Jacey Birch: From pet lover to animal advocate
TV journalist Jacey Birch was able to use her news media platform to advocate for animal rights and became a resource to pet lovers in South Florida: cesar.mn/bgpCY
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  • Delightful Addition
    Delightful Addition

    The first brief overview of the story at 0:05 got me pondering. It is quite unfortunate that many breeds are being placed under BSL because of a lack of understanding of particular breeds, types of dogs, or dogs in general. Working with Animal Control and working with dogs of many different shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds, I have learned that you cannot judge a dog simply by what breed or type of dog he or she is and that there is no such thing as an aggressive breed or type of dog. Understanding this, I, and many others as well, feel it is wrong and ineffective to pass legislation on dogs simply because of its breed or how it looks. The major factor in determining whether or not a dog is a threat to others and aggressive or not is training, socialization, care, or the lack of these things on the part of the caretaker/caretakers. Also, I think more people should realize that how many people use the all-too-familiar term Pit Bull is not mentioning a specific breed of dog. Pit Bull is more of a generic term to describe certain breeds and dogs of mixed origins. For example, four common breeds associated with the term "Pit Bull" are the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier as well as mixes from these dogs or dogs of mixed origin which resemble these breeds. There are also other breeds that are commonly associated with the term Pit Bull which, strangely, are sometimes confused for the American Pit Bull Terrier. For those who would like to understand more about the term Pit Bull and what exactly a Pit Bull is or can mean depending on who you ask, there is a video called *Happy Tails -- Pit Bull Type Dogs* I felt was very informative. I think this is important to relay this information because it really shows that such legislation is not really concerned with behavior or even genetics of a particular breed, rather they are simply going by what a dog looks like.

    • Miss Cindy
      Miss Cindy

      People that take on a pit bull need to be careful they are powerful and need extra training and hopefully was bred properly.where i live 98% of dog bites are from pitbulls, my neighbor was jogging and a pitbull left from a fenced in yard attacked her and her arm was seriously damaged, taking on this breed requires alot of commitment as with other powerful breeds

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    Let people keep their dogs. I have a AmStaff and he's perfect. He's part of the family.

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