How To Properly Feed Your Dog with Cesar Millan (feat. Lizzy Capri)
In today's video I show you how to properly correct a dog that may have some misbehaviors as far as food, and feeding time. Enjoy!
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • Сергей Никитюк
    Сергей Никитюк

    Цезарь ты молодец!

  • I Oftheuniverse
    I Oftheuniverse

    This girl is so extremely uncomfortable and nervous... Arms crossed tightly the whole time. Did she even say a single word besides "uh huh" "yeah" how is she even a IRbin personality, this uptight? She couldn't even leave Cesar standing behind her for a moment, kept turning to keep him in sight, while he keeps trying to demonstrate being behind her... this girl has control issues, trust issues, insecure. No wonder the dog thinks it's in charge.

  • Penelope

    Me: my dog crazy My dog: let me get on the couch so I can get in trouble!

  • Robin Allen
    Robin Allen

    Umm...a huh......hmm ahuh... Yeah....the vocabulary is limited with the pink haired gal....she even acts disinterested ...... frustrating!

  • Rosa H
    Rosa H

    That point about the chihuahuas is so on it and delivered in a way that had me laughing out loud. “Next time I’m gonna kill everybody!” 😂😂

  • navoriion

    USC fight on baby

  • DOGMAN3161

    Hi Cesar, question, I have four dogs who all eat together but one of my dogs has begun to attack one of the other dogs only during feeding time, he does not attack while they are eating, but attacks the other dog while i’m preparing the bowls. Unsure why or how to properly correct this unwanted behavior. Please help

  • Johnny5sWorld

    *Cesar talks* Lizzy: “Yeah…” *Cesar breathes* Lizzy: “Yeah…” Lizzy: “Yeah…” Lizzy: “Yeah…” Lizzy: “Yeah…” Episode is over: “Yeah…”

  • Johnny5sWorld

    Ceser *sees that she is asian and starts making all these asian references. "Tai Chi", "Temples" "Rice farmer". Lizzy: "Ceser, I'm from Orange County?"

  • Massimo Calvani
    Massimo Calvani

    That red-jumper woman's attitude is so annoying. She is clearly not paying attention to any of Cesar's words. Unbelievable!

  • Cinthya Hernandez
    Cinthya Hernandez

    Love you!!! Saludos desde Uruguay!!

  • Lorraine Wade
    Lorraine Wade

    I agree with you " M "

  • Hans Steinbacher
    Hans Steinbacher

    Punishment and reward that´s all you need to know about dogs ! My family had dogs since 17..

  • Control Population, Make two children law in India
    Control Population, Make two children law in India

    Some street dogs are more cleaver that they dont bite while eating

  • Jane M Geddes
    Jane M Geddes

    Cesar is wasting his time here. Did they come just for some material for her IRbin channel?

  • Bamboocarver

    she is so used to talking to a camera she cant talk to a person.

  • Bamboocarver

    why does the camera keep at least 7 feet from ceaser. i cant hear him

  • Vitaminelius S Eulat
    Vitaminelius S Eulat

    i wish there was a training program like this for women

  • Joshisawesome2012 !
    Joshisawesome2012 !

    omg that is a youtuber!!!!

  • Sathvik Kappala
    Sathvik Kappala

    Cesar teaches the best lessons ever! Not to the dogs but to the humans..

  • shruti karande
    shruti karande

    I have a problem My dog has got into a habit of we feeding him I want to break this habit Please help Cesar sir !!

  • rakin ji
    rakin ji

    I know Carter sharer and lizzy sharer

  • Aphesis Denise Fiesta
    Aphesis Denise Fiesta

    Dog own a dog if your not ready to train them... its not healthy for a dog... not training your dog is also cruelty ...

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    It's crucial to learn dog behavior and language!

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    10:11 She's giving a signal, omg Cesar is right! she's telling the human she's ready because she's humbling! 😮 Cesar's teachings are crucial.

  • Volvox

    I thank South Park for bringing me to this guy BIG TIME!! 🙏🏼

  • Arnulfo MrEstrada
    Arnulfo MrEstrada

    When a person can only be trained to record videos , this is the result. All the time she's thinking which part of the conversation will be ripped off (she's "listening"+editing the video in her mind. THEY are so distracted in life that the puppy is CLAIMING ATTENTION. "LEAVE THE DAMM CAMERAS AND BUTTONS AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" Simply take the dog to walk every day and they will burn out energy and see you as the mentor for his feeding. They won't ever try to hurt you. Unless you dumb try to challenge them ripping their food.

  • Alena Jennings
    Alena Jennings

    Man, some of yall are assholes. She was clearly nervous and maybe even a little embarrassed. Yall need to look in the mirror and chill with the criticism.

  • J B
    J B

    Wash the pink progressiveness out of your hair for starters.

  • Different Is ok
    Different Is ok

    This girl annoyed me lmao.. honestly I felt she was being kind of rude.. all she said was yeah mhm... and Cesar kept trying to make conversation.... I would’ve been talking back, I freaking love Cesar. How ungrateful he didn’t have to help her and all she can say is yeah mhm...

  • travelkaka

    I learned a lot from you Mr Milan.

  • Maizeblu

    Dog food aggression is normal and you don't have to hold the food bowl so long. Discipline also does not work when training dogs because they do not understand it. The way to get rid of food aggression is simple but it's a process that takes 'time'. One way that I've seen is sitting with your dog during meal time and feeding them small handfuls of food. From doing this, the dog begins to process the fact that you are the one giving it food. Gradually phase in food-in-bowl.

  • Jodie

    They probably teased Millie in the first place over food.

  • Lisa Allen
    Lisa Allen

    I watched this video because it says how to get my dog to eat this video is about dogs being aggressive with their food it says nothing about getting them to eat

  • The Savr
    The Savr

    Her generation is concerning... They all seem spaced out...

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    You have the patience of a saint. With people. Everyone thinks it’s with the dogs but we all see over and over how the people either don’t get it or maybe they don’t want to realize how they create the problem with the animal. It’s frustrating just watching them. Bless you Cesar. We applaud your diligence and tenacity

  • SieraElizabeth

    Could we see a video of what/how you feed your pack? 😁

  • blackbirdxx928

    Damn, you mean I been doing it wrong all these years? My dog gets fed, when he asks for it...feed dog same time every day? That's not natural is it? Dog eats when dog gets hungry. Yes, he is a rottweiler..just like the 6 before him. He is also a rescue...they dont me he had serious food aggression. For some reason when the dog needs to ask for food..he has never played that game with me.

  • jeremy beverly
    jeremy beverly

    I learn so much from just watching cesar

  • Charmaine Theron
    Charmaine Theron

    My dog is the complete opposite, he demands attention by wanting me to take the kibble by hand and feed him. Sometimes he waits until midnight when everyone is asleep to go eat. I say he's special but he might just be seeking attention.

  • Eddie Brock
    Eddie Brock

    Cesar is the alpha male of the group interaction, this pink haired chick is displaying her submission. Avoids prolonged eye contact, constantly shifting body weight, looking down, nervous laughter. Look at her YT channel, completely different personality when she can edit herself. She is fake, just like so many narcissists with YT channels. Cesar is an authentic human.

  • Intelprise

    Asians are not as emotional as Latinos......they will never reach the level of interaction with animals shown by Cesar

  • Charles

    All these IRbin influencers expect the dog's to get "fixed" when they come to the farm -- and get so flustered/insecure when Cesar pushes at the right buttons! Most people aren't ready to have dogs and they suddenly realize this when Cesar shows them.

  • Annie Reynolds
    Annie Reynolds

    I bet if you asked her just one thing Cesar has said,she wouldn’t be able to tell you.

  • Tercio Deoliveira
    Tercio Deoliveira

    Oh my lord!!! All she says is "mmmhmmhm" and "yeahhh"

  • M Frandsen
    M Frandsen

    Really nice video, i'm going to try it with my dog. Lizzy's video was also good, and maybe a little less boring. And too those who says she look/act bored, I look like that when i'm listening to a lecture. Some people cant active listen, remember to make face expressions and say a lot of cool things whilst doing so. So be nice, and i love you

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay

    How does that girl have 5mil subscribers? What is wrong with society.... 😑

  • Mugmanzgaming

    You sound is so low

  • MrDelta01

    My dog doesn’t eat her dog food. I’ve tried all brands and even mixing it with stuff but won’t eat the kibbles. Anyone else going through this?

    • sWatka bombonica
      sWatka bombonica

      Chicken liver, or kidneys. Usually they can't hold back on that, they love it. Or, instead of sweets for rewards, try with kibble and maybe small peace of kidney, just for smell to attract her.

    • sWatka bombonica
      sWatka bombonica

      Even with liver, or some smelly insides? Try giving her more of the liver, and water that liver's begin boiled in, to soften it, and add more kibble gradually, until she gets used to it. And leave it for her until she finishes it. Leave it on the ground for half and hour, pick it up, and try again with same bowl for second meal time. Eventually she'll be so hungry that she'll eat it, and discover she likes it😊 it won't be interesting if it stays on the floor the whole day. She needs to be exited about any kind of food. You spoiled her😊

  • Michael Santo
    Michael Santo

    I love how people never seem ready for Cesar to be real with them😂

  • Aman Lad
    Aman Lad

    Someone was playing party in USA in background

  • High Roller
    High Roller

    Nice vid

  • chaddy.h

    César how did you become so knowledgeable in this area. Very interested.

  • bikash sharma
    bikash sharma

    I see him training humans by enlightening humans mind with maturity rather being kids.

  • Claire Curley
    Claire Curley

    Wow. I was going to make a comment that the girl seemed checked out and not engaged but looks like that ground has been covered already. I would definitely be laser focus and asking questions. She looks like a teenager getting a lecture.

  • Boo Hoo
    Boo Hoo


  • C_Wonder

    The tortillas were burning in the background 3:55

  • Gladys Rockefeller
    Gladys Rockefeller

    Her IRbin channel must b a barrel of laughs judging from these interactions

  • A G
    A G

    I am always interested by people who don't understand energy, instincts, and the natural language all beings speak in our souls. We have completely lost touch with our souls as a society. Wonder how that happened...🤫😅

  • alis_n_wundrlnd

    I've removed my dog's bowl periodically as they get older...there isn't any aggression at the bowls but, she has bitten my smaller dog for trying to get something that left a scent in her own bed...obviously, I just don't put any food objects in any of their beds...but, I want to get rid of that reaction

  • Jo Gosh21
    Jo Gosh21

    It is a great dream of mine to be able to meet Cesar in person and have the immense pleasure to hear him. It would be an honor difficult to put into words. I'm so saddened when people waste other people's time and energy. I don't know the girl and I don't want to sound bitter but I'm really annoyed when I see ignorant and ungrateful attitudes. It's all about the attitude. The willingness to learn. I think the reason I admire Cesar so much is his tremendous humbleness. He is so gifted and yet so humble. Be humble and try to be educated every single day. It shows. I don't even have a dog. I never had. But I love animals more than anything. And I always trust people who love and understand animals. Cesar is a beacon of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and I deeply hope we turn our heads to the light more.


    One thing I've learned from this video i.e. to be a pet(dog) owner you must to be a human I mean you must have humanity for that pet.. Great job Cesar....Love you. M : +91 7044183303

  • Gin Gin
    Gin Gin

    Omg, he is not only teaching me about dogs things, his characters enlightened me so much 😦 you are definitely my goal to be a spiritual- intelligent - humble human being 😍

  • h99playlist

    Pure gold

  • Boe Juck
    Boe Juck

    If I was lucky enough to be getting instruction from Cesar, I would be videotaping everything so I could watch over and over and understand as completely as possible. People get into the head nodding routine even when they aren't absorbing the info. Take notes! But I guess the owner can just watch this video whenever lol.

  • Rita Rodriguez
    Rita Rodriguez

    Oh this was an awesome video. Planning to get one of those adorable ankle biters soon 🐶♥️ Thank you for the refresher course! 🤗 ♥️

  • Lawrence W
    Lawrence W

    Hi Mr Cesar, I am Lawrence from Malaysia, hope to learn from u, my dog doesn't want to eat his food most of the time, can I know what's the problem .... Hope to hear from u thanks

  • Joseph R
    Joseph R

    She's bored as f!

  • Nelson Dy
    Nelson Dy

    Man, that girl's energies are worst than her dog......

  • Sally Bruner
    Sally Bruner

    I came home to my 12 year old pup Pierre watching this video. LMBO~

  • john paul montano
    john paul montano

    Parang bibigay na yan si cesar, ay darna

  • Rocio

    Thank you/ Muchas Gracias Cesar for all the wisdom and beauty you share with this missed guided world we humans have created. May we all vibrate beauty❗😘😘😘😘😘😘🙏

  • T B
    T B

    She looks so disconnected from the lesson.

  • Stephanie Ghiaa
    Stephanie Ghiaa

    What is it with the comments overly criticizing the owner's behaviour ? She does make eye contact with Cesar, she doesn't show lack of confidence or any kind of nonsense people are saying about her. She looks like a calm and reserved student talking to her teacher. Did Cesar use the the word "CALM" in the video ? No, he did not because he knew that the lady WAS a calm person. Her energy was not even mentionned. At the end of the video Cesar starts talking about broader aspects of the relationship between dogs and humans, which turn out to be philosophy. It doesn't look like a conversation but more of a monologue so at some point she might have been overwhelmed by its content and made her switch off a little bit ( don't be confused, i LOVE Cesar's philosophical and metaphorical approach to life and relationship bw animals and humans). I am a French person and i don't know the owner.

  • Wiktor jajcarz
    Wiktor jajcarz

    From the behind it probably looked like the dog was licking Cesar's crotch.

  • TupacLebt ElvisNich
    TupacLebt ElvisNich

    Sophia ❤️

  • None

    I have enjoyed Cesar Milan for many years. He assisted me in the proper way to love my dogs and also I would like Cesar to meet them😀

  • Dora Piña
    Dora Piña

    Por favor, en Español, gracias. Buen día.

  • Yellow Tulips
    Yellow Tulips

    My dog has to be hand fed or she doesn’t eat. Please help.

  • Rand00mThing

    the dog was the perfect owner to that confused stray asian lady.

  • ruth payot
    ruth payot

    I have an experience of picky eater, he likes to eat freshly cooked food 😁😊❤️

  • Carolina Martinez
    Carolina Martinez

    The dog is smart, the owner not so much.

  • Genta Haxhi
    Genta Haxhi

    Your awesome 👌

  • Maranatha

    I have always loved your work Caesar and I know you like spiritual stuff around your dog Centre - energy and all that which is of course very real to not only the animals but also humans. So why do you use blasphemy all the time when your speaking? OMG etc - using this sort of language dishonours the real and living God. You wouldn’t use your fathers name as a cuss word - why then use the creators name as one - not very polite. I’m sure you don’t mean to do it so please try to stop - for your welfare and that of other’s. it is very offensive to real Christians. Thanks Caesar.

  • Dee Doggs
    Dee Doggs

    I need you to train me so badly Cesar!!

  • Sunnie Dae
    Sunnie Dae

    He's talking on a level she's never shown towards her dog...her dog is an accessory to her lifestyle and not a sentient being.

  • Dani B
    Dani B

    She looks like a Coton de Tulear and behaves just like mine.

  • J. Allen
    J. Allen

    Dogs are easy...How do you train a Millennial !?

  • morgan

    What do you feed your dogs, what about raw meat?

  • lilybaytoday

    Cesar, you can please do a video on what to feed your dog. I see many dogs itch to the point where they lose hair and bleed. I know there are many other reasons on why dogs itch but I also think it has a lot to do with what we feed them. What ingredients do you feed your dogs? Supplements, or should the supplements be in the food?

  • noam aron נעם ארון
    noam aron נעם ארון

    There was a segment in the video that was cut when Master Caesar Milne took the food bowl ... I wonder why?. In Israel my friends ask me how I learned about psychology and how I understand dogs .... So I explain immediately that I am a student of the guro Caesar Milan ... I do not make a living from it it is just a hobby and my love for dogs and nature in general

  • Ricardo Cristobal
    Ricardo Cristobal

    You’re barking with here haha😂

  • Emma de emmut
    Emma de emmut

    The only thing with Caesar is that he tends to speak and speak and speak and then speak some more. Haha. Sometimes he needs to shorten his explanations a little. 😁

  • Arr See
    Arr See

    Cesar.. I was a skeptic but you have just saved me a huge headache!! My recently adopted lab/mastiff started gobbling her food to the point of concern when I first got her, but over the course of 2 months she had become incredibly picky, often not eating the whole day. I've tried switching kibble, adding toppers (and doubling the amount) which worked for a short time, and just could not get her to eat. I thought I was giving too many treats but wasn't sure how to train basic obedience without it. My SO even resorted to pretending to eat her food and that worked once or twice. I tried your method of holding the bowl, getting that prolonged eye contact and putting the bowl down with my hand still on it, and she just ate her first bowl of completely plain kibble in weeks!! I cannot believe calm confidence and connection during feeding have been the missing ingredients all this time. Thank you so much

  • brian wallis
    brian wallis

    audio is not very loud when ur demonstrating

  • kukulkan

    imagine cesar millan having snoop dogg on the

    • kukulkan

      the top dog :D

  • doom paskha
    doom paskha

    This episode is full of enlightening lessons and tips and instructions.

  • Carmel Michael
    Carmel Michael

    Hi Cesar, My sister in the UK has a 3 year old jack Russell who is extremely aggressive. She cannot have any visitors or even take him for a walk because he attacks everyone. He is also very possessive over objects and they cannot take it away as he snarls and attacks. They need help desperately. Please!!!!

  • Sylvia Pina
    Sylvia Pina

    Cesar. I agreed with you all the time 100%

  • Arla Fabella
    Arla Fabella

    This is so good! Cesar is a great teacher, of humans and dogs.