez

    Cesar I need help I have a pitbull and I need to know how to make him stop biting because he has bitten my little nieces and made in bleed but he’s a puppy so I’m not sure

  • Faith's violin classes
    Faith's violin classes

    Hi Cesar! Thank you! You're such an inspiration!

  • Hypixel Lilly Gaming Sisters
    Hypixel Lilly Gaming Sisters

    very cool

  • Gomez Addams
    Gomez Addams

    It must make no sense to the intelligent part of your brain to eat some animals and love others. You're not a carnivore and you're not a omnivore that needs to eat animals or animal products. All animals want to live you know that every single one of those animals you eat could have been one of the pets at your Ranch. Every single thing you have there has been eaten by somebody and it looked at as food by somebody.! How can you love some of them and eat others it doesn't make any sense I made that connection as a tiny child I have been 55 years vegan as of November 18th! Please make the connection that animals feel and want to live even if they may have a lower IQ there are people with very low IQs there are people born with disabilities that makes them very low on the functioning scale but we take care of them we don't eat them or murder them because they have quote-unquote less intelligence right! Even if you come from a religious point God would want us to move forward and take care of this planet so when children and animals are put in the same category as Dominion it doesn't mean to hurt them it means to care for them do we eat the children no. Have we learned just like through doctors people believe that God have taught doctors to no medicine. Have we not been taught that we don't need to eat animals I'm still alive after 55 years I know people that are in their seventh eighth ninth generation 100% vegan! The cutest fattest little babies ever born. And there's something called attachment parenting Cesar. Think about it go vegan of all people you should be promoting that it not only saves the animals and your health it saves the planet that you're living on. some of our most famous bodybuilders and weightlifters and strong people are vegan and many of them were vegan well before they started training and some became big in afterwards but their health became better and they became stronger and more agile start thinking about it it's the right thing to do animals are your friends don't eat them! No fad diet just a good strong healthy well-balanced vegan diet

  • R. A.
    R. A.


  • Raquel Arriojeda
    Raquel Arriojeda

    Please, subtítulos en español

  • 망고맹고와 캐나다 일상
    망고맹고와 캐나다 일상

    Cuteness overloaded? Definitely.

  • Joanna Aragon
    Joanna Aragon

    Please post what you feed your pets ! We would love to see that

  • Rene Gonzalez
    Rene Gonzalez


  • Rocio Vargas
    Rocio Vargas

    How can I train my dog as a medical alert dog? I am diabetic and I have to administer five injections a day. My sugar will be at 450 to 500 or as low as 55. And I don't have the money to buy a dog that's is already trained they go for 5,000 to 15,000. Please help

  • CoffeeLover

    Is it warm in Germany right now? I wanna visit DPC.

  • Tazz Media
    Tazz Media

    OMG - Juniors got so big, he's all grown up now, awwwww, bless him.........Sending huge hugs from the U.K, big fan Cesar, looking good today. Saying hi to you + all your pack, love the new additions, they rock ;-)

  • Manu

    That German guy seems like a happy kid surrounded by animals😄

  • Sereta Mage
    Sereta Mage

    I respect that after so many years in the business he does this video covered in slobber and hair from the animals he loves.

  • Michael Sevens
    Michael Sevens

    Thank you Cesar for all the good you do! God bless you, your family, your animals and others animals that you help, and your friends. In and through Christ Jesus... Jesus is Lord.

  • Bel s
    Bel s

    Please sub Español eres increible

  • Mary Rojo
    Mary Rojo

    Hola César, me encantan tus videos. Podrías realizar la versión en español😁

  • marieles ortega
    marieles ortega

    Wow no sabía que tenías un canal 😮

  • Drixenol86

    Turtles? I wasn’t expecting that.

  • Fortnite Uninstalled
    Fortnite Uninstalled

    What kind of dog is that that Cesar is holding at 8:05 ? Plz help

  • Mahalo Aloha
    Mahalo Aloha

    I actually apply his techniques on my boyfriend... respect, trust, love. Exercise, discipline, affection.... And..... it works! 💪

  • Hugo Moreno
    Hugo Moreno


  • rothutbiene

    Cesar's story -

  • diondra anderson
    diondra anderson

    Hello Caesar. My mother has a dog and she will have to give it up due to the dog barking at her husband when he comes through the door. Do you have any tips to help her out? She doesn’t want to give the dog away. The dog and her husband don’t quit get along. I’m trying to help her as much as possible. Thank you so much!

  • El Figue
    El Figue

    we love you !!! cesar

  • Will

    Those are weird looking dogs

  • Ailyntishisha Shabong
    Ailyntishisha Shabong

    I like Cesar million dogs traning

  • miezi kätzchen
    miezi kätzchen

    Hey César, first i will say you that you do a very great Job. And im a big fan of you. Can you help me with my 6 month old American Bulldog? When we Play he‘s will bite me. Very softly but i scared when she is Older. And she is very scary a lot of things. We train every day. And go walk ervery day. Pleas help me Thank you César! Best regards and sorry for my bad englisch Vivien

  • Tamara Rocha
    Tamara Rocha

    I just want to say thank you . You really make such an impact . You have been such a blessing from God with the journey of losing my best friend, and family member . Kayla . She was 16 ( she was my dog ). The grief journey , I can’t really put into words , but I watched many of your interviews and videos and your words touched me . I prayed for direction and how much time to find what soul we should be with next . We now have a beautiful guy named Tiger that God allowed us to find at the local shelter . I then watched your videos like crazy and I learned so much along with Tiger while watching him overcome his struggles . Thank you so much . I am so thankful to God that you share your gift and we love you .

  • Victor Brenes
    Victor Brenes

    Omg is that the black pug you rescued from the lady with 4 other dogs?! Omg yes #puglife!

  • Wayne Watson
    Wayne Watson

    Geo sounds like our English staffy butch, we have him doing this as our ring tone. Lots of love and good wishes to you all !!-, Tracie Hall from Sunbury vic,Australia .

  • Saratonin34

    You have ten species - when are you getting a cat? LOL

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still

    I hope this trend of teaching kids both languages is encouraged. Happy to see other animals & birds.

  • Rosa Fernanda Alfaro Zambrano
    Rosa Fernanda Alfaro Zambrano

    Hi soy rosa y no si me entiendas pero eres un salbador de animales

  • ⟬⟭BEJK Bunny Angel 7⟭⟬ JJK1 7⟭⟬ JJK1
    ⟬⟭BEJK Bunny Angel 7⟭⟬ JJK1 7⟭⟬ JJK1

    Cesar, love how you have control over all of the animals. Especially the turtles. It's amazing.

  • Lolin Lara
    Lolin Lara


  • youtub3ian youtub3ian
    youtub3ian youtub3ian

    Hey Cesar ! I want to be part of the pack too ! :)))

  • Lawrence Carpenter
    Lawrence Carpenter

    Am I the only one who heard Ceaser died of a heart attack a year ago?WTF

  • PrayRestricted

    I want to know more about calm assertive energy. How do you keep calm and confidence at the front of your mind without bringing in the thoughts and anxieties that most people think about?

  • Miguel Luna
    Miguel Luna

    Deberías de hacer algunos vídeos en español porfavor

  • A Jo
    A Jo

    Had to subscribe...just love subbie that watched your show from back in the day....happy your back 😊😊

  • Naib Singh Dhillon
    Naib Singh Dhillon

    Cesar sir good work


    I would love a video just dedicated to Daddy and Junior. A day in the life of Junior, with some stories about Daddy from Cesar and his family would be amazing and so beautiful for Daddy's Legacy

  • JoGo Mango
    JoGo Mango Just a random video

  • Taco Conch
    Taco Conch

    I wonder if Cesar has ever had a cat or even likes them.

    • Taco Conch
      Taco Conch

      @phangirlable That's actually a myth. Domestic cats are quite sociable. Ever wondered why feral cats live in large groups?

    • phangirlable

      Cats aren't group animals so rehabilitating them is kind of pointless since they are sort of like natural sociopaths.

  • I’m Champion
    I’m Champion


  • KPopLusitana

    Its really sad how we lose focus to nature nowadays. Im Glad for people like you to exist that fight for nature and our coexistense.

  • Alfonso Ortiz
    Alfonso Ortiz

    Cómo es posible que todavía, la gente crea que este tipo en verdad ame a los animales,investiguen

  • TheZnegron

    What kind od turttle are those???🇵🇷


    Para cuando un video en español?

  • chanchan524

    How did u get the dogs to respect your macaw so well. I have gotten my 2 small dogs to not pay so much attention to my family’s bird when its on the perch. But on the off occasion that it gets to the ground, they wanna chase it or run to it, looks like they would bite it if given the chance. How do you slowly guide/train them to the level of where your dogs are at?

  • Purple Light
    Purple Light

    What are those tortoises called, anyone?

  • shawn Willis
    shawn Willis

    Wonder why my man never gave shout outs to the very people who showed him the dog game??