Is Your Dog Ready for the Big City? | Cesar Millan in New York City
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    Do you live in a big city? How does your dog react to all of the sounds and smells of a city?

    • AwakeNING Questionss
      AwakeNING Questionss


    • Dereck Hades
      Dereck Hades

      ​@lucbian Same here , Lola doesn't even dump on concrete, that's how she feels about the city.

    • Amanda Wang García Peña
      Amanda Wang García Peña

      I don't have a dog but I took care of a friend's dog for a week in the city and he was fine. He just has problems of socialisation with other dogs

    • Christian Valle
      Christian Valle

      PLEASEEE HELP ME CESAR , i dont wunt to put my dog to sleep but he has cost so much damage to people and dogs even his own life long female friend i dont know what else to do.

    • Helen Moscoso Sánchez
      Helen Moscoso Sánchez

      Me encantas eres un sol 😍

  • Ayn Bul
    Ayn Bul

    8:48 BTS on the billboard lol

    • Cheonjae Min
      Cheonjae Min

      Yesssss 🙌

  • Monica Pachikerl
    Monica Pachikerl

    I like the random dude that said “hey Cesar” like his neighbor haha and Cesar just said “hey what’s up mien” haha 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    RIP Daddy. One of the greatest dogs in the world.

  • aznilsson


  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    What breed is the dog? ❤️ nice video!

  • Miah Stalings
    Miah Stalings

    Love my home!

  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    Cesar the famous dog whisperer in the world!🐕🐩🐶🌐

  • Stephanie Reyna
    Stephanie Reyna

    What type of dog is that my dog is a rescue and looks exactly like it!!

  • Edmesbo

    Please can anyone tell me which breed Sophia is?? I have a dog just like her but unfortunately I don't know where she come from. Thank you in advance!

  • firstname to login
    firstname to login

    19/11/2019 10:39:58 - este vídeo huele a chetos

  • Frank Legenď
    Frank Legenď

    Notice how Cesar doesn’t give attention to the ppl staring as he is filming the video in streets of NY. One word: DOMINANT. 🐺

  • Arq & Art
    Arq & Art

    SOS 🙏🏼 necesito su ayuda urgentemente!!!

  • Riker Haddon
    Riker Haddon

    Sound mix is bad and music doesn't fit at all :(

  • Just Another Design
    Just Another Design

    I have the utmost respect for Cesar ❤

  • Dinah Kaye Smith
    Dinah Kaye Smith

    I live is a very small town and I have 4 dogs one freaks me out a little I never know what she is going to do next she chewed my couch and my chair and my carpet

  • Jenny Ice
    Jenny Ice

    Cesar first of all I LOVE YOU you are SO AMAZING. I have os much respect for you and respecting the natural ways of the animal itself. I grew up in China and I have found myself to bond often with animals and certain dogs that become attached and calm around me, especially the considered "dangerous" or troubled ones at shelter. Weirdly enough, dogs that have less problems maybe like me less than the ones that has issues. Haha I do not know why, maybe because I am very caring, responsive, and attentive. I like to observe the animal itself and feel to understand. I just got a puppy that is about 3 months old right now. Training has been such a hardworking journey because he is meant to be my service dog! We are still working on the intensive training. He is very playful, a maltese pomeranian where he acts like a demon bunny having the zoomies sudden bursts of energy. He is also very sweet and acts like a baby teddy bear. Living in the city ha sonly been with carryig him around in a bag or purse since he does not have all of his shots to walk yet. I also worry that he would catch germs, steps on some sharp objects, chemicals, or get too dirty when he hates water or being cleaned. Good thing he is super small and him running around during the day in the apartment makes him tired for most of the night! He was super scared of the noises and city at first since he is a nervous boy who is not very friendly, but more reserved to himself like a cat. He has been warming up to me and my boyfriend. But one issue I struggle with is that while I am his primary caretaker, he seems to like my boyfriend more who usually just lays on the couch! I placed his crate next to the couch so he is usually sleeping there while I go to work. But I wish he would follow me and love me more. He would keep following my boyfriend when my boyfriend almost never interact with him. He also loves me but I don't know why he does not follow me more instead of my boyfriend who almost always ignore him. Please help, and again we love you!

  • Aacaramelito Cucu Cucu
    Aacaramelito Cucu Cucu

    Eres un fenómeno me encara

  • Aacaramelito Cucu Cucu
    Aacaramelito Cucu Cucu

    Ola desde Asturias España un saludo

  • Spying Panda
    Spying Panda

    Cesar just found youre channel glad you havent left. Animo

  • Yuko L
    Yuko L

    Por que no estan en español.

  • Sophea Noth
    Sophea Noth

    How old is jr Cesar?

  • Cane corso House
    Cane corso House

  • carolina cruz
    carolina cruz

    Have you heard about brooke hout and how she smacked her dog in a youtube video ? The dog needs a better home dont allow her to keep him

  • Maysam. Abufraj
    Maysam. Abufraj

    Please Arabic translation❤️🙏🙏

  • BitffalD

    Uh, that's the man who used to torture dogs with strong kicks, electric stuff and various kind of violence in his """educational""" TV program...

  • Amanda Wang García Peña
    Amanda Wang García Peña

    I want to be dog and horse psychologist

  • Christian Valle
    Christian Valle

    PLEASEEE HELP ME CESAR , i dont wunt to put my dog to sleep but he has cost so much damage to people and dogs even his own life long female friend i dont know what else to do.


    Poxa Cesar gosto muito do jeito que você lida com os animais, parabéns... Eu adotei um cachorro de rua e ele é uma belezura com os humanos mas com outros animais ele é dominador, agressivo e para passear com ele é complicado... Ele foi castrado e chipado recentemente eu gostaria muito que ele fosse dócil com outros animais pois tenho três em casa e desse jeito fica difícil dele se reunir com os irmãos.

  • argentinean bodybuilder
    argentinean bodybuilder

    Whaaaat ur alive bro ???? Ok this is my first time been cheated for a fake news 🤣 I thought u where die bro really but thanx to Paris Hilton I realize how stupid I can be hahahahaha bienvenido a la vida Cesar sos un grande !!!

  • don Esp
    don Esp

    Where are you Cesar?

  • Lisa

    Could you perhaps make a video about meeting overtly excited and jumping dogs? My friend has a german shepherd who likes to nip at your hands and jump up on you when you enter the house or make sudden movements, it's almost like she's claiming territory. I'm a little scared of the specific breed because of a bad incident with a german shepherd when I was younger. How do I go about greeting this dog and giving off the right energy? Your tv-show has helped me with my own dog, but when it comes to other people's dogs I don't know what to do.

  • Sandra Orozco
    Sandra Orozco

    Hojala subiera más videos recientes soy de la Ciudad de México bendiciones.

  • Matin Angel
    Matin Angel


  • Jojo Munoz
    Jojo Munoz


  • A Google User
    A Google User


  • Niyah Cuzy
    Niyah Cuzy

    Dear Cesar I have a two year old rat terrier/chihuahua mix named bella lately she has been having aggressive issues I’ve been trying to work with her to get it under control because I’m still learning to be a dog trainer myself and I can’t seem to figure out what trigger her or what kind of aggression it is and normally not an aggressive dog what do i do? PLEASE Help!

  • Gianella Solvas
    Gianella Solvas

    Hola Cesar, mi nombre es Gianella, vivo en España y tengo un problema muy grave. Tengo 3 perros (todos machos sin castrar), el mayor (un Yorkshire) ha estado con nosotros por 5 años se ha puesto muy agresivo con el segundo perro (que es el mediano, es un Border Collie y acaba de cumplir un año) y era continuo su deseo de atacarlo hasta que el Border se cansó y lo atacó y pues casa le deja sin un ojo. Realmente necesito ayuda, el veterinario me dijo que la castración lo solucionaría pero tengo miedo que el problema siga. Por ello quería preguntarte, Crees que la castración los ayudaría?? Tendré que acudir con un adiestrador?? 😭 me gustaría que me ayudases, me encantaría que fueras tu el entrenador pero se que no se podrá. Y por último no quiero perder a ninguno de mis perros

  • adiguna negara
    adiguna negara

    lol cesar hair is better than any album... its multi platinum ^^

  • Chris Koyle
    Chris Koyle

    Quick question. How do you determine your dog's pack role.

  • Dalton Long
    Dalton Long

    Feel like it would be best for you and for your views if you did some sort of series just a thought. Would make it easier to make a consistent weekly video

  • hachiko 00
    hachiko 00

    César un canal en español por favor😔

  • Joel Maejor
    Joel Maejor

    Mexicans aren’t all that bad. Look at this man. He’s a well known respected dog lover

  • Emily Beale
    Emily Beale

    I'm sure you've done one but I can't find a video focused on recall. My pup won't come to his name, I've had him a month and he's 1year 4 months. I got him from a lady who had him a year but got him from a Romanian rescue shelter. I just don't know what to do anymore.

  • Fabian Posada
    Fabian Posada

  • Lalo Hernandez
    Lalo Hernandez

    My dog was killed this mornibg by the neighbor she was a good baby shee was just hiper thanks cesar for no rresponse i will post the video of her murder for you to see😤😢

  • maria hernandez
    maria hernandez

    Me gusta más cuando están en español los vídeos

  • People Loving Animals
    People Loving Animals

    I just started my People Loving Animals IRbin channel to promote my website for animal lovers. I'd love to promote you on my website, as I do lots of articles and reviews about dog training. I'm loving your videos! Debra

  • jscarter28

    I tell everyone this with my pressa girl. She’s a nervous girl, has always been, I tell everyone who meets her, “I hope you’ve seen Cesar. The rule is, no touch, no talk, no eye contact. Seriously, leave her be. She will smell you, please don’t touch her.” People are still rude and don’t follow the rules. Dogs always do though. She gets along with all dogs....just not all people...never ever aggressive, just. Doesn’t want to interact. Thank you Cesar for always reinforcing the idea for humans...

  • andria soriano
    andria soriano

    Hi so there is this IRbin channel called the sky family and they're having trouble with a dog they adopted a year ago. The dog started attacking her other dogs as well of showing signs of being dominant and I think you can really help them out

  • 2serveand2protect
    2serveand2protect the "big city" ready for MY dog??...

  • Chris Regan
    Chris Regan

    Cesar We Love You

  • Chubsey1995

    Hey Cesar, our family pup was named coco.. she went viral of a photo with your slogan on it. If you can inbox me that’d be great

  • Benjiri Ayoub
    Benjiri Ayoub is a blog for dogs care. enjoy ❤️❤️

  • Gaby Padilla
    Gaby Padilla

    Me gusta tu canal pero me queda claro que no esta hecho para latinos, ni siquiera le pones subtitulos

  • たちすけ
    たちすけ he is Pochi Papa in Japan

  • Dadado Marin
    Dadado Marin

    Me gustaría que hicieras videos en español, acá hay gente q te sigue..

  • OrangeHealia

    GREAT INTERVIEW and NYC yes... my Trinity grew up in NYC (was a shelter dog b4), nothing got to her... expect cancer... miss her so much... new pitbull rescued from Serbia, living in Barcelona... small steps

  • Lynda Kimble-Williams
    Lynda Kimble-Williams

    Love you Cesar 💋🌷👍🏾

  • Jomar Marinho
    Jomar Marinho


  • Jake Romero
    Jake Romero

    Awesome vids as always. Gracias!

  • Shamira Rose
    Shamira Rose

    Ohww the background music is toooo distracting...hard to hear clearly cesar

  • TexasContessa

    Excuse the much hated t9

  • TexasContessa

    Nice. She is a cutie. The problem today is that not I of do people not know now to deal with dogs....they don't know how to relate to each other. Most people especially the young are clueless, they only exist in social media. So isolates people so very much. There is no human or animal contact. Keep trying pumpkin. Yours is not just a job I think it is a calling.

  • Lesley Jones
    Lesley Jones

    Have so much to thank Cesar for - I actually do volunteer for a Border Collie Rescue in Upstate New York - and I have seen so many of these dogs 'rescue' the humans. For those humans that don't want to be rescued, we take the dog and put them into much better situations. But my biggest victory was to use the advice Cesar gives for RED ZONE dogs........ When it came to my divorce....NO TOUCH...NO TALK.....NO EYE CONTACT........worked a treat and now I'm free! Cesar, thank you for giving me the freedom I can now enjoy and embrace. Fur over Fury!

  • sally smith
    sally smith

    good video, in the city.

  • Sandra Orozco
    Sandra Orozco

    Hojala y mepudiera mandar un saludo.

  • Sandra Orozco
    Sandra Orozco

    Tiene una sonrisa tan bonita le voy a confesar en lugar de tener una foto de mi marido tengo una de usted.


    😭😭😭😭😭 No entendí ni J 🤷🤷🤷 por favor pongan subtitulos 😘😘😘😘 te amo Cesar 😍😍😍🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  • MommyCassReborns

    this is SO true. I just took Olivia my self trained service dog into the city for the first time this past weekend. I have mobility issues and use a wheelchair and have anxiety in new places. I was so scared to ride the T and the elevators, and teach her how to heel next to my wheelchair that I only use for distance. Olivia was a rescue. I got her at a shelter as a puppy. She is a 'middle of the pack' dog. she is brave, happy go lucky, and very social. She loves the dogs at the park. She did amazing! She helped me overcome my fear of the trains and elevators. Then at the expo I was at my friend took ill and we had to ride the ambulance with her to the hospital. A trip to the city is very different for them. It is hot, smelly, loud. The trip to the city is very fast paced. They have to be ready for so many things. Lights, smells, motion, surfaces, bridges, Tunnels. A big one is that their is very little grass to pee on. So you have to always look for a place for them to go. And I took water and a bowl and treats and a blanket for her. I sure wish I had taken a bag of food for her though!


    I have a Siberian husky "Kona"..he is a true nightmare when walking him. I tried for almost 2 years to actually go for a walk..and its either me having my hands and fingers cut off by the leash..or no walks ever.. one time I took him to my daughters high school graduation to share the great happy day..HUGE mistake..he Houdini'd himself out of the leash and was running like I never seen a dog run in my life in the middle of at least 300 people.. I was chasing him like a football player towards the Cesar...I guess its a no go for Kona in Santa Cruz CA city..let alone New York!!!

  • Sandra Orozco
    Sandra Orozco

    Hola soy de la CDM me gustaría que fuera en español no entiendo el ingles eres un bombon .

  • Lass-in Angeles
    Lass-in Angeles

    How disrespectful to have this noise 'music' buzzing in your ears when Cesar is talking? And you folks are professional film makers? Silence is golden. 21 Thumbs down agree with me.

    • Nino Carlo
      Nino Carlo


  • Vanessa W
    Vanessa W

    really wanted to hear what was said during the radio talk show, but the music was overwhelming and couldn’t hear much 😞hopefully that can be fixed in the next video

  • PJ *
    PJ *

    I am so excited to find Cesar Millan on IRbin.. Extremely Excited!

  • Maria B
    Maria B

    Hi Cesar once again love your VIEDO in New York 👍🏻❤️🐕 take care your number one fan always ☝🏼

  • anne Vaughn
    anne Vaughn

    I thought Cesar was dead

  • Carol McCorry
    Carol McCorry

    Loving your vlogs Ceasar......

  • Gabriela Padilla
    Gabriela Padilla

    Hola César eres un orgullo Mexicano y un gran ser humano te queremos

  • Aicel GR
    Aicel GR

    Oh so nice to see Cesar in NYC, my state town, maybe one day he can visit Queens 😉

  • Emma Thienes
    Emma Thienes

    Two words...personal mic.

  • Jan Angel
    Jan Angel

    Thank you so much! Love every post and look forward to each new one! ☀️🌻

  • DOGMAN3161

    Hi Cesar, love videos just wish you would do more teaching related to dogs.Love the little dog, but miss JR. JR should always be with you. Your videos should focus more on helping individuals train their dogs to be good canine citizens. As stated before, love the dog shows you’ve done in the past, wish you would make new ones. Keep up the good work and make your focus more about successfully teaching dogs and training the humans.

  • Eugene Mitchell
    Eugene Mitchell

    How to get your dog not to be angry when meeting other dogs?

  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE

    less of the music pleeeeeeease but once a fantastic vlog

  • Gaurav Chaturvedi
    Gaurav Chaturvedi

    I am from india and v love u

  • Gaurav Chaturvedi
    Gaurav Chaturvedi

    Love 2 c u bck

  • Marcela C
    Marcela C

    Lástima que el video no esté en español

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson

    Good grief. Is he wearing a bra?

  • Delia Fernandez
    Delia Fernandez

    Cesar what a great man to learn from. Hail Cesar!

  • Bob Sch
    Bob Sch

    Dein Umgang mit den Tieren ist super👍

  • Rob Vel
    Rob Vel


  • stareeagle

    Love love love Cesars calm assertive and happy compassionate energy while sharing his experience in NY. Thank you so much for teaching me so much about how to be, Cesar.

  • tara cortes
    tara cortes

    Yes, we can 😘 Love you Cesar!

  • leo lola
    leo lola

    great , she behave well .

  • Cali Girl
    Cali Girl

    Sophia did amazingly! Loved the way she sat at Cesar's feet on stage during the interview...and the assistant guy was all worried, asking "Are you going to pick her up and hold her? What are you going to do?" and Cesar was all chill, like "I got this, man." Lol. How did he ever doubt the dog whisperer? Lol

  • Justice4Assange

    I would like to see Cesar Millan extend his love for dogs to all other animals and stop supporting the cruel dairy, egg and meat industry.

  • Angela Dengg
    Angela Dengg

    Would really appreciate if the music would not be so loud and between him talking 🤗 Cesar as Mario hilarious 😂 My dog is absolutely fine in walking through town and driving with all vehicles. If it is too crowded it gets hard because she is smaller size hen Sofia so sometimes people are rushing very close. 💛

  • Ray Digital
    Ray Digital

    Este hombre es un "maestro" en el manejo de los perros..!! un líder...!! This man is a "teacher" in handling dogs .. !! a leader...!!

  • Gary Kang
    Gary Kang

    Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack in the background?