I spied on the animals to see what they do when I’m away!
I love my #animals! ❤️ I built this entire ranch just for them. I can't take all of them home with me so I have been curious and thinking - what do they do when I am not there?! Here are my #reactions to some animal GoPro #footage from their perspective!
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  • Teresa Hampton
    Teresa Hampton

    We have an extremely hyper Morkie, she plays rough, and is extremely vocal, which makes her seem mean, . She sleeps in a Kennel, always has. She is 1.5 years and is spayed. We have no idea how to calm her down. Now she is yelping after we put her to bed. We are at a loss.... we love her so much, what,are we doing wrong?

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    Carpe Diem

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    Jessyka Williamson

    Can you make a video or series specifically about puppies? I know you rehab dogs but I'm wondering if you could show us how things may be different depending on age. Please and thank you!

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    Ginger Rose

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    alyssa hernandez

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    Ted Spencer Sr.

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  • Beast Bhidve
    Beast Bhidve

    Hello Cesar I am 13 years old I have been watching your videos for more than a year I read your biography how you made your own image and how you struggled in your entire life . And I feel really great the way you bring dogs to their forever home or rehabilitate or save from government actions about dogs . And you have dedicated your entire life for dogs God bless you and god bless junior Love from india

  • Rhonna Marsden
    Rhonna Marsden

    Loved this video, your pack is doing just fine. 👍

  • A. Bakker
    A. Bakker

    I look at my dog to see how she reacts to the barking of another dog. If she ignores it, I know, its just a dog who wants to tell you: I’m here, I warn my boss. Mostly I recognize the barking, know what it means, but when I doubt, I look at my dog. 😁

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    Andrea V

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    Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Oct 5th I had my dog 9ff the lead around the block to pickup a dog I day care. Well they werent ready so I was going back home to come back later. My girl dog was all excited and wouldnt come to me to leash her. Noone was on the road at first It was 7 in the morning. Down the road comes a truck didnt slow brake or nuthin. They drove over onto the lefthand side of the road right run 9ver my dog and just kept going. She had head trauma and xrays show broke left rear hip in two place one side clean break other side pieces. It makes my heart turn a way I dislike. The whole time when it looked like he was gonna run her down I was screamin no and my dog was lookin right at me and she didnt even see what hit her. Now psychologically she thinks she did wrong and I WAS MEAN TO HER!!!!!!! She dont know she got got run 9ver by a truck. I guess ill go to th9se peoples house and take a picture of the truck and post it to FB and blast em 9n social media

  • Hadley Scott McIntyre
    Hadley Scott McIntyre

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    Secret Life Of Pets

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    Candy Smith

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    G Account

    I felt relaxed the entire time while I was watching it. God bless you Mr. Millan, your familia and your animals. Gracias. 🙏✌

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    Ann Parker

    This really lifted my spirits! I don't have an animal at the moment, so I especially loved visiting with yours!

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    Kate Miller

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    Der Dogtor

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  • Lisa Caceres
    Lisa Caceres

    I love the llamas ! When I went to Peru, we went to Machu Picchu they were wandering around and they would come up to you, it was a amazing feeling, to be there , it was wonderful to be in the serene feeling there

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    Anthony V.

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    Jerome McIntyre

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    Mona Thinkworth

    Hey Cesar, Big fan of your TV show,much love ❤️ from London 🇬🇧... there is an gentleman who is dreaming of starting a non-profit old folks home for pitbulls. Kind, generous man with a heart of gold who would dedicate the rest of his life rescuing unwanted dogs. He’s name is John. Please check his channel out. I got a feeling you could help him with his cause. Thank you. m.irbin.info/both/DT814EC3I3-2F6rSSTZMXQ

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      Cesar Millan

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


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      Cesar Millan


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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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    Lavwren Beeh

    Thank you for sharing . I miss my animals as a kid. Such beautiful memories. :))

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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    We say donkeys are stupid because humans determine an animals intelligence by it's willingness to obey us.

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    kellie weber

    Hi ceaser I have a question how do I get my dog from getting aggressive when company leaves she just started doing it past couple weeks so I been having to put a leash on her when certain people come over. Any advice if maybe u can email me kweber580@gmail.com I would really appreciate it. Ty

  • Carla Weems
    Carla Weems

    Cesar - thank you for sharing this video. I am so glad to see animals feeling safe, secure, free to roam in a safe environment. Thank you for giving these lives.. a new lease on life. It restores my faith that not all people are cruel to animals.

  • Motherof Angels
    Motherof Angels

    20 years ago I worked for vector control. I new section was added to my route. As a vector control employee, we had (pre-approved) unrestricted access to everywhere we tested for treatment. Most gated areas, we had keys for but some places we had to climb the fence. I pulled up to a ranchers field, which had a slow stream running through the center. I did my usual visual scan of the area and checked my paperwork for any notes (like "make sure you have a treat for cujo" or "fence is HOT switch is near barn" etc.). Satisfied, I grabbed my gear and climbed the pasture gate. I strolled over to the stream about 35 yards away. I was checking the water for a larva count and bent over to get a better look, when without warning something from behind hit my rear end and sent me flying head first into the stream! The water was only 2 feet deep at most, so I merely had to roll over and sit up to breath. When I managed to get the mud out of my eyes, I was 2 feet away face to face with a donkey, and he started to he-ha so loud! He dipped his head down after he had his laugh and let me pet him. I crawled out of the mud and he nudged me over to his open lean to stall, showed me his nearly empty fence feeder and then nudged me to where a wasp nest had been built next to it. I shooed him back and took care of the small nest. After that he was just as sweet as could be. I finished my testing & was headed back to the gate when the rancher came barreling down the long driveway skidding to a stop next to my work truck. I was almost at the gate when she jumped out of her truck shouting for me to hurry before Demon sees me! I looked around and couldn't see anyone else but the Donkey. The Donkey came into her view and that woman looked terror stricken, she was fumbling wildly to get the gate open yelling at me to go go, when she looked up again to see the Donkey leaning his head & neck on me while I scratched his head. The ranchers eyes went wide as the rest of her froze. I'm still looking around for this demon she was yelling about when finally she lets out a series of curse words an exhale of relief. She said that Demon was the donkeys name, and had belonged to a relative that passed years prior. Apparently she was the only one that would or could take demon, because he was a grumpy mean ol' cus that bit, chased, head swung, or kicked anyone else that he could get to. She looked me over and noticing my disheveled muddy appearance asked if I was okay. I told her that "Demon had one heck of a sense of humor and decided to test out if red heads could/would sink or swim. I must have passed his test because he had me dispatch some wasps next to his food, and has been as nice as could be". Turned out to better than a field I tested later that day, water buffalo (Yes I said water buffalo) Do Not like it when you try talking baby talk to their curious calves... and can run fast for their gigantor size.

  • Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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  • Cris.gt_

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    Jennifer Power

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    Dawn Turner


    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


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      Cesar Millan

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      Cesar Millan


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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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  • Curly VersaceChoppa
    Curly VersaceChoppa

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan



    Cesar, I’m curious, are you vegan? You love animals so much and appreciate their individuality and as the sentient being they are. So, my money is on you being vegan. Am I right? The whole family must be vegan. I suppose you can’t love and eat them at the same time. ❤️

  • D-Mac14

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  • Cristina S
    Cristina S

    Have you heard of the pet psychic Laura Stinchfield, it would so interesting to watch the two of you together because she talks about aggressive dogs the way you do, about the energy a person has can affect the way a dog acts.

  • Maria Angelica
    Maria Angelica

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  • Orange Ziggy
    Orange Ziggy

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  • Maria L
    Maria L

    Hi Cesar I had a friend who has 4 dogs and she doesn't train them at all. They can't go on leash and every time someone is coming to their home, the dogs jump like crazy all over us. One day we got out without the dogs, she left them in the house alone and when we came back the dogs had eaten her shoes. So he took what was left of the shoes and hit the dogs VERY hard on the head with it. I told her that this is not the right way to learn the dog to not bite the shoes and that she is wrong by doing it, I was trying to explain why she was wrong by doing it but she didn't hear what I was telling her and got angry with me cause I was trying to protect the dogs. But she was saying that it is her dogs and that this method to HIT the dogs with the shoes is gonna work. I told her that they are 100% gonna bite her shoes again and that her "teknik" is wrong cause the dog isn't going to understand what it did wrong because they are living in the moment and so on.. It sooo crazy to see people doing that to their dogs. Can you plzz make a video where you explain how the right way to react in those situations is. Maybe if you do a video about it and I show her that she is WRONG. Then maybe you can save those 4 dogs cause it is not their fault for doing what they do. It is the owners fault in every way. She is not even capable of take care of them with all the meaning, the dogs are inside the house and they just get out only for like 30min a day in the garden. She has 2 pugs and they are VERY high on energy and I told her about that too but is doesn't care she is just making up excuses that these dogs are just "not so smart" and when she hits them she says that they are "very strong dogs and doesn't feel any pain" she has 2 mini schnauzer too they don't have the same energy us the pugs so it is calmer with them. Plz make a video about this case so I can show her by you that she is WRONG and learn her the right way. If she doesn't want to learn then she not good enough to have 4 dogs in the house, they are a pack without a good leader and that is sad to see.

  • Odin the Staffordshire Bull terrier
    Odin the Staffordshire Bull terrier

    Watching this as my staffie pup sleeps next to me. He is the gentlest soul I’ve ever met, and a great representative for pitbulls. I love that you have so many rescues of different species, Cesar! They look like they are thriving 🌟

    • Fili

      I'm having another experience with my second staffie haha. He still destroys stuff and likes to bite. But with the good techniques he'll be a good boi in no time!

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed 🙏🏼❤️

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      Cesar Millan

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  • Tess Monro
    Tess Monro

    They are also very playful and love playing tricks on their animals & human friends. 😍

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


  • Tess Monro
    Tess Monro

    Donkeys are super smart, smarter than horses & even dogs. They just have a different way of interacting with us. We humans mistake stubbornness with lack of intelligence.

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Trust, respect, love ❤️

  • Stacey Suharja
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      Cesar Millan

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    Rose Garden

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    Maybe another nice speech idea for Cesar to tell dog owners that don't walk their dog out is: "If I kept the llama inside my house all day and night it wouldn't be good for her, right? the same with the dogs" 😃😃

  • Sponsored by God
    Sponsored by God

    Fantastic video! Please make more videos like this where you talk about each individual and their roles in the pack.

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Glad you enjoyed it! ❤️

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  • History Secrets
    History Secrets

    This is fun to watch! So much animals.. And they have a beautiful place to live! I've also had so much different animals.. So this reminds me of myself 😂 Adopted a puppy from Spain, a podenco born on the streets, she will arrive in the Netherlands after 3 weeks if everything goes well! :) Stay safe Cesar, enjoy life!

    • Ginger Rose
      Ginger Rose

      That’s great news! what a lucky pup! Did you see cesars puppy episode? It’s so cute and informative 🤗

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

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    • Gabriel 2018
      Gabriel 2018

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    • Gabriel 2018
      Gabriel 2018

      @Cesar Millan I love your show, your work and all your life learning experiences Cesar!! Yo pasé por algo similar cuando llegué de Argentina, ¡pero con los humanos! ¡pensé que eran casi perfectos de alma y de intenciones! 🤣 I totally see why you have a hard time with them! haha I try to fix that aspect with my Restoration Mission endeavor, it is not easy but ahí vamos!

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan


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    Vetiejane Deguzman

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      glad you enjoyed 🙏🏼

  • Anne Caulder
    Anne Caulder

    That was wonderful! We have five active cattle dogs in our home, and we sure have loads of fun with them every day! Thank you for sharing this and your wisdom! 🐶❤️

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you! ❤️

  • Becky Gillham
    Becky Gillham

    Hi from West Wales We have A very different environment to yours but our pack of dogs,horses,cats,rabbits and guinea pigs are free and happy too. I loved your video. Thankyou for continuing to show empathy and inspiration. Bx

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

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      Cesar Millan

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    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Thank you! ❤️

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