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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    IRbin family! I hope you are excited to see my new content- let me know what videos you would like to see!

    • theworld2share

      How to introduce a new cat to a dog ( who likes to chase cats).


      Welcome back sir. glad to see you again.

    • Nico De Napoli
      Nico De Napoli

      Cesar Millan glad your safe my man your family we are called the Millan squad

    • Jasmine Harrison
      Jasmine Harrison

      Yes! Cesar! You are amazing🙌❤ SUCH an inspiration! Thank you for sharing such valuable content! Big fan! 🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾🐾

    • Vida Mia Mart
      Vida Mia Mart


  • Veracity

    "A dog will always want to try new long as it's humane." - Cesar Milan, says the one who bullies dogs into "calm submissive" states and hurts dogs.

  • TheUridium

    Im so happy your back to what you love Cesar, you have always been my favorite IRbin channel

  • Sandra Caster
    Sandra Caster

    Info on deaf hyperactive dogs

  • M Smith
    M Smith

    Glad you are back! Our rescue dog from Baja is well trained, walks politely, not bothered by other dogs and doesn’t bark, BUT when not with us, tears up her bed in the crate, scratches at the door, etc. She is perfect except when we leave her alone. Has not responded to commands to stay in her place after exercising, and is submissive, but stubborn about us leaving her! HELP!!! I admire your demeanor and wisdom with HUMANS and DOGS!

  • Islah Makbul
    Islah Makbul

    Cesar Milan, do you heard that Belgian malinois kills a man in Jakarta Indonesia?

  • Kelly Ryals
    Kelly Ryals

    Question. Can a dog be a mixture of middle of the pack and back of the pack? I have a chihuahua that is happy go lucky loves life/people. Is happy to greet and meet people. Skiddish of dogs wants to be held and normally doesn’t want to meet them. Loud noises make her cower. If I stand up to go get her persay to put on her harness she cowers. But is excited to go and doesn’t want to be left behind. Isn’t like a ankle biting bark bark bark chihuahua. She doesn’t bite unless she is playing and then it’s not really biting its mouthing. And it took her until she was 6 months to bark and rarely does she make any sounds. Middle of the pack stuff she loves play like hide and go seek chase walks proud tail up greets people happily doesn’t jump normally pees lol. Just can’t read pack wise who she is. Before her I had a middle of the pack lazy type personality but was a guarding type dog when someone that didn’t like animals was around he sensed it and would circle around me and bark never bit just let people know don’t come close to my mom. Wasn’t like that to everyone just people that were afraid of him right away or that just didn’t like animals? But he was obidient to a fault and would follow verbal commands to sit stop Stay whenever he got into that mode I could with a stop command get him to immediately stop

  • Alison towler
    Alison towler

    Cesar have you made any more Dog Whisperer Programmes ... I have watched all the reruns ... I am in the UK ... can’t thank you enough for helping me to relax my reactive Shihtzu ! 😁

  • Amy Jones
    Amy Jones

    Never been so happy for a IRbin Channel to be created! 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Justin Mckinnie
    Justin Mckinnie

    I have many questions to ask I'm working with a German shepherd and need help. Please help

  • Z Breezy
    Z Breezy

    Does anybody know the name of the song?

  • Eric Ventura
    Eric Ventura

    Missed seeing you on IRbin Cesar - I miss your energy and good spirit.

  • Sterncoo54


  • kingjoekur

    Never subscribed faster

  • NeroKoso

    Welcome back !

  • Silver Beats Gold
    Silver Beats Gold

    Hi Cesar! Thank you for sharing. I really think that you tap into something that most people can't. You recognize it so you can tap into it. Much like the intuition that i can tap into in certain situations. I understand what you are explaining. God bless mi amigo!

  • Shekat Hearl
    Shekat Hearl

    I wish I could have 15 minutes with you. My Harley can do lots of tricks and I have been trying to train as my PTSD service dog. Problem, healing. He thinks the world was made for him and once we are out the door all rules are gone. He just wants to rush to see the next person, place or thing. Then my anxiety kicks in and I am no good. Unfortunately he stays home alot. I also am already worrying about when I will lose him (he's 10) and if I can find another that does what he can. (like warn me when pain going to spike) I am trying hard not to but it's very hard for me. You are so inspirational and positive and bring a wonderful light to us and our dogs. You can build a "tiny" guest house, I would live in it and help out around there and do dog portraits. LOL Just a thought. Thank you for all you do! Blessings and prayers!!

  • Jerzy Krzemiński
    Jerzy Krzemiński


  • MaryAnne

    So happy you are back. I have adopted 3 rescues, 2 came from puppy mills and 1 living in a barn. All were 5 years old when adopted. Many are going to rescues like me and would love any suggestions on how to deal with the damage done such as malnutrition, and effect that has on personality.. Thank you for all you have taught me about developing healthy, happy dogs..

  • Gail Freese
    Gail Freese

    Hey, it's great to be here. I would LOVE to see you do a video with horses. I have 2 and find it sometimes difficult to relate with them.

  • lebronmare

    Hi Cesar! I'm so excited to see new content from you. I know this may not be so popular but I would like to see your reactions and viewpoints from different dog video copilations.

  • Colton Larson
    Colton Larson

    I’d love a video on how to make a dog more well rounded. A video on the “ok” dogs. Dogs that aren’t in an emergency state, but aren’t totally obedient. The dogs that are well behaved, but jump on anyone that walks in the door. The dogs that live well together, but will occasionally attack each other. The dogs that will listen to you when you have something they want, but ignore you otherwise. How do we connect with our dogs on a deeper level

  • Marie F
    Marie F

    I love Cesar and all his animals🐶🐹 🐕🦙🐓🐕🐴🐥🐣🌈🏘🏡☀️🙋‍♀️

  • Richie Obrien
    Richie Obrien

    I wish u lived in England I have a Czech shepherd that wants to kill every dog he has been bitten 3 times took me 18 months to a stage I could let him off then got bitten again by 2 German shepherds now back to the start cant find any1 that can help he is a working dog and not able to work with others

  • Riham Khattab
    Riham Khattab

    From egypt I'm following you from a long time I would like to thank you because I learn how to treats with my dogs( golden retriever and pet bull ) from you . hope to visit us in egypt

  • Claudia E
    Claudia E

    The best dog trainer of all times 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼love ya!!! And my dogs Minnie and Luna as well 😘😘😘

  • Noodilious

    Yas the one and only is back💕💘💟💞💓💖💝💗

  • Joshua Toledo
    Joshua Toledo

    Cesar I am glad you are doing good, welcome back. Buen Camino.

  • Denny Smith
    Denny Smith

    Have applied so many tips you have kindly "trained" us humans with in order for us humans to help "rehabilitate" dogs we humans "mess" up...😄😄😄 Wonderful peep...loves & kisses & huge hug...

  • Swigitty Swooty
    Swigitty Swooty

    You have the best job in the world!

  • Michelle Brewer
    Michelle Brewer

    I grew up with a ton of animals because my dad has always loved animals. Now I do too, it’s nothing less than instinct. I would love to see how you developed the environment at the ranch. Was it all at once? Did you slowly add on to it over time? As far as maintenance and care for your animals, what was important to build first? Do you have a well or solar panels? For someone who wants to have an animal and plant sanctuary I’m really interested in the infrastructure. I’m also interested in growing plants that the animals would like to either live with in their spaces or eat on a regular basis. Some of these plants could be grown on-site to minimize the costs of purchasing them. (I’m a horticulturist so I think a lot about how naturally the plants and animals go together). Anyway you guys. I love what you’re doing and I wish you all the best for your ENTIRE family. I hope to see more of your videos and maybe so information that I’m curious about. Muchas gracias Caesar for your dedication! You’re a great role model for other humans. Always, Michelle

  • Aj Chung
    Aj Chung

    You're known around the world.Sending love from Trinidad 😍

  • Sharon Li-Ueva
    Sharon Li-Ueva

    Welcome back Cesar! We've missed you! Can't wait to follow along and see what is in store. Woohooooo

  • Brendan Grimes
    Brendan Grimes

    Im so glad you helped that Quarter Black fellow with his Joe Biden.

  • Max Leon
    Max Leon

    Welcome back!, thanks for what you share!

  • BoogeyMan El Cucuy
    BoogeyMan El Cucuy

    You deafly got yourself a new subscriber love your shows man.I got you💰🌮

  • M Wall
    M Wall

    So excited. ..😍😍😍😍

  • sweetsavvywally

    Im joining. I’ve always watched you. You’ve helped someone like me with no Dog experience be a better dog owner. Looking forward to more Gracias Cesar.

  • em Burgess
    em Burgess

    So where is this beautiful ranch at? Anybody...

  • Ivy Herz
    Ivy Herz

    Good to see you back!!!! 💖 🎉 🎉 😍 😍

  • Emily Brinker
    Emily Brinker

    I’m so glad you’re back! Thank you for sharing your life & insights with us! Much love from Texas. P.s. please help my dog with separation anxiety destructive behavior 😢

  • Cotton Tail
    Cotton Tail

    Keep it coming we all need you ..

  • ozdoits


  • CrazyScientist

    It's good to see you again, thank you. Greetings from Portugal.

  • bombud1

    I raised my dog with tips from Cesar. The most well mannered, sweet, playful, beautiful boxer greyhound mix. Couldn't have done it without you.

  • Pangestu Winatha
    Pangestu Winatha

    The legend has return!!!

  • lise forgues
    lise forgues

    Bonjour Est ce que donner la nourriture cru à nos chiens c'est mieux ou pas ?? Merci

  • Teddy Bear 21
    Teddy Bear 21

    Ich wünschte ich kann Englisch 😄😄😀😀😂😂

  • The One and only Pinky Pinky
    The One and only Pinky Pinky

    Does Junior have an Instagram page? I would like to see more of Andre and Junior. Both boys are handsome and wonderful! But Andre seems to have that Dog Whisperer gene!

  • Millie Rr
    Millie Rr

    Hola Cesar buenos días! Una pregunta, tengo una boxer que tiene 8 meses casi 9. Ella crecio haciendo del baño en mi patio y nunca a hecho del baño en la calle cuando la sacó a caminar. Ahora que mi patio le tube que poner todo cemento, ya no puede hacer del baño ahí así que no está haciendo en ningún lado. Me despierta en las noches la saco a caminar y aun así no hace, ya lleva dos días. . Ayer se hizo en mi zapato de la emoción cuando llegue. Que puedo hacer para ayudarla que pueda hacer en la calle?

  • pntdblack

    Cesar you and your son's are the best of the best!

  • Hector Plascencia
    Hector Plascencia

    HI Cesar. Me da gusto verte. Vivo y trabajo en Santa Clarita. Me gustaria tener la oportunidad de saludarte en persona, seria un honor para mi.

  • luigi pogi
    luigi pogi

    Dog whisper of the century

  • Terri from Texas
    Terri from Texas

    ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING! So very happy & excited to see yall on IRbin! Completely warms my heart! Your sons & family & friends & packs inspire & spark such JOY! God bless you & yours Cesar! PLEASE keep the videos coming! :)♡

  • Lozanos

    Yo quiero que usted conozca a mi perra Mía. La traje desde San Diego a NY. Her story is very sad, but we are happy and lucky to have her. She is a Siberian Husky, 9 months and now that I see you went to DR, would love to be more educated about Huskies as people in DR are big fans of Huskies 😳😳, with that heat! I am Dominican and planning to take her on vacation with me.

  • Siswanto Siswanto
    Siswanto Siswanto

    Can i have one your siberian husky???😭😭

  • Héctor Abal
    Héctor Abal

    Como me gustaría escucharte en español. Se puede subtitular, eso lo se pero se entendería mejor tu mensaje escuchándolo en español. Ten en cuenta, por favor, que tienes tantos seguidores de habla hispana como anglo parlantes. Te mando un fuerte abrazo desde Argentina!

  • Abigail Beedy
    Abigail Beedy

    Hey Cesar it’s me Abby

  • nicky Benson
    nicky Benson

    Welcome back❤

  • ThePhoenixAg

    Cesar!!!! hazlo en español!!!!!!!

  • Neatcrochet Neatcrochet
    Neatcrochet Neatcrochet

    Cesar, me alegro un monton verle de vuelta y que su vida se ha retomado con positividad... le pido que por favor eche un vistazo a un señor en Grecia que esta recogiendo perritos de la basura y en condiciones terribles , los humanos son crueles y me da asco ver esa crueldad no solo ahi sino aqui en España tambien y en todo el mundo, se llama Takis shelter y es un non profit organization. Me encanto escuchar las historias de tus perritos rescatados watching you over the years I am fond of your personality and kindness. Un saludo desde España. Ps your sons are looking awesome and its heartwarming to see them by your side.

  • 江河安娜

    I like to you rescue or save dog/animals lives sometimes

  • Lorena Quezada
    Lorena Quezada

    Mi cesar por que no haces en español

    • Lorena Quezada
      Lorena Quezada

      Como que no te gustan los mexicanos si te amamos

  • Kathy Worley
    Kathy Worley

    Wish you were here ! You would not believe what we are up against, in my little piece of paradise! (One aggressive, one viscous dog, owner in complete denial) Can't help think you could help, but I am holding the light, for the best outcome. Thank you for what you do !

  • S H
    S H

    I would love to see more dog tips and training. My bulldog has a mind of his own. How do I get him to listen to me? I’ve tried everything.

  • Concert mom 180 Betsy Persiano
    Concert mom 180 Betsy Persiano

    So excited to see the adventures on the ranch and all of the beautiful animals 😃 you bring hope to a sometimes hopeless world. Fur the love of animals.

  • cristina carmona
    cristina carmona

    Love you're ranch you're family beautiful animals

  • Never Again
    Never Again

    Cesar, I, for one, feel so BLESSED to find you posting again on IRbin. I so needed it. Keep on smiling and loving and we'll keep on returning the energy.

  • Mary Heacock
    Mary Heacock

    Great to see you again, I missed your show so much on TV .Iots more of the same ,Why not just take over you tube ,very loyal Fan

  • Kim Dang
    Kim Dang

    Hello Mr. Cesar Millan. I enjoyed your TV shows. Wonderful to meet you. Your fans. Hugs and kisses. Thank you.

  • Debbie Ross
    Debbie Ross

    Used to watch you on nat go. I hope you do well on IRbin. God bless.

  • zapodrilo


  • Sandy Strehlow
    Sandy Strehlow

    What ever you have to offer. Missed your shows , you and your canine friends.

  • ღ Corgi Ameh ღ
    ღ Corgi Ameh ღ

    I’m doing research of you at school,I look up to you

  • Tammie Broggins
    Tammie Broggins

    New subscriber. I have a pack of 12 dogs. We are homeless right now but I'm always praying it will get better

  • Leila Strub
    Leila Strub

    hello cesar and the whole familly I would like to see how can we make a dog hyper fearful more sociable with human PS I am from France thancks you

  • steve

    Miss you a lot. Welcome back to IRbin. Love from Australia!

  • EGB giraldes
    EGB giraldes

    No se inglés por favor sube videos en español megustaria ver todo lo que haces con los perros para ir aprendiendo ... eres un exelente entrenador te admiramos mi familia y yo 😊🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖

  • Blue Raven
    Blue Raven

    Wow Cesar, what a gift you are. I’m so happy to see you looking so well. 🌸☀️

  • wars of gold 66
    wars of gold 66

    Cesar hablando español mexicano yo necesito que me digas en que estoy mal ya que tengo un boxer americano de 6 años que en realidad pesa poco más de 50 kg no se cual es el instinto de pelea que tiene a otros machos en específico y pues me gustaría hablar con tigo en privado para saber que es lo que puedo y no puedo hacer

  • Hurshul Walker
    Hurshul Walker

    Sooo happy to see you back 🐶🐱🦆🦜. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏼👍🏼💜💜

  • Feby Ferdian
    Feby Ferdian

    Welcome back, Cesar!

  • Vanessa Tate
    Vanessa Tate


  • Anne Shepherd
    Anne Shepherd

    Caesar please look up it kills cancers in mammals !!

  • Mary Gibbons
    Mary Gibbons

    So excited about this new venture for you! I will be watching every video you make!

  • Manon Hamel
    Manon Hamel

    I want a video about synergy between dog and human. The auras, and meditation.. Merci!

  • Sergio Jacquez
    Sergio Jacquez

    47 thumbs down... Haters!!!

  • Arminé goes real !
    Arminé goes real !

    Cariño Cesar, I'm a good pack leader. I have 2 chihuahuas and a chihuahua Jack Russell mix. I have a problem with that dog. Every night he starts to howling in his sleep and then the other one also starts. He does it in the middle of the night. I have seen him do it a couple times. It's really in his sleep. I hope you can help me . Besos 😘

  • Momento D
    Momento D

    Videos en español Cesar!!! Gracias por estar de vuelta !!!! Por compartir!

  • john dillinger
    john dillinger

    Cesar must be broke if he needs youtube cash.

  • Fj Bs
    Fj Bs

    bendiciones Mijo desde Cuba gracias por la buena onda

  • Ciara Gonzalez
    Ciara Gonzalez

    YESSSS :')

  • pitrescue

    Yaaàaay your back ... 🐾❤️❤️❤️🐾

  • Magdelana Serna
    Magdelana Serna

    Cesar te Amoooooo eres lo mejor del planeta bendito seas por amar tanto al mejor amigo del hombre!!!!!

  • Melissa Zwieg
    Melissa Zwieg

    You are a darling heart💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙✨💫🦋🕊

  • aradee benhreem
    aradee benhreem

    Oh, it's my favorite item and I've always followed you.

  • T. C.
    T. C.

    Ceasar Milan? YAY🙌😀💚

  • Martha Saenz
    Martha Saenz

    Cesar, estamos muy orgullosos de ti. Gracias por tus consejos.

  • Sandra Martinez
    Sandra Martinez

    Bravo César bienvenido!!!!

  • Teresa Stratton
    Teresa Stratton