How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling
A quick guide on why dogs have a tendency to pull and how to remedy the behavior.

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    Next video is how to answer questions.

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    Let me elaborate on his answer: Excitement creates impulsive behaviour. Start by controlling your dog's excitement when you feed him his food. Make him wait and give you eye contact. Once you master that. The dog will learn that you have control of food and excitement is disagreed. When you now go out for a walk, you can use the same "wait/stay/no" whatever command when they get excited about whatever. Once you know he will get excited about something (even the door is open).. make him wait.. he might bark to protest.. or whine...or pull... stay there... wait... once he relaxes even for a second and gives you the same eye contact, reward him. Now go out and repeat for every. single. thing. they get excited for... Eventually, he'll learn to deal with it and focus on what you want. Therefore, no pulling.

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    This taught me noting except WHY my dog is pulling

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    So how do you stop a dog from being excited? Obvious next step.

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    Soooo would jacking my dog off before walking him make him stop pulling

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    Answer is

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    To all the people who say they didnt get an answer......he said calm your dog.

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    0:31 Cesar answers it here To stop excitement, people need to create calmness. Although he doesn’t answer explicit methods, I’ve watched from other videos that this could mean: a quick tug on the leash or touch to snap them out of it (prior to VERY excited state), waiting for dog to calm down (especially before putting on the leash and before walking), clarifying your position as pack leader in day to day life (since dogs follow the leader, could be as simple as making sure YOU exit/enter any door or boundary BEFORE the dog and making sure that the dog only follows behind you when asked to), (VERY excited state) pulling upwards with leash just below the head (better control) and letting the dog vent (making sure they settle and become calm before continuing the walk), etc. But, the method used should always be situational.

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    Answer: Get your dog from exited state to a calm state .🤷🏻‍♂️

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    How do I help my Siberian husky from wanting to pull on walks.

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    My dog doesn’t like to walk with the chain... any ideas??

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    Pulling is more valuable than not pulling ! dog powered fun- urban mushing made easy, safe and practical-

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    Steps were unclear, my dog flew away

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    How do i get my dog to walk on the lead as the minute she sees it she lies on the floor or hides under the table

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    how to stop a dog from digging on my indoor floors and carpets? She is very old, partially blind and does not play with toys. She has ruined all of my floors.

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    ik its 4 years later but youre not supposed to yank/pull on the leash, you're supposed to just stay still and dont move so that the dog learns that if they pull they wont get anywhere but this takes time.

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    So then, how do I stop my dog from being excited? I'm looking this up because my dog pulled me down today and my knee is all banged up. Help me out Cesar!

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    with my goldens pulling its not excitement, its anxiety but its only on the second half of the walk. i have tried going completely different ways but that only works for the first time because he is so smart that after even one walk he knows that its the way home and we are running out of different ways to go! all of the second half of the walk he is so anxious that he makes himself hyperventilate (which is not good one bit). i use a harness that is supposed to help with pulling but it doesnt work with him one bit. he also isnt food motivated on walks because he is so anxious so he wont even eat the treats i bring. if anyone has any advice at all i could really use some! he is also very bonded to me and doesnt really like men. if it doesnt get better soon we are going to talk to my other dogs old trainer and see what he suggests. thanks y'all

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    I’ll answer since Cesar didn’t. You need to keep the leash short and tight to show your dog that you’re in command. As soon as she/he starts pulling you say “NO” “SHHHHHT” “NO”. Works like a charm.

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    question: how do you stop a dog from pulling? cesar: yes.

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      Actually it's: Question: how do you stop your dog from pulling? Cesar: OK let me tell you how to stop your dog from pulling. He's pulling because he's excited.

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      he identified for you that the problem wasn't the pulling - that it was in fact an excited animal. Look up his videos on dealing with an excited animal -

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    How? Put the harness on upside down with the lead coming from underneath, so the dog has no incentive to pull. Works instantly!

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    this is a good video despite all the negativity, I learned something, he doesn't know my dog so how the hell is he going to help him calm down. But it is definitely excitement causing the pulling, he just loves walks like a sex addict loves a strip club, hard to moderate the excitement at puppy stage.

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    Since some people are to lazy to search, I will resume from what I watched in his videos: Step1 > it begins at home, the do need to be calm before going out (just like when to ask to sit just before giving food) don't bring out an excited dog. Step 2 > when holding the leash think like when you're holding someone hand, you don't want to squeeze or pull the hand of the other person, same for the dog. Step 3 (optional) > if your dog is still pulling try to make it exercises more (like buy some rollers or bike if you don't like running) because think about it, your dog had to wait for you, hours for being able to go out so of course it will be full of energy. Step 4 (optional) > redirect the attention if the dog is getting too excited over passberby, it means be sure its attention is toward you not the source of excitement. With time, it should be able to ignore it. Getting your do attention could be done with anything and reward only after he listened to you not before. Last thing, repetition is the key, just like with kids.

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    I adore you Cesar!! Thank you for everything you've done to support dogs, and dog owners! Cant wait until your next show comes out. Keep your chin up :)

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    YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS. HE SAID, the question shouldn't be how to stop your dog from pulling. The question should focus on the UNDERLYING issue , WHICH IS that the REASON the dog pulls is because "HE GETS EXCITED" Sooooo, the question should really be... HOW TO PREVENT YOUR DOG FROM BEING EXICTED... AND HOW to relay calmness. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE PEOPLE. The OBVIOUS answer would then, BE. STAY CALM AND THE DOG WILL BE CALM. Most dog owners who have dogs that pull it's because you aren't exerting leadership during the walk. You need to exert being a leader during the walk. A LEADER IN A PACK, stays calm, leads ahead not behind. If you do that, your dog will follow you, not pull. DOES HE REALLY HAVE TO SPELL EVERYTHING OUTTT. If so, maybe you shouldn't be a dog owner,Lol

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    But my dog is not interested in his toy I’ll rub a treat on it and try different toys but he doesn’t want he well feed and at a good weight only 2 years old! And still doesn’t want to play or go outside how do I fix this?

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      @Angela Carley Yes angela you're correct. You have to be fast and pre emptively watch for what makes your dog excited. And do sideways pulls before his state of mind escalates. Problem is that people wait too long and its too they end up pulling back.. But to peoples defense...he does not show that technique in the video...i watched it on his show, reading his books at the moment

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    For people looking for how to stop their dog constantly pulling when just going for a walk, this is the easiest method. Each time they create tension on the leash simply stop and wait for them to stop pulling. As soon as they stop pulling, start walking again. At first you'll be stopping every few steps but be patient and consistent. The dog will quickly associate tension with stopping and no tension with walking... and they'd much rather be walking.

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    To prevent excitement we play fetch before every walk. Whatever gets your dog excited, introduce it more into their lives. If socializing gets them excited well guess what you're doing before your next walk. In most cases, exercising the dog first is best. The walk is usually what we think of as the exercise but dog was probably waiting for you at home all day and NEEDS TO RUN BABY. It will help, and you get to enjoy a good ball throw :-) Have fun and enjoy the artlessness of being a good human for your little bud.