How to Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks
Fireworks are supposed to mean celebration, but for many animals and pet owners, it can mean stress and anxiety. It's time to put an end to that! With July 4th right around the corner, I want to show you how to prepare your dog for fireworks, and to make sure your dog stays calm!
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    IRbin family! I hope you had a safe, wonderful fourth of July! What did you learn? Make sure to share this video with anyone who you think could use a little extra help for their animal friends!

    • Daniëlle

      Have you ever seen a dog enjoy the fireworks? I didn’t either before my 2 year old really got excited and didn’t wanted to go back in. We did anyway, but he right away showed me that he wanted to go back out and watch. It was so hilarious and i was blown away. But, we did spend his whole life ‘addressing’ sounds and that calms him down. So he knew the word for the loud noices and just went right back to playing when I said that. He loved looking at it with me 🥰. I asked him to go inside again and he did not wanna go haha. Only when the whole family went back in 🥰

    • Rosa Lira
      Rosa Lira

      I hope you get to see my message. After a day of shooting guns my dog became terrified of loud noises loud bangs. Anything I can do for him. It breaks my heart seeing his face full of fear. It has gone down to him scratching and tearing up my garage door to get inside because of his fear. I live in a town where people just light up fireworks randomly trough out the year. Please help.

    • Jackie

      @Nerea I guess try what he recommends ? The week before the 4th exercise your dog for 2-3 hours, get home and he will be hungry. Put some firecracker noises and waive a really high reward treat in front of the dog. They will take it bcuz they are starving ... I have yet to try this with my dog also just pants, runs, and hides :(

    • Pedro Israel Chavez
      Pedro Israel Chavez

      César Millan, my wife and I just adopt our new family member, Blue an Staffordshire Bull terrier, about 3 weeks ago. We both have been watching so many of your videos, especially myself, and we’re learning so much. I, myself, watch a lot of your videos everyday. Not only am I learning about dogs and animals, but I’m learning a lot about myself. Own a dog is a HUGE responsibility. I never knew that until I started watching your videos and learning exactly what a dog needs. Thankfully, my wife and I love exercising so Blue helps us stay active and incorporate him into our walks and our hogs at the park. But, honestly, I find myself become a better Man, a husband, a better human, thanks to your encouragement and advice. I could go on and on but it would been so much to write on here. Thanks for all your words and knowledge you share. God bless you and your familia. Now, I’m going to finish watching your video on how to help my dog with separation anxiety 😄.

    • Miriam Trujillo
      Miriam Trujillo

      Since wfh my dogs schedule has been lost. Please make a video for getting pets ready for returning to work routine.

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Postroj je sice pekny, no na hrudniku sa psovi zarezava do koze. Vacsi pritlak aby sa pes mojol opriet crlym hrudnikom. Statord je ako tazny kon. Maksi a pevnejdi material na htud. Inak fajm.

  • Bc Michaela Ľudmová
    Bc Michaela Ľudmová

    Generálka, generál a vojaci.

  • Duke49th

    Firecrackers or Thunder - one of my 5 dogs suddenly (end of last year) developed (from dont care at all to be super afraid) such a fear, she is shaking always immediately. Even when rain starts, she is already afraid.

    • Duke49th

      Actually my 7 cats dont care at all for fireworks or thunder/rain.

  • Susan Baker
    Susan Baker

    Are there dog ear plugs that could be used as well to protect them from the loud sounds?

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    This is pretty great, I never thought dogs should be conditioned for 4th of July

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago
    Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    How do i prepare my dog for the drunk neighbors up the street setting off bottle rockets almost every night? Even when its snowing out they still be setting off bottle rockets.

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago
    Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    My 80lb dog crawls up me during fireworks and lightning and tries to sit on my shoulder like he is a bird. My other dog has been coming to the range with since a puppy. I think thats why he just chills during loud noises. The other one, we rescued and is so gun shy that i would never be able to take him with me.

  • Meta Morphea
    Meta Morphea

    I have never had a problem with my dogs being afraid of fireworks. Always introduced them in to it from a distance so they don't need to feel the need to flee. That resulted in me having dogs being curious or ignore when fireworks go off, never fear. It's funny to watch a big german shepherd stand with paws on the railing of a balcony watching fireworks.

  • Ivan l
    Ivan l

    Cesar for president 🇺🇸

  • Diego Flynn
    Diego Flynn

    Cesar. I live in a suburban neighborhood. We have a neighbor who likes the the boom BOOM kind of fireworks. 1/4 acre lots. His backyard faces ours. The ground shakes. The neighbor gets off on it. It sounds louder than a shotgun. It starts early May and goes thru October. And no routine. No noise for a week. Then boom BOOM. For hours. My 9 year old Airedale goes into full panic mode. Tries to do flight. Runs into walls. Knocked over a t.v., etc. It's like the dog goes into a trance. I tried the food thing. He doesn't notice. He just wants to get away. Thundershirt - no effect. Even different meds - no effect. The soft music no effect. The neighbor guy thinks it's funny. Says "it doesn't bother his dogs. My dog is a pansy". You know the type. So I have an extra large kennel in the kitchen. When we hear the first boom my Airedale comes to get me and I put him in his kennel. We call it his house. His calm place as you would say. When the neighbor guy finally goes to bed after midnight I let Diego (the Airedale) out. He's back to being happy go lucky. We also have a schnauzer. She's fine with the noise. I think I'm doing all I can at this point. Your thoughts?

  • Woody

    Better Humans - Better Planet... Enough said.

  • Erin Harrison
    Erin Harrison

    A terrific lesson to condition and prepare my dog for the frightening sound of fireworks. Thanks very much!

  • Rose Sibag
    Rose Sibag

    Oh my, Peter is a Filipino....i am too! Thank you Cesar Millan, i'm learning a lot!

  • Tor Hockers
    Tor Hockers

    Before I knew of Cesar I would take my dogs out when they were small & take them for a walk when the fireworks were going off in the background to a familiar walking spot & not make a fuss, just carry on talking to them the same way I normally do. It was always a place where they could see the fireworks in the sky far away. I never looked down on them to make eye contact to see if they were ok I’d just walk them as normal. (I had taken them for a long walk previous to this one) & pop them back in the car & keep everything as normal. It seems to have done them some good as not one of my dogs past or present have ever had any problems with any natural or unnatural noise outside. When I had one more than one I’d take the younger one out with the older one so they had the support of the more experienced dog, which definitely helps with calming the younger one. Love these videos as I can recommend them to people having problems with their dogs instead of me being the middle person for advice. Nothing like hearing or straight from Cesar as he has AL the information.

  • Darla

    I’ve tried being happy & giving treats at sounds of thunder and fireworks to get dogs to relate the sound to treats....sometimes it works. Husky/Lab mix can often feel the vibration and I’m not ready or aware. Our elderly dog is blissfully unaware, but sees the Husky getting anxious & jumping on me & elderly dog scolds her.

  • CactusLadySouth

    Great info on the conditioning. thank you. I will need a smart phone. I am old school still have a flip phone. LOL

  • Maniac Rider
    Maniac Rider

    My dog died on the 4th July 2020 from a heart attack. 13 years old. Will miss Buster alot. Had him since he was a pup. He was old but still ate good and was happy. Just like all dogs he hated fireworks. I'm sure that had something to do with it. Take the right steps to protect your animals, all animals!! Wish I would have done more. Love you Buster😔

  • B

    My dog destroyed my door in my room after I left him for like 5 minutes during the 4th of July. I don't blame him, it literally sounds like an air raid with all the flak or a warzone in general.

  • Mildred Bryant
    Mildred Bryant

    Still did not learn how to calm dog when the fire cracker and explosion goes on.... I need some sleep.....



  • linette yuhnke
    linette yuhnke

    Please help people keep running them off all hours of the night since may since the pandemic they cancelled events . My dog has been crying, panting really bad and clawing me soo badly shes holding me . My dog im more concerned of shes 10 years old Jack russel any suggestions will help

  • Water Nom nom nom
    Water Nom nom nom

    I’m watching this on 4th of July 2020 with no dog. I’m such a loser

    • silloweet


  • Sean Nisbet
    Sean Nisbet

    My Dog Elvis Is Terrified Of Fireworks Once We Bring Him Out To Go Potty They Start Going Off And He Is At The Gate Wanting To Escape The Backyard.

  • Cindy Hughes
    Cindy Hughes

    That was fantastic , thank you so much for addressing this issue. Happy 4th Cesar .

  • Zantuzita

    I’m so lucky I found it my poor baby doggy fainted yesterday because of the firecrackers

  • Lamb Gaming
    Lamb Gaming

    This video freaked my dog out.

  • sailormar

    Thank you help I learn a lot . I have pug I go to try

  • Alex Duran
    Alex Duran

    I wish you woulf of used real fireworks so everyone can see the actual pánic. That goes on & that way we have a more hands on experience as to how to keep the situation under control.

  • nala beans
    nala beans

    2020: The year 4th of July started at the end of May, going on 7 days a week from 8pm - 4am. I really should have used quarantine time to build a bomb shelter in my Brooklyn apartment.

  • dheine121

    I’m watching in 2020 and fireworks will be more min the streets this year because of lack of big firework displays

  • Kim Ladato
    Kim Ladato

    Thank you Mr. Milan for the tips. Long 2 hour walk starting today the 2nd of July, through the 4th, getting a thundershirt today and introduce Daisy to it aannnnd be with her while playing calm sounds/ fireworks. This year I have a secret weapon. I rescued Molly, a 10 year old English Shepard who has brought a calming presence to my home. Last night a couple of preemptive 4th of July mortars were set off at nightfall. Daisy went into flight mode and hid in my closet, Molly stayed cool as a cucumber. So.? Hopefully with everything I am going to orchestrate this will be an enjoyable 4th. That and I also got a prescription of tranquilizers from my vet. Thank you again I have been a long time fan of yours, got your books, subscribe to your channel and wish the best for you and yours.

  • miss unknown
    miss unknown

    Very great tip I’m always worried about my chihuahua dog 🐕 being stressed during the fireworks 🧨 season.

  • Dianah always seeking Brown
    Dianah always seeking Brown

    Why have we come to name calling and insults when our most precious loves are terrified and need help. I went to comments hoping to learn from my tribe about different ways to calm my babies I have to separate them as they attack each other ...nvmd I'll just go to wikipedia.

  • Cherrie Brooks
    Cherrie Brooks

    My neighbors shoot of M80s that actually shake our house at all times of the day and night. It is nerve racking for humans and worse for my Collie. She actually per my Vet, has PTSD. I give her Melatonin and put a tight t-shirt on her but she still shakes and is VERY afraid. Any suggestions?

  • fiji

    my neighbor is shooting off fireworks have no idea where there getting from because they are illegal where i live we are nowhere close to a state where fireworks are legal and my dog is going crazy

  • Jessica Furtado
    Jessica Furtado

    I don't think you'll ever see this, but how can I get my dog to stop whimerping and whining and pacing when he hears loud noises outside. He's fine then a LOUD noise or firework happens he barks and starts panting really bad (I recently learned NOT to yell at my dog cause he's just scared) I try and make a quiet room for him, put on some calming music (not too loud) but it seems to agitate him more, it's like he WANTS ME to acknowledge his annoyance and fear and sit there talking to him. (When I try and calm him down he gets more whimpery until I completely ignore the whining then he falls asleep) am I supposed to ignore him? or what can I do to help him?

  • Ludwig Beethoven
    Ludwig Beethoven

    dog dislocated their knee cap jumping at fireworks jeez...$1,700 for surgery. Gotta have dog inusurance or be a baller to have pets...most poor people just give up on their dogs when they see the medical costs for pets, wonder ow they treat their human loves...only a psychopath is completely unattached with a side of violence or an expert mediator with real compassion...

  • Gamers Riseup
    Gamers Riseup

    That's a suspicious looking dog on your shoulder 🤨

  • Lexi Rodriguez
    Lexi Rodriguez

    This video was super informational and helpful!! Loved it and shared it with a bunch of dog owners. 😄

  • KM Sand
    KM Sand

    4th of July is every day in the Harvey Park neighborhood in Denver, even though they are illegal... my dog no longer wants to walk. He gets to the driveway and stops... and will not move. Ears and tail tucked, doesn’t matter the amazing treat, the how upbeat I am.... he will not move until I say let’s go inside...

  • Mo Parham-Stephenson
    Mo Parham-Stephenson

    I learned that we must practice calmness with our dogs especially before fourth of july. Take extra long walk the day before wait to feed them. Then feed with something that can over power the flight fight avoidance by Controlling the dog by the nose. Then introduce relaxation noise and then loud noise like fire works. You also have to be in a calm state in order for your dogs to become in calm surrender state.

  • Camelia Bancu
    Camelia Bancu

    "And then,get ready for Fourth of July!! I can't! We haven't done anything!! " 🤣🤣❤

  • Leigh Hoffman
    Leigh Hoffman

    I just ordered a thunder jacket! We will start practicing my massage music first then fireworks....

  • Zümrüt Kaynak
    Zümrüt Kaynak

    This is very usefull. Even açıldI was waching and listening this video one of my dog began to give reaction and ı repat to listen the sounds he got more relax. There is no 4th of july in Türkiye but other national days. And my dog is with full fear of thunder sounds. I'm going the do the same way for thunder sounds Thank you cesar....😘😘😍😍

  • jennifer herrera
    jennifer herrera

    I subscribe cause I always love your wisdom and because I have 1 Bunny, 2 dogs. 3 birds, and 15 chickens!. 😄😅🐶🦮🐕

  • Ms Shepherd
    Ms Shepherd

    So my 6 year-old German Shepherd just cannot stop barking the entire time (1-2 hours) he hears those fireworks and firecrackers on July 4th, New Year's Eve, Memorial Day etc. I do understand and feel so badly for my dog each and every time. The problem is, I do not celebrate those occasions and try to go to bed but cannot sleep because of his non-stop bark. I am not upset about my dog, but I am upset with the situation that I cannot do anything about. I have given 3 benadryls to my dog and that did nothing. Thunder shirt is a joke, natural scent liquid (given oraly) was no help, either. Turning up the TV sound or music also did not do anything. I tried to stay up with him and play, but he does not buy. All I want is a peaceful sleep and my dog's calmness, no celebration. But I will try to walk him a little longer as you suggest on this year's fourth of July.

  • kristine clarito
    kristine clarito

    I like to watch ceasar tips how to treats dogs .. thank u ceasar love u and your skilled

  • Guillermo Tejeda
    Guillermo Tejeda

    I don't think this is enough to calm my dog her phobia over fireworks is over the top.

  • Harold Lucas
    Harold Lucas

    Sorry but that won't work! My dog will not go for a walk or eat anything! The fireworks start in May and people still shoot them off for months afterwards! Its not just on the 4th! He won't go out of the house, hides under the desk and shakes! Now if he hears any loud noise any day he is in a panic. I have tried pills from my Veterinarian which I hate giving him but they don't seem to work either. Nothing seems to work! I'm afraid he is going to have a heart attack!

  • oxy 75
    oxy 75

    Most people shouldn't have pets....

  • oxy 75
    oxy 75

    Sooo just make sure your dog is totally satisfied . Mentally , physically , and spiritually...doggy style ;)

  • oxy 75
    oxy 75

    So the "thunder vest" is basically a cop sitting on you. So don't put it on too tight. When my dog freaks out on fourth of july I try and shelter him from the noise best as possible and hold him . Human thunder vest. Fuck fireworks. If you don't have the time for that you shouldn't have a dog, or any pet at all.

  • oxy 75
    oxy 75

    I think Cesar has found religious enlightenment thru dogs...

  • oxy 75
    oxy 75

    Cesar explained the sound of fire, like how a dog would hear it. Mind Blown!

  • oxy 75
    oxy 75

    Is it just me? or ,from looking at the opening shot of the ranch it seems to be smack dab in the middle of a flood plain from those mountains in the background

  • G *O
    G *O

    I wish you would do a series on desensitizing some highly reactive dogs with real fireworks. Fireworks and fearful dogs is one of the most common topics on social media neighborhood pages this time of year.

  • ike lachica
    ike lachica

    a connection that was lost since the time of Adam now it restoreth with a better understanding to animals. it helps not only to the dogs instead a better person to live in. ariba! from philippines.

  • Marisoly Alvarez
    Marisoly Alvarez

    Las caminatas y ejercicios extra "fuertes" deben hacerse durante los días anteriores al evento de fuegos artificiales (ferias, navidad, año nuevo, etc.) o solo el mismo día en que van a escuchar los petardos? The extra "strong" walks and excercises need be done the days before the event with fireworks (festivals, Christmas, New Year, etc.) or just the very day the event will take place?

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    My dog just hides under a chair he just runs inside my house

  • MJen 180
    MJen 180

    My dog gets super nervous and suffers from anxiety when there are storms and when she hears fireworks. She won't let me sleep and I hate to see her suffer when my neighborhood uses fireworks weeks before 4th of July and on late nights. My dog would start pacing and she will pee in the house. I'm going to try to go for long walks to wear down her energy and see if that works. Thank you for the tips.

  • Foxy WhiteTip
    Foxy WhiteTip

    Hawaii island has illegal fireworks all month long in November that’s the worst time , It’s really out of control all over the tightly packed residential neighborhoods. There are dogs dragging broken chains all over the place, dead dogs on the highways etc . It’s horrible because it’s NPT just one day it’s an entire month. And Most people don’t like this shit

  • MLHE I
    MLHE I

    When I was caring for a neighbor's dogs several fourth of Julys ago, I put them into the quietest room in the house, made sure they were fed, watered, and comfortable, then went home for the night (not thinking that they would react to the sounds of fireworks which really were not very loud; I lived nearby and was not concerned). Well, when I got back the next morning, the normally gentle and well-behaved dogs must have experienced trauma because they tore apart some pillows and removed some of the family's items from a low shelf). As I cleaned up and apologized to them the next morning, I grabbed a big bunch of pillow fluff and right underneath I found a board game and there on the cover of the box was the word "SORRY!" (the name of the game). I felt like the dogs were sorry for making a mess, but I was more sorry for not taking better care of them. Thank you for the good work you do with all our beloved animals.

  • D C
    D C

    My little girl chihuahua Princess was small but had the heart of a pitbull, she was never scared of anything including fireworks. Now my boy dog thats another story, poor thing freaks out over fireworks.

  • Norma A Ireta
    Norma A Ireta

    Cesar Millán Why you so sexy? Other note thanks I like to get prepare for 4th of July for my pit bull lucky.

  • DOGMAN3161

    Hi Cesar, learned to prepare dogs for fireworks, exercise work to point of nose, eyes ears. The point is exercise to point of tired. Always reward calmness. Keep up the good work. Show ways to exercise when dog will not go outside because of a thunderstorm.

  • JoAnne Denison
    JoAnne Denison

    thank you for the great video. love it and love you. namaste

  • Pedro Israel Chavez
    Pedro Israel Chavez

    “Sometimes you scream when you, your team loses.” Cesar Millan 😂😂😂

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn

    Oh, I needed this video so bad. Love Cesar!

  • Guillermo Tejeda
    Guillermo Tejeda

    My dog is so dramatic right now I been hearing fireworks since like week ago so that means that this is most likely going to be a month long fireworks event. I am not looking forward to it.

  • T Blue
    T Blue

    It's mid June and people are already non stop lighting fireworks which is illegal in SoCal. My dog gets so destructive and anxious everytime he hears them despite being old. He has always been this way. I feel bad for my parents for having to cover the cost everytime he tries to break through our side gate or screen door.

  • manpreet Bhatia
    manpreet Bhatia

    Hi sir, could you please translate your all videos in Hindi language. Millions of people want to see your videos in India. What most people can't understand English. You can also write your words in hindi on under the ongoing video screen. I hope you will think about it. Blessings from," Incredible India".

  • Hopefull !!!
    Hopefull !!!

    Ceasar. If I am sedintary should I I have a dog. 😢

  • Kristi

    I can live with 20 minutes of fireworks. My dog can too. But is it traumatizing in rural areas because fireworks start two weeks before the 4th of July.

  • Douglas Groothuis
    Douglas Groothuis

    Fire crackers are pointless at best and annoying at worst. For dogs, they can be hell.

  • Samantha Hu
    Samantha Hu

    Lol Caesar I love your impressions of the dogs 😂

  • K. Diamond
    K. Diamond

    My old dog who recently passed enjoyed the 4 th of July with me every year. Caesar is so right about calm energy. We always maintained calm energy around fireworks so she never interpreted that as something to fear. She was an exceptional dog, my constant companion, I miss her terribly. She was an excellent example of Caesars philosophy, I practiced it daily with her. She was such a nervous dog when we rescued her but through training she had 10 wonderful calm years with me.

  • Eduardo Orzua
    Eduardo Orzua

    Using his god

  • A&H PAWS
    A&H PAWS

    There is sound prob not coming clear sorry to say that but this is a prob I m having

  • Esthela Chávez
    Esthela Chávez

    Hola. César 👋 saludos desde Aguascalientes México, tengo años siguiéndote!... ahorita estamos encerrados por el coronavirus pero en éstos días estaríamos celebrando la feria nacional de San Marcos y vivimos muy cerca del área ferial y como ya sabrás aquí también los fuegos artificiales es cosa de todos los días y asustan mucho a una bóxer (tengo 4 perros en total, la bóxer, dos chihuahuas y una mestiza) sólo la bóxer tiene problemas con ello, en alerta todo el tiempo no hace sus necesidades, la cola metida y sólo quiere regresar a casa y bueno tratando de seguir toda tu filosofía, ahí la llevamos, me gustó mucho éste video voy a hacer unos cambios ya que nos den luz verde !!!

  • Samuel Caisic
    Samuel Caisic

    Cesar, thank you very much for your tips. I love to learn about how to manage with the extreme sound that would frighten the dog.

  • Raz Shwartz
    Raz Shwartz

    Great video 👍🏻 THANK YOU ❤️

  • Carol Giangreco
    Carol Giangreco

    Cesar Millan's directions not only apply to relate to dogs but how to raise children. Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Ursula Leach
    Ursula Leach

    One thing you may have forgotten to mention and that is that humans do get excited on the 4th of July and may also be at a party or have a party at home and that is something for the dog to learn too. Everyone around him/her is excited and maybe even a little tipsy. So the owner needs to prepare the dog for that AND the fireworks, I am not sure that if only the owner is calm during the firework and everyone else is excited that it will really work for the dog. Maybe you would like to add this in your next video. I know that I would have to teach my guests but others may not know

  • Rodney’s World
    Rodney’s World

    Nice bird. How would u suggest training dogs not to eat it? He has Starbucks lol

  • cynthia jomocan
    cynthia jomocan

    Thank you Caesar for this video ...Keepsafe and Godbless!

  • Boston Irish Bear
    Boston Irish Bear

    Caesar talks to much for me. He lovvesssss hearing himself talk lol he has great things to say just a little long and slow for me still love him

  • Alice Chance
    Alice Chance

    Thank you Cesar! The fireworks episode sure showed me where I went wrong when I attempted to introduce my dog to gunfire!!!!🥰🐾


    Thank you Cesar for this info. Fireworks (AND THUNDER) are huge issues with all 5 of my dogs!

  • Tam G Smith
    Tam G Smith

    What I learned: start with a sound that has a calming effect on everyone involved. Also, before the actual fireworks, get pups desensitized to loud noises prior to the actual event. Thank you, Cesar.

  • S pankey
    S pankey

    Dog Xanax also works.... After several years of using that along with a lot of exercise that day and he doesn’t even need it anymore

  • Sarah Brodie
    Sarah Brodie

    Think it's also time they stopped selling fireworks to the public and just have them for set events.

  • Sarah Brodie
    Sarah Brodie

    My first dog was terrified of fireworks. Luckily my other 3 are not bothered at all.

  • Bhavesh Gadag
    Bhavesh Gadag

    Same problem happens here in India during Diwali, this is going to be helpful for so many of us thanks Cesar!

  • G D
    G D

    Fk fireworks, in December my dog got blood on her nails after she scratched the door for hours due to the the stress, and we were not there to let her inside.

  • Osvaldo Angulo
    Osvaldo Angulo

    I've been a fan of yours for over 10 years and I "just got" how powerful (Nose, eyes, easy) is, in getting a dog to do what you need them to do!!!! And also the exercise, makes that even easier!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Nancy Fahey
    Nancy Fahey

    All my dogs over the years shook out of their skin. This chihuahua I have now didn't flinch when I shot off a gun. Sleeps thru a thunder storm. And barks at the fireworks.

  • Pamela Derouen
    Pamela Derouen

    Thanks 😊

  • Working With Iron Nathan
    Working With Iron Nathan

    My parents dog sits outside and watches the fireworks with us. Never fussed over her when she was a pup, I guided her in her younger years and would always watch her reaction without looking at her. She would look at me when a bang went off and I'd just exhale and close my eyes slowly in a relaxed state. She copied me. just that once was enough. My sister came round a few years later for fireworks and showed signs of worry for the dog like she shouldn't be comfortable around fireworks, that triggered flight mode for her. But luckily I did some work with both of them and she now sits there and watches like before, not a care in the world.

  • H CC
    H CC

    This is an excellent lesson for us !!! Thanks Cesar~!