Importance of Exercise & Becoming A Better Pack Leader Of Our Lives
Fitness Fridays Episode 1:
Cesar Millan, Calvin, and Andre along with his personal trainer Gary from Heart & Hustle bring you into their world of fitness with this new series called "Fitness Fridays". Each video will introduce you to a new theme from Cesar to motivate you into becoming a better pack leader, starting with yourself, through exercise.
Fitness is a way to practice the 5 body motions: stretch, walk, run, rest and sleep. Cesar talks about how through fitness you can connect, communicate, and have a relationship with your body, mind, and heart.
And eventually generate the right energy so we can all become pack leader of our lives.
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
Gary My Personal Trainer:
Hearth & Hustle:
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Better Humans, Better Life
Trust, Respect, Love

  • Orange Ziggy
    Orange Ziggy

    Love it. Inspirational. It’s fascinating that the animals respond to our energy and especially love our energy after we exercise.

  • Anne Caulder
    Anne Caulder

    Calvin looking like some Incan god ... that beautiful hair! ☮️

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Never saw a Fitness Friday again!! ? Hmmmm, schade.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    3 Months ago my two Comments ❣️😊 did someone of you read this all? Fan's are writing so much but where did all the Messages go, interests me. Greetings from Germany

  • Valeska Muñoz Valdivia
    Valeska Muñoz Valdivia

    Muchas Gracias, Por este video muy explicativo del deporte y la atención diaria que debe tener el can en el hogar.... Yo en mi hogar poseo 5 Pastores alemanes, y se de la importancia que tiene el deporte en ellos. Soy de Arica una ciudad del pais Chile, Agradezco a Dios de que exista gente en el mundo como tu, que valore a los Animales y a los seres que habitan en ella.

  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham

    Hi Cesar, Thank you so much for always providing informative, encouraging content. You so fearlessly address many hot button topics while bringing a hopeful, positive energy. Such an inspiration! 🤩🔥👍❤

  • Anastasia Vania
    Anastasia Vania

    i came here to learn how to be a good dog owner. i leave as a good human being instead

  • Zakiyyah Eze-Nwanyi
    Zakiyyah Eze-Nwanyi

    0:44 hair goals.

  • Yajaira Tello
    Yajaira Tello

    A video watching the milan brothers exercise? Pls give me more.!

  • Disimiamor

    Maravilloso !!....podría el camarógrafo hacer tomas mas largas donde veamos completo el cuerpo de quien ejercita? las tomas parciales solo de la cara o la pesa, no permiten ver como hacer el ejercicio correctamente. Felicidades Gary eres un gran entrenador y todo mi agradecimiento a Cesar, Calvin y André por compartir y motivarnos para ejercitar en cualquier circunstancia que nos toque vivir.

  • Kristina Jakakas
    Kristina Jakakas

    Seriously.... Like the 3 best looking men ever! 👍😜

  • Hippie Granny B
    Hippie Granny B

    I just did the workout some modified but i love this fitness with my spirituality with my pets and yours 👍🏻👏🏻🙏🏼😎perfect luv you all wtg ceasersfam

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez

    Hola Cesar gracias por este vídeo. Quisiera saber si podrías hacer uno sobre la cosa siguiente: tengo un gato en casa y tu sabes que. contrario a los perros los gatos se creen el alfa en su casa y no dejan que otro animal se acerqué asu territorio. Sabes si puedo hacer que mi gato de 6 años de edad humana pueda aceptar mi cachrrito? Hello Cesar thanks for this video. I would like to know if you could do one about the following thing: I have a cat at home and you know that contrary to dogs cats are the alpha in their house and they don't let another animal get close to their territory. Do you know if I can make my 6-year-old cat in Human age accept my puppy someway?

  • Renata Saiga
    Renata Saiga


  • Thrilla In Manilla
    Thrilla In Manilla

    Litttt nice UFC shirt lol

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    irene birgita

    Junior observed from a far 🤣🤣🤣

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    irene birgita

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    Viorica Toma

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    Gargalhada do coringa

    Cesa Short all your videos will make money

  • Emanuel Marques
    Emanuel Marques

    God bless you all 🙏

  • Emanuel Marques
    Emanuel Marques


  • Nat MJ
    Nat MJ

    Love it, it’s a great idea. Looking forward to the next one! PS: would love some advice on how to deal with a pack of aggressive stray dogs (5-6 dogs in this pack) in the neighbourhood. While I’m able to keep these dogs at bay, away from my two small dogs, I’m restricted to only walking in one small area of my neighbourhood (this pack has taken over the majority of the neighbourhood and bite everyone). This means that I’m walking my two small dogs only for a total of 25 minutes per day. It’s not nearly enough as prior to this pack arriving here, I would walk my dogs for a total of 1 hour every day. Also, my dogs are very bored with this repetitive route as we used to explore before.

    • Nat MJ
      Nat MJ

      Anne Caulder I’d love to very much, but unfortunately I don’t own a car. In my country, I’m not allowed to bring my dogs along with me on public transportation, but some of the cab drivers are also pet owners so they’re kind enough to take me and my dog(s) to the vet. But that’s it, I can’t really expect or ask for more.

    • Anne Caulder
      Anne Caulder

      Nat MJ Drive them to a safe area to walk! I load up my five Heelers daily and take them for vigorous exercise. 🐶❤️

  • Tomas Konopasek
    Tomas Konopasek

    What is happening with Cesar ? He changed

  • Ray Zin
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  • UnNoSeQue2

    I love my dog, pure and simple! My little rat terrier is very active, at first I though I was going to die walking every day with her, playing with her in my back yard, moving my body was jut to much. Then little by little my body became more and more lighter, easy to move then I realized, it is because I put a little effort in order to help my doggie, but in reality I was helping myself! hahaha the joke was on me!

  • West Coast FT
    West Coast FT

    Nice Watson dumbbells..! 💪🏽👍🏽

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    bankfishermen tv

    Hi my name is jeremy and I have a 1 and a half year old full blooded German shepherd I'm having problems with he gets very aggressive. I have PTSD AND ANXIETY do you think he picks up on my anxiety and ptsd to make him aggressive towards after people

  • Leticia V
    Leticia V

    Soy admiradora de César Millán. para mí el mejor de todo el mundo. el No. 1. pero me gustaría que lo traducirán en ESPAÑOL. 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😷😷

  • Chaelin Park
    Chaelin Park

    So motivational. As a lazy person, I will definitely start being more active for my Chispa🐾

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    I’m sweating just watching this 😳

  • Samantha mother of cats
    Samantha mother of cats

    I feel like this is a sign that i need to stop being lazy and start exercising...

    • Lori Estrada
      Lori Estrada

      Me too👀🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores

    Cesar slowly becoming a fitness channel lol

  • MG

    I'm fostering a pitbull and thought I was fit. With two walks a day my legs are sore!!! I have so much fun with him though (challenges and all) that I can still keep up my regular fitness.

  • andrea zabaleta
    andrea zabaleta

    hola, ojala me puedas responder antes de que adopte mi perrito, tengo una gata de mas o menos 5 años que recogi de la calle, ella es super mansa y muy juiciosa, y mi hija quiere un perrito el cual le quiero dar de cumpleaños, pero mi duda es si llevo un cachorro macho o hembra?, pues no quiero afectar a la gata ni a su territoriedad, no se si eso tenga algo que ver?. Mil gracias

  • Jacqueline 22
    Jacqueline 22

    Love fitness fridays! Definitely get a camera and sound crew to maximize the value of your content! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • joseph linares
    joseph linares

    Does Andre still have his rot ?

    • Anne Caulder
      Anne Caulder

      joseph linares I wondered too, if Apollo is still around ...

  • Alejandra Cuevas
    Alejandra Cuevas

    Pongale tradu en español😔


    Fitness Friday... loved it! Some can’t afford a exercise coach so this was a nice way to share some of the experience & knowledge. Hope we can see more.

  • Wahida Hamadi
    Wahida Hamadi

    Ganda ng ibon laki

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    wiktor a

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    Daisy Z

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    Chona Sumaylo

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  • JR

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  • Maurice INC.
    Maurice INC.

    I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for sharing the video. (More please)

  • O B
    O B

    I would absolutely love working out with all those doggos around me🥰🥰

  • Mi Pequeña Spanador
    Mi Pequeña Spanador

    En esta cuarentena, mi perro no ha salido y se deprime. Tus videos me ayudan mucho porque antes ella era muy feliz y ahora teme de todo. Yo también hago videos para concientizar a la gente sobre el cuidado de perros y gatos porque soy tu fan. Saludos desde México !!

    • Marlem Arriaga
      Marlem Arriaga

      Hola, yo ya te sigo y amo tus videos

  • Unfnation

    Hi. Great show, bad audio. Way too much gain. If you use compression, you can even out the lower volume with the higher volume. But you need to mix this with good headphones or better, some studio monitors so that you can get that nice smooth clear audio that is sweet to listen to. All dogs know this because dogs and if you ask them, they will agree. Listen to the audio as you record on headphones and you will get a much better production. Now if you can rehabilitate my wife so I can have just a nice little dog to be with me at home, then we're a balanced pack. :)

  • D Lehmann
    D Lehmann

    Cesar I am so Glad you made America your home...

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    Dharshini Joseph

    Go Vegan! Love all animals. And vegan is the healthiest diet.

    • Ass Cheeks
      Ass Cheeks

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    Hilary Anzaldo

    Exercise is so good for mental health! Makes a huge difference in my whole well being.

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    Ma Ritess Vlog

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    Gay Camille Grace Sprague

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    Hannah Mitchell

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    Luise Liehn

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    • Luise Liehn
      Luise Liehn

      By the way, my horse is called Daddy =)

  • Go Pro Rottweilers
    Go Pro Rottweilers

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    Mina 777

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    Daniela Perez

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    loved the video! but the sound... maybe ask someone to help you guys out next time! it would improve the video loaaaads

  • Julia G
    Julia G

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    You guys are TOO deep! 😄 Channel your silliness!!🤪

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    Tate Alanis

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      carlos rodriguez

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    • Chuck the Labrador
      Chuck the Labrador


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      Tate Alanis He kinda has, if you seen most of his interviews and shows he always speaks about where je comes from, when and where he started with dogs, how it all began- his mother, his divorce, etc etc. He’s humble and always speaks about how far he has come, and even what he looks forwards to. Like, Better Ppl, Better Planet.”

  • sharon

    guys this is so justified and everyone is looking tops

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    linda vannatta

    i can tell how much more relaxed and well behaved my dogs are once i talk them on an hour long run

  • A Ali
    A Ali

    Exercise also gets you out of the head so you can step out of the ego and also releases trapped emotions since we often don't know how to release it in a healthy way - of course I speak from experience lol.

  • Glitch Man
    Glitch Man

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  • Liliana Gaud
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    • Chuck the Labrador
      Chuck the Labrador

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  • Inside The Dog-World
    Inside The Dog-World

    Indeed! It's funny how the toughest questions got the simplest answers. YOU and your dog won't feel good if you're mind and body is not stimulated. Therefor exercise, therefor exercise and stimulate your dog before training something new. You can't expect your dog to behave if they are so overly excited that they can barely sit still. You said it there Cesar, *Exercise, love, positivity* !!

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    Cali Girl

    As a proud owner of a Belgian Malinois who has massive energy, I couldn't agree more! This video hits the nail on the head. I also work with kids with autism and by moving and exercising I maintain the strength and flexibility to keep up with them. I have to get on the floor and get up all the time! I sense their trust in my abilities to keep up with them too. The other day, a kid stood up on an outdoor brick wall and when I was motioning him to get off, he literally jumped into my arms. I had to catch him unexpectedly and did a squat to save him and me from falling. :)

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