Introducing My New Dog Toy!
I’m SO excited to announce that we’re launching my new brand PATH today which stands for Profound Addition To Health @pathpets The 1st product is a scented toy that your dog is gonna love & all of the Proud Pet Parents of the world need to enhance your connection with your dog!!! #dogislove #betterhumansbetterplanet
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  • Jamie Damiani
    Jamie Damiani

    are the holes on the end to put treats inside ? so were supposed to use the bones for training not all the time play

  • Bill Link
    Bill Link

    I hope it's made in the USA or another reputable country, not China like his leashes and collars.

  • Seoung Lee
    Seoung Lee

    What happened to this toy? Went to the website and it’s not in service. I really want this and it’s not sold anywhere.

  • Akshay Barnwal
    Akshay Barnwal

    I am watching you since you had 30000 subscriber . Love from India XD

  • Shana Rogers
    Shana Rogers

    Thank you ceaser for helping me be a better person for my dogs and the world, I appreciate you! I can’t wait to get the new dog product, and go exploring with my roggies.


    Going to buy one

  • FreddyKurganNimmo

    This piece of shit shouldn't be allowed anywhere NEAR a Dachshund! Carelessly swinging a less than 15 lb dog(whose breed is notoriously known for being extremely susceptible to spinal-injuries) off of a couch and then viciously slamming that dog down onto a hard floor ON ITS BACK! Should be charged with animal cruelty!

  • Arleth Vargas
    Arleth Vargas

    getting one for my boyfriend 🥳

  • Paul Klein
    Paul Klein

    I was curious as to what your home made food is. I have two dogs, a 160 lbs Shepherd and a 60 lbs lab mix. I was looking through your playlists and didn’t see anything about food. As their is a saturation of misinformation out there could you share your thoughts.

  • Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
    Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez

    That’s how to not be aggressive, but be dominant

  • CeeNine's Stuff
    CeeNine's Stuff

    I uh, think you need to upgrade your PC. Doesn't look like it's rendering the full model, I still see a few polygons. *(Jokes aside, I think this is awesome. God bless you for helping people train their dogs.)*

  • Maria Cc
    Maria Cc

    Hola César Millán: Mi nombre es Azucena y antes que otra cosa, muchas felicidades y mil gracias por tu labor. Ojalá puedas leer personalmente este mensaje y ojalá no sea problema que esté escrito en español. El caso sobre el que te quiero preguntar tu opinión es el siguiente: tuve oportunidad de ver un video de una perra de aproximadamente tres años la cual ha vivido con otros dos perros, uno de los cuales acaba de morir a causa de ser atropellado. A partir de este suceso esta perra (solo ella) empezó a hacer algo extraño a la hora de comer; este comportamiento extraño es el siguiente- durante el proceso de comer hace movimientos con su hocico como si apartara parte de esa comida hacia un lado, como si la estuviera compartiendo; incluso se aleja de la comida, (nuevamente, como si la estuviera compartiendo) y al final de este proceso, deja la mitad de su ración. Como comenté arriba este comportamiento extraño sucede solo a la hora de la comida y empezó a partir de la muerte de otro perro (pitbull de 10 años). La otra perra con la que aún convive, no presenta ningún comportamiento raro. Desde luego lo primero que se ha sugerido a los dueños es que le hagan una revisión médica, pero a parte de eso, quisiera leer lo que tú puedas opinar al respecto. (tengo un video muy pequeñito de esta perra, pero no sé a dónde podría envirártelo. Saludos, y de antemano muchas gracias

    • Special Z
      Special Z

      No tienes vídeos en su canal. Quiero vivir también.

  • mr. indie
    mr. indie

    Ciber pet toy

  • Izzy The Mini Goldendoodle
    Izzy The Mini Goldendoodle

    I'm izzy I want that toy tell my humans please

  • carton

    Pourquoi il n y a lus de traduction en français car j aimais regarder cesar Milan

  • Feed Monkey Now
    Feed Monkey Now

    Does Caeser have any vids on dog dental health?

  • Elisabetta Thomas
    Elisabetta Thomas

    cesar i love you but 27 dollars shipping daannnng

  • bathbombspetersburgllc Franklin
    bathbombspetersburgllc Franklin

    I do 💜😢

  • Kaito

    So its a smelly chew toy...very innovative

  • Zeitlose Hundetherapie
    Zeitlose Hundetherapie

    Jeder Hund will diesen Knochen haben. Every dog ​​wants to have this bone.

  • Darby Dupree
    Darby Dupree

    I think you should develop personal defense videos to teach people how to protect themselves in case of dog attack. Lots of people have Pits as family pets now. Children are being scalped and their faces torn off, many are killed. You have done so much against the safety of our children, Cesar, and you knew all along the dangers of game fighting dogs. I wish you had been deported.

  • Sezgin Acar
    Sezgin Acar

    My Boxer doesn't care ...😎 you are great...but there are dogs...and there are Boxers....

  • Sezgin Acar
    Sezgin Acar

    Doesn't work for Boxers....eyes, ears, nose for them 😂😂😂

  • Mario Aguilera
    Mario Aguilera

    Tenemos en la familia un boston ya me mordió 4 veces parando en el hospital, la última vez fue en la cara, para nosotros es un perro impredecible, cariñoso juguetón pero ataca a matar, y esta vez mordió a la cara a una niña de 3años y lastimó a su abuela, consultando con el entrenador de perros y de más especialistas coinciden en dormirlo, que hacer? Lo mataran el 2dic!!! Saludos desde Veracruz

  • Conor McBeast
    Conor McBeast

    Thanks to this toy, my dog is now smarter than me ,and now he bought me one and is going to teach me to be better 😥

  • Eddie Reyes
    Eddie Reyes

    I want a "Cesar Milian" toy that says "Tsk" when the dogs bite

    • StrangelyHuman


    • Anidiqua Ojala
      Anidiqua Ojala


    • Cesar V Torres
      Cesar V Torres

      Eddie Reyes it’s called e-collar

  • Mango

    smells good

  • preetham balu
    preetham balu

    Hello sir! I'm from India. I have a Rottweiler puppy and he is 4 months older. I have a loveable connection with him. My worry is I don't want him to harm any on my family members(as he grows big) when im out cuz I go to college by morning 9 and come back by 6pm at evening. Suggest me a way you get always under the control of my family members (Dad&mom).

  • Tina DeMuro
    Tina DeMuro


  • Tina DeMuro
    Tina DeMuro


  • madelene Jacob
    madelene Jacob

    God shape it's kind of rubic kube, I love the colour, may I ask you - why did you pick this colour? Because of their's eyes or?

  • Stephanie Price
    Stephanie Price

    Man do u need Ceaser for my dog Kirby. He's a straight dick (but I love him). I bet he'd even bite Ceaser .

  • Odette Moronez
    Odette Moronez

    Thank u cesar!😘💗🐶

  • artglue2

    Yeah because there aren’t a million rubber bones on the market.

  • Kirsty Macfarlane
    Kirsty Macfarlane

    Love it! Wee story, I'm eating lunch with Valentine our gsd and I always share my fruit with her. Somebody knocked the door and she was so focused on me, being disciplined, because this is a training time for her. She didn't notice them until we were in the hall and she spotted them through the glass door. I was so proud, because of the time I've put in, she'd rather focus on our time together than go and bark at the door. She used to be very reactive and still can be, it's her job at the right time of day when we're in alone and I answer the door, but what a difference and I've done that! As you know shepherds like to bark, but it goes to show what you can achieve when you put in the time. I can't walk very far because I have spinal problems but I spend a lot of time every day with play. It's really training but she doesn't see it like that! I just have so much fun with her and that's a huge part of the success. If your dog knows that he or she is pleasing you then you can't loose and you'll have the strongest bond. I miss going for walks, due to my health I've gone from someone who walked three gsds, one weighed 60kg, to only being able to take 1 around my block if I get enough of a break in my pain. She still gets a walk every day from my husband but he's amazed at how I tire her out quicker through making her use her brain than he does on a walk! To be honest I've always been very meticulous about that with all dogs I've had, even as a child, I was always training the dogs and having fun with them. Fun, enjoy every second, that's what it's all about. We only have them for a short time so treasure it xxx

  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing

    we adore you cesar

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark

    I texted the number from your last video and recieved an automated link in response. I just want to confirm that is you, sir.

  • Wazzie Shmozzie
    Wazzie Shmozzie

    well it seems better then the allegedly "text my number" scam, prove me wrong

  • Marat V
    Marat V


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Tatiana Guardia
    Tatiana Guardia

    Es un juguete adaptado a los sentidos del perro, (scented) me parece(perfume...olor...olfato) .....bueno.....aplicando la psicologìa canina que Cesar Millân domina......interesante......

  • Jana Bry
    Jana Bry

    Though enough for a Pittie? The Big black Kong, the toughest, didn't last 5 minutes... And he takes care of his teddy's... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😁

    • Jana Bry
      Jana Bry

      @2centavos Gonna try to find one. I'm near Montreal, we had target stores for maybe 2 years. All closed. Thank you. Worth the try but seems like when its to hard to chew it like the 2 kind of woods i bought he abandons. But i'll try it. Thank you.

    • Jana Bry
      Jana Bry

      @2centavos I tried everything deer antlers, Java wood ( usually the dois they use for parrots) He doesn't like either. Only the big white bone, big one lasts a day and i do not want to give him that anyways or bones with marrow, lasts, 20 minutes. 😞

  • Dr Nowzaradan
    Dr Nowzaradan

    I'm getting a puppy in January, i want to get it for her

  • Edenor

    I should have paid more attention to the title, because I spent the whole video wondering where the new dog named Toy is.

    • Kathi Dori
      Kathi Dori


  • Jenni LeFave
    Jenni LeFave

    Any Canadians order this? How much is duty charges? The only thing holding me back.

  • Veg

    u should train jenna marbles' dogs!

  • Anna McLeod
    Anna McLeod

    Footage of y'all using this in agility or search and rescue tasks is forthcoming? I struggle getting my dog to use his nose when giving him a job, but he will when he is playing. Help! How do I teach him to search?

  • Loda Megan
    Loda Megan

    Like si eres latino :D

  • Susan Saruk
    Susan Saruk

    Unfortunately, neither of my dogs r interested in any toys. Wish my little one was especially because of her weight problems. Would work great for teaching/training both of them. Keep up your great work. We and our furry mates need u.

  • El Beto
    El Beto

    Éxito César!

  • Wilhem Gonzalez
    Wilhem Gonzalez

    We need a video demonstration please......

  • gio132050

    Will buy one for my girlfriends dog now! 😃😃

  • iRumaDory이루마도리

    Hi, Mr. Millan~ You are a self made man. You keep on going your way and have achieved something others can hardly achieve. I learned a lot from your videos and always enjoyed watching them. I love to have your heart and soul. Cheers~~

  • All Of The Little Things
    All Of The Little Things

    Please bring back your pack leader collar! I’ve been trying to find it EVERYWHERE

  • Sau Reyes
    Sau Reyes

    Hey César soy nuevo en tu canal tienes información sobre comida cruda para perros? Deberías hacer un vídeo

  • Scarlet Red Magic
    Scarlet Red Magic

    Love it! My favorite IRbinr channel thanx Ceasar Yes We definitely have chew toys but we are going to get that one also the Chihuahuas we have will love that 😊

  • JP Sandoval
    JP Sandoval

    If this is an ad you left a lot of things out.

  • Spazio Jobim
    Spazio Jobim

    I consider myself the worst pet parent on the planet. My dog has died and I can not make this heavy guilty feeling disappear from me.

    • suzySRVgirl4ever

      Spazio Jobim what happened? Why did he/she die?

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones

    Getting some for sure


    He didn't really explain it well, what's different about it? Does it smell strong or something?

  • Picket Fence
    Picket Fence

    I love you Cesar Millan, and love lasts a lifetime. Thank you for all your help with my pack. ♡Nurse Carolyn

  • nighTmare

    I will get one for my ex... 😉

    • MrTachyon3000

      You'll need one that smells like money then.

  • Maribel Gonzalez
    Maribel Gonzalez

    Você tem um presente muito especial, um presente de DEUS 🌹😊. ........ You have a very special gift, a gift from GOD 🌹😊.

  • Sandra Orozco
    Sandra Orozco

    Buenas tardes bombon xfavor habla en español en tus videos yo se que tu público es anglosajón pero habemos muchos hispanos que no lo hablamos como yo que soy ama de casa saluditos. Espero que hayas tenido una cena estupenda en el día de acción de gracias 😘👄💖🎄

  • jettsoma

    Great idea! 👍🏽

  • Charity Blackwell
    Charity Blackwell

    Oh, i bet my Peach would love this!

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمد

    يا باشا لو سمحت عايزك تعمل حلقة تدريب الكلاب طاعة

  • Vanes LM
    Vanes LM

    Is it english bull terrier proof? 🙏🏼

  • Ashlyn Hartsell
    Ashlyn Hartsell

    I think I found the toy to get the dogs I watch! 😃❤️

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Xmas came early!

  • Bo Jan
    Bo Jan

    I visited the PATH site. These toys are small or large, pink or yellow and are bacon scented.

  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    What do you think about my new product?

    • patricia dejong
      patricia dejong

      I am going to order one today! Thanks Cesar should be perfect for my border collie!

    • Anidiqua Ojala
      Anidiqua Ojala

      1 love you & trust your judgement but....,2 llove the idea & concerned ab artificial scents & plastics 3 ever considered offering discounted price for Vet's& Disabled on fixed income for their ESA dogs? Ty & again Love to you & family

    • Tanja Santiago
      Tanja Santiago

      Does the scent wear off? And does it come in other colors lol

    • Angelina Yang
      Angelina Yang

      Wow,! It would be just what we need to get attention from the dog when training .

    • Ana &the girls
      Ana &the girls

      Love you. I need that toy. Do you ship it to Romania?

  • Felicia Bourque
    Felicia Bourque

    I'm definitely getting this for my dog hopefully he will love it. Do u have any tips on how I can get my dog to stop peeing and pooping in the house. He's a rescue so I don't know his exact age but I'm guessing he is about a year old.

    • Lynn K-J
      Lynn K-J

      Im house training a 10 week old pup at the moment. We have a few accidents but mostly I take him outside after food, after a nap, after play but always regularly. Sometimes a wee only but if I just encourage him a little by walking him around we get a poop as well. Plenty of praise when he does good and no scolding when he doesnt. Hope it helps and good luck.

    • Honeypea Digital
      Honeypea Digital

      Been looking for this as well.

  • Ethan Logan
    Ethan Logan

    Looks like a great toy

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Spoony Poon
    Spoony Poon

    You're simply the best!! 💜❤💚

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you so much for your kind words

  • La Lola
    La Lola


    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


  • R allophones
    R allophones

    So, it would be nice for you to include what it smells like in you ad and is hot pink a color that dogs can see well?

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      smells like bacon

  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.


  • Hercules _
    Hercules _

    Who’s remembered daddy ? Edit : Love dogs from France 🇫🇷

    • Krystal Chance
      Krystal Chance

      Who could forget?!!

    • suzySRVgirl4ever

      I absolutely loved Daddy! Jr. is looking very good! How old is Jr. now Cesar?

    • Kaitlyn Cleary
      Kaitlyn Cleary

      I miss him. Love how you chose him to help you with the dogs

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      I do. every. single. day.

    • Maribel Gonzalez
      Maribel Gonzalez

      Daddy forever 😚🐕🙇.

  • AmyF Faranso
    AmyF Faranso

    This looks awesome! The rubber toys in stores smell so strong of rubber my dog hates them!

  • BB Z
    BB Z

    Thank you Cesar! Another reason to love you and all your knowledge about caring for my dogs!

  • FiSHioN TaNkTiCS
    FiSHioN TaNkTiCS

    Alright alright

  • MommyCassReborns

    I could have Olivia try this on our youtube and review it. where can I buy one?

    • Loren Turner
      Loren Turner

  • Anastasia Zacharias
    Anastasia Zacharias


  • EditSMU

    What does it smell like if its scented then?

    • Jeni Lee
      Jeni Lee

      Honeypea Digital Lmao! 🤣👌

    • Honeypea Digital
      Honeypea Digital

      Smells like "chh"

    • E Collingwood
      E Collingwood

      Bacon apparently

    • Loren Turner
      Loren Turner

  • MommyCassReborns

    is it flavored? my dog likes things that taste like bacon or something like that.

    • Loren Turner
      Loren Turner

    • MommyCassReborns

      @Cesar Millan she will be happy to know that!

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Bacon flavored!

  • Diego the Baggel
    Diego the Baggel