How To Keep Dogs Calm Around Food - Live Dog Demo!
While I was in Germany I met this amazing dog and his owner, but he has trouble staying calm and disciplined around food. This is how I help him understand that jumping on the table and stealing food isn't the right way to behave (most of the time).
Andre Millan:
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    I don't blame him for being so excited around food! But we have to learn to teach everyone in the family, including dogs, what acceptable behavior is at the table! What do you think?

    • Jill Lopate
      Jill Lopate

      I took my dog to lots of restaurants but only after a good long walk. Then I put my chihuahua in his stroller and put his own water and food bowls in there and while we ate our meal, he ate his. It really worked out well and people commented that he was so well behaved. He never growled at waitstaff, didn't act up. He was a super chihuahua. Very kind little dog. He was my love and we had to put him down at age 14 from heart failure. I'm deeply sad and miss him. I miss the daily adventures we had for 14 wonderful and blessed years. I saw him in a dream. He looked very uncertain. I told him I love him with all my heart but his body needed to rest and he should go ahead and be where he is supposed to be now. I pray I will see him in Heaven when its my time. When you have a special relationship with your dog, a part of you anguishes over the gigantic void they leave behind. I loved my dog very much.

    • Munush Swargiary
      Munush Swargiary

      nas boys my lai

    • Domi Blanche
      Domi Blanche

      My dog is always begging for food off the table even if he just had his own. But we started to ignore his begging and eventually he will go to his bed and pretend to sleep. After we are finished, he gets cuddles. We have him for two weeks now and it works most of the time. My parents have a hard time ignoring it but I told them he needs to know that he won’t get anything off the table because they prepare their medication on the table and he won’t learn to leave it alone if we don’t “tell” him “no”

    • Eden Garden
      Eden Garden

      Cesar Millan i agree!!

    • victory victory
      victory victory

      I really love you Caesar, you are so wise, I love your mantra about life, you are just a nice human being, in addition I also really love dogs, I hope to meet you some day in person, thanks

  • I Oftheuniverse
    I Oftheuniverse

    Wow, very strange and concerning to studenly realize Cesar thinks he's literally saving the world and causing world peace, by teaching people how to manage their dog???.... I think someone's had fame inflate their ego just a bit too far. I mean talk about inflating the importance of yourself - You train dogs dude. I mean please explain, how exactly dog management is going to extend into saving the world? ... Take your time, I'll wait.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Is there any Show 2020 in Germany? I saw one is in America. Greetings

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    Peter Nicholas pace

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  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    The worst of having "regular" IRbin is when the video volume is too low, you have to keep it up, and a loud commercial suddenly comes up.

  • Fender Phan
    Fender Phan

    You are the best dog whisper !

  • Streams4Charities

    I understand “sits” what is “blive”? And how does every dog just suddenly listen to him

  • Dusan Acimovic
    Dusan Acimovic

    i love this stuff

  • Michael Pulido-Rodriguez
    Michael Pulido-Rodriguez

    8:38 Wow he's got them Louis Vs kicks. My man Cesar be real fresh when he hits the stage.

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro


  • Anastasia Adams
    Anastasia Adams

    What breed is this dog

  • Diego Najera
    Diego Najera

    I love how everyone gasps at 6:34 when Cesar controls the dog immediately 😮

  • Dhimitri Prifti
    Dhimitri Prifti

    I have no words for you, just amazing In my opinion you are a human teacher not a dog 🐕 teacher Respect ✊, Nobel guy

  • redfishradical

    Needed a LOT more volume LOL!

  • redfishradical

    That Bulldog had a VERY athletic build for a Bulldog! Almost more like an Olde English Bulldogge, impressive. Yeah, dogs should never EVER be pests when you eat! I've hard Rotties, an awesome German Shepherd, a hybrid among other large dogs, and NONE of them begged or sat their drooling! Rules, boundaries, but lots & lots of love too, they were my babies!

  • Nicolas de Souza
    Nicolas de Souza

    9:32 omg i almost died with that sound

  • ibis suau
    ibis suau

    I love your energy and what you do!! I listened your book How to be the leader of the pack and that was awesome.. let see how I can apply all that.. now I started reading books on intuition to reinforce those skills you teach! Thanks!!!

  • Alejandro Suarez
    Alejandro Suarez

    I’ve been following you for years and I dont even own a dog. You are a good dude. Keep doing your thing.

  • Deepali Pradeep
    Deepali Pradeep

    Hello Sir, I have a new dog (German Shepard) in am house. She is just 48 days and gets very excited about food. I am trying to calm her down, there is no success. I tried the way u have suggested, however, there is no success.

  • AdevarulCNP

    I can watch a 10h movie with this man.. best ever

  • Jean Claude Lethargique
    Jean Claude Lethargique

    That’s aura btw👍🏽

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta

    my dog when we eat at home make sound and bark to give him food and my mom cant make it without giving her food, dog(she ) is hiper active yokshireterier and when we walk she puuling be allo the time and when we get home she is steel not tierd and wona to play

  • Fabian Ramirez
    Fabian Ramirez

    Hola cesar soy del estado de México amante de los animales y sobre todo de los peluditos... saludos veo tus videos fantásticos. Mi pregunta por que hay pocos vídeos traducidos al español..seria bueno subir videos en español. Gracias.ya me suscribi

  • Tor Hockers
    Tor Hockers

    Have been hooked by Cesar from the first time I saw his programme over a decade ago. I am interested in how he reads dogs & uses their language to help them. I have three dogs that have been raised by his “way” & can take my dogs anywhere, to anybodies house to stay over to restaurants, pubs or hotels. Have always been complimented on how well behaved & happy they are. Each of their personalities show through whilst being a calm submissive dog with humans & other animals. The one problem I have with one of mine is she just seems so lost in herself. She’s very needy & can be vocal ( I think through her being insecure) never aggressive, she doesn’t have an aggressive bark just an insecure one. I don’t know how to help her. She was a pup from the dog we have so I know how she was raised & all the other pups are super confident & independent. This one didn’t have any special treatment from the others but she seems a lost soul. Never had an insecure dog before & rarely wants to play. She’s grown up with the confident & relaxed older dogs so it’s a wonder really. Hope to see you in the U.K. you are very much respected over here. You may need to stay here a while as you’ll be a sell out everywhere with people still hoping you will add another date. Love to all your family including the fur & feather family. 🥰

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James

    Katerina, you’ve said way too much 😉

  • Volvox

    Its not called RESTaurant for no reason!

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  • angie styles
    angie styles

    César I need your help!!!! My fiancé wants to get rid of our puppy but I know he can be great.

  • Arielina Camacho
    Arielina Camacho

    he is sooo good with dogs i wish he could train me jajaj

  • LegitNvidz

    Knowing both languages makes this video very fun to listen to. Plus, it's fun that Cesar speaks some german :D

  • Mandana Weingärtner
    Mandana Weingärtner

    I am in Germany Mannheim I really hope to visit one of your shows with our labi Lenni ♥️

  • Pitbull Slueth
    Pitbull Slueth

    Come to England! Titmarsh has retired! lol

  • Neyssia Himawan
    Neyssia Himawan

    Hi Ceasar! Could you please give me tips on what to do when we get charged by a dog? My neighbor has a rescued rhodoesian ridgeback and the dog has charged at me twice when I was minding my own business. Because od that I am now quite nervous seeing her and other dogs. Please help me.

  • Francis Saal
    Francis Saal

    super cool! 🙌🏼 will try that skill with my dog

  • Cha-la head Cha-la
    Cha-la head Cha-la

    Stay healthy Cesar

  • Bold Rumjacker
    Bold Rumjacker

    If you ever feel useless, just compare yourself to that translater and you`ll feel better

  • Kayla Gage
    Kayla Gage

    Hey Cesar, I would love for you to meet me and my Boston Terrier Corbin we live in Leander, Texas which is a suburb of Austin

  • Bea Dyr
    Bea Dyr

    Glad your back on NGWildHD.!!!! Hope your new episodes will air.🤞

  • Swathi Babashankar
    Swathi Babashankar

    How to become like you?☺️😍

  • Steve Finesse
    Steve Finesse

    Cesar is awesome you know he’s truly an angel cuz his hair is turning white and not grey

  • Adnan Alim
    Adnan Alim

    Ceaser milan is the best

  • victory victory
    victory victory

    I really love you Caesar, you are so wise, I love everything about you, your mantra about life, I also love dogs, I hope I can meet you one day , Cheers

  • Thiccstar 127
    Thiccstar 127

    I feel bad for the translator

  • Callie Smole
    Callie Smole

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  • cynthia jomocan
    cynthia jomocan

    Thank you Caesar Godbless...your fan in the Philippines

  • IndigoBellyDance

    Who else was inspired by Cesar’s inspirational / spiritual talk for first five minutes. Thank you Cesar I needed that ♥️♥️

  • Ten Second BuickGN
    Ten Second BuickGN

    Countless videos of women not being able to control their dogs because they don't discipline correctly. The same issue applies in single parent homes where the boy is screwed up for life and we now have a huge wave of soyboys.

  • Amanda Kurtz
    Amanda Kurtz

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    Vy Do

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    Onur Özkan Subay

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  • brownLasoCHOface T
    brownLasoCHOface T

    She was a beauty and Bruno adorable. Thank you Cesar.


    Come to Italy cesar!! Tambien hablamos mas o menos lo mismo idioma

  • Matthew Schlottmann
    Matthew Schlottmann

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  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch

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    Ayako WIlliams


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    Mani Moni

    "Sitz" and "Bleib" ^_^ I really wanna know on how many languages do you know this commands?

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    doit4jonnie b

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    Marie Joy

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    Nino Carlo

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  • Working_in_pink

    I don't get why you would be taking your dog to restaurant most restaurants are not pet friendly

  • Lily

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    ELsony Pop السنى

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    Mehak bakshi

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  • Aduha Dx
    Aduha Dx

    The KCI, AKC and all Bulldog Club should start promoting these bulldog builds. Another decade and the current inbred deteriorating standard will kill the legacy or that they'll have to shift to mentioned direction anyway. So, any bulldog enthusiasts please spread the good gospel.

  • Dogtrickheaven

    World peace I LOVE IT 🥰 I’m with you you are making a difference, I love how you explain the details to your audience. Resting place is a good way to put it a tired dog is a good dog enjoy Europe I’m from France dogs can go almost everywhere

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas

    Please normalize the volume of your videos. It is startling and antagonizing to turn the volume way up to hear a very quiet segment of the video then have you yelling excitedly at much greater volume an instant later. This video provides a perfect counterexample: how not to release content. In this contenr you behave as you teach us not to be with dogs. Thank you for teaching me.


    the dog behaves quite Good though

  • Purpur Drachen
    Purpur Drachen

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    Rolando Hernandez

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  • CurupiraRJ

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  • Jason p
    Jason p

    My 1 year old cane Corso has snapped on my grandson and step son, growled at my wife. I've never had any aggression issues with him. He's got extremely high anxiety when alone, destroyed over plastic crate and two metal crates ring to create train him. He's destroyed our couch, bed, chase, and has little discipline. We got him at 3 months, and I've tried techniques learned watching Cesar for the last ten years but to no avail. Personal effects of his don't help and neither does keeping him with blankets or pieces of clothing from my wife. He only really gets high energy when she's gone and extremely anxious when she's gone. It's almost as if he and I are in the same book but not the same page. While him and the rest of the family are in two completely different books all together. Idk what to do to keep him from destroying things. That's our main issue with him. If not for wasting to eat everything that goes in his mouth, there would've been no igniter to fuel him snapping and getting possessive... Over a plastic bag one instance, and food aggressive once over a slim Jim.

  • Bea Dyr
    Bea Dyr

    Hi Cesar. Followed you on Saturday mornings in the USA. Glad to see you on IRbin.

  • dtex301

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  • Belinda Perez
    Belinda Perez

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  • Belinda Perez
    Belinda Perez

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  • Maddison

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  • Michelle LaQueNoEs
    Michelle LaQueNoEs

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  • Stephanie Archer
    Stephanie Archer

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  • De Leted
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    Benny Hill

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  • Nanneke9

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    Sir Caco

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