How to House Train Your Puppy
Housebreaking a puppy is one of the most important things you can do as a Pack Leader and dog owner. Here’s one of my Dog Psychology Center trainers Todd Langston with an exclusive video how-to.

  • Bodo Bodo
    Bodo Bodo

    Can you teach how to come here my dogs dont come here on command and only bother me when im eating.

  • John Demetriou
    John Demetriou

    Ok, so I have a 3 month old puppy, almost four. She got used to the diaper in her bedroom and now when we go out, for a long time, she holds her pee and poop until we come home. I read that, if she goes as soon as we come home, to come home and go out again for a moment. So, I came home, blocked her bedroom door, tried to wait 3 minutes and go out again, she just peed on the floor in the living room (different floor from her bedroom). Not sure what else to do anymore to house train her. She actively avoids going potty outside of the house (we were out for at least 4-5 hours after eating whilst she drank a lot of water too

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    • KIngAngel

    im kinda of slow in the head so can someone pls summarize dis whole video in simpler terms😅

  • Shirley S.
    Shirley S.

    My Puppy 8 weeks old doing on his bed a night time 5:00am he’s up do N the carpet 😔 I take him out after eat drink play before bed and not it’s no doing well I Don’t know how I can do is only 3 days with me already

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    this is so helpful thank you!

  • Jennifer Sheldon
    Jennifer Sheldon

    This is so helpful! We just got two puppies that we are going to train as service dogs. They are very calm pups!

  • TsGhosty

    How to stop the dog barking at you lol

  • Janice Raby
    Janice Raby

    It only took me 3 days to housetrain my Labrador. I just dud everything that was suggested here, even though this video wasn’t out yet. Maybe potty training my children helped with my instincts.

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    jessica castro

    Hi Andre

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    Dionne Dunsmore

    I had an entire litter of 13 pups trained before they were 8 weeks old and ready for their forever families by using this method! Idk another way to do it that's as or more affective.

  • Mandy Elderfield
    Mandy Elderfield

    So it works with older dogs too? I've been told you can't toilet train a 4yo dog.

    • Jazz V
      Jazz V

      Mandy Elderfield you totally can! I’ve potty trained a 5 or 6 year old dog

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    sarai favoritos

    Solo pido subtitulos en español y los seguiriamos mucho👍😳😳

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    The dog is training its owner.

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    Elora R

    I'm getting a puppy,in a week cant wait so exited

    • TsGhosty

      What kind you get?

  • GummiAnd47

    Do Cesar use commands to dogs like sit come and so on. Or do he just look at them and do the tsssh until the dog do what he wants ? A image is starting based on the tv programs where people mostly only see him creating leader ship torwards the dogs as to that seems to be the majority of problems with oweners. Kind regards klaus

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    PeGa Gonza

    HOLA QUE TAL! Podrias darme algun consejo para que mi perro coma croquetas?

  • Mona. Hardik. Pitroda
    Mona. Hardik. Pitroda

    my 2 n a half month labrador puppy loves to sleep in his own pee😒 tried everything from taking him outside every 1 hr but he just goes outside n sits, watches my face n picks every stone or rubbish in the path n after 15-20mins when i bring him back inside he looks at me n pees inside😕

    • Be Successful Pinoy
      Be Successful Pinoy

      You can try some subtle negative reinforcement for your dog. I have a chihuahua, and we brought him home when he was already 1yr old so he's an adult already. He was never potty trained by the previous owner coz he was raised on the patio only where he wanders freely, eat, poop and pee at the same place. He would pee when he sees any wood furnitures inside the house. We would walk him out after his every meals and he would take a pee. Inside, our eyes are all on him in the first few weeks coz he also pees everywhere in the house. BUt when we see him pee on act, we would like make a sound like pssst everytime we see him do it on act. and we would occassionally hit him after he pees. but it was just very gentle hit, we make sure that we don't hit him painfully. But there he learns that peeing inside can get him punished. This unfornately only stopped him from peeing inside the house, but on our patio he still pees. I realized that maybe the reason why he likes to pee in our patio was because of his previous life experience, or maybe because he finds the patio floor similar with the floor outside. We couldn't do anything about it so we decided to just put a railing so he couldn't go in the patio and pee there. But there is definitely a big improvement from when we brought him home. He now doesn't pee inside. We would never even initiate to take him out after his meal coz we're very busy people, but he knows its pee time so he would be the one to call us for it. He would bark at us every pee and poo time. He is 3 yr old now and our life just got easier haha

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    Toleen Ba

    I love your shows and The animal

  • jack guerra
    jack guerra

    anybody know the breed of dog that andre millan was holding on the leash??

    • Caitlin Matteson
      Caitlin Matteson

      it looked like a jack Russell mix maybe defiantly has a terrier look to it

  • thenderson05

    Thank you for all of these great tips!

  • Akame

    How do I stop a puppy from Barking?

    • Be Successful Pinoy
      Be Successful Pinoy

      lol. you can't stop them. but you can try taking away the things that make them bark or provoke them to bark. I have a chihuahua and he barks incessantly but only he was provoked by something he sees outside or a perceived threat. To prevent him from barking at night (because of cats outside), we would shut the door close so he can sleep in peace too


    Great video.

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    Maria Gonzalez


  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez

    what if I took a rescued dog and I live in an apartment and she has 2 months, not weeks can I still teach her

    • Be Successful Pinoy
      Be Successful Pinoy

      I suggest that you follow these time for taking them out: 1. Waking Time in the Morning (6am or 7am) 2. 2 or 3 hours after this (9am to 10am) 3. After LUNCH 4. After NAP TIME 5. After DINNER 6. Before BED TIME

    • Be Successful Pinoy
      Be Successful Pinoy

      yes you can. they are very smart dogs. just take them outside after every meals. Watch your dog also in the first few weeks so that when you caught them on act trying to pee or poo, you can stop them by giving them the sound like "pssst, nooo noo" or something. they will also learn from that. My dog is the one actually telling me when its pee time, coz he's ver smart haha. Here's his pee time or the time when he calls to go outside: 6am or every morning before breakfast, 9am again, 2pm or after lunch, 4pm after nap time, 9pm after dinner.

  • karan's

    sir I wanna train my 6months lab but he is too stubborn

    • FiveOClockTea

      Be patient. We had a really stubborn/proud dog once and it took soooo long to teach him any tricks 🙈

    • TsGhosty

      Lol i just got one and she is crazy hyper have had puppies as a kid none like this

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    Cathy Veux

    How can I make my dog play with my new puppy? I showed him and he started to be sooo aggressive. 😔

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    I'm so glad these are free!

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    Hello! I have a dog (Norfolkterrier Age:4) When we Go for a Walk and another dog is coming she is fist yowling but then after 5-10 Seconds she is growling and a Bit aggressive ... Its only One year ago when she was bitten in her Nose By a Jack Russel Terrier After that she startet to yowl etc. She is doing that only when she Sees Dogs which she doesnt know...when she Sees her Friends she is happy and smiling... What can i do? I try to dont be scared when My dog is growling but i dont want that she hurts somebody... AND i am sorry for My English! I am from Germany !

  • Dorrie Riley
    Dorrie Riley

    This is perfect, but my puppy is now 4 month old. I live on the 4th floor of an apartment building and can't just run him out the back door when I see him start to go. I feel like I am a failure!! He isn't getting house trained at all. He will go outside if we are out there, but if not, he doesn't care he will just go where ever. I 100% know that it isn't his fault it is all MINE I just don't know how to correct it. Cesar HELP

  • Ella P.
    Ella P.

    I need help. My 6 month old Husky doesn't want to leave his cage because he is scaref of jumping. I want to take him out for a walk but he is too scared to go out. I need help please

  • Macie Fergal
    Macie Fergal

    This man is a dog abuser. If you take training tips from you, you are a fucking moron. Cesar Milan has killed dogs. He tried to kill himself. He is a dangerous, mentally unstable man that abuses dogs for a living.

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    Cesar i love all of your tv shows and i will love to be like you when i will grown up because i love dogs so much and you are a huge inspiration for me.

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    Cesar you are awesome I love you

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    has Daddy Died! DX

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      really? when :'(

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      Sadly yes he has died

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    my dog doesnt go out with me for walk..and if i take him for walk..he is nt comforatble at all..and gets scared of almst everthin.. can u help me out..?

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    this is really helpful cause stuff like this locks on to my head and then I can just remember it as soon as I get a puppy

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    Since yesterday we have a puppy of a month and a half that newly purchased boxer alvino because we were told that this race is for children. I have 14 years and my three younger brothers.I am very concerned because my puppy just when you buy it began to show great anxiety plays very strong biting blood bag to two of my parents and my brother for 11 years.

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    Happy Birthday Cesar!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎂

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    How can I watch full episodes? I don't have a time to watch it on TV while day and want to watch older ones. Can someone help?

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    I just have to hear his kid's voice for 2 seconds and it's like *click*. He is not the dog whisperer. I would trust a ouija board better than his cue cards.

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      powder puff

      For goodness sake get a grip and leave the boy alone....he's still learning! Maybe you should remember, his father had to start at the bottom and work his way up....give him a chance!

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    orange moon glows

    i still don't get how you get a puppy to go in a certain sport initially.

    • Be Successful Pinoy
      Be Successful Pinoy

      they are smart dogs. they'll learn eventually just stick to the sched

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      Keep taking them to one spot

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    donde encuentro la traducción

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    Isnt this a reupload?

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      It is a reupload, but they changed the title

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      I feel like it is a re upload

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    Miss ceaser millan best dog trainer in the world

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    This popped up at the perfect time. Keep making these videos because they're great for new owners like myself.

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      you might also want to check out also on the chanel of zak george - he has allready tons of videos for starters and they are almost pain-free and very nicely tought. and very functioning ;)

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