How to Stop Puppy Biting and Chewing
There are many reasons a dog engages in biting and chewing behavior. Dog Psychology Center trainer Todd Langston explains and gives tips on how to stop it.

  • The Lurker
    The Lurker

    Thank you so much for this! Literally our 5month old pit stopped after 3 times. She is not so aggressive in her biting and actually now has some cuddle time. New dog almost.

  • Berat Kayaalp
    Berat Kayaalp

  • Nissa Rahayyu
    Nissa Rahayyu

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  • stilt

    Give a treat as a re-direct ? Dont think so. Classic masking the problem by positive reinforcement of unwanted behaviour....ask your boss guys

  • Jennifer Thorndyke
    Jennifer Thorndyke

    These methods are stupid! Be a tree? Have you met husky puppies? You’re a tree and you’re dead.

  • Snowie Productions
    Snowie Productions

    Thanks you so much this is so helpful

  • king shaman
    king shaman

    I was thinking of redirecting my life decisions and was stumped. Now I know it's the bacon that will help me do this. Thank you.

  • Tuauru King
    Tuauru King

    Bacon was absolutely terrible advice! My poor puppy had extreme diarrhoea. Very annoyed

  • MyPuppyLife

    Thanks for the advice my puppy is getting there fingers crossed!!

  • Rich Hartmann Barbershop
    Rich Hartmann Barbershop

    Any advice for "alert" barking? I try to calm my dogs quickly so they don't loose control but they bark alert at every "noise"

  • Catharsis

    Great! !Muy buen video! Me sirvió bastante. No es jactancia, además de viendo videos, yo aprendí en un curso muy bueno para entrenar a mi perro, igual les sirve también, vale la pena bastante, les comparto el enlace aquí ---->

  • tinkerbellgirlblue21

    I clicked this because there was a rotty in the thumbnail. I feel gypped.

  • Brian Emuss
    Brian Emuss

    So I bought some extra bitter apple spray. Soak some paper towels in it and put it in my put his mouth and he chewed it for ages and then swallowed it. Didn’t work in the slightest for my puppy. I sprayed a small area of my carpet as well and he stood there for ages licking it and trying to chew it. Total waste of time and money

  • ntbay

    I tried the vinegar method. My hyperactive three month old English Bulldog who eats a lot, licked everywhere I sprayed, and continued to chew those areas. And 12 hours later, he won't eat, won't drink, stomach's rumbling, has diarrhea, and is lethargic. Be careful with that vinegar thing. Especially on small dogs. I may have to take my puppy to the vet later.

  • Koolaid man Oh Yeah
    Koolaid man Oh Yeah

    my dog bit me so bad im nearly bleeding and i have 8 scars on my arm. he is an 8 week old golden doodle with no chill can someone help me

  • Madeline Criollo
    Madeline Criollo

    my dog won't stop chewing his wee wee pads

  • Melissa Clifford
    Melissa Clifford

    My 10 week old puppy loves the bitter sprays. While I"m spraying it on shoes or furniture, he licks the over spray off the floor.

  • Aluapay

    I saw on TV where they had the owners put butter on their arms and hands. The puppies licked their arms and hands. The trainer said the puppies learned to lick their owners not nip them. i wonder what Cesar thinks of that. The butter was put on very lightly, not slathered on BTW.

  • Nancy Compton
    Nancy Compton

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  • justchill okay
    justchill okay

    I'm just a Cesar fan but it makes me so proud to see his son grow into a fine young man 😃

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  • fifi german shepherd
    fifi german shepherd must watch german shepherd cute video

  • Thomas karlsen
    Thomas karlsen

    Never had this problem. What is so difficult about this? Common sense comes a long way :) 👍 have to speak/tell where the boundary goes :) ❤️


    You are my best dog training channel i learn this way and geting good

  • Dean Henthorn
    Dean Henthorn

    That’s why old people smacked them with newspapers. Now it’s frowned upon to smack them with a laptop!



  • ellie rue
    ellie rue

    Whenever I pretend cry my puppy jumps up and tries to bite my throat and face. Sometimes I don't think shes playing and shes drawn blood multiple times

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I just slap my puppy around like a battered wife

  • Turkana

    I watched this video and my first thought was "where the fuck is Cesar"

  • Rubies and Jaspers Jasper
    Rubies and Jaspers Jasper

    Mines nips harder when I yelp. And she gets more exited and wild. She is a 17 week old Chihuahua

  • rick romans
    rick romans

    what if your dog is the most unintelligent creature that set foot on the planet and dosent even know how to properly drink its water without looking like a deformed pigeon with 3 eyes 4 mouths and 7 butts

  • Pinkametal

    Andre is so hot tho

  • Dan S
    Dan S

    My girls did this yelping crap for months. One day the puppy started biting on me so I calmly put its paw in its mouth and squeezed until she yelped, as she did that I said " NO ". she has never nipped or bit any of us sense. Now our other lab she chews on all day lol

  • Mark Reeve
    Mark Reeve

    Good stuff will give it a try. What if the child the puppy is nipping is a baby that can’t “be a tree?”

  • María Martha Rius Zavala
    María Martha Rius Zavala

    Which bitter apple spray do you recommend? My puppy discover a new wall corner every day!!! 😱 even if I’m playing with her

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea

    Every video this guy is in I get bad vibes

  • Arshad Ali
    Arshad Ali

    Shawn Michael????

  • C S
    C S

    AH-HA bitter apple on a cotton ball! I never heard of that before, but it makes perfect sense!!!

  • T. Brenneman
    T. Brenneman

    Instructions unclear, now I’m biting my puppy 🤣🤣

  • asus2012 bose
    asus2012 bose

    I use to do a light bite on the ear when he did that, and he stopped biting, never had a problem after that.

  • Eternal tK
    Eternal tK

    2:41 "Andy's coming!"

  • Fisher Guy
    Fisher Guy

    Does swatting the dog with a flyswatter work?

  • Joey Jojo
    Joey Jojo

    sometimes dogs need a hard hand too so when my puppy does it, i beat him senseless with a crowbar lol i'm kidding but i do let him know who is boss with somewhat of a firm (not light but not hard) spank and he understands! some breeds need more discipline n stronger correction than others and i conquer with ppl saying that whimpering or yelping only egged him more

  • Bria ia
    Bria ia

    I give my puppy treats and he barks at me and bites me to get more. Especially when the treats have run out, he has a temper tantrum.

  • Mariah Ferreras
    Mariah Ferreras

    I dont like bacon as a treat because its salty and fatty, unless Its made for dogs

  • Bootlegmonk

    Damn I thought u was ceaser talking for a sec

  • Yooo Oooo
    Yooo Oooo

    I yelped and my dog pooped

  • Yash Thakur
    Yash Thakur

    Nice i would like to try this with my rottie pup

  • Tony A
    Tony A

    Mine likes mouthing and biting on the hand but he will also chase me and nip my ankles so the hand technique is hard. I cant walk away because he follow and repeat

  • Zap ToiD
    Zap ToiD

    just bite them back

  • theradpat 3695
    theradpat 3695

    Thats not cesar

  • Frank V
    Frank V

    I’ve always suspected Cesar might be gay his son might be all the proof after all. Because he seems gay by the way he talks and presents himself.

    • bby tbbs
      bby tbbs

      Lmao why are you looking for that?

  • Great value Paninni
    Great value Paninni

    My dog ate it

  • Kiraz The rottweiler
    Kiraz The rottweiler


  • M CR
    M CR

    My puppy used to bite more when I told him not to do it. See how hard he could bite

  • Rene Lopez
    Rene Lopez

    By redirecting and giving a treat, you’re essentially rewarding the puppy for biting you 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Rene Lopez
      Rene Lopez

      Chthonic Syn I get what is trying to be done but food is not going to work on an overstimulated dog. This may work on some puppies but not all. A lot of dog owners get frustrated or worse, give up when this doesn’t work for their situation. Trainers need to be realistic and responsible about their material they put on IRbin. None of these trainers use an actually stimulated dog that has more interest in biting than the treat in your hand. You don’t have to look far in the comments to find over and over again that this approach is clearly not working for a lot of puppy owners. It took me a long time to look past all the “all reward / zero punishment” dog trainers on IRbin and finally find ones that weren’t afraid to admit that you establish rules for your puppy. Puppy learns rules by repetition. Puppy doesn’t follow rules, they get a punishment. And before I get crucified by that community let me say that punishment does not mean hitting the dog with a stick or slapping it on the face. Punishment can be something as small as a quick collar pop. Anyway, I feel like the further I go in this, the more I’m leaving out. If there are any frustrated puppy owners out there that have any questions, feel free to send me a message on Instagram @cashewnutdelight I have a happy bulldog puppy that has benefited from good boundaries set early on and consistent training. Thank you for the response Chthonic Syn, I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

    • Chthonic Syn
      Chthonic Syn

      You’re not giving the treat. You use the smell to catch their attention then wait for a calm energy to grant it.

  • Mya Rowell
    Mya Rowell

    God i must have a puppy from hell. None of these techniques are working. He just bites harder.🤦🏽 then when i give it something else to chew on he just goes for my hand.

    • T. Neema
      T. Neema

      I'm dealing with the same issue too😫😫😫I dunno what to do anymore😫

  • Jack Storey
    Jack Storey

    Hi there, when you say bacon treats, do you mean cooking bacon until it's crunchy and chopping it into small squares to feed your puppy when you're redirecting? Thank you!

  • TheSf49erfan

    My only drawback from this is distracting your dog towards a treat while he's nipping....isn't that rewarding his behaviour?

  • Noncha20

    Redirecting your puppy is the best route. Yelping may make puppies bite even harder/bite more!

  • Sister Gabi
    Sister Gabi

    What do Į do if me dog is biting me when į per her. She is 1year old and 3 months old. She gets anoyed when į try to pick her up, pet her and stuff. She ignores any commands, toys, treats, noises. She tries to hurt me so it does NOT HELP whn į yelp it only gets worse. She manipulates treats out if me because i have BEEN training her with treats for 5 months to pick up while she licks The treat but when į try to pick her up without it she bites. SOMETIMES she bites for atention SOMETIMES for me to leave her alone or after i take away toys, anything that she stole like slipers, toilet paper and stuff please help me į cant do this any ore im getting really upset į do not know what im doing wrong

  • Heather W
    Heather W

    Dogs love to kill things that squeak and Yelp. I wouldn’t suggest that for training especially a dominant breed.

    • Luka Rancini
      Luka Rancini

      Heather W mmmmh we are talking about a puppy

  • Matthew Monk
    Matthew Monk

    DO NOT DO THIS... YOU are the ALpha pack leader. Yelping makes you a pack MATE... stop telling people to do this shit

  • Sharmaine Matias
    Sharmaine Matias

    What the.! I thought it was Cesar talking, then at 0:12 it his son. Daaammn 🤣

  • Leticia Rae
    Leticia Rae

    What if she is nipping at the kids and they stand straight and still and she continues to chew on them, like their shoe laces?

  • Amanda Gonçalves
    Amanda Gonçalves

    Am I the only one that thinks Ceasar´s son is ADORABLE!??

  • ChrisAllmighty54

    Man fuck Pete buttigieg! Trash ass candidates! vote for Bernie Sanders

  • Tracy

    Great advice hes a handsome young man

  • Tylan Vega
    Tylan Vega

    But what if my child is a toddler and when he gets nipped he sits on the floor and cries. Meanwhile my puppy keeps nipping at him (corgi)

  • Richinator G
    Richinator G

    Are you gay?

  • Matthias B.
    Matthias B.

    How interesting that if puppies play and it's to hard/rough they start to yell. Then dog toy companies come and produce squeaky toys and tell the oeners or advertise that the squeaking creates fun. In my opinion they re-educate the puppies away from their natural state of mind and when then the dogs will play and one would yell probably the other one would go ahead playing because it might think the other is yelling out of fun. That creates a nice way to get dogs in fights and divide owners. Excellent isn't it?! Divide and conquer. Did that on my wife's arm because our breeder said it'd be counterproductive and got the same response.

  • A. D.
    A. D.

    I'll tell ya adult dogs definitely dont "redirect" a puppy by rewarding it with food. There is a swift correction.

  • Krzysztof Toloczko
    Krzysztof Toloczko

    Is this cesars gay son?

  • Itr 1244
    Itr 1244

    how to stop puppy biting and chewing? let them grow up

    • StrangelyHuman

      Not helping...... ._.

  • Jessica Chu
    Jessica Chu

    I can’t get my puppy to stop biting aggressively when I try to take away tissues or other things he’s not supposed to have.

    • Basilatom

      Teach ‘drop it’ using treats mixed with praise?

  • T Rex
    T Rex

    Redirecting a puppy with food will teach it that he's being rewarded for his bad behavior. Hmm

  • annette blondell
    annette blondell

    I have 5 dogs of all different ages, I broke them of nipping by giving them my tong from day one, none of them ever had a nipping problem..

    • Adam McCarthy
      Adam McCarthy

      What the fuck is a tong?

  • nefarious

    We tried the whole yelping thing and we ended up with a lab/huntaway who, when she mouths your hand, it feels like she's only gumming it

  • Edward Leas
    Edward Leas

    I fake cry when puppies nip me

  • Tony Maxwell Hatt
    Tony Maxwell Hatt

    Our German shepherd puppy is constantly biting so much I am seriously thinking about getting him a Dracula's Cape.

  • Zeitlose Hundetherapie
    Zeitlose Hundetherapie


  • Joe Day
    Joe Day

    Yeah,try this yelping idea with any breed with reasonable prey drive and you will get chewed up even more. Furthermore this yelping garbage sounds like you're communicating to your dog that you are the submissive pack member. If theres any experts out there,please feel free to explain to me if there is something I'm not seeing.

  • elljay81

    To everyone who tried yelping, you’re idiots none of these tips will work.

    • Joe Day
      Joe Day

      Yeah,a breed with prey drive will actually get excited about yelping

  • Tomas Konopasek
    Tomas Konopasek

    The guy Todd gives practical advices . The blue costume looks queer on him. Cesar’s way dehonests Cesar . Why did Cesar called his Tribe Cesar’s Way. It should be Cesarians in a way

  • Casper Audi
    Casper Audi

    Naw what you do is open there mouth put your thumb in the puppy mouth squeeze down on the back of the mouth the puppy will yelled it’s ok once you hear that the puppy will never nip ever again.

  • Complete 180k9 Training
    Complete 180k9 Training

    Puppy says “wait, I nip or chew and I get bacon?”. What do you think it’s going to learn to do?! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Bethany

      the key is asking the puppy to do something else for the treat. so yes redirect attention and then ask for a sit or a down and then treat. then you’ve rewarded them for the work rather than the nipping. and with enough consistent repetitions, you start to teach the dog to either sit or lay down instead of nipping when they want to. this video did not portray or explain that but it is crucial if you want to stop puppy nipping using positive reinforcement.

    • Lady Nuri
      Lady Nuri

      or you redirect with food and reward the good, calm, no biting behavior. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Bonnie Bates
    Bonnie Bates

    Caution, feeding dogs bacon can cause pancreatitis.

  • Marisol Ortega
    Marisol Ortega

    What if the pup 15 weeks doesnt stop nipping? He mostly does it cause he wants to play but those teeth are sharp.

  • Irene Duke
    Irene Duke

    Puppies and kittens also learn that biting hurts thru playing.

  • Shar Roon
    Shar Roon

    The only tbing that worked was a firm "no"

  • Jacob Israel
    Jacob Israel

    I can be redirected by Andre 😍😍

    • Alexander Dang
      Alexander Dang

      Jacob Israel you GAY

  • E Gagnon
    E Gagnon

    I'm surprised they didn't mention that puppies are just like babies, they teeth!... Give your puppy plenty of chew and teething toys and they won't do it on you… Some people will put carrots in the freezer then give it to the puppies...

  • What the bleep!
    What the bleep!

    I saw another IRbin video that many commenters say works:

  • Mister Krogan
    Mister Krogan

    Who is this guy? .-. Where is Cesar?

    • Mister Krogan
      Mister Krogan

      @QiunzuxChañiol 612 that white guy is?😯

    • QiunzuxChañiol 612
      QiunzuxChañiol 612

      Is Cesar's son.

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro

    Hi Andre

  • Anne Moorna
    Anne Moorna

    It's the same when your breastfeeding baby bites you lol

  • What the bleep!
    What the bleep!

    The bitter spray didn’t work. Trying the redirecting but puppy still nips my finger. Sigh

    • E Gagnon
      E Gagnon

      Your puppy is teething just like a baby... Give him plenty of safe chew or teething toys and he will stop… You can even put carrots in the freezer then give it to him to sooth his gums….

  • Stoney_Eagle

    Don't forget the 5 minute per month of age rule when going outside with your puppy until it's fully developed.

  • ohara stephan
    ohara stephan

  • Ryomichi

    I dont understand the redirection technique. Would it actually reinforce the behavior because we give treats after they bite?

    • DЯ4iИ G4ИG H€ЯФ
      DЯ4iИ G4ИG H€ЯФ

      Ryomichi I redirect into a sit first (I always do this regardless of what I’m teaching) and then redirect into something else like lie down, stay, paw etc. That was the pup knows that he’s getting a treat for following that and forgets about the biting.

  • Tanuja Sankhe
    Tanuja Sankhe

    Can we train 6 years dog to house broken Traininy Please Suggest