How To Stop A Dog From Jumping (Ft.Melvin Gregg)
In today's video, join me at my ranch where I help Melvin Gregg put an end to a problem they have been having when they enter and leave the house - Dog Jumping.
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • nuca elena copuzeanu
    nuca elena copuzeanu

    excellent !!!

  • Christine Pluff
    Christine Pluff

    I love the message below mine. I want to know about the penguins

  • Raivoc Shuitzh
    Raivoc Shuitzh

    Men: sensing he is not the problem, slip away quietly

  • Volvox

    why does he always ask me to subscribe? I subscribed right from the first video I saw!

  • Rhea S. Pasignahen
    Rhea S. Pasignahen

    My puppy needs that kind of training😣

  • Tracy Johnson
    Tracy Johnson

    Cesar you will always be the goat

  • heartsafireful

    I will start doing this with my Rottie she jumps on all my guests when they come in the door. We will learn together thanks for your knowledge

  • ROBLOX TWINS123abc
    ROBLOX TWINS123abc

    I love how you taught other things than just dogs and how you train the dogs in every episode.

  • ROBLOX TWINS123abc
    ROBLOX TWINS123abc


  • JMJ Pray for us
    JMJ Pray for us

    How do I handle puppy zooms at the door??

  • JMJ Pray for us
    JMJ Pray for us

    I have a 6 month old Newfie that JUMPS!! We definitely do what you mentioned, we have created excitement in him. But he does jump even when ignored like after walking or eating. I ignore him, and or say off.. is this correct?

  • Doreena Rinaldi
    Doreena Rinaldi

    Ceasar is such a beautiful being

  • Cori Daw
    Cori Daw

    Do dogs speak a universal language? Is body language the answer to most communication issues? 😳 I'm going to try this with my kids.😌 I feel confident this may work.

  • Anne Dwyer
    Anne Dwyer

    Good training info, but it's unfortunate that we can't hear the dog owners are saying!! Cesar's wearing a mic, why aren't the dog owners? Certainly the production company can afford them. I'd like to hear the interaction btwn Cesar and the clients.

  • Trollin Fo Justice
    Trollin Fo Justice

    No talk, no eye contact and no touch also works on human dogs too to behave.

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee

    This was GOLD. It's what I knew already but in this video I really understood it. Thanks Cesar.

  • Shel Nunya AT
    Shel Nunya AT

    Our Hero !

  • epic arachnids
    epic arachnids


  • cjr1881

    You punch it hard in the snout when it jumps. Uses it's own momentum to knock itself out.

  • Jessica -aka JessaNae
    Jessica -aka JessaNae

    *My pup goes crazy when ppl come into my house! He's a pit and he's rescued (was abused by previous owners) so he has anxiety and insecurities with ppl.. especially strangers and bc he's unsure about ppl, he'll bolt toward them and try jumping in their face! It's been almost 8 years now that I've had him and that's one thing i can't het him to stop as well as him being home alone!! I haven't left him home alone in years bc he used to jump through any window he could!! I really need to get a crate and I just got a security camera so I'm going to try working on the home alone thing! I figured if I take it slow and just increase the time until he gets used to it, then he'll learn that he's alright and I'm coming back?! I tried giving him a big bone to keep his mind off of it, but even if I'm not home and he's home with my sin, he won't eat a thing bc he's so attached to me and he doesn't like me being gone! He's come a long way and I've spent a lot of time with him to train him with a whole lot and it's crazy how different he is!! After he learned to trust me, I swear he was so so easy to teach! I might sound crazt but idc lol... I swear my dog and I can read each others minds lmbo!! All these years that I've had him, I've been a stay at home mom so he's practically glued to me! Oooh.. also... when he's on his chain to go outside, and if he sees a wild animal .. he will run full force and yank himself back.. bc he's on a chain obviously ... and I figured even after the first couple times he'd stop.. but no.. how do I get him to stop doing this?? And finally... I'll shut up lol... sorry!!*

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    Those penguins for target practice?

  • Sugar_Plum Fairy
    Sugar_Plum Fairy

    Jumped the boarder 😂😂

  • wadaledu


  • Jesse Alarcon
    Jesse Alarcon



    Is it good to beat or spank ur dog

  • Geeta Deshpande
    Geeta Deshpande

    My dog get excited when guests come to my home, how to control him

  • Footy in Five
    Footy in Five

    Loving these dog parents! they are so caring and eager to learn!! Just came from this on the other hand:

  • Khadijah Davis
    Khadijah Davis

    I swear Cesar's lessons are not just applicable to animals but his logics and reasonings are extremely valuable in life in general and how we deal with people and relationships. I absolutely love love love this guy, and would love to meet him one day

  • Hella Bella
    Hella Bella

    I just don’t understand how people can know about Cesar and yet still be idiots around dogs! Dogs do NOT get embarrassed or have the same emotions as people so ignoring dogs when we come home is NOT CRUEL, it’s demanding respect and teaching manners. I don’t feel bad ignoring my dogs, especially when I return home, and they respect me and whatever I am carrying and don’t carry on like morons! I reward the behaviour I want! Overly excited dogs find it hard to pick up on body language like a calm dog can because they are too busy jumping and demanding attention. My dogs pay attention to everything, my body language and expressions and behave accordingly. We should be able to control our dogs without speaking.

  • Tatijana Caldrmoska
    Tatijana Caldrmoska

    When my Jack Russell Millie does the jumping when i visit her at my parents house, millie gets super excited to see me. I just look at her until I get to the outside stairs and then i pay attention to her.

  • Bagyo Policarpio
    Bagyo Policarpio

    I always knew caesar was a jedi who was using the force.

  • GIce

    7:38 mothers superpower

  • Tracie Vi
    Tracie Vi

    Wow. I am learning so much more than just “dog training”. He’s teaching us how to live our lives with trust, care and respect.

  • Guitar Zan
    Guitar Zan

    This is the fourth Cesar video that I watched. Every single one while he's talking the customer says "right" "right" "right" while they're nodding. It sounds like they're telling him that he's right. Huh?

  • Aditya Narayan
    Aditya Narayan

    This woman is very nervous, very bad habit

  • Elver Green
    Elver Green


  • Vitaminelius S Eulat
    Vitaminelius S Eulat

    PLM Penguin Lives Matter

  • Claire Sanders
    Claire Sanders

    "The only reason the kids are misbehaving is because the parents are letting them." 💯 🎯

    • Joyce Duncan
      Joyce Duncan

      Ain't that the truth! And too many parents are lazy. Parenting is WORK. All the time. Training, teaching, molding, correcting, nurturing, discipling... It's easier to give them tv, phone or video game....

    • Reiko Myles
      Reiko Myles


  • Dave Hefty
    Dave Hefty

    7:29 slip tugs at the heart strings.

  • Pug Things
    Pug Things

    The dogs flying in and out like a flying saucer 🛸 gets me 😂

  • SE7EN

    Well, I definitely have a lot of work to do with my dog, she is exactly like those pits, but multiplied by 3. She is a Border Collie, a hyperactive breed of dog that loves to run and spend all day expending energy (which never ends), which is sometimes a problem as it redirects all that energy towards people and other animals. In addition to that, she has the habit of continually jumping towards me, resting her legs on my body, and she loves to give me her paw, even every time I put it down, she does it again immediately. When I go out to the coutyard, she is already waiting for me at the door, and as soon as I open it, she jumps at me. When I try to put her on the leash she gets more energetic and jumps effusively, which I have a hard time handling unless I hold her tight (she's big and strong despite her breed). I think I should take a good time and teach her to calm down, to understand that she does not need to do all that energy ritual because I'm still going to take her for a walk.. Its hard to make she understand but anyway I will give it a try. Thanks Cesar for ur videos!

  • Janine Winters
    Janine Winters

    This has helped me so much to calm my dog down, I just adore Cesar he’s teaching me so much I used to blame my dog for his behaviour now I know it was me

  • whoisPURGE

    he was lowkey sneak dissing their relationship

  • galaxy 44
    galaxy 44

    This was so helpful. I needed this.

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago
    Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    "It is not about what you say..its how you say it"

  • Heidi Daniel
    Heidi Daniel

    Great Parenting advice!!! Can you start teaching parents?

  • Alex Sachon
    Alex Sachon

    So good what a great teacher

  • Sandra Viviana
    Sandra Viviana

    Por favor en español👍

  • Nicholas Pitti
    Nicholas Pitti

    So the _tsch_ is only if the dog is crossing a boundary?

  • Terrie Allan
    Terrie Allan

    Calm still penguins p

  • saurabh gupta
    saurabh gupta

    those pitbull so lovely tht e1 in between trained by cesar i want the lady to just love them :)

  • Mageb H
    Mageb H

    Yo he should be a motivational speaker therapist and use the same techniques with people because they act like animals so you training like one funny and serious inquiry this guy is amazing and has alot of experience spend year with him I'll be super healthy

  • imcharmed4evr

    Both my nieces, my sister, and brother-in-law, basically everyone does the high pitch ice cream voice, HI PUPPIES, DID U MISS YOUR MOMMY?! Therefore their dogs always try to jump on me, but I do the, NO TOUCH, NO TALK, NO EYE CONTACT, and they might jump the first time, but they leave me alone. I have to, I’m allergic to them.

  • Marcus Ware
    Marcus Ware

    i like when Cesar talked about reality and story his hands corresponded with the direction of the part of the brain responsible.

  • Miros Mtz
    Miros Mtz

    Did not like how Cesar ignored the guy, even after he tried to be part of the conversation, RUDE.

  • FreedomFisher

    Cesar doing God's work through Dogs. Much love from the Netherlands

  • France Tellier
    France Tellier

    love the video and the advices from Cesar, however...what about the penguins..?

  • Julie Daine
    Julie Daine


  • Yves Durbin
    Yves Durbin

    I just used this technique on my pup!!! And it worked!!!!

  • Andrea Sander
    Andrea Sander

    I had to stop visiting my neighbours upstairs because the are unable to learn how to calm their dog. Big deep long scratches on my arms from the 50 pound Labrador I showed them they were sorry nothing happened. Poor dog, he's so sweet but totally insecure and abused by his family because they never respect his privacy and they teach him nothing. Now, like dogs are, he is so deeply attached to them he is shaking with fear when they leave him alone to go out. I always tell them how very lucky they are that this dog has such a sweet personality. They just don't get it.

  • Betty McIntyre
    Betty McIntyre

    we could do we some much needed help with have a rescue dog, had him for 4 weeks he keeps jumping and tries to bite my partner when moving him off the couch(hunteraway 14 months old. he will sit and go down listen sometimes and other times not so much

  • niola dahree
    niola dahree

    The penguins makes the hill look like a cemetery

  • Kartheek Sathya
    Kartheek Sathya


  • Holley Jane
    Holley Jane

    What about is you have a massive german shepherd and when she jumps she knocks you flying.. slightly hard to ignore haha

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    Cesar and Daddy are our Timmy and Lassie of 2000. Just the way you loved them the world over loves you. Always in our prayers and thankful for the smiles and many tears we all shared with you and Daddy.

  • Rolando Hernandez
    Rolando Hernandez

    Cesar eres chingon vato

  • harshitaojha


  • AmeriKanGrl

    So correct. Same training with humans. We want to love animals instead of training, because we want to that. They need discipline just the same. When a human acts up we look at adult. Same with dog. Your allowing behavior. GREAT POINTS!

  • Rajneesh Milarepa
    Rajneesh Milarepa

    I love you Cesar!!

  • Lee Harrison
    Lee Harrison

    Scary penguins in the background

  • Sylvie serra
    Sylvie serra

    Por favor, en español.

  • Mark Emerson
    Mark Emerson

    It’s like the dog is the canvas and Cesar teaches the owner how to paint. Terrific

  • Kimberly Hall
    Kimberly Hall

    This is very good . I have a red blue heeled mix who is almost two years old! His name is Zion. He is a very friendly, obedient, amazing dog, his only issue is jumping on people when they first come in the house because he is so excited to see you. I enjoy your show so much. Dogs are my favorite animals on this earth! I could be at your ranch and be amongst your whole pack and feel such a peace! I watch all your shows to learn even more things about dogs so that I can be a better companion for Zion.

  • Carlos Rodreguez
    Carlos Rodreguez

    César Muy buenas tardes te saludo muy respetuosamente y quiero agradecerte las muchas enseñanzas que nos has dado a los dueños de perros con tus vídeos Saludos a tu hijo y la verdad es que eres un maestro Dios te bendiga siempre desde Nashville Tennessee te saludo Carlos Rodríguez

  • M

    13:44 " Let me make my energy bigger" and then junior runs away

  • magdalena jasinska
    magdalena jasinska

    Cesar I love you joke about the border 🤣🤣🤣🤣🇵🇱🇬🇧soon we gone have to do it


    That lady is more dumb than her dogs...

  • Silopw L
    Silopw L

    Woowwww I really need to step up my game my dog is spoiled rotten and sometimes he behaves but most of the time he doesn't so he jumps 24/7

  • Omar R
    Omar R

    OMG ! Cesar is a Jedi 😱, now I understand

  • luke jones
    luke jones

    so i got a dog..... buttttt! you cant touch him, Talk to him or no eye contact... Yup i should have got a hamster.

  • Donavan Lewis
    Donavan Lewis

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  • Jessyka230

    This was awesome!!!

  • mcdishcloth

    Cesar amazes me, as humans I think we should teach each other there is no love without trust, honesty and respect. The word love is so easily thrown about without true learning of what it really is.

  • Final Fighter X
    Final Fighter X

    Cesar Millan the people whisperer

  • Jacob I.
    Jacob I.

    He's right about dogs picking up on energy. He was on a late night talk show some years back and was able to make his big ass pit growl at the host without saying anything or moving a muscle. It was crazy

  • MEfoo

    Common sense can come a long way with dogs

  • 寿Emily Elizabeth
    寿Emily Elizabeth

    My favorite part of the video, seeing Cesar and the doggos like this made me giggle @3:38

  • Epluribusunum

    She renamed her dog to Cartman.

  • Jenny Rubio
    Jenny Rubio

    2:35 : Literally a perfect example of what Cesar was talking about. Notice how the two pups start jumping excitedly 😂

  • Destiny Williams
    Destiny Williams

    “So you play dolls...your doing the Barbie thing” 😂😂😂 I’m weak

  • Iana Johna
    Iana Johna

    You are the best Cesar!!!

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz

    Milan, besides the understanding of canine psychology has the gift of human comunitication. That's what makes him the GOAT when it comes to adressing canine- human conflicts.

  • notabratt

    Hi Caesar it's been two years since I had to put my dog down, I don't know how to get over it, I miss him today as much as I did the first day. People keep telling me that I should get another dog that that'll make it better I don't know if I should.

  • lucia rojas
    lucia rojas

    Traduzcan a español por favor

  • Hope Carmickle
    Hope Carmickle

    So how do you do this when teaching a 11 week only puppy @CesarMillan

  • poje poje
    poje poje

    if you pay attention to this, its almost everything you need to relate to your dog.

  • Hella Bella
    Hella Bella

    The biggest problem is people treat dogs as humans and don’t realise it’s CRUEL creating unstable dogs by treating them like humans. Dogs don’t get upset when we dont greet them when we come home. Our presence itself is enough but humans create so many problems like separation anxiety when they go nuts after returning home. Just ignore the dog and demand a calm atmosphere.

  • Kathryn Greeson
    Kathryn Greeson

    Thanks Cesar 🐾🐾. I’m working with my huskies and puppy jumps on folks, could be Meee....winding her up before we go visit her golden retriever sisters ❤️. I’m wondering where your ranch is these days and how much training sessions are, will look more online. I’m learning to tricycle my two huskies, mother is 3 years getting a little husky after 4 pups last fall and spay this spring. My pup is over 10 months so I think she’s ready to start trotting 🐾🐾

  • Djhi Normas
    Djhi Normas

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    Cheryl Wright

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