Learn The Importance Of Agreement & The Dog Walk With Cesar Millan
Training Cesar's Way presents SIMPLE SESSIONS with Cesar Millan.
For the first time, Cesar Millan goes LIVE on Instagram for 5 days straight, to take students and fans into his world renowned Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals program, with exclusive snackable bites of human behavior and dog training methods.
This is the official REPLAY made available for anyone to experience a glimpse of what is taught during a Training Cesar'sWay Fundamentals course. There's nothing like visiting the Dog Psychology Center with Cesar, but here's your chance to get a taste.
Each day Cesar talked about some of the training philosophies that make him the best dog behaviorist in the world.
You're watching DAY 1 of SIMPLE SESSIONS.
FOCUS: Agreement, Commitment, Follow Through
- Are you in agreement that we are not here to train dogs?
- How do I become my very best?
- Exercise and mental stimulation
- Five body motions: stretch, walk, run, rest, sleep
- The importance of the dog walk
Learn more about Training Cesar's Way, dog training, & more:
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Trust . Respect . Love

  • Chite pov
    Chite pov

    Hi Cesar. My name is Maria and I have a dream of sitting next to you one day. I am in the process of earning my place in the world and earning your time for wonderful conversation. My journey is working with parents and helping them understand what a child experiences because it is my deeply held belief that most people want to do right by their children they just honestly don't know how to get in touch with who/what their child is. Please know that you inspire me with your dedication and willingness to overcome. Blessed be

  • Natalie Coupon
    Natalie Coupon

    You are absolutely amazing 💯. This is my first time watching your videos and I'm hooked. You instantly changed my mindset on life and life with my dogs.

  • paula whetzel
    paula whetzel

    So well said.We need to remember how to get back to source.We are all from one energy.People have forgotten our connection.Cesar can you do a movie on your biography?It would bring so much to full circle.The majority of us come from immigrant,My people were connected to natures.My dad used to always say survival of the fittest. Nothing about our society is balanced. I have followed your philosophy for years,I am not surprised to see you applying it to humanity's cry for help.You already have the audience,You just need to speak.Give it a bigger platform.Thank you

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    Hey Cesar is left handed! 🤜

  • Skip Sue
    Skip Sue

    Cesar you are an inspiration!!!

  • Yolanda Irizarry
    Yolanda Irizarry

    Being balance mentally is the most important part of Being. I lost my dog of 15 yrs. Just got my puppy She learns everyday using Mr,Cesar technics. Amazing how much she really knows. Thank you Cezar I really have watch all the shows I find. Your my human trainer! Lol Really, living relax is such a deferent way of life. We can’t life the past nor the future WE MUST LIVE 8N THE NOW! So Present is the only way to be.

  • Dietmar Albrecht
    Dietmar Albrecht

    Cisar! You Change the World, for the Dogs, for me, and much other humans! And thank you for that! And I hope you can change, the fear from Dogs, from Pit's ore somthing. That can dog owners live, whit more freedom on this World! That is one of the biggest wish from me, as a Pit Owner! I hope so, Cisar!!! Thank's for all what you can do😜👍! 👍✌️🇦🇹

  • jennifer Rainwater
    jennifer Rainwater

    Cesar, my dog (* a Borador) saved my life when my gallbladder became gangrenous. She held me down on the floor and cried and cried until my husband brought me to the ER! I was about to die, and my dog knew, even when I didn't. I just thought it was a bad stomach ache. She would not let me up and kept putting her nose on my sick spot. It was an amazing thing! You are the BEST! I love your message: we CAN save humans with your simple ' formula'... amazing! Your 'gift' is our blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your 'love' to us humans!💖

  • Psychmart

    OMG I love you! "two guys. two Mexicans, we did it all. . ."

  • JosetteBadger

    Cesar you helped us to train our last wonderful dog and now that she has passed two years ago, we are looking at getting another puppy. So happy to see you on IRbin. I really do think that you taught our family to be more balanced. Exercise discipline and affection! Gracias!

  • Christine M
    Christine M

    Awesome,Love your techniques, videos, wow, greeting from Netherlands, please let me know if you are in our country, so I can meet you and show me our Shiba inu

  • Sean Decaire
    Sean Decaire

    the world practice ever your saying at 33:45 but humans don't

  • Kelly Hazelton
    Kelly Hazelton

    I have an older dog (8 year old black Labrador mix) and we introduced a new puppy (boxer who is currently 3 mths old) and the initial meeting was great, and the first couple days they got along then, not sure what happened, but for the past 3 weeks or so our older dog has been barking and showing teeth also bitting at the puppy. I know some of it is the dog teaching the puppy boundaries but when do we step in and tell him to stop? He hasn't bit him just bites at him. The puppy does back off when he barks, but as a boxer and a puppy he bounces right back into the Lab's space.

  • Ja Na
    Ja Na

    That´s it! Thank You! We are all working for the good energy everyday on the streets!

  • Pakistani Random guy
    Pakistani Random guy

    I don’t have a dog but my fear is gone and will have one soon

  • Dani B
    Dani B

    Cesar, why does my dog scratch the couch like he wants to dig a hole in it? He occasionally does this on the floor, but very rarely. He’ll lie quietly on the couch watching TV with me, then almost always will start ‘digging’. He can’t jump up or down from the couch yet, and I always wondered if it was his way to get to the floor.

  • Stefanie Wolff
    Stefanie Wolff

    Me sorprende seguir escuchándote decir I came to America cuando MEXICO ESTÁ EN AMÉRICA! Argentina está en América, Perú está en América! Es una forma geopolítica de dominación sólo decir que AMÉRICA es Estados Unidos.

  • cooshoty

    Hi Cesar, the video cut out when you were talking about Inside Vs. Outside in regards to walking. Can you clarify/explain?

    • Gina T
      Gina T

      I feel like I missed a lot right there... Inside vs. Outside but since he was talking about leadership, I think it probably goes into being a pack leader, giving the right energy to regain the attention of your dog. Also I recall him talking in another video that some dogs who have excessive energy need to run, or to wear a backpack to make the walk more work. Here is a short video of Cesar talking about it irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/e6mLn6KonLKu1mo.html

  • Jada Lefevre
    Jada Lefevre

    I’ve never been against this unlike EVERYONE else

  • dana wilson
    dana wilson


  • Volvox

    I don't agree on him saying "gender doesn't matter who's the leader". Men have to lead since women follow, with exceptions. The one is not better than the other. Both are necessary functions of nature. But otherwise I agree on everything he says ❤️

  • chris botsis
    chris botsis

    Cesar your amazing when will you come to Montreal

  • Insaforpres prod
    Insaforpres prod

    Dear Mr. Millan, I don‘t think it is helpful to propose these kinds of guidelines for relationships with animals or even human beings. My impression is that, what you say, is that you have to be, more or less, perfect for any kind of relationships. You are supposed to be happy, well balanced, your home should be nice and always clean. But that is all an illusion, with all respect. Human beings are not perfect. There are no human beings, that are well balanced. Some days you feel good, some days you feel less good, some days things work out, some days they don‘t. For some people it might be helpful to have a nice and clean house, for other people that is not important. And dogs are not much different. Sometimes they are in a good mood, sometimes not. I think everybody should find out for him or herself what is good for oneself. And that being perfect is not a precondition for relationships. It is probably more important to accept yourself the way you are, what makes it much easier to accept other people, and dogs, the way they are. That is hard enough.

  • Patricia Cabrero
    Patricia Cabrero

    At what point you can look at him ? Can you look directly to his eyes?

  • agente180

    changing the world, one dog owner at a time

  • agente180

    Cesar, thank you for all you do for us!

  • creatures of mars
    creatures of mars

    My dream would be to be trained by you ❤️🇳🇱

  • Judy Grangetto
    Judy Grangetto

    Cesar, Thank you so much for your IRbin videos, I use it all the time to learn how to train my first Vizsla puppy that I have been waiting for 40 years. I can listen to you all day long. You are talking from my heart. I Love who you are and I deeply wish I can meet with you one day. Please keep educating us with your talent!!

  • Z D Rhoads Carpentry
    Z D Rhoads Carpentry

    You sound a lot like Dr. Jordan Peterson. I am about to bring a puppy home for the first time and I love your Information.

  • RDB

    Cesar said, 'Let's change the agreement '.... Change the agreement to what Cesar? Let's change the agreement to Christianity Cesar.

  • RDB

    Cesar, We need to go back to Christianity.

  • RDB

    Oh Cesar, you've bought into the Big Lie... that's why you're being promoted.

    • Emma Hoyt
      Emma Hoyt

      tell me more about this “Big Lie” 🤔 all I hear is truth 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Kaitlynn LeBell pikachu
    Kaitlynn LeBell pikachu

    awesome video!!

  • Charley Bayley
    Charley Bayley

    I could listen to this amazing human for hours!

  • misspy1

    You’re a total hero

  • Joanne Ford
    Joanne Ford

    Cesar, I Respect you, I Admire you! I want you to come to my home to help with my two dogs!!!!!!!

  • Diana Hinzman
    Diana Hinzman

    Cesar we just got a new puppy he was 6 months old when we got him he is now almost 8 months. He is sneaky going to the bathroom in doors, he jumps on chairs to get to food on the table, he barks constantly when he goes out side, he will play rough with our older smaller dog always grabbing him by the neck and he won’t let the smaller dog near other people he will attack the smaller dog.

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    I want to change u should know lol maybe 4 own type / close to hehe near top

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    Ps.note I felt like that time in avatar do I run or not ..When 1 day I noticed this small rodent squrle on the fence and with cats near by ready to charge I stared kinda wall walking then he left.. AT my Place ....soo....

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    I hate men for that and hope with others will change too because I'm a woman shouldn't be scared too soooooooooooo......

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    Same and guess what in the dog whisperer was not hard to guess because I new : D 30:40 min in

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    I can't be the cause like I think of because this is happening I'm glad your trying heavily.... and try to run from by giving back to the world and me waiting and shit like that I don't need to wait though this much alone....I blame men I know........

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    Agree humans need need nature 💯 plus everything probably lol and I am included in helping haha just saying an acts from horror film is wrong cores because that's phizics..

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    I'm respectful of voice etc. Too

  • Kaitlynn Lebell
    Kaitlynn Lebell

    Awesome video

  • Clare Bryant
    Clare Bryant

    I have a question for you, i have two dobermans one is male and 10 months and one is a girl and she is 6 month my male has an issue with her, every other week he bites her on the face. He doesnt do it all the time but he bites hard enough to draw blood but then he leaves her alone for a week or so just about long enough for it to heal then he starts again. I dont understand why, she is very sweet submissive and he is very sweet as well and we havve 4 dogs but she is the baby and she was a rescue and she comes from a bad place but she is all healthy now. I just dont know how to stop it.

  • Renee

    Can you adopt me with my 2 dogs? I’ll work on your farm. 😍

  • Renee

    Ooh I wish I had an answer to you for this: When ppl wrongly approach my anxious Chihuahua..do I avoid them or teach others? It’s ruining my time improving nose, eyes, ears walking with him. Answer? He gets set back when others approach then back 10 steps my poor Chihuahua.

  • Renee

    I’m really working on my Chihuahua mix with walks. Nose Eyes Ears. He used to use ears immediately and bark. Only when I’m calm walking him he is able to noticeably start with nose, eyes to ears like my Perfect Lab/Pit mix. She was born perfect. ☺️ What I wouldn’t give to meet you. You rule. 🙏

  • Viviana Barria
    Viviana Barria

    In spanish please!

  • imissNICK PLUR
    imissNICK PLUR

    one virus did not bring the world to a halt, criminal central bankers did

  • lunar lisa
    lunar lisa

    Fantastic words! Love everything you do!

  • Melissa Lyons
    Melissa Lyons

    This was so inspirational and on target for the times! A question just occurred to me now even though I’ve been watching you ever since your show first came out: I never hear you mention a dog’s taste/mouth, only nose, eyes, ears. My dogs lick and taste everything! Does the taste go along with the nose, since they always smell then taste, or is it just further down the line of senses past these first three?

  • Cris.gt_

    Tu has mostrado la puerta de conexión entre la mente humana y la canina para entenderlos mejor y así mismo hacernos mejores en la vida ,para todo, la importancia de la energía y el estado de animo para todo . Gracias ❤

  • Samantha Hu
    Samantha Hu

    That would be the goal. Have my own ranch. 💜

  • Brent Stewart
    Brent Stewart

    What does dog training have to do with "the whole human race?" This is starting to get a little weird Cesar.

    • RDB

      Brent, really? You don't see the connection? UH-MAZIN

  • Jack Croston
    Jack Croston

    Ceasar millan dropping jewls 😊

  • Bonnie Parker
    Bonnie Parker

    You make very good sense! I will think about your words all day. And, I will practice this as often as I can. Thank you

  • manokaran ck
    manokaran ck

    You are tha gift of dog owners

  • Fiona Morrison
    Fiona Morrison

    Love your work, it has changed my whole relationship with dogs for the better. Thank you! :-)

  • Raena Kim-Geyer
    Raena Kim-Geyer

    Universal law or law of nature or natural law = Cesar teaches and practices. Alignment to spirit/pure intent, he inner-stands completely energy. When we go against natural law we get what looks like chaos/entropy. Energy = matter. In this physical world of duality/polarity = experience. A healer, he heals through the canine, they are the bridge. He guides us through our animals. Our animals guide us to the real us. This all translates to how humans treat each other and we treat ourselves. Our pets are a reflection of us. Outward physical manifestation of inner feelings we are sending out. Subconscious mind is key. Know thyself. Thank you Cesar!! All the best, much love!!!!

  • Izelin Kinga Fekete
    Izelin Kinga Fekete

    Thank you Cesar, you are the Best Master in the world!!!!!!

  • Franziska Feldhausen
    Franziska Feldhausen

    Thank you Ceasar, I learnd so much from you. Greatings from Bremerhaven in Germany. I have 2dogs. We Look your Shows in Television. You have so much love for people and animals. Thats great.

  • Steve Perry
    Steve Perry

    LEYKIS 101

  • Pati Beck
    Pati Beck

    Mossed your phone number to text as it was on for just 3 seconds. Can you please share # in comments on

  • 0123 Cecilia
    0123 Cecilia

    That means only perfect and balanced people can get animals.. sad

  • genovevatellez10

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    ashutosh raykwar

    Great dear Cesar I would like to your assistance after your training to me for dogs could I you are one only to feel dogs psychology and their feelings with your wisdom

  • Russel Giere
    Russel Giere


  • Dieter Koerner
    Dieter Koerner

    good Man

  • mohamed osman
    mohamed osman

    Hi I’m from Egypt and I saw a lot about ur videos and I learn a lot to train my dog but I have a big problem that my dog scared and that coz I very restricted with my dog for what to do and what not to do, not she scared from anything new and from sounds how I solve that I have cane corso 3 years old, thx a lot for help

  • Xuanlan Nguyen
    Xuanlan Nguyen

    Sorry. Can you post your video clip and the dog. I like your way teach dog. My English is not good😅. Thank you Cesar

  • Klara Vosahlo
    Klara Vosahlo

    I just have question me and my husband stood by lake and a little dog who looked like a crossbreed of hush puppy began to growl and bark fiercely at my husband the landlord ran and took him and said don't worry she's friendly - what did we do wrong we ignored the dog and were not scared but she wouldn't stop growling and barking fiercely

  • Sergio Jimenez
    Sergio Jimenez

    Hey cesar i totaly agree with what you we're saying at 14 minute mark. Theres a popular animal communicator Danielle mackinnon who talks about the same exact thing in her book animal lessons.

  • Elva Garcia
    Elva Garcia

    I love my dogs personality. Only problem I seem to have is having her walk instead of her pulling and walkingme

    • Ferkin Derkin
      Ferkin Derkin

      He has lots of videos about appropriate ways to lead your dog on a walk; beginning the walk when they are in a calm state, standing tall with your eyes forward, correcting with the “chh” BEFORE you notice peripherally he/she is is attracted to something, etc.. you’ll fine tons of examples you can emulate! ❤️❤️

  • Mary McQuaid
    Mary McQuaid

    You are a great teacher Cesar. Please keep on encouraging people. Just as you say, we all need to give love and respect to animals and to all people all over the world 🙏 ❤️ 🌍

  • Snowball

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  • Teresa Banks
    Teresa Banks

    Yes, I agree. Nature/animals we can learn from them this is why I enjoy watching and playing with them. Thank you for reminding me that the animal kingdom does not follow unstable leaders, only humans do this. I enjoyed this session. I appreciate your passion, commitment and the previledge of observing your personal growth as you have lived your truth (good & troublesome times) throughout the years! You have evolved into a very good speaker, presenter and human being! (This is know takes hard work and bravory. Thank you!

  • lrc works
    lrc works

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    Christian B.

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    Ruth Langston

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  • Stephen Frazeur
    Stephen Frazeur

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    Kim van Male

    I totally love your way of thinking and working ❣️I have a dog who has the same issues as I have and my daughter has. I know that I have to work on me to help both my dog and my daughter. It is not easy but I have a big trust and your knowledge helps a lot to remember that this is the right way. Keep up the good work! 🙏

  • MrKrazator

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  • Patti MacMaster
    Patti MacMaster

    Thank you for opening my eyes l blamed the world for everything when l should of been looking at myself .l thought l was positive and doing things right when in actuality my thoughts n actions have been at a tug of war .So starting today l am going to turn this around and work on connecting the two .New agreement step one.Thank you for opening my eyes

  • Tracy Cottrill
    Tracy Cottrill

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  • Ольга Быстрякова
    Ольга Быстрякова

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  • Lori Mancini
    Lori Mancini

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  • katherine drew
    katherine drew

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  • mrdkjjabs

    Yes... I told a customer the other day that said they would do anything for my dog, I said then self reflect and stop giving all that affection that's sitting on your lap in fear! She got it when it changed as soon as I took it out! Love your work, thank you for all you do! Much peace and respect

  • Wyntrerose

    I wanted to focus on the lessons but that constantly flowing script on the screen is offputting

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    Covid-19 makes us more humble, time for our family, to calm down, more time then ever for things we really need. Rest and balance. So many chat comments with problems that they put on the dog, why does my dog do this, why does my dog do that. But what about you? The human? Why does my dog attack dogs on the leash, because of your energy. Why does my dog not listen of leash? Because you never learned the dog the command. Why does my dog bark at 6 in the morning? Because the last walk is around 7 in the evening and the dog is not tired because lack of exercise. because you do not train your dog, you do not get him mentally stimulated, you do not invest time in your dog. We have so much time for our phone and social media, but not for our living pets. The balance is gone, nature is not in humans anymore. Love is about balance, if you are not balanced you will not get a dog who is balanced. A dog needs stability, just like people. Make sure you are balanced, you love and respect yourself, you are stable, work on yourself first before you can help someone else. People love to look at someone else causing problems, yet it’s them. Also many people ask about how to see dog body language, buy a book about it, it’s that easy. Invest into relationships.

  • Joti Arzola
    Joti Arzola

    My dog taught me that my energy was off. In order to fulfill my commitment to him; I had to let go of my ego and work on balancing myself. My whole life has changed because of him. All of what Cesar says I have experienced including finally earning his trust and respect. Thank you Cesar as it is your lessons that changed my life 3 years ago. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Thomas Wilson
      Thomas Wilson


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    suzanne gullace

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