Introducing our new pack member, Spot! Learning the importance of our energy. Meeting new friends, Jersey and Marlene!
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  • Musabi

    My bf things I watch Cesar cuz he’s handsome but the truth is I’ve watched him for sum time , I used to enjoy watching his show air at night

  • Volvox

    11:58 I wonder: why do parrots do this?

  • Jersey Goodman
    Jersey Goodman

    Hahah my name is Jersey

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee

    Hi Cesar, do you sometimes feel an energy calling out to you but you just don't know what it is yet, but your chi is inclining towards an unknown but ultimate energy that is growing? Namoamitabutsu. it is in you outside of you and you are it.

  • Liang Christina
    Liang Christina

    Awwwww so cute

  • Hana Lyu
    Hana Lyu

    I like that T-shirt!

  • Я -Русский
    Я -Русский

    👍Удивительный человек

  • Susan Baker
    Susan Baker

    Body, mind, heart. Safety, peace, love. Energy, movement, sound. Raising first, then training.

  • wendiewoo millan
    wendiewoo millan

    Incredible man nobody will ever be as incredible as Cesar millan . A true wonder of the world 🌍🙏🏼💜

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust

    Ranch is heaven for animal lovers! ❤

  • Dani Morales
    Dani Morales

    Hi ceasar! How do you introduce a new puppy to a resident dog of 3 years old :) Thanks!

  • rcsc824 sc
    rcsc824 sc

    Lol.. cesar taking over class white man not happy lol.

  • Stuff

    Where is the dog? All I see are birds 😂

  • York Barnes
    York Barnes

    0:38 I don't train dogs I train humans

  • From Oz
    From Oz

    ... named after lorenzo lamas

  • MyPuppyLife

    Spot is the cutest! Love your ranch and the pack of amazing animals you have, everyone looks so happy and content!

  • letie0717

    Lovely puppy! ❤️

  • aroma rynjah
    aroma rynjah

    is there anyone who is watching this corona time

  • aroma rynjah
    aroma rynjah

    you are the best

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas

    Tienes una mision especial..unir el mundo

  • Simona Ortale
    Simona Ortale

    Cesar I wish we could watch a video with every day life of your pack at the ranch 💚

  • Deccs

    isnt spot a papillon?

  • Dewi Chen
    Dewi Chen

    Is Spot Junior's junior?

  • Krishna Gopal
    Krishna Gopal

    Been following you for a long time Ceaser. It's nice you got a Ranch and are bringing in more members. Could we also have a horse and Elephants. Would love to see how to interact with those beautiful animals too. Wish you all the best to you and your family. Note: happy the way you are more into Zen and energy.

  • Chelle Nalehp
    Chelle Nalehp

    i'm usually a "big dog person" but i would of adopted spot in a heart beat! such a good boy

  • Айгуль Бахтигузина
    Айгуль Бахтигузина

    Здравствуйте!Обожаю вас!

  • Red rose For you
    Red rose For you

    This is so beautiful!!! I love animals and nature, I wish I could be there. 🐮🐱🐰🐢🌲

  • Jess Washington
    Jess Washington

    Caesar said, "he needs to mature so he can get a job and support his family" talking about the bird 🤣😂 too funny

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    So nice to see your sons still growing with you. Awesome to see. Daddy would be proud of Jr. he is precious. Love this place. It’s just beautiful. Enjoy seeing all of the different animals in harmony. 😊

  • AmeriKanGrl

    Spot is is so adorable. My chihuahua I rescued about 1 year ago. He was found in a parking lot and was about 3 months old all alone. He's brought so much joy to me and kids! Happy trails to spot at the ranch! ❤

  • AmeriKanGrl

    I remember as a kid always wanting a large acre property to have rescue dogs. Maybe one day still. Love Cesar. Such a great hoooman!

  • Marissa Damasceno
    Marissa Damasceno

    Love the Scarlet Macaw. We had one that never got his feathers back after the loss of his original owner. We tried sweaters and it would agitate the bird more than it was worth. So he lived the rest of his life happy but constantly picking.

  • Jackie Lowrey
    Jackie Lowrey

    Cesar can you do a video on your stance rehoming pets??

  • Robert Reece
    Robert Reece

    When will you allow this with lions or tigers

  • Stephen Surio
    Stephen Surio

    Now I get why he is named Lorenzo.. Lorenzo Lamas. Haha

  • Teresa Bowen
    Teresa Bowen

    Mr C. Dogs can sense you as a caring person that wont hurt them. Animals n babies can sense you as a caring person that loves them... Its a respect for creation. Tho it be babies kittens puppys ect ect ect Because you respect the Creator... LOVE 💟💝❤😍🇺🇸

  • Dylan Meza
    Dylan Meza

    I love that cesar’s also a bird guy it’s so cool lol Gotta love bird dad representation

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter

    Qi Gong thing too complicated. What Cesar meant by ripe and boat: to move instinctively. The right tool for that kind of job is

  • Sbc 9696
    Sbc 9696

    Great video except for the end, when I believe I heard the word energy about seventy times from the white guy trying to be king yoga

  • Tzun Tzun Hsue
    Tzun Tzun Hsue

    I like he is learning Qigong . It is about movement and intent as well as energy. Most of all it is all about healing. Energy responds to energy. Something my master use to say. Now the world is seeing and learning.

  • Lori Tennille
    Lori Tennille

    Welcome to the palck:fam spot. You are with good hooomans 😌✌️

  • koko.meeko

    0:31 Lorenzo's face lol

  • Rebecca sparkes
    Rebecca sparkes

    Cesar is an amazing man.

  • Erika Arnold
    Erika Arnold

    The gardeners didn’t get the memo about calmness that day...😆

  • Erika Arnold
    Erika Arnold

    I need training... what is the human habitat like? I bet there are jacuzzi jets in ALL of those tubs. That is an ESTATE!!! Love to go hang with a bunch of animals and not be knee deep in people stuff...Where do I sign up?!!

  • RoseRoyce

    I think I’m where I am spiritually from watching Cesar from a young age

  • Kim Litjes
    Kim Litjes

    Wow! 😊😊😊😍😍😍

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins

    Who else wants to have spot 😍😍😍😂😂🤙🏾

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello, RIO is a SHE?? I thought it's a male!!!!!? 😂🦜Greetings 💞⬅️

  • Rain Rabbit
    Rain Rabbit

    Love the Tai Chi Quigong is very powerful and is a high level skill.

  • Hermelinda Zepeda
    Hermelinda Zepeda

    Spot is cute

  • deanna belle wingo
    deanna belle wingo

    Nice to see your creation here missed u love u

  • Miguel

    I thought Chi was something made up by kung fu panda

  • A Davids
    A Davids

    A male snow white.... Animals flock to Cesar

  • Tiffany Karussos
    Tiffany Karussos

    Absolutely incredible thank you!

  • Joanne Davenport
    Joanne Davenport

    We need advice, my daughter got a new puppy vzila, and she is overwhelmed.the puppy needs shots for parvo, and she can't walk outside so she don't get parvo, and my daughter feel she cNr do anything cause the puppy needs her, she can't sleep feels exhausted to go to work, help us thsnks

  • Bhupender Singh Rawat
    Bhupender Singh Rawat

    Respect sir, how to I trained my 8 years old dog to new things..he is gentle nd intelligent...but as u said I try with them..its working..but I want to train some more things...gentle walking with me without it possible sir.?

  • Yolanda Irizarry
    Yolanda Irizarry

    How long do you continue using the chi movement . How will this help me introducing a puppy to a new home where the other dog is an alpha Shitzu. Thank you.

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    Hahah Cesar is great 😄 love the tai chi moving energy part

  • Dawn Durham
    Dawn Durham

    He's beautiful! I have a all black one, chi's are so beautiful!

  • MegaGenten

    Wow! you are an incredible man Cesar! Have watched your dog whisperer programmes for many years , you taught me all I had to know about owning a dog. Watching you on your ranch, you remind me of "Doctor Dolittle!" - those birds, especially the red parrot just loves you! Bless you and your family!

  • Square Triangle
    Square Triangle

    3:00 You know there is an actor, Lorenzo Lamas

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana

    How about worshiping The Creator of this “energy” and of all the amazing beautiful creation that Cesar is so bless with... I love Cesar, I’m also a immigrant from Brazil to USA (my husband is American). And we also have 2 beautiful boys about the same age as his😊. What a wonderful gift Cesar has🤗💕 praise the One who gave it all...✝️

  • J. Cassavoy
    J. Cassavoy

    Are you vegan now? Animals seem to know if you don't eat them or their products.

  • Shanna Lewis
    Shanna Lewis

    I can not subscribe because of some children's law that been applied I hit the bell and get message about child's law

  • Forest Runner
    Forest Runner

    cezar ....ive been watching you on and off for nine years long as ive had my rescue dalmation....hes been very agressive and ive learned a lot...thank you

  • Tam G Smith
    Tam G Smith

    This is about introducing Spot?

  • Richard MacKenzie
    Richard MacKenzie

    I'm not a pet owner, but, I like watching your videos, Cesar.


    Can Cesar also teach how to train a teenage girl!

  • Sunshine Reggae
    Sunshine Reggae

    Can I come and work there please ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏻🍀💯

  • Jaytay

    That puppy is going to grow up to be a man

  • Monica Pachikerl
    Monica Pachikerl

    Hahahahha the expectations for his bird tho haha

  • Foppo Leeuwerke
    Foppo Leeuwerke

    This is about life.The way we are with nature.Iam 71 years old so much still to learn about behaviour even at my age.It made me realise the mistakes you make in your life.

  • Jane Montez Nurse
    Jane Montez Nurse

    Ahhhh...lucky Spot! That little guy will be living the dream 😍 Cesar's place is like paradise on earth ❤️

  • Kristina Španović
    Kristina Španović

    omg dancing part!?

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz

    Peace ✌️& Love

  • native_ momma
    native_ momma

    Cesar your living my dream . 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🐢😘

  • Panda

    I am wondering why he called him 'Spot' 🤨

  • Tricia Brookes
    Tricia Brookes

    I get calm just watching you relate to your friends 😀❤️

  • Mercedes Ghretlli
    Mercedes Ghretlli


  • Lana Head
    Lana Head

    I am a mastiff person with the exception of French bulldogs. I have watched nearly all of Mr. Milan’s shows. I have always wanted to take his classes bower, I recently had three lung surgeries. This has stopped my dream to work with him. I’m a pretty strong cookie I am a kindergarten teacher and I returned to work while carrying my portable oxygen. I am a strong willed person or just lost my mind going to work. Lol. Now with Covid I host class online which is interesting. Anyway I have always wanted to help problem dogs and teach their owners how to help stop problems. Everyone in my district knows I, the animal lady. Lol. I unfortunately am looking for a large bullmastiff, Cana Corsos, or boerbol. To try and train myself for a modi Lora dog. I am amazed at his methods and how they cross over to other animals. Due to my lung issue that the doctors have given several names which means “we are not sure” I was heart broken because they stopped looking for answers because I had two birds. One was a Congo African grey that I hatched from his egg, hand fed him, taught him how to ride a scooter (skateboard that has a handle),and loved him every day for the past twenty some years. Plus my ten years old sons cockatiel. The doctors said I hade to get rid of them or they could not help me. They felt it was the two bird my son and I love them so much. So I love to see Cesar with his birds. At one point in Time I had a breeding pair of greenwinged macaws. The male name was Cesar. Right now I am trying to rehabilitate a baker puppy we adopted after my last bullmastiff past away while I was in the hospital over the summer. She is defiantly the puppy for the kids. Who ever had started guard work with her. I am working on changing that energy. so far so good. We were happy to save her. I am saving to come to the center and to take a class with Cesar I am not giving up hope. I want to learn so much more about rehabilitating dogs because my dream is to train service dogs for those who can’t afford one. Like myself and use dogs from local shelters to do this. I feel many veterans and people with other disorders need companion service dogs. I would love to intern with Cesar or someone closer to me to help me in attaining my dream in case I am unable to return to teaching kids in the classroom. My condition is worse at work. So it is a realistic possibility I may not be able to return to teaching if this is the case I want to work with dogs and people. I just can’t wait until this pandemic is over so I can try to attend one of his classes. I have a lot of respect for him and his methods. People make fun of me because I use his methods and I’m always watching his videos. There are other people trying to say they are the dog whisperer but they are so wrong some of the videos make me so upset and an angry that owners allow other trainers to use some of the methods they use.please keep posting videos

  • Roger San Gabriel
    Roger San Gabriel

    Cesar Milan should write a book on parenting. Good words of wisdom.

  • yaneligg7 gro
    yaneligg7 gro

    Por qué no sabes nigún vídeo en español no se supone que eres Mexicano o no sabes español ?????

  • Renee

    O M G! I love it Caesar! 😀❤️ Spot

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    I am in a depression and a burnout, that means, overworked. This video makes me want to practise tai chi, thank you cesar

  • Lea Schmitt
    Lea Schmitt

    At 13:00 dude grooving with energy. Parrot in the background grooving with him xd

  • TheDoggyChannelVideo

    when is the next about spot?

  • G. Yilmaz
    G. Yilmaz

    Ngl i only came for the puppy and skipped half of the video

  • Laday Blues
    Laday Blues

    I’m not feeling the people interviewing him they seem unimpressed and boring . They ruined the video

  • Elizabeth Pérez
    Elizabeth Pérez

    who else came to the vid to see a puppy and ended up with a full life/parenthood lesson?

  • Lily Rios
    Lily Rios

    What breed is Millan’s dog in 1:13 under the parrot?

  • Dog Tips and Training
    Dog Tips and Training

    I remember this EXACT same thing, but in Dog Whisperer.

  • Dragon Fly19
    Dragon Fly19

    Caesar what do you suggest I’m getting a Doberman Puppy and know how important it is to socialize them with other dogs. What do you suggest during this time I’m worried down the road

  • mashi s
    mashi s

    Cutie pies🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Maddie A.
    Maddie A.

    Cesars son is really attractive

  • Anonymous Ly
    Anonymous Ly

    Questions for Cesar or anyone: how many dogs is too many when introducing a puppy (attempting to socialize, actually) to dogs at a dog park. Yes, I know, dogs are not babies, but for the sake of comparison, you wouldn’t leave your baby vulnerable to a room full of toddlers. The baby (i.e. dog) could get unintentionally hurt... Are there guidelines or stages of development your puppy should attain before doing so?

  • lil Rere
    lil Rere

    Spot is definitely the cutest chihuahua 😩🥺

  • Tammy S
    Tammy S

    Excellent video. I'm very happy to see Cesar so happy and doing well.

  • Eric Diaz
    Eric Diaz

    Love how Cesar doesn’t know about dragon ball z but still made a great reference

  • Saucy Wench
    Saucy Wench

    I'm so jealous you got a Qi Gong instructor. It's illegal throughout a lot of China, or at least it was as of last year.