Introducing A New Object To Your Dog
Our furry companions don't always know how to react to unfamiliar objects, so how do you introduce a new object to your dog to make them feel comfortable and excited instead of afraid?
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    All dogs react differently to new or unfamiliar objects- how does yours react?

    • K P
      K P

      @Jimbo newguy small baby steps. I have a traumatised rescue dog, and I found just getting on his level helped, I.e. lying on the floor near him so you weren’t quite in his space but he knew if he chose he could move closer or away. Talking to him, putting clothing, blankets with your scent in the areas he sleeps, can help. With regards to collars, harnesses, maybe use a soft cloth collar or harness indoors so he gets used to having something against his skin, using treats when you put it on and take it off to associate the wearing with something positive? Reading other stories in the rescue group I adopted my dog from, it can take anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years for the dog to fully decompress, but consistent routine is the key as this site says, and it does work. It’s going to be a long haul journey, but the rewards of seeing your dog slowly take each small positive step is worth the time, patience and work you put in. Good luck!

    • K P
      K P

      My dog Alfie has now finally interacted with a treat ball. Smoky bacon treats were the missing link! I’ll continue working with this and gradually bring in the play aspect of getting him to find the ball. Your tips with getting him to interact with us more by attaching him to us helped, but he still wanted to hide upstairs, so we put a stair gate at the bottom of the stairs to make it clear that he had to spend time with us. He will sleep by the front room door usually, but is slowly choosing to stay in the same room as us on occasion even when the stair gate is open for him to go back upstairs. He is also starting to show some play bows now when wanting a treat that we are holding out to him. Small steps...🙂

    • Jimbo newguy
      Jimbo newguy

      Mine doesn't like anything, collars or harness. Traumatized early in life before i got him. Don't know how to fix him

    • Cindy Jencks
      Cindy Jencks

      She first checks to see if she can eat it.

    • The Dog Walkers ph
      The Dog Walkers ph

      We have a very intense St Bernard boarderline agressive but becomes very kind and affectionate to strangers when in unfamiliar place. Weird

  • Heidster

    serious question; I get the re-direct aspect opposed to saying no - he said get them back to the nose and he showed the treats - however she was playing and trying to chew on the harness - I get that it redirects her attention but does it look like a reward to bad behavior? I've heard both instructions, I just want to make sure my re-directing isn't encouraging bad behavior

  • Cinthya Hernandez
    Cinthya Hernandez

    Jaja quinceañera Sofia jaja me dio mucha gracias jaja

  • ひよこあや

    シーザーのファンです。公式チャンネルがあったなんてとても嬉しいです!世界中で貴方はとても人気がありますから、是非何ヶ国かの字幕が生成されるようにしていただけないでしょうか。どうかお願いします。特に日本語を!お願いしますI am a Cesar fan. I'm so happy that there was an official channel! You are so popular all over the world, could you please allow subtitles for some countries to be generated? Please Especially Japanese! Please

  • Ale Sorren
    Ale Sorren

    Cesar love from Argentina! Me encanta Sofia, que raza es? Muchos cariños Alejandro

  • Sage

    he does talk bollocks some times . just do the dog stuff not physco babble

  • Ale

    “happy go lucky” I need a tattoo.

  • Patricia Cabrero
    Patricia Cabrero

    Quincianera dress ( haha)...good one!

  • Terry Sanders
    Terry Sanders


  • Kirsty

    No idea if this comment will get read as I see this video is 8 months old. I’m an upper limb amputee, I have one hand. How could I adapt introducing my pup to a harness using this method. I wouldn’t be able to hold a treat in front of the harness whilst slipping the harness over my 10 week old pups head. I’d like to get Loki used to the harness early while I am training at home so he is ready and accepting of the harness when he can go out for walks. He will be ready to go out for walks in 4 more weeks when he has had all of his vaccinations. I’d love to learn an adaptation of this method.

  • Johan Reyes
    Johan Reyes

    It's so cool when Cesar Said: "Junior, show them ur last name", the only thing junior reacted to was its name, so Cesar guided him with his body language to move closer.. Dogs don't know sentences, they associate words with energy and reactions.

  • Raz Shwartz
    Raz Shwartz

    Thank you for your hard work

  • Gary Kang
    Gary Kang

    The best statement ever - Humans can be rich, powerful and famous but it does not mean that they are happy 👍 👍

  • Rain Fire
    Rain Fire

    Cesar millan eres único ojala hubiera chicos como tu aquí en CDMX 👍😁🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕😘

  • iKatherinex1

    Hello Cesar, I have two mixed labradors, they are both quite spoiled I would say as my family and I didn't really knew how to take care of dogs until I started to watch your videos. The problem I face is they do not react much to objects. It does not want to play fetch since young and one of them is literally afraid of anything that rolls towards it and rain, it hates the rain and gets all sad looking, I don't know how to calm him down and make him less tense when its raining. For the fetching problem, I tried using a plastic ball, a golf ball or any type of ball but my dogs would either watch it roll away or walk away from it when it gets near or touches their paw. I don't know how to make them engaged with the game of playing fetch as they tend to stay on the ground, laying down and falling asleep most of the time. How do I get my dogs engaged in a the simple basic game of fetch? Please do a tutorial on it, as I am quite curious since the two mixed labradors are 2 yrs old now and going to be 3 years old by the end of this year. Is it too late to fix their lazy habits?

  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    Sophia looks cute!

  • mara charese
    mara charese

    How do I clean my dog’s teeth and clip his nails without him getting pissed and going into his cart all night

  • mara charese
    mara charese

    My dog assumes everything i bring into my house is a treat for him... including the people

  • Umerah Mujahid
    Umerah Mujahid

    So what if you live with other people whose energy is not calm? Relatives, children? How do you keep your dog and objects within your own energy? Or how do you keep your own energy protected from those around you also?

  • Kimberly Tasha
    Kimberly Tasha

    “He is very proud of his last name.” 😂

  • Alicia Salvato
    Alicia Salvato

    Thank you for the lesson. Your dog is so darling!

  • Ully Tairas
    Ully Tairas

    I love Junior Millan🙏💖😘🤗😍

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    Ana Ramirez

    Puedo tener esta info en español.

  • lilly howard
    lilly howard

    What beed is this dog (“sophia“ i think)? Does anyone know?:))

  • SuperCacapedo

    To anyone who wondered how humans ever managed to domesticate wolves, just watch this channel

  • RavensDryad

    I love these short instructional videos!!! I’m getting ready to finally get a puppy soon so I’m cramming it all XD I’ve watched your amazing stuff for years and it’s only getting better!

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    Oh, I see, my wrong ... I thought this video was about ... nevermind, my fault 😕😕😕anyways, GREAT CHANNEL👍☺super interesting indeed!!!

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    19/11/2019 11:06:32 - No compartas este vídeo con MariCarmen

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    Oscar Monty

    Cesar gracias por tus videos. Enseñas no solo de perros, sino de espiritualidad, amor y cómo vivir una gran vida. Bendiciones desde México

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g

    When you made the dress reference and the dogs checking it out..I thought of the disney lady and the tramp movie and Lady tossing her ears showing off her tag and collar😉

  • JustCruzinn

    Channel is so underrated....always loved you content manito!! Keep up the great work

  • Suzette Rollin
    Suzette Rollin

    Watching you interact with your fur children is so relaxing :)

  • Leticia Linares
    Leticia Linares

    My dog doesn't like me to put a leash on him so he's never gone out for a walk how can I go about that problem. He's a 3 yr old chihuahua please

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    Jennie Marie


  • Holyfox

    Oh my gosh! This must be the cutest dog ever. What a beauty! Please tell her that Eva from Stuttgart, Germany says so.🙏🏻

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    Terrill Corletto

    Cesar! Ive missed you so much! Keep making videos! ❤❤❤🤟🏽

  • Chooch Cardinale
    Chooch Cardinale

    I have a pitbull and she's 3 years old. I love her to death and I like taking her everywhere I go but I have one problem. She is scared of the car. She does not want to jump in I have to keep picking her up and she weighs 60 lb. How can I get her to want to jump in the car like she wants to jump on the bed?

  • Snogy adamz
    Snogy adamz

    Through ur videos I practically managed to train my doggy a few of the major tips from ur VD clips thanks ciza

    • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert
      Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

      Loved this reply, and I know so will Cesar. (Ciza was an endearment used and its cute). lol!

  • Maritza S
    Maritza S

    He wants to play and or does not want to put on his harness.

  • Ivory Ditomal Dayta
    Ivory Ditomal Dayta

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  • Ivory Ditomal Dayta
    Ivory Ditomal Dayta

    Cute. Junior really fits his last name. You must be a proud daddy! 😊

  • xstrawbrysx

    Thank you so much for posting this clip, I’ve been struggling a lot with my puppy. He’s a border Terrier, loves chewing, scratching & biting a lot 🤦‍♀️ he is a teething puppy after all! Me & my partner have introduced some great routines already from having owned two puppies a long time ago, but 👍 THANKS 👍 to this clip & CL’s Boston terrier (releasing pent up energy) the future looks bright 🤗🙋‍♀️

  • J Ferrer
    J Ferrer

    Hello Cesar, We have a 10 month old Malamute + Husky mix! I will be looking for answers on your channel.

  • Sirath Icebreath
    Sirath Icebreath

    You're the best I honestly don't know if you can answer this but if you can I just got a golden retriever puppy who for some reason likes to go and lay in a cubby hole by himself and I find it a bit odd do I need to worry about this.

  • Jackson


  • Ooshin luliyatt
    Ooshin luliyatt

    I m not sure, but I guess you put the front side of the harnes behind... ;) Anyway thank you so much for your vidéos... I love them!

  • Lili

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  • Enzo English Bulldog
    Enzo English Bulldog

    Maybe a good idea for a video. How about introducing all objects in the house every day routine? My bulldog get scared of everything. He would just lie next to the chair for 30 minutes and then jump and bark at it 🤷‍♀️

  • Brian Engel
    Brian Engel

    Safe, peaceful, love. I sit in silence & awww watching you share knowledge. I love being s student of dog. You are My Hero. Eternally grateful. Thank-you

    • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert
      Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

      admit it! You LUV being a student of Cesar!!! Nudge nudge lol!

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    Javier Madiedo

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  • Angelica Hart Lindh
    Angelica Hart Lindh

    Hey Cesar, love the new channel! Would love to see you do something similar to I think it’s a great way to learn more about them as animals and get some more insights into how you read and assess different dogs and body language (and how this influences your approach to them). And of course it would be fun to meet some different members of your pack 😊 Keep up the great work 👍

  • Sébas Bernard
    Sébas Bernard

    What if the harness already is a negative symbol for the dog? Is it still possible to flip that energy to a positive one? Is there a way I could make my dog happy with the harness? I have a Pudelpointer who, each time he sees or hears the harness, bend his tail and go hide in a corner of the house. I wish I could make him love this experience..

  • Delta Mejia
    Delta Mejia

    Formulas, rituals and symbols?? For me, they are my babies🤪🤪 can I do the same if I want him to stop barking when i go to work or when I come back???

  • Hermann

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  • All about dogs
    All about dogs

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  • Kimberly S.
    Kimberly S.

    Hi I would like to know what you think of dog reincarnation? since you have been around dogs and animals your whole life have you ever felt some spiritual connection with and old friend thinking could it possibly be a reincarnation of a pet that has past?

  • Eleni Skoutelaki
    Eleni Skoutelaki

  • Eleni Skoutelaki
    Eleni Skoutelaki

    Cesar you are awesome greetings from Greece ! Keep on helping these lovely creatures 🐶 🐕 🐾


    Can dogs sense mom's apprehension or fear, I was taking my dogs for a hike in the woods, I noticed someone behind me,,he followed us to our secret hiking spot miles into the woods, He then stopped behind my car briefly, then pulled next to me,,I sensed something not good, and backed out and left,,they acted like, what is going on, this our our spot in the woods,,but I felt something was not right and left. I don't know if they could feel my fear, and wonder now if they would have protected me, should something happen,,was very strange,,I have a Newfoundland,,and a basenji,,all and all it creeped me out!

  • Alberto Mera
    Alberto Mera

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  • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert
    Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

    Dear Cesar :) You have a real fan in me. When I read through some of the commentary made by other socalled 'traditional' dog trainers, I send them this message like I am on a mission with purpose wherever I stumble across petty professionally jealous insane people: Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert 8 minutes ago (edited) "Cesar Millan is a Dog God...and there is not one other in the industry that matches his knowledge, instincts, discipline and canine expertise (and all the animal species he handles). Humans are inherent 'caretakers' of the animal kingdom from times beginning. Millan is one of such very special people who are borne to it. I would say get off your pedantic pedastal arses all you jealous critics out there, you will never match up to the degree with which Millan FIXES PEOPLE. " I hope you for one can see the nuances Cesar, behind my jesting, but I have always believed whether it be animals or babies, these standard traditional psychologists of decades past always messed up big with their inappropriate safe theories in hindsight as history has proved as other methodologies evolved. I think you are a real Trooper, as my military husband would have said (God bless him). I greatly admire you, your fine and well loved sons, and the work you do and hope to continue to do, to 'rehabilitate people!" No jesting here - its simply the facts haha! The dogs generally get you so no issues there LOL!

  • Anzette Abby Arcaño
    Anzette Abby Arcaño

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    vaavaa turok

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  • Freya Silvermoon
    Freya Silvermoon

    Now to figure out to do this with my dogs but with toe nail clippers instead of a harness. 🤔 Thank you for posting this!

    • A G
      A G

      Have you tried a drimmel? Our last dog was so protective of his feet he had talons! I tried everything with him and it was a no go! After he passed we got 2 new puppies and immediately started the ritual of nail trimming with exercise first, let them relax after, then we introduced treats, then the drimmel. We took it EXTRA slow with the drimmel too. Letting them get to know it without it even being on. Then we turned it on and just laid it on the floor in front of them. Then we turned it off and got them used to seeing and feeling the object on their nails, so on and so forth super slow. Supplying them with treats throughout. End result, we have two dogs that will just lay on their sides and let us trim all 4 feet without even pulling away. No treats needed.

    • Charles Xavier
      Charles Xavier

      i feel you on the toe clipper part..but watching another caesar vid before this made me realize theres alot more that I need to learn before I can attempt to clip his nails again

    • down2two Liketoknow
      down2two Liketoknow

      Yeah dogs protect their feet. That's instinctual.. if they couldn't be fast and run away they could be in danger. That's why they protect their feet. It's primal

  • nikki jenner
    nikki jenner

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    • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert
      Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

      Perhaps it might be a good idea to place your pup in front of the TV whenever Cesar is on! lol! That'll fix it!

  • Cory

    Hey Ceasar I have a question for you so my dog she is a good dog but she hates and barks at men other than myself so how can I get her to be less fearful of men? She was abused by men when she was a puppy so I figured that is one of the components on why she can be aggressive towards men out off fear.

  • Robina Forrand-Adams
    Robina Forrand-Adams

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    • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert
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  • Anon Apfel
    Anon Apfel

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    • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert
      Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

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    ⟬⟭BEJK Bunny Angel 7⟭⟬ JJK1 7⟭⟬ JJK1

    I have taught my dog to sit and be quiet with your techniques, but I still have a problem with her barking when we talk to people at the door or when people comes over. It's annoying. Do you have any advice on how to let her stop with that? She's 10 years old

  • Apt215 Melissa Brown
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