How To Prepare & Keep Your Pets Safe For July 4th Fireworks
For our pets, the Fourth of July holiday may not be as fun as it is for their human companions. During this time it can be stressful and traumatic, so Cesar shares his annual dog tips on how to prepare for the festivities. Creating a safe environment is key, but what are the key steps to take before the big shows?
Each year there is a massive rise in lost pets around the holiday including veterinarians fielding calls from worried pet owners. As challenging as this can be for pet owners, it is crucial to be proactive in understanding how animals naturally react so you can help them stay safe. Cesar explains a few important tips and shows examples with his pack on what you can do at home.
Preparation for the holiday is key for a smooth weekend. For those that might not be celebrating as the holiday is celebrated in the U.S.; you too can practice these tips at home for your local holidays throughout the year or special events that may include fireworks, loud sounds, and more.
Watch these simple to understand tips to minimize stress on your animal during the Fourth of July weekend.
Be sure to share your experiences in the comments below and always remembers energy is key.
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