How to Potty Train Your Puppy
Andre Millan gets puppy potty training tips from Dog Psychology Center trainer Todd Langston. Watch to learn how to get your dog house trained once for all.

  • Volvox

    Question: when they poop on the floor how can I clean up while taking them outside at the same time? Or should I take them outside to the desired spot, wait a while, take them inside and THEN remove the poop? Or should I first remove the poop and THEN take them outside? Any tips? Thanks in advance!

  • Joann Evans
    Joann Evans

    I need help....don't know what to do! I have a 2.5 year old Bloodhound. He is a great guy, very smart and is potty trained. I keep Christmas bells at the door in the event that he needs to go out. I put in a dog door so he can come and go as he pleases except at night when I am sleeping the door is shut and locked. So, in this case he must ring the door bell to ask to go out. He used to sleep all through the night but over the last year he gets me up some 2 to 3 times a night. I feed him a combination of healthy regular food such as chicken, an Angus beef patty, veggies etc. His bowel movements look normal. I got mad at him one night on the 3rd ring of the bell. I have to get up and go down stairs to let him out. He is more reluctant now to ask to go out. He typically lays down at about 8:30 pm and is out cold asleep. I can't wake him up to go out to the bathroom at 10 pm when I go to bed. What can I do to get him to sleep all through the night? I've gone through many months now of little sleep and it's hurting my health in general from lack of sleep.

  • MyPuppyLife

    Hey we've used your advice for our cocker spaniel pup who is 10 weeks now and he is doing great thank you!

    • astro breh
      astro breh

      i just got a new puppy a few days ago, she already knows where to do her business !

  • 寿Emily Elizabeth
    寿Emily Elizabeth

    The puppy needs to go to the bathroom after they sleep, eat, and play. *so every second of the day* 🤣🤣

  • Rosario Alvarado
    Rosario Alvarado

    Saludos chinola. Buen trabajo con los perros .

  • Jill Lopate
    Jill Lopate

    But a new chihuahua puppy cannot go outside safely to do business until he is fully vaccinated. If I get my pup at 10 weeks old, he will need to remain indoors until he has received all shots per the breeder. Is it ok to use another method inside until all shots are completed and then switch to outside?

  • Saku Czads682
    Saku Czads682

    Thank you! I will be getting my pup very soon which breed is a german shephard mix rottweiler mix bull mastiff, this is going to be very exciting to teach her.

  • Savina Nelson
    Savina Nelson

    WooHoo I trained my rescue 8 years ago.. but now I’m training a 6 month old puppy who’s environment is quite! I’m quietly exposing to noise.. I’m succeeding in walking & at intersections.. it’s the Winning I can’t get that to stop.. my radar tells me work the the puppy 🐶

  • Texas Jaco
    Texas Jaco

    I have a issue using puppy pads, cuz I feel like it confuses them. It's like I'm condoning potting in the house. I know it's not a good idea to take a puppy, and put them in the grass. Unless they've been vaccinated already for parvo. Or if they have giving amicable time. To ensure it's his blood stream to fight off the infection. I just wanna other people's opinions on this matter.

  • Wendy McCarthur
    Wendy McCarthur

    Are there any tips on how to train a 5 month old puppy to use an actual toilet?

  • ozkan38

    Hi guys if I have a 8 - 16 week old puppy, when I go to sleep typically for 6-7 hours what should I do about the puppies toilet needs?

  • Farshid Ahey
    Farshid Ahey

    isn't 7 weeks way too early to get a puppy ?

  • Alex Lek
    Alex Lek

    thank you for this will try that out!

  • Shay Hannah
    Shay Hannah

    I’m doing everything Caesar says to do I take my pup outside after he eat, naps, play, yet and still he will go to the bathroom outside but as soon as he come back inside he does it immediately!!!! It’s very frustrating it’s like he’s not getting it!!!

    • One Voice
      One Voice

      @jesusoftheapes Gak! Are you kidding? Leave the training to Cesar. Just as instructed here, take the dog out as soon as they wake after napping, after they've been playing, and within 20 mins after eating. Before opening the door, I too suggest a word (outside) so your dog associates the door with going outside. The instant they squat, say "good dog, potty" or some such (several times, with excitement). Eventually the dog will associate these words and you can literally ask the dog if they are ready to go "outside to potty", they walk straight to the door. If you're having trouble getting the point across, put them on a leash and walk them. Walking stimulates the bowels to move AND the smells of other dogs prompts them to pee. Don't forget as soon as they comply, repeat "potty" with praise and excitement. You don't need a "pinch collar" (I assume you mean choke chain? A pronged one? On a pup? for shame!). Also, as Cesar has indicated on his show, controlling when they eat/drink can also be key. Like Cesar, I never allow bowls of food to sit around for "feeding on demand". Allow time for feeding, then take the bowl up. I also don't leave water out in the house with pups, only adults that have learned to control their bladder. Water can be sat outside in a shaded area for when they go out (for play or toileting ... make sure they are given ample opportunities throughout the day).

    • jesusoftheapes

      you should show him the accident . It is all well and good to do this without discipline and while many dogs will get it through repetition others in breeds that are known for being stubborn like bassets will take a bit more work . If you do not want to punish the pup make sure you do repeat the phrase "potty outside" when they go outside every time . When they go inside you grab them and show them the mess . put their face in front of the business and say " You go Potty outside" Then take them outside and tie them to a short rope on a pinch collar only after they mess . When they go outside and potty there . Make sure you treat them and say .GOOD dog good dogs go potty outside over and over again like a broken record . it helps to say outside every time you take them outside for any reason . Everytime you go inside say "in house" or something you like better or the inside term . Repetition and praise will work but I am sorry you will have to correct the behavior if they are not getting it . They have to know they are doing something wrong when they go inside . Just do not over do it . A loud NO and showing them the mess with the " YOU GO POTTY OUTSIDE" repeated will help you break through a hard dog to train . Also you might not be cleaning up the mess well enough so the smell is still there enough that puppy thinks these spots are potty spots . MAke sure you clean the mess immediately and with cleaners that disinfect and remove the smell at a micro level . Huge thing . Make sure you take the puppy out after they sleep, after they eat or right when they quit playing with anything ! take the dog out every 30 minutes for starters and do not let them back inside till the go potty . Keep saying the words "GO Potty outside" while you wait for the dog to go . When they do finally go " GOOD Name Goes potty outside " give them a treat and pets then repeat the phrase over and over again . "Good "name" go potty outside" . Lots of love and repetition. Some pups are easy and some are not . My basset Hank took 2 years before he was 100% potty trained while my Oscar was potty trained by 11 weeks old . If they are hard to train there has to be a consequence that snaps them out of the behavior . Do not be super mad or mean about it . Just be a firm consistent pack leader who ALWAYS follows through on whatever you are teaching . The punishment pinch collar on a short rope works . Only put them on the set up if they go inside so they learn they only get put on the short rope with a pinch collar when they go inside . It works fast too .

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    WFH 2

    Cesar’s son is hot

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    Zap ToiD

    My dog just eats her shit

  • chrys anthemum
    chrys anthemum

    My dog (Bear) literally pees when he doesn't get his way LITERALLY I'm so frustrated but this video has great tips. I feel like a bad dog mom but we keep trying. Just the thought or words outside, come, potty makes him squat hide pee and then run away. We hug him and pet him and kiss him all day and he loves it. Hes with us all day and we have them on a consistent schedule so fingers crossed 🤞 thank you for the video

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    Andre kinda looks like Ronnie Radke

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    Whoa Andre has grown so much🥺😭

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    2:20 now that's an important advice.

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart

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  • Marlix Torrealba
    Marlix Torrealba

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out house train a puppy try Nevolly Top Dog Nerd (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got great success with it.

  • sonatak304

    Just cleaned my floors about 10 times today

    • sonatak304

      @Sunflower x sorry I am not a trainer

    • Sunflower x
      Sunflower x

      Do you have any potty training tips because my little golden retriever pees inside when I just took him outside already

    • sonatak304

      @Eliana Ramirez It gets better I promise. Hang in there!

    • Eliana Ramirez
      Eliana Ramirez

      I’m going nuts. Sometimes she goes on pad or outside. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. My daughter and grandkids afraid to take her out with other dog. Due to parvo. They have had shots. Have scrubbed spots but she is stubborn .

    • Melissa Buckley
      Melissa Buckley

      Listen...I just cleaned the floor at 5am...we LITERALLY made it to the front door and were about to go outside and she peed🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️.

  • kbamm69

    that was essentially useless

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still

    So absurd they keep using euphemisms as if a dog "uses a restroom" or "goes to the bathroom".....,!!

  • padrote lopez
    padrote lopez

    I placed my dog face into his own urine and held it there with my foot on his head. Then i punt kicked his ass out the house. After that day he never did it again and it only took me 5 minute to trained him.

  • Romackadam Bäckenstein
    Romackadam Bäckenstein

    Actually, if I touch my puppy will it's peeing or shitting, it wouldn't continue peeing, and would defenetily wouldn't do it outside. It would just hold its pee for hours until it can no longer hold it, and do it in the cage/my brothers room etc. It just really afraid of peeing outside...

  • Father

    Agh, I'm struggling

  • Trucker Lu
    Trucker Lu

    But we were told by our Veterinarian that, puppies can't go outside after all of the shots are given to the puppy. That puppies start there first shots at 7 to 8 weeks. So how do we get the puppy tired if we can't take him outside?

    • Tayla Joseph
      Tayla Joseph

      Trucker Lu You can take them outside in your back garden You can’t take them outside to the park where there have been or are dogs around

  • Lars Walker
    Lars Walker

    I disagree with the notion that negative feedback is bad. I especially disagree with the notion that negative feedback doesn't occur in a dog's psychology. Dogs are animated creatures and respond to both kinds of feedback. How long does it take in general to train a puppy using only positive reinforcement? Please don't say that it depends on the puppy because if that were the case, there would be no need for a puppy training program.

  • Adrianne Zanyusha
    Adrianne Zanyusha

    I think it is better to adopt a puppy around 12 weeks

  • Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial
    Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial

    Cão muito esperto!

  • bryn mitchell
    bryn mitchell

    I find it weird that no one mentions the fact that when the puppy comes to us we should take or be with the pup in the garden and urinate ourselves in the garden , this shows the pup where to do it , it works so well and decreases the time required for potty training .

  • Jorge Costa Martinez
    Jorge Costa Martinez

    Por favor también en español! Gracias 🙏

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    Kiana N

    I want to get a puppy but every hour 😩

  • King Kota
    King Kota

    Who has the time to go outside every 45 minutes? Lol

    • arionna22

      SuperFast Jellyfish No, the puppies bladder is not the same size as an adult and the puppy would never be able to hold it that long. Even adult dogs shouldn’t go more than 4hrs without potty breaks. As the puppy ages, the ability to hold their bladder longer increases.

    • Matthew F.
      Matthew F.

      @no no If your gone for eight hours a day, is it okay to get a puppy if you already have another adult dog in the house?

    • no no
      no no

      If you can't do that, don't get a puppy

    • kbamm69

      this guy lives in la la land

    • Dee F
      Dee F

      Don't get a puppy.

  • Dave Steels
    Dave Steels

    This provides absolutely nothing on how to actually house train.

  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel

    Thanks a million for the tips 👍😘

  • Michelangelo Draconis
    Michelangelo Draconis

    I have a puppy that I cannot take outside yet as he still needs one more vaccine. I'm using a potty pad, I have the treats ready to give those to her once she does it on the potty pad but the thing is she just ran away from there o she chew the potty pad hahaha, so, I need ideas. she is sleeping now I'm going to grab her once she gets awake and take her to the pad again, but if anyone has another advice I can read you. All these videos doesn't mention that puppies just like to play with everything even the potty pads, and no ones show the succesfull result, they just explain it hehehhe

  • coffeeandcigeratte

    Would leaving the pee and poop at that place for a day be even better?

  • Ann Mc Keon Collins LCGI
    Ann Mc Keon Collins LCGI

    Surely you do not get or purchase pups at 7 weeks, 8 weeks at the earliest, all my pups were house trained In 2 weeks, simply by feeding then then 10 m8n s layer bringing outside, when they FINISHED then praise not as they start only after, same for drinking water, works a treat, 28 pups no accidents (I had litters, all trained when went to new home)

  • B uppy
    B uppy

    He needed to add that using an enzymatic cleaner will ensure the dog cannot detect the urine/poop later. Dogs' noses are so much more sensitive so using a product that destroys the odor completely is crucial. A dog that is "nearly potty trained" will absolutely resoil a spot if they detect the faint odor of a previous defecation that isn't completely removed by proper products.

  • Abin Satheesh
    Abin Satheesh

    hey ,if anyone else wants to discover puppy training tips try Sovallo Canine Lessons Fixer ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor got cool results with it.

  • Stephenies Petcare
    Stephenies Petcare

    The only thing I would add is as your puppy squats say the commend. So i say 'Do Wee Wee' my dog was house trained by 9 weeks doing this! As he pees say the command and eventually when you let him out, you say the command and he'll do it. My dog is 5 now and is spot on with his house training 👍

  • Ursi Niv
    Ursi Niv

    Cesar, your are the best man for dogs wonderfull👼 like a angel😇 thank you so much 👼😇💞

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  • G. Elliott Nielsen
    G. Elliott Nielsen

    Hmmm . . . . I recommend putting some bells on the interior door that the puppy uses to exit to go potty. They will associate that the ringing bells mean you need to let them out.

  • samkila 10
    samkila 10

    Thankes for the informashen 😀😀

  • Slide Ink
    Slide Ink

    We want to hear it from Cesar ....

    • jesusoftheapes

      why ? Read his books . The teaching outlives the man !

  • Dionne's DIY Adventures
    Dionne's DIY Adventures

    I do whats in the video but also I use a no-no ball (just something I call it). It's a ball we don't play with but I keep with me. When I see them getting ready to go in the house and I'm not close enough to stop the behavior by picking them up and going outside, I hit them with the ball ( not hard, just enough to get their attention and stop the behavior) when i do I don't say a word or give any negative body language this way they don't associate negative with me. I take them out, give them their space and when they potty in the correct area I say good dog and we play with the play ball or a stick, I rarely give treats because, I only use what I will have in any circumstance, and that's me and most times a stick or pull rag . Takes once to twice and they quickly learn ... Outside is potty. Never had a problem when I do it this way.

  • Sparkyval

    great but can you please do a video to tell us what to do when you have two dogs who were perfectly house trained and then suddenly start pooping and peeing everywhere no matter how many times you take them out?

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  • Nathan Thorson
    Nathan Thorson

    Time is of the essence if u don't have time don't do it

    • nitin khurana
      nitin khurana

      So you saying one has to be by their side 24*7

  • makayla G
    makayla G

    My dog will be outside for hours then come inside and pee on his pee pads but i want him to start going outside. Idk what to do 😭 he will hold it till he gets inside

    • David B
      David B

      I would move the Puppy Pads outside to teach him to go outside.

  • TeeTingz

    Andre is me while acting LMAO

  • kalle roseworld
    kalle roseworld

    i got my puppy with 4 months now,the problem is that i live on the 2 floor so every time he pees i bring him down outside but hes already done peeing ... what can i do?

  • eyelashed viper
    eyelashed viper

    Hey guys I just recurs a dog today from the humane society and I already have another dog they get along really well. The new dog which is named Bolo doesn’t know any tricks or abedience or anything. He is a pit mix of some sort and is extremely sweet. He is a year and a half old approximately. He doesn’t even know his name. They think he never had an owner so what should I teach him first. My other dog is 2 and is a pit lab mix and knows sit leave it lay down go to bed stay speak paw and a couple others and he knows his boundaries. What should I begin with for my new dog Bolo. I was thinking 1.teach name (he already comes when you tap your leg and say come here boy or come on) 2. Sit/stay 3. Look at me/leave it. And I’m not sure if he’s house trained he has used the bathroom outside twice now so I think he will be okay in that area. Please help and give feedback!! With my other dog I want to get him to follow me off leash outside.

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    He’s cute. It said it. ❤️

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    Why are you guys standing like someone has pushed a stick in the back of your clothes....just be normal.

  • truths &Whatnot
    truths &Whatnot

    I started teaching my chihuahua to pee and poop in a litter box mostly because it's really cold outside and there's stray cats outside(I don't want her to catch their flees) it took her a few days to really figure it out but I keep the litter box in her play pen with her crate open and she's getting good at waking up and just peeing in there and sleeping again. She'll also go outside as well when we take her. Her pen is an excersize pen so it's pretty big she's still learning the litter box but we're getting there :)

  • Hehehe

    Hey I'm very frustrated with my 6 month jack russell she just won't stop peeing and pooping in the house I walk her 3 times a day and I don't know what to do .When we go on a walk she goes to the toilet but then when we get home an hour later I find that she has peed on the floor .A dog trainer told me that if she really does t learn that she has to wear diapers so when she goes to the toilet she gets an uncomfortable feeling and she will eventually stop but I want other solutions to get her potty trained

  • Adrian Clement
    Adrian Clement

    Thank you Cesar. Your videos are helping me teach my three young daughters how to train our 9 week old Chocolate Lab English Springer mix named Trout. He is a good dog and a fast learner, training is going very well with your tips. I’m wondering about using puppy pads? We live in Wyoming, It’s winter and very cold. The only time he refuses to potty outside is early morning when it is extremely cold. His coat hasn’t thickened yet and his feet are still very soft and tender. He has a jacket and boots, but putting them on takes too long when he needs to go after sleeping all night. I’m wondering what else I can do to help him not have accidents until he gets used to the cold. I hope you see this post and can find a moment to respond. Thank you again. I included a link to a short video of him from my Facebook.

    • Adrian Clement
      Adrian Clement

      Story Reveal thank you for the reply. Our puppy is now 12 weeks old and I stuck to taking him outside and in just a week or so his little feet pads got thicker and rougher. I still watch him real close and take him out really often, and he has started to go to the door to go outside. He still doesn’t like the extreme cold, but he has figured out that wearing his boots on walks is a big help. He did fake me out last night and went around the corner of the house where I couldn’t see him for several minutes then came right in and pooped on the carpet so I won’t make the mistake of not going out with him, he is smart enough to pretend lol!!!! It’s working, I follow all these tips and he is catching on very well. At night I keep him in a baby play pen right next to my bed so he can let me know he needs to go out. He is such a joy to our family, we just love having him around despite how hard we have to work to stay focused on watching his cues. He is training us. Now my four year old and 20 month old daughters help me let him in and out the sliding glass door to our backyard. And they are really catching onto how to help him behave and not be too rough with them. It’s so cute, I have them watch Cesar Milan videos and they get it and teach him

  • Bel Seghaier
    Bel Seghaier

    Hey guys, I just had a puppy maltepoo, 8 weeks old .. I am potty training her and she sometimes pees inside the house in the same spot .. I read that white vinegar mixture 1-1 with water is a good repellent and great cleaner. I am tempted to use this method and see if it works. Many actually swear by it .. Is there anyone here tried it or anyone knows the pros and cons? Thanks xx

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    I have utilized this informative guide to my kid Elsa for four days now and I have noticed that she was using the potty by herself without telling me. Who knew I would stumble across this potty training “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it) and have a fully potty trained child 3 days later!

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    I hope this works on older dogs

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    Great vid!

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    Ok , first of all i am the fan of cesar's work but i expect more action than talking...but completely accept because this person is not cesar , if cesar explaining these things he would've shown them practically. :)

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    I never imagined that the potty training method would be this enjoyable. Along with my boy, I adopted this potty training method “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it) consistently! After undertaking the steps, he was wearing underpants without any accidents. The end result was awesome!

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    I really liked this video!

  • Ara Linag
    Ara Linag

    Hi, we got a dog when he was 10 weeks old.. he is 6 months now. Unfortunately as both my husband and I work fulltime, the first thing we were able to work on is his obedience.. he is not fully house trained but we would like to make him train on pee pads.. he wouldnt poo if the grass soutside is wet or cold. We live in Canada where over half the yr is winter and I dont see him going if its too cold. He wouldnt poo outside when it rain. Even if we were outside for 1 hr and i know he's holding it as he just woke up. He would pee but never poo on wet or cold floors. He is already too timid to go for walks on cold weather.. do you have any suggestion or can we still train him to go on pee pads? We tried but if we are at work, he would rip those pee pads would just pee on certain corner of the kitchen..

  • Maggie Kettlewell
    Maggie Kettlewell

    what is the best product to buy for cleaning up accident? Or what is the best homemade ?

    • enilas7

      MK MK vinegar. Mix vinegar with water and clean it that way. Will remove everything and not leave scent behind. Also prevent them from doing it there again

    • Alexandria

      MK MK I've heard the best are cleaners that actively break up urine particles (usually contain like enzymes and stuff) because dogs will continue to smell urine if you simply use something to clean up the smell

  • Mochira

    I seriously need a gate. My puppy pees on the carpet in the same spot all the time. I clean it but I guess he still smells something there. Frustrating but I have to deal with it lol

    • Alexandria

      Leona use a cleaner than will break down the urine (usually contains enzymes). If you use a cleaner that simply covers the smell they can still smell it.

    • Catherine Cullinan
      Catherine Cullinan

      my pup goes upstairs to my mum room and goes to the toilet there. We need a gate at the bottom off the stairs

  • a g
    a g

    what if your puppy is 9 weeks old? Is it too late to really get them trained?

    • Catherine Cullinan
      Catherine Cullinan

      no it isnt cos i got my puppy at 3mths old and wasnt potty trained at all so i started by scratch and he is getting better everyday

    • a g
      a g

      Never mind just finished the video lol.

  • pabz426

    Hello, every time I would take my dog out to specific spot he would go around the environment and start eating the acorns and sticks and other things. He's not vaccined yet and I would have to take it out of his mouth every time. I need help

  • Mayte Martinez
    Mayte Martinez

    the only thing she knows what to do is " sit "

    • Kitty Monster
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    • Catherine Cullinan
      Catherine Cullinan

      my pup knows how to say hi, and stay

  • Mayte Martinez
    Mayte Martinez

    she is about 20 weeks old

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    BTW my dogs name is chloe

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    My Dog is not really trained yet

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    Todd looks ditto like hbk shawn michaels 😎

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    First time, I just gave him (or her) a little whip. Second time, i starve him/her for a week then give him/her some dog meats. Third or last time, i gave it to the chinese, lol! . . . . It's just a prank, bro!

    • Audrey Nicoletti
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      I hope the police are reading this! Not funny!

  • Pamela BBC
    Pamela BBC

    dear Mr Milan. .. I have tried for many years to get friends to understand about pack leadership and dog ownership. I grew up on a farm and learned pack mentality from childhood. People consider my indifference to their cute doggies as insult when as you know its just my establishment of who I am to the dog. How can I explain this to people better so they know I mean them no insult its just my natural pack mentality of childhood telling their dog I am the leader do not jump on me or bother my purse or whatever?

  • guyfromBR

    Hey, I'm trying to hear the Instructor's nice and useful guidelines, but the ANNOYING MUZAK IS TOO LOUD!!!!!! What's the point to have it playing OVER his voice, fgs? Please, re-edit this video and get rid of this disturbing muzak!

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    ok so basically either own a puppy or have a job but you cant have both. Jerk off

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    What about at night

  • Julia Rønningsen
    Julia Rønningsen

    We tried that method with our dog. Never giving him negative feedback when accidents happened. We only carried him outside and gave him praise when he did it outside. We also made sure to take him out after every time he ate, drank, played, slept and when he gave signals. Yes, we took him outside as often as possible to time it with his needs, but that doesn't mean he understood that he couldn't do it inside, it was just convenient. He never seemed to learn. In the end he was too old to still be going inside. So we started giving him a little negative feedback when a mistake happened, and it didn't take more than a week before he was clean. I am not saying you should yell at your dog for going inside (you should never yell at your dog), rather the contrary. You should try your best to do what he said, teaching your dog the way the mother would. And in the end, if it doesn't work you should try giving small signals that what they're doing is wrong. approach with calm dominance, show them their work and tell them a short and firm "No" or whatever your signal for no is. Just remember not to freak out or yell. AND never forget to praise them when going outside, it is by far the most important!! Good luck with your dogs, they will surely learn soon enough, but give them some time :)

    • GodsLove TrumpsAllEvils
      GodsLove TrumpsAllEvils

      The correction needs to happen while the dog is doing it or immediately after. If you raise your voice and say no, it’s not going to hurt your dog. They need to understand what is not acceptable. Giving a quick sharp yell isn’t the same as freaking out and going off on your dog. My correction for this a sharp and loud “HEY!!?”. Then we go immediately outside. Praise given for doing the business where they should. Puppy’s potty trained in a week or two maybe, a month tops. Very few accidents, usually attributable to me.

    • Alice Zimmermann
      Alice Zimmermann

      Yes! Dogs in the wild are disciplined by their "parents" and "caregivers"... that is, members of the pack. So it's ok to teach them what is not acceptable. It's important to be balanced overall. When they feel like they are confident members of your pack with you and family being alpha = happy, confident, relaxed dog(s).

    • niecy825

      Sarah S my pup is the same. I feel your pain ugh

    • byeah

      @Sarah S you could try using a water spray bottle as negative feedback, you need to make sure your dog receives the feedback during or immediately after pooping or peeing in the house. It doesn't hurt them it just startles them, not a good experience but neither is constant pooping in your living environment

    • Sarah S
      Sarah S

      I totally understand this. My puppy is 9 months old and still not fully house broken. She will sneak off to poop by the back door or poop in the same room as us when our backs are turned. She is outside a lot during the the day and goes for walks, but for some reason, likes to poop inside. I have tried this method and it is not working at all. I have only managed to get her to not pee in the house on a regular basis. Very frustrating! Nothing is currently working for me! 🙄

  • Yazan Arabiat
    Yazan Arabiat

    Fuck it im not buying a puppy , too much effort and cleaning shit

    • Kevin Ku
      Kevin Ku

      did you even graduate from high school?

    • Daniel Salvador
      Daniel Salvador

      it ain't that bad. Having a baby is worse, you got to wait till they a toddler to potty train them, and that take months or a year to master it. Puppies learn very quick.

    • Antonius Jody
      Antonius Jody

      yep. Should have gone with a human baby instead. Oh .. wait! :D

    • Catherine Cullinan
      Catherine Cullinan

      all thoa i searched for small dogs in the pound and they were all reserved for someone else, so i searched for somewhere else for a puppy a small minaiture yorkshire terrier and me and my mum went down the country to get one for 15o euro which aint so bad. Now as he isnt that bad, i wake up early in the morning to let Toby out, night time before i go to bed too and after his meal. But some reason he wont go seconds on the grass just on concerte strange puppy

    • Sarah Kavalakkat
      Sarah Kavalakkat

      Yazan Arabiat I'm glad you thought it over. so many people just buy a puppy and think they come without any flaws.

  • That One Weeb Burrito
    That One Weeb Burrito

    I cant I have to go to school

    • Nancy Baker
      Nancy Baker

      You could opt for an adult dog that is already house broken.

    • Julia Rønningsen
      Julia Rønningsen

      If there is no one else at home to take out the puppy then I'm afraid it was a mistake to get a puppy. A puppy should never be left unattended, just like you can't leave a 4 year old unattended. They need you.

  • Sandhu Pangota
    Sandhu Pangota

    last para. was superb sirraaaa

  • Mark Wafford
    Mark Wafford

    It's an another great site for how to train your dog.I tried it and it worked perfectly. It helps me connect with my dog even more and she understands me. you can also try it. just search google; "galid dog training"

    • Larry Duran
      Larry Duran

      Your a scam Bitch

  • Prem Shekhar
    Prem Shekhar


  • Ninja94

    how about if you live in an apartment? Its EXTREMELY hard to correct the puppy. i need more specific tips. while my puppy DOES urinate outside, sometimes she goes potty indoors. she can hold it for about 3.5 hours throughout the day. I remove her water bowl at night for an hour and 30 mins before the hour is over she goes potty and sleeps the full night until I take her out again in the morning.

    • Lauren

      Ninja94 adopt an older dog like a retired greyhound. Apartments aren't suitable for most dog breeds.

  • Diane Evans
    Diane Evans

    Andre is so cute just like his dad, so happy to see him in this business too and thank you for sharing!

  • alex bomb
    alex bomb

    whats wrong with train dog to poop on toilet?

    • alex bomb
      alex bomb

      @Derp Bwahh​ why? I saw some video on youtube dog poop on toilet

    • Grun_D

      Train dog is where it's wrong. The train will destroy the toilet.

    • alex bomb
      alex bomb

      @inorb1 im just curious...whats wrong with it

    • inorb1

      by asking this question you just proved where something is wrong

  • Maka Albarn
    Maka Albarn

    Hi i have a almost 2 years old Beagle and we got him fix and he is still pee marking in the house, How can i fix this problem

    • lovelypinkx

      Yeah you really need to make sure that floor is clean. Probably have to clean it a few times to totally get rid of it. Look up online the solution. I forgot, but I think I used the Lysol spray bleach and detergent to really get of it as the first clean. I forgot the other solution recommended. Like the video says you just need to show the outside is the right place to poop and pee. I didn't need to do treats, but my dog eventually got the hint. It's just faster to get them to understand it.

    • Catherine Cullinan
      Catherine Cullinan

      +Maka Albarn try washing your floors with dethol or water & vingear that way he wont be marking his terroity, dogs hate the smell off vingear

    • Megan 8687
      Megan 8687

      interesting, I'll try that, my because my dog will ring the bell to go outside, but she still goes to back to her "favorite" spots in the house some times

    • Mukund Verma
      Mukund Verma

      Take some vicks in a container small bottle type and place that container on that spot, dogs retrieve from that vicks odour and it will surely help you :)

    • VVS Mann
      VVS Mann

      Goodluck with cleaning pee and poop then.

  • Action figure Kid 174
    Action figure Kid 174

    How do you favorite vids

  • Cruising Primate
    Cruising Primate

    Got a 3.5 months old golden puppy, so far she managed to pee in the house about 5 times in 2 days and poop once. Did a 1.5 hour long walk with her after she inhaled a large amount of water and she didn't pee once, the moment we got home she did it in the house. She likes to pee late afternoon, today after a long evening walk I stayed with her front of the house for another 30 minutes and finally she did pee, twice in 2 minutes. I'm not amused, none of my male dogs had this problem, maybe I should have stayed with keep taking in males lol

    • Cruising Primate
      Cruising Primate

      I had a golden in my house for a week, she was 3m old and did the same thing! Decided to walk her for hours and nothing, but I couldn't take my shoes off before she peed in the house. Let her be in the backyard the whole afternoon with me watching her and nothing, again pee the moment she got in the house. She also did pee and poop in her cage at night twice, I was so happy when the week was over and she was leaving. I've owned 8 dogs so far, 3 as puppies and not one of them had this behaviour.