How to Introduce Your Puppy to New Animals! (feat. our tortoise, Jon!)
Spending time with my animals, promoting my new CBD products in Orlando, and introducing Spot to our tortoise, Jon!
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  • Rottie Bull
    Rottie Bull

    Anytime anybody says CBD product I become highly skeptical. My issue is with the milligram dosage versus price. I've seen $90 bottles with 2.5 ml mg average dose and 30 mg in the entire bottle. CBD extract sells for $10 a gram. I doubt that's the price of CBD extract elsewhere but I live in the middle of hemp and marijuana country. The data I have heard is that a legitimate medical dose for an adult human is anywhere from a hundred mg to 500mg. I will say that my antidotal experience is that it takes less than 100mg but more then it's in typical CBD extracts especially relative to the price. I find it particularly interesting that the US produced 60% more hemp than the global market can absorb last year and there are hemp Farmers sitting on crops from 2 years ago and the price of CBD products are so high that they are prohibited. Given the actual supply of hemp a lot more good could be done with CBDs if the price would come down to allow people to use it more realistically daily at a more realistic dose for both pets and humans. then hemp Farmers wouldn't be sitting on their crop in the price would make sense.

  • Karl Müller
    Karl Müller

  • Penelope

    So we causing on this channel now dude??????

  • Stone Dove
    Stone Dove

    I'd love a video on evaluating whether a dog can be trained to be around free-ranging chickens and how to do that.

  • Ashish Pal
    Ashish Pal

    Hi Cesar, I have been looking at your videos and I am amazed how good you are at understanding Dogs. I need a little guidance on my puppy. He is an English Cream Retriever, 16 months old. Very gentle calm and quiet. He is very good with kids, humans and other dogs, but the one thing I have been noticing is that, he is always submissive when around other dogs (big or small). Also at times he is very quiet and i feel he is not happy or stressed on something. What can i do to boost his confidence?

  • Jacque Poitevint
    Jacque Poitevint

    I had a dog like Junior and she lived till she was 17 and mothered my two Siberian Huskies Jake and Ruby. I love pits.

  • Sara Fardiani
    Sara Fardiani

    i love junior my favorit

  • zhen lexus
    zhen lexus

  • MyPuppyLife

    Is Junior 13 !!! I can remember watching him as a puppy learning the ropes from Daddy, time flies by. We've just got our cocker spaniel puppy he's 13 weeks now, we are following your methods and he's doing great, we're doing a daily vlog to show his progress, thanks for everything you do for these amazing animals!

  • Dylan

    I'm glad Junior has a designated family member spend his senior years with! Can't believe he's the age he is already.

  • Dylan

    Awwwwe, Junior sure is a handsome old guy, I can't believe he's 13 already. I still remember the first time I saw him on TV like it was yesterday, he's the reason I love pitties.

  • Dylan

    I cannot believe Junior is THIRTEEN 😳😳 I can remember as if it was yesterday when he joined Caesar's pack......💙🐾🐶🐾💙 ❤🇬🇧

  • Dylan

    you are the best dog trainer love you

  • Isabela Pastoriza
    Isabela Pastoriza

    I love Dr. Pol!

  • Silvia Sanchez
    Silvia Sanchez

    Hola Cesar espero estés bien mi esposo quiere adoptar una perra picbul de un año pero tenemos hijos la perra es mansa que me recomiendas

  • Elicia - el7114
    Elicia - el7114

    I want to thank you Cesar for the words of encouragement in the beginning of the video. I once told my mom that I want to be a dog trainer a long time ago (I was 9) and I had never even had a dog then, but I got that dream from interacting with cats and dogs (some of which live on the streets) then I just felt it. I could feel that I want them as a lifetime companion and it would suffice. Anyway, I'm here to say that those words mean so much to me, especially coming from you and I'll keep on trying my best. Thank you 🙏🙏

  • Mr. Irrelevant
    Mr. Irrelevant

    Junior is all grown up 😰 I can’t believe it

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Ha ha, now I know a bit your Hometown from watching it in the Internet Travel Guide Mazatlan. Very nice there, a super beautiful very long Beach and Promenade for walking through the Beach. SUPER nice. Greetings 🏖️⛱️🌴❤️☀️🌴👍😍

  • MrHulk333

    Cesar has come along way congrats to him and his family

  • Kariinschii

    What if you have no one that believes in you?

    • Christin

      Then you tell and proclaim to yourself. You tell strangers when you have pleasant small talk. Tell and scream it to Nature. Tell your heart. Literally lower your head towards your heart and tell it. Tell your gut. Feel excited. Feel full when you say it. Scream it. Tell it to things you create. If yoy make a good meal tell that meal. Telling the universe is all you need. I have no one to tell either. I met some goals and although i was different then all i needed was to talk about it to strangers and my journal. You reminded me how i got to those goals because i surely forgot. Thank you! Im going to be the best psychologist with the best programs for everyone. What are you going to be? 💜

  • Luren Driks
    Luren Driks

    I just wanted to say that I watched a lot of your shows when I had my then 12-13 year old English Springer Spaniel and through implementing some of the techniques you showed I got him from pulling all the time and running away to walking perfectly next to me without a leash in about three months or so. I might have used a little bit too much positive reinforcement (he was extremely food motivated), but I used it less and less and he walked great without the need for treats after a while. I also used the corretions with a quick touch and tried to do it at the right time. He also got better with his aggression over stolen food or food he accidentaly found that was bad for him, though that was harder to work with. I was also mindful about being a calm (and assertive when we weren't just chilling) around him and having a body language that projected that. I think he had a better time the last couple of years of his life because we were able to socialize him more easily with other dogs when he walked better and he seemed calmer overall. He was never aggressive with food we gave to him (I could put my hands in the bowl or take it away without any problems) or with food around other dogs, so I think it definitely had to do with the way we as a family had acted when he stole or found food throughout his life.

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    Jr. is 13, wow I was watching when you first got him recently. Awwwwwe. Our Lassie and Rin tin tin. Of the 2000. Jr. and Daddy forever. 🥰

  • Pankaj yadav
    Pankaj yadav

    Cesar is a great person

  • Agent 99
    Agent 99

    Cesar, you are such a special human being. I just wish there were more you's in this world! Can we clone you 😁...very beautiful video💓💓💓

  • smiti jain
    smiti jain

    Does this work for guinea pigs as well?

  • debora budel
    debora budel

    Hi,what do when a dog runs outside to go on the street and the neighbors dogs starts to fight with him?

  • Maxime Desrosiers
    Maxime Desrosiers

    420 commentaire hihi mon tour. Je parle pas bien anglai alors dur comprendre toute..CBD cannabis?

  • Sharon Stuart
    Sharon Stuart

    What about introducing a hyper puppy to a smallish bird? I'm not wanting to let the pup alone around the bird in case he doesn't as a chew toy.

  • Charmin-B

    I would like to see Ceasar Millan and Michael Holston collaborate.

  • katherine drew
    katherine drew

    I remember when daddy was schooling junior as a puppy.

  • Autansh Alieno
    Autansh Alieno

    Hey Cesar... I'm from India And India is pretty much like Mexico.. A big Dog park... My request is... Can you make a video On how to walk a dog without a leash...

  • Miranda

    Can I please move into your ranch? You won't even know I'm there. Well except for seeing me rolling around with the animals every morning...

  • Aris Mavrommatis
    Aris Mavrommatis

    Cesar I’m 51 years old and I’m glad that you had that education from your mom. Looks amazing woman. Bendiciones hombre.

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed

    3 minutes of crap, now some music

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones

    I love that tortoise! 😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 He's just relaxed and calm.....just taking his time!


    9:12 cutest moment in this video

  • George Munoz
    George Munoz

    @6:35 LMFAO are da man!

  • Kasonas

    Love you Cesar!! Almost as much as I love dogs. :P

  • xredstar303x

    Christ that little puffball Pomeranian is adorbs

  • lesley Lou Lou
    lesley Lou Lou

    Hi , could you show us humans, lead training to a new puppy ? If that’s okay. Please

  • Shanna Lewis
    Shanna Lewis

    Is your ranch open to public ?

  • Fem

    What if you do not have a specific goal/dream to become? I am now a student doing something that matches my personality but not so much a dream.. (I do dream to built my own home some day.. but it is not really a life goal)

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C

    How do u train a 6 year old pit bull to 2 new cats in his home

  • Ron Olson
    Ron Olson

    A master has made more mistakes than beginners even try. That is a quote I will remember. Love that Cesar is working with his sons. So cool.

  • StudiosDelirium

    I so love you! Thank you, for jumping the wall. Pets and more so pet parents in all the Americas needed your knowledge and wisdom to grow and be harmonised. You are a gift to us. ❤️ from Canada, Quebec.

  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera

    I'm blessed to have ur inspirational videos to train my pet, keep them coming. U have great gift stay blessed. AMEN.

  • Meg sechrist
    Meg sechrist

    Where can we get your soft cbd chews at?

  • J Man
    J Man

    Where is Cesar's ranch?

  • Leo Mass
    Leo Mass

    So sad that Junior losing his hearing but glad at the same time that he is on the best family possible to support and love him in his senior stage. I was following junior around 2007 or 2008 when he was little and Cesar is introducing him as the new member of the family together with Mr. PRESIDENT. I know for sure that he lived the best life with purpose with Cesar's side.

  • Atlas ScaresALOT
    Atlas ScaresALOT

    We need dogs in our lives as much as we need Cesar (i.e., a whole damn lot)!

  • Ranvijay singh
    Ranvijay singh

    Meanwhile in India someone put some firecrackers in a pineapple and fed it to a pregnant elephant . The elephant died slowly suffering in a river. RIP❤. Really people have forget what humanity is😫

  • Queli Kingz
    Queli Kingz

    Cesar! I need help my 3 year old cocker spaniel is driving me crazy! He doesn't like being outside for more than 3 mins. He whines at the door, he used to go and play with the other dog. No matter how long I leave him he will just sit at the door cry and tremble. What can I do?

  • Franky

    Whatever your passion is on life go to america theres a market for anything

  • Uriel Arteaga
    Uriel Arteaga

    to whom junior is going to pass the torch?? I think is time to raise a new balance dog

  • H J
    H J

    9:17 when a cutie came over to get some screen time 🤗

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    Our dog turns 13 and i began to teach him handsignals more. Just to help him when he might lose his hearing.

  • Jo Malone
    Jo Malone

    Same comment as Christine below. I remember Daddy choosing Jr. Malone UK

  • Michael McGuire
    Michael McGuire

    What is the best way to introduce a 9 week old puppy to a cat who has been the only animal in the house?

  • Abel Fernàndez
    Abel Fernàndez

    Subtítulos en español, por favor!!!

  • Joshua Itzci
    Joshua Itzci

    A master has made more mistakes than a beginner has even tried. Very inspiring.

  • Elli Gomez
    Elli Gomez

    Oooff that last quote from Calvin.😂💙 🤟

  • jim bo
    jim bo

    Tons of Love to you Cesar!! Your inspiration and wisdom give me goosebumps...BRAVO Cesar!

  • Maria Crane
    Maria Crane

    My puppy is scared of the Blowers from the ranch were we live. When the guys take a brake they will leave the blowers on the ground and so when we walk by my puppy get's scared and starts barking. I tried the calm energy but he kept barking non stop. Could it be because I kept walking? Do I need to stop until he get's to that calm space? I found this video after the fact but we have people working with machinery around us all summer long, so it could be beneficial to know if for machinery is the same as animals? Anyone knows? Cesar? :) Thanks guys, and keep up the great work. You are helping me so much with the training!!

  • Mica Monfasani
    Mica Monfasani

    César! Put the spanish subtitles! Some of us doesn't understand English very well 😯😓

  • Suzy B
    Suzy B

    A master has made more mistakes than the beginner has even tried.... I like that Thank you ❤️💖❤️

  • Lily

    Junior 🥺❤️😭 I love him & Daddy so much

  • Lennie Watson
    Lennie Watson

    You are so amazing with the dogs. Would you please check this guy out in this video. He's trying his best to care for all the stray and abandoned dogs in his town. He's fighting vandals and the local government. He really could use some help, even if its only advice. Those dogs love him.

  • Miss Lee
    Miss Lee

    How old is Jon?

  • Phuah Nini
    Phuah Nini

    Yea....i dont know who but definitely not my mum or dad...they will be the first to say i can't

  • kayah alexander
    kayah alexander

    💚💛💙💜🤣 Great video

  • Beth Slaughter
    Beth Slaughter

    I love that this is unedited for language. Calvin and Andre are literally mirror images of my two older boys. Btw, show the bird love. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had and been had by dogs my whole life but there is nothing quite like the love and snuggles from a bird who allows that relationship. Dogs are pretty easy, it’s in them to want to be with humans, we just always mess it up. A bird will make you work for it, and even if you work really hard, sometimes, they just won’t like you...when they do, you’ve got the most loving, fluffy, snuggly thing for life. Wtg Milan men. Love you all.

  • Lydia Curtis
    Lydia Curtis

    Man all that language in the beginning... I can’t let my kids watch your channel if that’s gonna happen. Besides that I don’t wan hear that! Please don’t do that. I respect you guys for your understanding of pets and I would like to share that with my family. That’s not going to happen with this language.

    • Stephanie

      Lydia Curtis, I totally agree. I was really taken aback by that.

  • Sandi B
    Sandi B

    Wow so good to see you,been awhile!!! Really nice looking young men you got there and your looking good to!!!

  • Paula Vance
    Paula Vance

    Love and practice Cesar's teachings. I'm completely smitten with Spot!

  • Nicole Bowden
    Nicole Bowden

    I can’t believe how old Junior is. I remember when you got him. I especially remember Daddy. My heart legitimately hurt when he passed.

  • Eazy

    Can I just bring my puppy to you 😂 he’s a very very jealous dog and gets very aggressive near dogs. I wish I can do something but it’s not working.

  • Buela N.
    Buela N.

    You are my hero. You are such an excellent teacher and human being extraordinaire. Thank you for your lovely spirit and sharing it with animals and us.

  • SleeplessinOC

    Cesar , I would love to see a collaboration between you and Galaxy Jackson for people who own both dogs and cats in the same household and who really need help !!! And I can hardly believe Junior is 13. It really seems like yesterday that he was just a puppy training with Daddy . 😭😭 Love you Cesar !!

  • HispanicCausinPanic

    I've been wanting a dog for a long time now. Just that it's certain dogs I like. An they're hard to find, plus if you have to pay. An I prefer getting a dog as a puppy. Earlier the better. A dog is a man's best friend, or a man is a dog's best friend.

  • HispanicCausinPanic

    Are you making cbd for like dogs or people? Just making sure

  • Tyreece Kenyon
    Tyreece Kenyon

    Your awesome man I have only just came across your channel I used to watch you on tv all the time as a kid I want two German Shepard’s when I move out of my parents house (they won’t let me have them haha) and your such a grounded nice loyal spiritual person even though you have everything brother !

  • Ed E Hatherley
    Ed E Hatherley

    I absolutely love this man and his teachings. Yes you Cesar! I grew up following Chuck Eisemann, and still have a book that I picked up at one of his shows in Burlington Ont. called, Stop, Sit, and Think. Taught all my dogs, and horses and cats, based on this book and Chucks theory, and my long time friend Elsa, a small female Shepard was the envy and amazement of all my friends. Too many ppl just blurt out, or YELL out commands to our pets. Not necessary! They are not hard of hearing, and they are so smart and can learn so much, if just given the chance. We, dog ppl, and other animal lovers, and our companions, are so fortunate to have Cesar Millan!! Don"t go anywhere Cesar! The world and it's pets need you! : )) You the man!

  • D M
    D M

    How to street newborns survive during coronavirus lock their any way or language to tell them it's coronavirus spread to street dog.

    • D M
      D M

      Some instincts how street dog would not confuse during no person on road.. N limitations. How to serve during this crisis?

  • Catch Central
    Catch Central

    One thing i need to work on is learning when exactly to say “tsch” to a dog and when to just ignore them when they are doing something wrong. Like idk if I’m giving my dog enough time to get used to the rules and i just wanna make sure hes happy

  • Lisa

    Can you do a video on introducing your dogs to cats!! WE NEED AN EXPERT OPINION. And the other videos on IRbin are so outdated. Especially on dogs that like to chase animals.

  • Icheesea T.
    Icheesea T.

    What breed is spot!? So cute! Reminds me of back when my (now) 13 yr old Toy Fox Terrier was a puppy!

  • Ofelia

    I just wanna say :keep going like this , nice human.

  • Veganmama36

    Awww Junior ❤️ I remember when you were brand new to the pack and didn't even have a name yet. On a different note, I would love to know how Cesar has taught his birds not to fly away.

  • Elizabeth Silva
    Elizabeth Silva

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  • Tonje T
    Tonje T

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  • Maciek1407

    I Didn’t know that Junior is already13!!😫 and about losing his hearing😔 so sad! We love you Junior 😍

  • D. N.
    D. N.

    Cesar! You are my childhood hero! I want to thank u! You showed me how to hendle with dog's! Thank you! You should check Takis shelter here in IRbin! He helps street doogs and live only for them!

  • blue dog
    blue dog

    The F#@k word straight up. Why?

  • Alejandro Pineda
    Alejandro Pineda

    Hola cesar soy de puebla México te preguntó le hará daño a un cachorro pastor alemán de 3 meses si le doy hígado de pello con arroz

  • aW aw CorneR
    aW aw CorneR

    Godspeed sir! Hi! Small IRbinr here!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 I'm also a dog lover..🐶🥰 Hope we'll be friends, let's support each other, Anyone who Hug me, I'll hug you back🥰

  • Timeworks

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  • Mari G.
    Mari G.

    I'm thankful he asked, "what if there was nobody there except the owners?" Humans have to play that role, the support system. This was incredibly helpful.

  • majasooderberg

    Honestly in these Corona times everyone should follow your slogan. No touch, no talk, no eye contact!

  • Sizz Funk
    Sizz Funk

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