How to Use a Training Lead
In this short video Andre Millan and Jen Gray show how to properly use a slip lead.
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  • cooshoty

    How thick do you recommend the leash to be, 3/8, 1/2 inch??

  • Chellia CeLia
    Chellia CeLia


  • Vida De Mochileiro
    Vida De Mochileiro

    I have a question. What makes my dog follow me without a leash ? And how can I get it ?

  • EL. Fakou
    EL. Fakou

    Cesar you are the BEST!!!! period!!! I love everything you represent!!!!!

  • Camilla M.
    Camilla M.

    Will the leash slip out of position like down the dogs neck? Worried about that


    This is great thanks for sharing this

  • Krystal Wang
    Krystal Wang

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  • Francis The Predator 2.0
    Francis The Predator 2.0

    What i want to know is how they got that puppy to not try to bite and chew her hand off??

    • Cow Cow
      Cow Cow

      That’s a whole other topic, but it’s really about relationship of the dog walker and the dog

  • Nancy Compton
    Nancy Compton

    Need additional help to train your dog? Training for Dogs is a new tail wagging dog training course. There are 21 fun and simple games to transform your dog from brainless to brilliant.

  • Alvin Manuel
    Alvin Manuel

    Verygood 👍👍♥️ Awesome

  • Dari SaysWhatSheThinks
    Dari SaysWhatSheThinks

    I love this video

  • CDS Neighbors
    CDS Neighbors

    Where the heck is Cesar

  • sharkitty

    I got my dog a harness and it helps a lot but this could help her learn to walk beside me. Interesting.

  • Lara

    Oh man I need one of those pack leader collars. I wonder if I can get one in the UK

  • haley mcglaughlin
    haley mcglaughlin

    "I recommend this guide: ** So grateful it exists."

  • Abraham Molina
    Abraham Molina

    Thank you!!!!

  • Toni Botha
    Toni Botha

    What do u do if u try to have the leash loose but your dog wont stop pulling.

  • Sunflower Studies
    Sunflower Studies

    Fighting fire with fire just makes you get burnt. Instead of using this, people should try and be persistent with training. even in older dogs! How can they love you if you keep hurting them when you're trying to correct them? Problem dogs or not, this shouldnt be used in my opinion.

  • Bart Fart
    Bart Fart

    This kid needs a Goatee...STAT!

  • jez. starR
    jez. starR


  • mydogissmartandwellbehaved 10
    mydogissmartandwellbehaved 10

    Why can't I use the slip collar by itself? Is the pack leader collar necessary?

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    Where in the world can we get the Pack Leader collar?!?! I’ve been looking for weeks and Amazon, etc says it’s “unavailable”. What is going on?

  • Candie O'Riley
    Candie O'Riley

    went to the website it takes you to amazon to buy collar but amazon says sold out and not sure when or if they will get anymore, is there any place else to get one, and are they sizable for growing puppys

  • Smurf09Ette

    How do I keep it in the right position if all my puppy wants to do is sniff everything?

    • nikola

      Give it a light tug to the other side of the object that your puppy wants to sniff

  • Joanne Kirkwood
    Joanne Kirkwood

    So many helpful tips!!!!

  • Cassie Love
    Cassie Love

    is it healthy to use a slip-lead on a boston terrier pug mix puppy? People tell me the dog cant breath and it is bad. Please help me learn the best .

  • Chad Horton
    Chad Horton

    I love these leashes. I keep one in the car in case I spot a stray dog.

  • Jess Trains Dogs
    Jess Trains Dogs

    If you're thinking of buying the Pack leader collar be careful with the placement and the tightness of the strap it can constrict the dogs air way so its uncomfortable to move and breathe which could lead to serious injury. You may also wanna look at Herm Sprenger Prong Collars It applys even pressure around the top of the neck just as the slip lead does. This communicate even pressure around the upper part of the neck communicating to the dog to not pull, as a pressure on pressure off system. Pressure on when they pull and pressure off when they're heeling. Please feel free to message me if you have questions!! Also every do your research before you bash different tools. All tools can harm a dog its up to you to understand how they work to avoid injurying your dog. Your dog is more likely to be injured pulling on a flat than with either the collar I recommended or the slip lead and the other collar.

  • DuBois-Speer Collection
    DuBois-Speer Collection

    Thank you for that outstanding explanation. Safety is of course just as important as control and this video reveals how they happen simultaneously.

  • purlofgreatprice1

    My little dog is brachycephalic and has neck issues too. How can you train with a harness instead?

    • Animesh Mishra
      Animesh Mishra

      try a front range harness

  • ninjae4976

    When exactly is a choke collar preferred over a prong collar and vice versa? Any benefit of one over the other?

    • j frank
      j frank

      @zotteke1991 not if they're used properly! They are also a communication tool and might be needed if the slip collar/leash isn't enough

    • zotteke1991

      Prong collars aren't even legal where I live. They're too 'aggressive' on a dog and unnecessary

  • I_bombhills

    The acting is so cringe

  • Leslie Perez
    Leslie Perez

    I have seen this type of leash in competitions, especially on primitive, stubborn and very energetic dogs. I have always wandered why they used the leash that way, now I know!

  • Mermaid Cataleya
    Mermaid Cataleya

    how young is to young to be using a slip collar ?

    • j frank
      j frank

      I don't think any age is too young. It's the first "tool" to use for communication. Just make sure you give the command you want then wait a second to see if the pup obeys then give a quick little "pop". It won't do any good to use the collar to drag or pull the's meant to be a quick correction.

  • Kyle J.
    Kyle J.

    Fuck Ceasar!!!!

  • Animu lovers
    Animu lovers


  • Ivan Obaja
    Ivan Obaja

    is it same with slip leash

  • Isaiah Esparza
    Isaiah Esparza

    why don't they use the chest piece

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez

  • Abbie Beltran
    Abbie Beltran

    Are you guys ever going to restock the Pack Leader Collar on Amazon?

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez

    • Anthony Ramirez
      Anthony Ramirez

      Well I don't know anything about Zack George's sexual preferences. All I know is the facts I've read to back up my stance on Millan. Also, do you really want to state that dogs have zero emotions, But of course this might be too much literature for you to read and understand. I suggest reading it in small paragraphs, a few days apart. This going on how you like to insult with base words then actually seem intelligent.

  • face of just ice
    face of just ice

    those stupid rashes won't stay up there

  • Ann Dettmar
    Ann Dettmar

    Confusing to have Andre ask questions about things he grew up with …

  • LovingAtlanta

    👍Whoa....Andre is really grown up now...looking just like his mom. 😁 He’s no Cesar but I hope he has a measure of success. 💞

  • Kathern Pernell
    Kathern Pernell

    Nice movie. However you can learn about workouts more. Just google for Unflexal instructions.

  • Stephie Chang
    Stephie Chang

    Andre Millan is just so cute..

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo

    Thank u

  • amaksim

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This video is just what I needed!!

  • Linette Nguyen
    Linette Nguyen

    I recently bought this leash and I know its been like 3 years, but my dog has very long hair... So how do I know if its in the correct place without having to keep touching it?

    • Lauren Reid
      Lauren Reid

      You need to make sure the front is under the dogs jaw

  • Dear David
    Dear David

    It's that the same kid?? Wow

  • whyel thang
    whyel thang

    stupid why choke a dog!?

    • Lauren Reid
      Lauren Reid

      It doesn't choke the dog

  • Peter Man
    Peter Man

    Millan JR has zero talent. Sry

  • •DADDY •?
    •DADDY •?

    My dog pulls and i tested him with it he works really well with it even better than he does with his harness but my mom got angry with me lol

  • 7lightrays

    A leash can cause nerve damage to a dog's eyes over time. A harness is much better and you will have better control.

  • Sami Motaghedi
    Sami Motaghedi

    Can these be used on tiny breeds?

  • imperator_paul

    can you buy the collar in germany?

  • Kun aal
    Kun aal

    A slip lead in india is called choke coller

    • Lauren Reid
      Lauren Reid

      they are 2 different things

  • Kunle Carmen
    Kunle Carmen

    Is this also for puppys? (4 Months old)

    • Lauren Reid
      Lauren Reid

      no, do traditional training 1st

  • Auckland357

    I wonder how she would respond to being choked, I mean "corrected"

    • Lauren Reid
      Lauren Reid

      it doesnt choke the dog

    • Mel Logan
      Mel Logan

      She's not a dog.

  • Kelsey

    Can you walk two dogs on slip leads? My dogs are short (Corgis).

  • urbanelysium

    Yeah I want to see this method done with an over zealous and super strong dog who doesn't want to have anything to do with behaving!!!

  • Katie Cooper
    Katie Cooper

    Why do people think this is cruel? (Kind, well thought out answers, please.) It doesn't choke the dog. It doesn't hurt them. They warn you to make sure you do not injure your dog by using equipment improperly.

  • Raul Aguirre
    Raul Aguirre

    61 people failed to train their dogs correctly

  • Harleylover14

    Great tips, cute kid.

  • Lone Star Kennels
    Lone Star Kennels

    would never spend $100 on that stupid collar

    • Chadasdf

      Thanks for the valuable contribution...

  • Lone Star Kennels
    Lone Star Kennels

    is this Cesar's son?

  • Deanna Falk
    Deanna Falk

    All these people commenting on how using this leash is "lazy" and "inhumane" clearly have never walked a dog that is incredibly excitable. I've had my dog for 3 years, and have tried everything. He has anxiety issues and will go completely nuts if a person so much as looks at him a certain way. This leash isn't necessarily for the perfect pure bred golden retriever that can essentially walk itself, it's for problem dogs. So stop calling this leash and the people who use it "inhumane".

    • Carreidas

      It’s a tool in order to achieve a wanted behaviour. Can’t see the problem with a slip lead, e collar, heel kicks or the finger jab to the neck.

    • j frank
      j frank

      @Charles Kerry would people saying proper use of a slip collar/leash is less humane than having your dog get hit by a car?

    • Nicola Zagdanska
      Nicola Zagdanska

      Inhumane are those normal collars that cause problems and harnesses that dig into their back when they pull.

    • Charles Kerry
      Charles Kerry

      I just bought this slip on leash and someone gave me a nasty speech about it at the store . I bought this slip on leash because when a car drive's by while I am walking the dog would lunge towards the cars. Tonight I walked the dog according to the way this video has explained how to use this type of leash . Many cars drove past us tonight while I was walking my dog and not once did the dog lunge towards the car. I do not know what is right or wrong concerning slip on leashes ,but I did notice the dog did not lunge at cars tonight. Walking him tonight was went well, he did not go left and then right side of sidewalk ,he walked along my right side (no erratic walking,no behavioral problems ). I am debating on taking this leash back to the store still ,because of the guilt a person gave me on slip on leashes even though it did seem to correct his wild behavior while walking him.

    • Scotsman J
      Scotsman J

      Agreed. I have a 7 month old Siberian Husky who is extremely difficult to control when he sees another dog, he even tries to wriggle out of his harness and it is really embarrassing whenever I see another dog walker. Walking him went from being great to a chore that I dreaded every time. I took him to a trainer who specialises in Huskies and she recommended a slip lead and so far it's working great. He's in no pain or discomfort whatsoever and can still open his mouth and breathe properly. It's also not a permanent thing either, when they learn to walk next to you at all times you can stop using it. I don't understand what's so inhumane about it.

  • Matthew Cheung
    Matthew Cheung

    I feel like Jane is constantly on the wrong side of the dog when she clearly states the proper positioning ... even if the mistake is for demonstration purposes, this gives me 0 confidence in what she's explaining.

  • zugwind

    watching this, i had to vomit

  • Trovatore75

    The only way to use this thing is to throw it in the dustbin. It is a cruel piece of damaging equipment for really lazy owners who are not prepared to do the work to train their dogs humanely - so instead opt for pain and correction.

    • namrata singh
      namrata singh

      @Cristina Ramos I don't know whether it is painful or not but to answer your question , a dog may be willing to go through the pain ( assuming that it is infarct painful ) in order to get to a highly rewarding thing which in this case will b e walk. So your conclusions might incorrectly drawn

    • Steve

      You're probably a fiat driving vegan too. Your accusation of this being inhumane is not only wrong its dumb. You sir, are very stupid.

    • David B
      David B

      This is not an inhumane lead. This lead works very effectively without hurting the animal. I have one for each of my 3 dogs and they don't get hurt.

    • Cristina Ramos
      Cristina Ramos

      Trovatore75 it's not painful at all, my dog actually come at me and introduce her head into the slip by herself before a walk. Do you really think a dog will do that if it was painful?

  • Lalsangzuala Chenkual
    Lalsangzuala Chenkual

    Great Video lots of info on it. I have a 3month old puppy,i don't know if it will be safe to use this collar. As they say it can break their neck. So dam scary.

    • Manuel Tirado Jr.
      Manuel Tirado Jr.

      I have that similar concern. Especially if you tell me that their necks aren't fully developed until 16-18 MONTHS. Do I have to wait until that age to start using this type of leash?

  • Bobby S.
    Bobby S.

    Just got one of these leashes and it's immediately started to work. Amazing and makes it more enjoyable to take my dog out!

  • janette Carson
    janette Carson

    l have a good dog

  • Tim

    Short but lose leash.... Thats a paradoxal thing for me currently. if my leash is short its tight. if I keep it short and loosen it, my puppy tightens it.. what a bitch!

  • Emson Sayud
    Emson Sayud

    what breed is this dog?

    • Chadasdf

      @Britt Garza ok and what would you type in the search bar to find out what kind of dog is on a random youtube video? Ya thats what i thought

    • Britt Garza
      Britt Garza

      Emson Sayud A Blue Fawn Pitbull. Look um up. There is such a thing called google.👍🐶 😉

  • Luminary Xion
    Luminary Xion

    wow, Andre has grown so handsome!

  • cutlipturtle 312
    cutlipturtle 312

    my dog pulls most of the time wen we go on walks. how do a stop this? she's really hypo too . shld I play with her then go for a walk?

    • cutlipturtle 312
      cutlipturtle 312

      ur English is algud. she's getting a bit better. IL do that pull her back. thanks:)

    • Bonbon

      cutlipturtle 312 Naaaw of course she pulls, I would to if I was going to the beach! Have you tried to pull her back to you without making her sit down? I do it like this; when my dog pulls, I stop walking and pull him back to my side. When he is standing by my side, I wait for eyecontact and make sure he's calm and then I start to walk. I see it like this; when I stop, its a punishment for him, because all he wants to do is continue to walk forward. And when I start to walk its an award/treat for him. So when he pulls - I stop walking and want him to stand by my side with no tense on the leash. When he's calm and the leash is loose - I start walking. He got it that pulling takes him much longer to get forward. So after a while he stoped. I will say that it takes much longer to learn a dog this way but im not a big fan of cookers and making the dog stop pulling because he is in pain because of the coocker. And if someone exept you taking her out for walks, make sure they do the same method/training so you dont confuse her. And mine dog is a strong, powerfull and know what he wants but this worked so good on him. Try it 😊 and make sure you reward her. I hope you to find a way that works for you. Once again, sorry for my awful english...

    • cutlipturtle 312
      cutlipturtle 312

      well everytime she pulls I stop then tell her to sit. then walk again. once we're at the beach i let her run round she's good off the lead. it's the beginning of our walk she just can't wait to get to the

    • Bonbon

      cutlipturtle 312 My dog used to pull to. Alot. So much that I have a injuring in my shoulder from him pulling so hard. I can explain on how I learned him to walk without pulling. What do you do when she pulls? How do you train her? My dog is also very hypo and full of energy. If i play with him before walks he gets more hypo. So I wouldnt do that if I were you. (sorry for my english...) 😂

  • fireblade19746

    Don't believe in using a choker lead , proper training usually works. Shame on you tut tut

    • karen stacey
      karen stacey

      @Camden Cleveland positive reinforcement doesn't work for all ! but you obviously know this or else would not make such an unhelpful comment !!!!!

    • Chadasdf

      This is a 'how to' video not a share your beliefs that nobody gives 2 shits about video

    • Julia Higgins
      Julia Higgins

      Many animal shelters have volunteers walk the dogs using slip leads because dogs aren't left in the kennel with collars on. I found this very informative for the next time I volunteer!

    • Camden Cleveland
      Camden Cleveland

      Shame on you pus pus. You probably train your dog with 'positive reinforcement' bs.

    • Ikh san
      Ikh san

      If you can walk your dog it's not gonna choke your dog

  • Canadian Vlogger
    Canadian Vlogger

    ever consider that you don't need this if you actually exercise your dog? or you could just properly train him without choking him?

    • lumariadp

      Ever consider that some people have dogs that still pull on their leashes when they've been exercised for literally hours? My Rottie can run and romp and play for ages and ages and when I walk him, he still tries to drag me along behind him. Consider not every dog is going to be trained to perfection, even with classes and help.

    • Nicole M.
      Nicole M.

      Thank you for saying that! It's true. I have a 100 pound dog and I am a small woman. I worked on training my dog throughout his early puppy years. I used a harness and he was always great on walks. Now that he's huge, he has suddenly decided to pull me wherever he wants and I can't correct him because the harness only makes him stronger. When he's outside, he's not motivated by food and he can't focus on me because he's an excited dog. He gets lots of exercise, mental stimulation, play time, and cuddles with me. I would say that I'm the last person who would want to "choke" or "hurt" my dog so this is the best option at the moment!


      Have you considered that the people who want to use these leashes want to exercise their dogs but the dog either slips his flat collar or gets so distracted by other stimulus on walks that they don't pay attention to their handler and the handler loses control. Rather than make such an over simplified statement take a moment to appreciate that the people watching this video are trying to learn to use this training tool properly and safely so that their dogs have a better quality of life. That says a lot.

    • Flavius Pop
      Flavius Pop

      Canadian Vlogger I'm sorry are you a world renowned and respected dog trainer who's methods have been proven to work faster and longer than any trainer in the world? well then I guess your comment is just plain embarrassing to yourself now isn't it?

    • Apothegmatic Reality
      Apothegmatic Reality

      Canadian Vlogger It isn't meant to choke the dog, they specifically mentioned to give it slack and have it at the top of the neck where it WON'T choke the dog. This isn't for every dog but it's the best way to correct most dogs. If it starts to get excited or pull you gently correct it by quickly tugging the leash and then relaxing again. You could also probably give it the classic Cesar touch to snap it out of the excited mindset but that might be difficult or awkward, especially on shorter dogs. If the dog is aggressive they suggest the gentle leader which goes around the muzzle and leads the head, especially good to distract the dog from whatever it's focussed on. This is all a part of the training and most dogs won't need this forever, just till they walk beside you/don't pull/behave well on the leash. Now I'll admit I'm not an expert but I have put a lot of time into listening to Cesar and other trainers, so I hope this is helpful.

  • PrancingWildfire

    pfft that boi look like a punk

    • Nahe Dogtraining
      Nahe Dogtraining

      So what? Is it illegal or something..

  • shinethesky

    best way to use it is to throw it in the trash

  • NatashaNogoodnik

    This was very useful and answered a couple of questions I had. Thanks!

  • Jadiewady

    "that's a good question" haha great acting :'D

    • Volvox

      ...and the Oscar goes to.... ;)

    • Not Yet
      Not Yet

      @Felicita Rodriguez the hacked me lol

    • Felicita Rodriguez
      Felicita Rodriguez

      @Not Yet No thank you.. I don't like trainers like you. Or whatever you are

    • venkat venkat
      venkat venkat

      Тhе truth is, dоgs hаvе thеir uniquеее wау tо think, аnd whеn уоu wаnt tо tеасh уоur dоg ааааdvаncеd lееееssоns аnd triсks, you оught tо реrcсеivее thе sесrеts bеhind thеir асtiоns Wаtсh hеrе ==> How tо Usе а Тrаining Lеаd

    • Not Yet
      Not Yet

      I will givе уоu sоmе grеаt idеаs, triсks, аnd instruсtiоn thааааt mаy hеlр уоu turn уоur рuрру intо thе best bеhаvеd, mоst hарру, jоgging, bоunсing, sliррer-fеtching bеst раl уоu alwауs wаntеd?. Wаtсh hеrе ===> How tо Usе а Тrаining Lеаd

  • Victoria Lagaras
    Victoria Lagaras

    I love ur smile

  • I ku
    I ku

    This is a good way of correcting larger dog's behaviour, but how to get a chihuahua stop pulling?

    • Andrea Franco
      Andrea Franco

      It is the same thing. I have a Chihuahua that doesn't pull, right by my side. Give a quick correction to the side when your dog starts getting in front.

  • me krimmie
    me krimmie

    Are you able to use slip leads on a 7lb terrier mix?

    • Andrea Franco
      Andrea Franco

      You are able to use slip leads on any size of dog.

  • Devon Fur
    Devon Fur

    Can I use this for a 3 year old Rottweiler? If he sees people or children he gets very excited. I really don't want it to break. He is about 130 pounds.

    • Gerardo Tellez
      Gerardo Tellez

      I use Mendota for my 80 lb German Shepherd

    • Cody

      +Devon Fur you can, but i'd recommend a thicker one than the one cesar millan sells. look into the ones made by a company called Mendota. they are very strong and durable.

  • Lucy HorseRider
    Lucy HorseRider

    Nice video.

  • Daniel Sell
    Daniel Sell

    Right on kid, following your dad´s footsteps!

  • Anne Marie Raft
    Anne Marie Raft

    One of the meaning by walking a dog is, that the dog has an opportunity to sniff around at to "read the dog-newspaper". This is very important to the dog, so it can find the best place to pi. With a slip lead and an instruction to walk right next to the owner and with the head up this is impossible, and the dog is unable to do, what is most natural and and the meaning of the entire walk. Slip-lead should be banned, as well as all other kind of force and punishment in the dog rearing and training.

    • Alex O
      Alex O

      Anne Marie Raft this isn’t to stop them from sniffing around. This is more of a means to teach your dog to walk beside you when walking instead of pulling and walking in front of you. This is also used only until they understand to walk beside you, not forever. So this is not cruel at all. Perhaps educate yourself before commenting.

    • Wendy danno
      Wendy danno

      packs of dogs or wolves would never get anywhere if they all sniffed the entire walk. The leader of the pack will leave a dog behind if a dog is more interested in smelling crap then keeping up with the pack. Humans need to step into the leader role & dictate when a dog is traveling or sniff/meander time to gain dogs trust & respect, then love & security abounds because dog knows pet parent has it's back.

    • Chadasdf

      Shows up to a "how to" video to make such a post? Useless.

    • The Zoologist
      The Zoologist

      then you don't know anything about training dogs. the dog is allowed to sniff things. their head isn't forced up high. the leash is kept loose abd you can allow the dog to sniff. it doesn't choke or hurt the dog what so ever

  • YeahNo101 ?
    YeahNo101 ?

    Jen can we change your name to Judy because you got that booty ohhhhhhh snapppppo

  • Angel Cook
    Angel Cook

    My puppy's slip leash doesn't stay where it should. I'm not sure what to do.

  • Patricia Pérez
    Patricia Pérez

    Desearía que los videos tuvieran subtitulos en español

  • Foroogh Salamati
    Foroogh Salamati

    Keep doing what you doing❤️ love you guys

  • Isabel Vera
    Isabel Vera

    POR FAVOR, VÍDEOS EN ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mini Bull Terrier Lord Jon Snow
    Mini Bull Terrier Lord Jon Snow


  • Delightful Addition
    Delightful Addition

    This is a lovely video and excellent advice for the use of a slip lead, but I feel that there are some easier walking products out there for the average person that can be used to teach/discourage a dog from pulling so that he or she keeps pace while at the same time the product stays in place much better so that walkers do not have to constantly worry about it falling down or, worst of all, slipping off. For example, there is a harness called the Easy Walk. I know that when some people hear the word harness, they think that it will actually give the dog greater ease to pull, but this harness is actually designed as a no-pull harness, which actually gives the opposite effect to dogs that go to pull. The ring that is attached to the leash is actually located in the front so that when a dog goes to pull, it actually turns the dog around towards the walker. So the dog learns that if it pulls, it will not get to where it wants to go. I also think it is better for dogs who lunge than the slip lead because if a dog lunges ahead, it not only turns the dog around, but it actually is nowhere near the neck so that it will not come down and possibly choke the dog like a slip lead could.

    • Nicola Zagdanska
      Nicola Zagdanska

      I have one of those gentle walkers and to be honest it does stop pulling (he doesn’t pull though, just when he wants to smell) but it keeps coming off or he makes a fit and other people think he bites because it looks like dog muzzle. But when I put the prong collar at the top (now before nasty people come and comment let me explain, the prong collar is put that the spikes do not touch him. The spikes protect him if he were to get into a dog fight. Get the picture?) and it’s easier to control him. Same with the choke collar (as I said this won’t choke him because he doesn’t pull, he gets into a daze that he will not listen to be and walk his way) I put it high up and give it a sharp tug if he gets too confident, but the con of the choke collar is that it slips easily

    • TheAngieIshmael

      Currently volunteering at a shelter walking dogs, and that is what they use. It doesn't snap the dog's mind out of pulling and helping them focus on you, but that makes you learn to use your energy and body language. I used to rely SO MUCH on using "the right lead", that I forgot to speak the way the dogs will understand me. This experience has greatly helped me in my career training dogs!

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      @BlueLibra20 That could be another possibility as well. I hadn't considered that strangely enough. It's unfortunate how some dogs are structured due to breeding for such odd builds and appearances. Wider shoulders, wider rib cages, shorter legs, flatter faces, and other things that prohibit them from normal movement fitting of certain doggy items or gear, or being able to full-fill certain purposes which dogs of that type or group should be able to do. But there are other harness out there besides the Easy Walk you could try. With dogs such as English Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogges, I don't know if I would try collars or anything that goes around the neck with them. I believe that a harness is a better and safer opinion regardless of breed, but for some dogs their flatter faces and how they are built already make it more difficult for them to breath and any kind of pressure or potential pressure on the neck is not recommended.

    • BlueLibra20

      +Jeff Cares My OEB is just shaped funny I think. Even went to several stores and had someone try to fit him but his rib area is too wide.

    • Delightful Addition
      Delightful Addition

      @BlueLibra20 Maybe you are not fitting him properly. Maybe it is too loose or you do not have it placed properly on the body to where the straps are not where they are suppose to be. Like it has been said, if it is not fit properly, it will not be effective. I do not know if this is the case or not but those are possibilities and would be the most common reasons as to why it is not working properly.

  • dxnproducts_com

    Congratulations Andre, your dad can be really proud of you! Watching you was just like watching Cesar in a bit younger "version" (becasue he still looks ageless and young and happy like a teen! ). Great, proud and happy way of intruducing the video with wonderful Miss Jen Gray! It was the first time I saw you in a video, wish many more balanced, rehabilitated dogs and people with your dad! Keep up the happy, positive energy! Peace from Hungary, Best Regards: Gergely


    Sigh, no Cesar and no Junior again :/ ...

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