How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Jumping
Andre Millan gets tips from a trainer at the Dog Psychology Center on how to stop a puppy from jumping.

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    Ricardo Juliet

    Boing! Boing! Boing!

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    blacksmith bones

    I’ve been learning how to do stuff with dogs because I wanna learn this for when I’m older I wanna own a Saint Bernard when I’m older because it’s normally calmer so these videos have helped me with learning how to have a better dog

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    !Muy buen video! Me sirvió bastante. Queridos hispano hablantes, no es jactancia, además de viendo videos, yo aprendí en un curso muy bueno para entrenar a mi perro, igual les sirve también, vale la pena bastante, les comparto el enlace aquí ---->

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Andre , YES that's all true. My dog American Staffordshire Terrier does this very often let me say, always! But I did this like your Trainer said and after a while she doesn't jumps any more. 😅 Thanks a lot. Sending Greetings

  • Willish

    I don’t own a dog

  • Rusty the Vegetable and Fruit Lover Azkal Aspin Dog
    Rusty the Vegetable and Fruit Lover Azkal Aspin Dog

    Just ignoring their jumping is really effective in changing their behavior.

  • Armando Salinas
    Armando Salinas

    Yeah I don't train my dog s. Like this,if it was me I would of smacked the shit out it and said no

  • Jolly MSP
    Jolly MSP

    what if he starts biting and nipping really hard and i cant ignore it because it hurts what do i do? i try to ignore it and he usually stops after a while but he gets out of control while i’m literally playing with him, he just ignores the toy and jumps at me, i’m full of scratches and bites

  • Erika Shumway
    Erika Shumway

    Aside from safety or any other reason, dogs that jump on you are rude and annoying!

  • •dxana •
    •dxana •

    I'm literally 10 and I'm trying to train my dog when I just walk he keeps chasing me 🥺 so know when I got to school I'll be like 1....2.....3....go! Then I run cause he always jumps

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    veronica davis

    Omg they are so cute though but I have a Rottweiler and I’m definitely not letting her jump on people

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    New Thought

    Great advice

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    vinish shetty

    doesn't work with my rottweiler when i push him or try the leash trick he just comes back for more.

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    My neighbours just grab the puppies ears and hurt him. I feel so sad for the puppy, they are doing a puppy training but this trainer is for what i see, the worse. So many people have no idea how to ‘train’ a dog. It’s a PUPPY! This puppy is 6 months old, but is already the boss, he has zero respect for his owners, and the owners no respect for the dog. They are no packleaders.

  • Dawn Keller
    Dawn Keller

    I am going to try this. I have an 11 week old puppy. For the most part she does really good. But when I take her out to go potty she gets overly excited and jumps plus biting. I try to ignore her and she keeps following me in circles. So far she's well behaved except for this one issue. Also any ideas on how to get her to obey better while on a leash. I am a truck driver. Unless there is an inclosure for her to run in she stays on the retractable leash. I am working with her. We have sit and paw down. Stay is still a work in progress as well as fetch. She is easily distracted when we are outside.

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    Maximos Linardakis

    The training was good I liked and subscribe #Maxplays

  • Sapphires47

    I have been trying to teach my roommate's dogs to stop jumping on or at me with a firm NO, palm hand down, and I back up a little bit. It seems to be working for the dog. Doesn't do much for the owner who sits on her lazy A, watching it and lets it happen, thinking it's cute "they just want attention." I dont want the dog jumping on me at all and it's not my job to pay them attention. Yes, I'm trying to move as soon as I can, having had no idea this was going to happen.

  • Sandra Floyd
    Sandra Floyd

    I tried to ignore my puppy when he was jumping on my, and he peed on me.

  • Dana Pope
    Dana Pope

    How can I get my puppy to quit biting me

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    Liaccemis World

    I don’t have a dog but I’ll still watch this just in case you never know?

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    Fluffy Skittles

    Getting a puppy soon so these are great tips!!! Super useful. :)

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    Good Doggy

    Wow! That's good stuff for people to know 👍 Good work!!👍 .. Now if you want to train your dog I use a different method ..🐶😉

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    Viola Gentsch

    How can one ask Cesar Milan questions?

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    Brez Angels Creations

    Great advice I have learnt a lot from Cesar an have very a well behavied Pug and now I have an An staff puppy who I've had since she was 6 wks now 4 months she's very smart just a happy puppy who jumps I am shore soon after this message I will be working on her jumping

  • StepsInSilence

    I have a 3 mth old puppy, even when I redirect and walk he still is aggressive and super bitey , sorry I was on the biting video and it switched fast

  • Mirla Montaño
    Mirla Montaño

    great video! I will be following that advice! thanks

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    100% sportif

    I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for training puppy try Debuncar Perfect Dog Aid (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

  • Dee F
    Dee F

    Andre and Todd, this was a great video, with so much really good advice. Can you re-make it in 2020 with longer time on each "problem" so we can see what each looks like, what not to do, and what to do. There was so much information, I've had to watch it several times, because I know dogs that do all of it.

  • CzC poe
    CzC poe

    I’m more concerned about their razor sharp nails when they jump up rather being knocked over

    • Chintal

      yes the nails. I have a puppy and live in a city not only does he put the disgusting filth of whatever is on the ground from our walk onto my pants, his nails drag through them too. In the country I never cared if my dog jumped we just let them be, the streets were cleaner in the suburbs but here.... this country ppl are absolutely vile they spit everywhere and their dogs shit everywhere and they don't pick it up. MEN piss everywhere so I want to puke every time my dog puts his paws on me just thinking wtf was on that ground

    • Home

      I have to worry about both my saint Bernard is 160 pounds

    • Kenny Little
      Kenny Little


    • paula greco
      paula greco

      This is my exact problem that I can’t get in control

    • Loreann Druin
      Loreann Druin

      Me too, I have 4 puppies that are 4 months old, im really trying to train them but it is hard, my arms are scratched bad.. Im finally getting better by watching how to train my dog.. Its different when its 1 or 2 puppies, so much easier to train.. I Just love them so much, waiting for 2 of my daughters to come get their 2 puppies.. Lol..

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    Anjaan Dinesh

    How to stop for biting puppy

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    Jhuls vlog

    nice video it will help me a lot pls visit mine too thanks

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    Gypsy Belle

    Any suggestions for older dogs who jump when visiting friends and you are not the owner?

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    Fuck you Google fuck you IRbin you pieces of shit

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    Jip Atkinson

    In my opinion a puppy is supposed to jump, just as a child should be allowed to play.

    • McChicken

      It becomes a bad habit. Puppies who are allowed to jump become dogs who jump and it is very painful and scary. Even if the dog means no harm they can easily hurt someone especially an elderly person. My cousins dog jumped on me when I wasn't expecting it because she wanted to play and it hurt so bad. She nearly knocked me over and her nails scratched my side and broke the skin. Not fun.

  • Scott Huffman
    Scott Huffman

    I don’t know if it is proper or no but the best way I have found to stop a dog from jumping up is to step on its hind feet when it jumps up on me.

  • You are The Light #spiritual
    You are The Light #spiritual

    Awesome video and information! Thank you! Xo

  • John Chisholm
    John Chisholm

    Teaching a dog yes, And no is key....

  • Christopher Fiorentino
    Christopher Fiorentino

    Or punch it in the face

  • Joy Malou
    Joy Malou

    can you guys talk about when a puppy barks at everything? when they're scared and insecure but even when they're happy and too excited. many trainers tells us that we should do something like command them to sit and wait for them to be quiet and calm down then reward them, but some trainers say ignore it. what would you do and what do you recommend? I would appreciate it so much if you could answer me or make a video about this because you make everything so clear about training dogs. you're so good at explaining and helping us. I wish you all a Merry Christmas 💙

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    Mark Pool

    Just turn your back.

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    Niall o byrne

    Why? By the way this moron Milan has been debunked by all those who actually understand Dogs. If he was a 'Doctor' he would be a Quack and a dangerous one

  • Stellaria

    My mother’s cavoodle does this. At first I thought it was cute but its become annoying now so I’ll try these techniques.

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson

    Gently tap on the dog's hind foot with you foot when they are standing up and in less than 2 minutes they will quit jumping up forever. I didn't say grind their foot into the ground.

  • Dave Davies
    Dave Davies

    Wish he could meet my puppy, she is approx 5 months and I have tried this since she was 10 weeks. It is just not working. By the way she's a German Shepherd.

  • I love Hunting
    I love Hunting

    You punch it in the head.its sooo easy to train a pup.

  • Johnny Mangan
    Johnny Mangan

    I tried this with my puppy 5 mins after watching this and it worked so fast. Jumping on me or anyone is a problem I’ve had for months and just like that, he knew to stay calm.

  • jonathan spittlehouse
    jonathan spittlehouse

    Bull shit !! Why would you want to stop your dog jumping up ??? There just looking for attention, wanting to play, DONT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT !!!

  • A fine looking gentleman
    A fine looking gentleman

    I’ve also found that sticking out my foot so they run into it. Works better than you might think. I’ve also had dogs jumping on me because they want to play, so I’ve leaned in to them and played. I played at such a ridiculous pace with them that they not mind their step with me. I know none of this is correct to do. But I’ll do whatever I need to do to correct a neighbours dog that hasn’t been given any guidance by their masters. I’ve had many dogs, and have broken them from jumping on people and vehicles immediately! Not sure how people think this is cute behaviour

  • mhans311

    Love that he mentioned both strategies of both ignoring jumping but also moving to snapping the leash sideways if the ignoring strategy doesn't work.

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    Jhonathan Marquez

    If the dog won’t stop jumping kick the fucker

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    Find yourself a turtle. The things people post

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    Ive been to caesars palace and it was nice

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    Chop it's legs off!

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    digital1 ministry9

    This is ridiculous!!! IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE A PUPPY JUMPING, THEN DON'T GET A DOG!!! SERIOUSLY!!! You want to have a dog, but you want to take away his ability to express himself??? Next you're going to want to stop him from wagging his tail... What about breathing??? Does your dog breathing and eating bother you too??

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    B B

    True. Need this training. Thanks

  • Six Figure Dog Trainer
    Six Figure Dog Trainer


  • Jade Thompson
    Jade Thompson

    What if the puppy is almost a year old and 100 lbs. My daighters dog is now taller than me when he jumps up on me. And I have degenerate disks. He practically mows me down when I come in her house.

  • debn n
    debn n

    lLeash or LONG LEAD guys

  • HowToDoItDude

    Ignoring actually works. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah Humphries
    Sarah Humphries

    Tried everything you have said and my boy just doesn't get the idea of not jumping. So stressful;

    • kittie Cat
      kittie Cat

      Watch the video "how to stop your dog from jumping up" from " dog matters" channel

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    Parvan Alexandru

    Tomorrow i will start doing this

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    Sane Person

    Shoot it. Problem solved!

  • Edna Perhach
    Edna Perhach

    Help , have a six months old Australian Shepherd , omg where do I start , jumping , nibbles on me , bitting , help I can't take it , what am I to do 🇺🇸☮️😭😭

    • james warren
      james warren

      i have a pit bull i rescued 2 years ago that is wild as bronco. you cant take your eye off of him...he will literally flatten you playing not mean at all just wild. i found out by accident a dog cant stand a taser,,,,dont tase them of course just make that sound ...a dog acts like its cannon fire. my friend had one i tried briefly ...i got to get one ...i guess they all make that sound?

  • StrangelyHuman

    Thanks Cesar! :D

  • Kool Beans
    Kool Beans

    For what it’s worth, I teach every puppy to jump up on my out stretched hand with a loaded-palm, facing up, soon after they learn to eat from a bowl. First of all a loaded palm is a treat tucked between your two middle fingers. While you have the pup sitting and praising him, with one motion, flip your loaded palm up under his nose and make sure he sees and or smells the treat. Make him work to pull the treat out with his teeth while he is sitting. Now he knows where the treat is at. Next with the loaded hand, a piece of treat lodged between two fingers, grab his two paws and lift them so he is sitting up. It will be uncomfortable for him and he will squirm and whimper to balance and to free his paws but at the moment he is up with his paws in your hand make sure to rub the treat into his nose so he is rewarded. With in five minutes he knows where and how to get the treat. Then let him down. Repeat this for a few days. Then each time as you greet him he sees you turn your palm up. That will encourage him too rear up and place his paws on your palm-up hand “ONLY” and only when your palm is flipped up to him. Palm down into their face means sit, that a reward is coming. As a puppy the first reward is the treat accompanied by verbal good boy and a head rub. Then eventually as he matures he won’t get the treat each time but the praise is what he craves. Then you flip your hand over and that signals him rear up to put his paws on your hand. Imagine having three buddies in the yard and you say to them, “huddle up” and flip your hand out and up and all three of your buddies immediately rear up with their muddy paws on your hand and NOT on your nice pants or skirt.

  • BlueNightOwl

    Wow! I was doing it all wrong. I was touching and making eye contact at the same time. No wonder it seems to have gotten worse for me. I’ll have to switch things up now.

  • anna pasillas
    anna pasillas

    Definitely put this to work on my puppy!

  • Adrianne Zanyusha
    Adrianne Zanyusha

    So people say he abuses dogs because he treats dogs like dogs and not like humans?Who is the real animal abuser here?!

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    Pat Bassman

    click bait using Cesars name

  • D M
    D M

    this is the toughest one to do, but it is for the sake of our relationships with them.

  • Sondra Burdick
    Sondra Burdick

    It made my big jump more and didn't stop jumping your video is lame

  • Irene Duke
    Irene Duke

    Why are other dog trainers on Cesars channel? I click on Cesar's channel to see him, not someone else who is most likely hired by Cesar. I wouldn't have a problem with this if the name of the channel was up front -- for instance, Cesar's Dog Trainer's.

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    V i c k i R u t i a g a

    Cesar the nation loves you!!!

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    CaliforniaModz modded lobbys

    What if the dog is big cause you can’t ignore a big dog cause they will scratch you

  • Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial
    Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial

    Gostei das dicas.

  • Paul D
    Paul D

    Great video, thank you. Also, how about crazy insane jumping when preparing our puppies meal? Total chaos....

  • Shebin shebi
    Shebin shebi

    If i ignore she bite my leg

  • Blu Angel
    Blu Angel

    Thank you, needed this training direction!

  • G Dumaguing
    G Dumaguing

    I really have to rewatch all cesar’s video... my puppies before are like almost 10 yrs old now but I got a labrador who i dont know how to handle anymore 😆

  • Savannah Day
    Savannah Day

    My dog is a year old. Will this method still work on her??

    • Lynn K-J
      Lynn K-J

      Yes. Dogs really are never too old to learn.

  • Odette Widdicombe
    Odette Widdicombe

    The boy looks like cesars son

  • EJ T
    EJ T

    Tried the others, but Cesar is/has always been the go-to-guy for dog know how. His are the only tips that have worked for me.

  • Linda S. Martin
    Linda S. Martin

    The ad on spy gate , is fake news, yuck!

  • Jai Srita
    Jai Srita

    Can you please make more puppy teaching videos....:)

  • Ace

    So hard to ignore the jumping when u come home from work and your fur son/daughter misses u just as much as u missed them! Great video

    • wordreet

      @Nathalie Desrosiers Facepalm! You have a good imagination! 😂😂 Merry Xmas!!!

    • Nathalie Desrosiers
      Nathalie Desrosiers

      @wordreet Yeah. Can you imagine them still jumping up and down at 18 years old? How embarrasing!

    • wordreet

      @Ace You must train ALL your children not to jump up at you and other people! ;¬)

    • Rachael Keach
      Rachael Keach

      Ace yup

  • M S
    M S

    Why not just let them do their thing n let them sniff n jump n after they re done they go lie down or do something else. I ve felt that their happiness n excitement shouldnt be ignored or punished. Rather accept its what dogs do when they re excited. Its their way of expressing themselves.

  • Josiah Gringo
    Josiah Gringo

    I have a friend with a teenage dog who is like this. They are full of energy and never get walks and dont have a run. I know already wow especially for a hearding breed but I'm not the owner. I am there often and we take walks and I try alot of different behavior than the owners with good results but this one has not changed even to the point when I arrive he jumps on and all over my vehicle scratching. I've been for about 5 months walking towards in a sidewards motion so when it jumps it hits a knee at best and small claws stop scratching me up and down. It is a great dog I love it. Maybe you'll see this and wanna help

  • Pratik Singh
    Pratik Singh

    I dont have dog still watching this

  • kipper

    Guilty as charged. I love it when a dog jumps, its an invitation to play and have fun. Rough play is part of their growing up and in the wild there would be many other dogs to play with. They are only young for a short time!! Senior citizens, who cannot run the risk and can be the best owners should perhaps do this but, I wouldn't be able to on be consistant with this. If you're a younger adult and you worry your dog could accidentally knock you over perhaps you have the wrong size of dog.

    • Sour slushpuppur
      Sour slushpuppur

      Absolutely not true, even the smallest person should be able to own big dogs but its extremely important for them to be aware of boundaries. even if you think it okay for someones dog to jump on you they may not and therefore you are to respect that. Also as someone with a service dog it okay to be gentle in the beginning but once they reach about 6 or 7 months its time to take harsher action. The dog cant stay a playful bad mannered pup forever, just like people there is a time when it time to grow up and act accordingly.

  • Amanda Wang García Peña
    Amanda Wang García Peña

    Are you the real cesar millan?

  • Abid Khan
    Abid Khan

    Yelp..and hit him with a newspaper...if aggresive

  • karthika somu
    karthika somu

    Hai,I'm karthika from south India Here in India,we have lots of street dogs,which we can't do anything about when we are taking our dog for a walk,(I have a male Labrador)it's really very problematic,when we happened to have street dogs.that time my dog will become aggressive,and want to run after them.and it's hard for me to control it.ive to leave the leash , otherwise it will drag me down. How can I tackle this situation,tips please 😀, please help me🙂


    Thank you! 🐾💜

  • John

    It would have been nice if you would have shown an example of a dog jumping and how to correct it. Instead you have a docile Labrador retriever laying down on the ground doing nothing.

    • Kathy Harris
      Kathy Harris

      You do know that’s not a lab right?

  • ...I’m Not Telling You
    ...I’m Not Telling You

    My vet and animal behaviourist friend said just ignore and turn around. Worked! Our gorgeous girl doesn’t jump anymore!

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed

    This is not a Cesar Millan video.

  • Connor Heider
    Connor Heider

    What's so bad about jumping?

  • Ally Shaw
    Ally Shaw

    He didnt say about little kids.. that like to run and dont talk yet. Becaus I have a problem with my pup.. my sons 4.5 yrs and doesnt talk ..he loves to run and the dog loves to chase him and jump on him and playfully biting him.. and it realllllllly upsets me when this happens.. my son cant play with his own dog without biting and jumping.. I know it's because my son likes to run.. but that's not going to stop.. sooo how am to correct this

  • Ambria Daniels Band
    Ambria Daniels Band

    Ignore the jumping??? Noooo. Bad advise!!!


    I have a 7 month old puppy that will not stop jumping up or stop chewing on everything and she throws a fit if she doesn't get her way. what would you recommend I try cause I have been trying a lot of stuff and it isn't working

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