How To Help A Overly Aggressive Dog
Tune in this week to see my best advice on how to correct the behavior of an aggressive dog in your pack
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  • alan junior barreto vinces
    alan junior barreto vinces

    Yo tengo dos perros un Pitbull (MACHO) y un Viringo (HEMBRA) y hace poco de pelearon por la comida, El Pitbull. siempre fue pacífico lo acostumbraron a estar con otros perros siempre fue juguetón y ya tiene 4 años, las personas le tenían miedo por ser pitbull, pero siempre fue pacífico, y en la pelea con la otra cachorra al tratarlos de separar, El Pitbull Mordio, el salió más lastimado, por otro lado la Hembra no, El Pitbull al momento que vio que había mordió dejo de pelear, se detuvo a pesar de que la otra siguiera molestando, se aparto, y ahora se encontró con un gato, y mi hijo cogió al gato, no le hizo nada por suerte, pero le gruñó al gato y eso no fue agradable, cuando buscábamos una razón, dijieron que eran celos hacia la otra cachorra, POR FAVOR HELP, AYUDA, el nunca fue agresivo y no quiero que vuelvan a pelearse.

    • alan junior barreto vinces
      alan junior barreto vinces


  • Samuel Hendra W Sinaga
    Samuel Hendra W Sinaga

    This guy have a talent form God how to help human train them pets for ex: a dog

  • Carolina Adler
    Carolina Adler

    I hate cages!!!!!

  • jusmejudy

    Cesar you're my favorite dog whisperer but I'm sorry that lesson with Picasso and the other dog you used as an example that whole lesson, it wasn't a good example of what to do next. That dog was not growling and trying to bite people so that is not a good example of how to take care of Picasso. come on I know you could do better I've seen it

  • Assatta Lewis
    Assatta Lewis

    me and Picasso will not be a family. im sorry but if u bite the hand that feed's a deal breaker.

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones

    I knew this couple who had a pitbull that took to me with a humble and gentle nature, but he became aggressive towards them which led them to getting rid of him. I was so shocked when I found out what happened because he would come to me and just stand and lower his head for me to pet, kiss, and talk to him. However, he bit both, husband and wife.

  • Girish Bhatt
    Girish Bhatt

    Hi Cesar, I have a 18 months male rottweiler name "Champion". Now last two weeks he is grawling when he see lease in my hand or even when keep my hand in his coller & harness even he attack on me when i am trying to lease him after muzzle him even when i muzzle he is not growling & not attacking even he is very friendly & trained by me in treat base training. How can i correct him actually i am very upset about this behavior of him...Please help me i am totally helpless. I have brought him only 30days of his age i love him like my own child. Please must help me...

  • Shyrae Mohammed
    Shyrae Mohammed

    Cesar I love your videos! I need help with my 8 month old mini Aussie! She snapped at me when I tried to take a candy wrapper out of her mouth. She bit my lip so hard that I need minor surgery. She can be stubborn. She also gets agitated when I'm preparing her food. But she is not aggressive if I touch her food while she's eating. Any suggestions? HELP PLEASE!!

  • MobileDecay

    Just bop him on the head with a gavel. He won't be aggressive if he's unconscious. 😊

  • Tam G Smith
    Tam G Smith

    Cesar, what is the best way to build trust?

  • Ten Second BuickGN
    Ten Second BuickGN

    Rhetorical question....Why is it that 90% of women clients have issues with their dogs?

  • Mayan Leap
    Mayan Leap

    Picasso needs a canvas, a mahl stick, oils, inks, pallets, brushes... He's an artist and they are giving him a dog life... that look says: you must change, not me...

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    I respect you sir, cuz you do things just perfectly right, it's very satisfying !

  • Kristina Jakakas
    Kristina Jakakas

    Cesar.... Picasso looks alot more difficult then Benson.....

  • jo eri
    jo eri

    The King of Dogs

  • Dillon Mazcrenhanzers
    Dillon Mazcrenhanzers

    This girl is insane, while the dog has been put inside of the cage , she is claiming the dog is aggressive. . 😤

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch

    Omg.. 1 in a cage the other one isn't???? I'll be pissed too.

  • J X
    J X

    Number 1 take the dog to the vet From there you tell the veterinarian to grab the needle And from there we’re gonna make him put the needle in the dog for an infinity and beyond nap!! There you go, build trust so you can build dogs confidence to get killed!! Thankyou for watching me I’m Cesar

  • Ana Lexi
    Ana Lexi

    I know what it is! Americans live their dogs in cage! That's unneceptable! Dogs should have space!

    • Ana Lexi
      Ana Lexi

      @You're A Mess yeah, right! Let's lock you up in a cage and see how much you like your "safe space"...

    • You're A Mess
      You're A Mess

      Ana Lexi some dogs actually prefer cages. It’s their “safe space” if introduced correctly

  • Hazzy Chahal
    Hazzy Chahal

    I’m big fan

  • eisuke17


  • Liliana Ortíz
    Liliana Ortíz

    Subtítulos en español por favor!!!

  • GetClapBoi

    Cesar I just got a husky puppy he’s 3 months old and I have another dog and he is 10 years old and today was their first stay the met and they don’t get along is and the oldest dog is jealous of the new dog is this a. Normal behavior or it’s not If not what can we do to fix it

  • Fabrizio Caragiulo
    Fabrizio Caragiulo

    What a useless video.

  • Slavko Culibrk
    Slavko Culibrk

    How would you place a collar on a dog that doesn't let you place it over his head? Also doesn't let you to attach a leash.

  • gaby robichaud
    gaby robichaud

    Does anyone know why my border collie when introduced to a dog he will smell them sometimes he gets along with them but other times he back’s up for a second and want to nip them and ack like he’s mean

    • gaby robichaud
      gaby robichaud

      Brucev7 would you have any video suggestions?

    • gaby robichaud
      gaby robichaud

      Brucev7 tks i’ll go see for those videos cuz i really won’t want to stop this behavior

    • Bruce7

      imho He's insecure. Maybe he is being protective of his turf. You can deescalate, distract him. Cesar does this, one way, by his Shh! and by tapping them. There are probably videos on dogs who are snippy with other dogs.

  • Lup

    Dab on em

  • Kelly's Noble Herd.
    Kelly's Noble Herd.

    Perhaps you can help a wonderful person in Turkey who is dealing with strays who are a lot of times aggressive. They are doing what they can but any help would be so valuable. Dev Nav.

  • dondena21

    I have a cousin and her family that got a dog for their kids, a rough collie/great pyrenees mix. She's great with the family, but with outsiders is very insecure. They got her as a young pup about 8 to 10 weeks I believe, but they never took her anywhere and never socialized her. She's now almost 2 and still the same. She never gets walked because they are afraid she'll bite someone. The only place she went was the vet to get spayed that once. Any other time, I don't know much about. I just would like to see her have a long happy life with them, but she gets so little from the family aside from just love and food. Sure, she's inside with them, but if she acts up, they tie her up outside. But she doesn't have proper discipline. My cousin is the mom of the family and she knows how to discipline her kids, 3 of them, but not the dog. They don't want outside help or feels offended by it. Yeah well, if there isn't someone to tell them what they're doing wrong, one day they may have to put their dog down if she does bite out of fear or protecting when they don't need protecting. If it's a burglar that's one thing, but not other family who want to see them. Is there anyone that can help them?

  • Helping Minimalist Review
    Helping Minimalist Review

    I absolutely love the way he talks!!!!!! Such firm crispness and strength

  • Kyle Abrams
    Kyle Abrams

    I'm afraid giving an aggressive dog food very often might just encourage that behavior. This guy just needs to be a guard dog maybe. Or needs a new master. Some people are almost destined to not get along. The same goes for dogs although I think they're better than we are lol.

  • Tanthien Nguyen
    Tanthien Nguyen

    Ein Tier kann Wishpere .....Aber ein Kind wie ich Niemand kann es helfen.....Wie kann man es glauben können....Tierschutz....

  • Bruno Ross
    Bruno Ross

    Just thank you for your work Cesar. My dream is one day have a chance to learn from you in live, or make some volunteer work for your rach. Such amazing person.

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic


  • mark schuette
    mark schuette

    best dog exercise rig ever- high drive dog exercise, control and sport- great for even aggro and Blind dogs too-

  • Amy Estrada
    Amy Estrada

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cesar. I was THRILLED to find this video! I have a nine month old Rottweiler who has begun to show aggression to people he doesn’t know well including, my nine year old granddaughter. I cannot in good faith rehome an aggressive dog. Actually I cannot rehome him even if I wanted to because he would show aggression to the person I was trying to rehome to! If I don’t find help the only thing we can do is put him down. I will not risk my granddaughter much longer. I hoped this video would help. This video never even addressed the aggression issue. I can get a muzzle on my dog because he loves and trusts me but he cannot live with a muzzle on. I’m sure there is help for Chopper I just don’t know where or how to get it.

    • Manu

      Isn't there a good dog trainer somewhere in you can reach by car? Are you in the us or europe?

  • The Giggly Child
    The Giggly Child

    When I see Picasso, I see a very insecure dog. His eyes are wide, his ears appear to be up and he's very still, probably tense. He gave his owner warning signs before he started growling: licking his lips. That is a sign he is stressed. For good reason too. He is most likely in that cage for most of the time. Dogs take around three months to get fully settled into a new home. I think she needs to learn how to ease his anxiety after introducing to the muzzle. The results could be catastrophic if she doesn't know how to make him feel comfy both in a new home, and a muzzle.

  • Mickey Mic
    Mickey Mic

    This woman has made the dog aggressive.!!! Save the dog from her by taking him away. She shouldnt own a dog! Putting the dog in a crate the whole day with muzzle and harnass is pure ABUSE!!!!

  • Adem Emre
    Adem Emre

    Im watching you a lot of times Cesar Millan. You're so good your job. Im watching you in Turkey. I don't afraid dogs, because you are learning that 😌

  • Aubrey Creech
    Aubrey Creech

    I really wish you would have went into more detail about this behavior... my dog has been behaving this way. I love him dearly he's VERY obedient most of the time. If I take him out and about he's completely cool. Completely respects me. The only problem is once and awhile at home he becomes aggressive near his cage, if you touch his cage.. help! #SOS

  • Alyssa Vela
    Alyssa Vela

    I actually showed my local cheater that if you have a piece of food in your hand and place it under the basket muzzle the dog will usually stick his head right in and you can vaccinate them easier. For the longest time they were manhandling the dogs, the muzzles are for the dogs safety as well as their own. Once a shelter dog bites it’s hard to rehome.

  • Mia Malone
    Mia Malone

    OK. Ain’t nobody gonna comment on that spooky music and the dog’s scary lit up eyes at the beginning? 😳

  • すぽぽん

    I loooooooooooove Mr.benson


    I hate it when people cage dogs. I have had dogs for many years, all breeds and all temperaments it takes trust and love where dogs are concerned. Perhaps it's because I worked for a veterinary practice for many years that I do not have a problem with dogs and their behaviour. Have to admit I learned a lot by watching Cesar .

    • Mickey Mic
      Mickey Mic

      I have dogs for over 50 years and never used a cage or a muzzle. NEVER.


    Gracias cesar, my dog have the same problem that the frist dog. im gonna put in practice that =)

    • GiNGLEP

      @Mickey Mic lol my dog is not in a cage

    • Mickey Mic
      Mickey Mic

      STOP putting your dog in a cage.

  • Eddie Costa
    Eddie Costa

    Put it like this...when I got my English bulldog a E-collar he demand I throw water on him before he gets zapped...each and every time....

  • george washington carver
    george washington carver

    All of these techniques also work on children and unappreciative wives

  • DogCat Party
    DogCat Party

    You might get more funding and donations from the new group called 'Resource Generation' interviewed in the October issue of the online magazine called 'Town and Country.' They are on You Tube, triple spaced for fast reading. You might consider getting all of your videos translated into Spanish and used in both language classes. This could help over come boredom with conventional class material. January 2020

  • Alex

    When you helped molly Burke and her dog was it an episode?

  • Ellemijnt PoTtAh
    Ellemijnt PoTtAh


  • D

    huh? i get the point be he should have used a relatable dog for the video. as mentioned below this girl needs a lot more help to integrate this dog.


    Sorry to be that guy, but it’s “how to help AN overly aggressive dog”.

  • Alexandra Fuentes
    Alexandra Fuentes

    cesar your dab is way better than mine XD

  • David B
    David B

    Pretty much need to distract his mind and get him focused on something else. Whether it is food or a toy. Either works.. All depends on the dog. Definitely, can't be passive with him. Be calm and assertive.

  • piet er
    piet er

    I wish i could live there between the dogs. Better friends then humans.

    • piet er
      piet er

      @Mia Malone Oke especially for you then :

    • Mia Malone
      Mia Malone

      piet er yes 😻

    • piet er
      piet er

      @Mia Malone You meant "That Miami Sound Machine" sound?

    • Mia Malone
      Mia Malone

      Loved that beginning 😍

    • Mia Malone
      Mia Malone

      piet er OMG 100% agreed. I deal with grumpy, unappreciative humans daily at work. Dogs love unconditionally and always are loyal.

  • Pea Beebop
    Pea Beebop

    Why in the hell was the cage covered up? The dog doesn't deserve to be hidden away because he's angry, in fact, even without Caeser's expertise I would speculate that the dog is more aggressive being put in a cage and covered up.

  • Old Dirtbiker
    Old Dirtbiker

    As the owner and best friend of a 50 pound dog that had aggression problems I can assure you that getting seriously mauled is an experience you will never forget. The pressure of a dog bite will make you want to puke from the pain and there will be blood everywhere. I was bitten severely twice, moderately twice, and once not as badly. My wife was bitten twice. I sought the help of a trainer that knows how to deal with aggressive dogs, in this case Ty the Dog Guy in Salt Lake City (he has a IRbin channel). I also strongly recommend getting a vet to prescribe Prozac (or the generic equivalent), about one milligram per pound of the dog's weight, taken in two doses (half in the AM and half in the PM). It's cheap and easy, an old and proven drug. My dog had no side effects and it changed him greatly, but in a subtle way. You will have to be the dominant one in the relationship, not by force but by feeding him last if you have several dogs, or making him wait before he can go to his food. Become an expert in reading his body language such as if his body gets stiff, hunched back, or the start of growling. When in doubt, let him pout. Don't try to pet him or sooth him. Better to make him go to a crate or out to the yard, like a time out. Aggressive behavior might result in your dog being taken away from you and killed, legal problems, etc. My dog is a best friend now, a happy mature 7 year old, but I still read his behavior. Don't give up on your dog without trying everything you can, especially something so easy as Prozac.

  • Zeitlose Hundetherapie
    Zeitlose Hundetherapie


  • Mahalo Aloha
    Mahalo Aloha

    A mussel is a form of animal abuse. Cesar doesn’t have a mussel on any of his dogs. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would put that on an animal. I’m embarrassed to be human sometimes, when I see how we treat animals. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • April Hoi
    April Hoi

    I feel like this lady is going to get her hand and face chewed off doing this. The dog in the video is learning, learning that biting and growling gets people to back off. Gets him his way. No walks in the rain, no muzzle, sit in your little safe spot all day. Trick is to not back off, but the issue is that it's gone a bit to far already. I get what Ceasar is doing here, create a positive assosiation with the muzzle. But it might be better to identify what it is about human interaction that had made him go into this state of mind and give him positive association with that first.

  • raven moon
    raven moon

    I used small hotdog bits when I volunteered at a local animal control facility. I called it hot dog therapy. No or very little eye contact, no talking, just myself at first outside of an aggressive dogs kennel with a hot dog bit in my hand. I'd bend down, sideways blading my body from the dog so Im not being aggressive around their turf (cage) but claiming my space with a hot dog. One little dog, we called Mr. Mister, he took almost 3 weeks to calm down to the point of wanting to join up with my offered leash for a walk outside the kennel. He was a one mans dog who threatened everyone and usually bit everyone who tired too fast to be friends. He was a jack russel whos owner babied from puppyhood. He was turned in to animal control because of how many family menbers he had bitten and attacked, and the owner was a senior who couldn't take care of him anymore. Sad story, but thanks to the non kill shelter and brave volunteers who stuck with him. He learned to trust people and I was honored to break the ice for him using hotdogs and what I learned from Cesar. Ill never forget the first day he took a bit of hotdog from my hand without threat of a mauling, putting his head through my offered leash and walking out of the kennels and into the woods like he was finally a free pup. One volunteer walked by us and just said, "Mister??,,...No Shit??"" I just said." He was finally ready".. and after that first walk a whole new world opened for him that day as everyone wanted to walk him. The only rule was no talking to him, no eye contact, only offer him a hotdog bit and a leash loop at the kennel door. In maybe two days everyone was not only walking him but holding and petting him..finally..He was adopted and had no issues..

  • Belle from Oz
    Belle from Oz

    I need help with my mum's dog, but I don't want to put it on my Instagram page. How on earth do I get Cesar's help without posting on IG?

  • Ashton Day
    Ashton Day

    Watched Caesar years ago, can’t believe I ever did. He is primarily responsible for a US nation of wannabe dog whisperers, where everyone is trying to love the aggression out of a dog and pretending to be doggie psychologist. So many self proclaimed dog experts, trainers, whisperers, fanatics, aka lunatics. They all own a dog and miraculously have the keys to the doggie mind. I can imagine his preachings are responsible for many aggressive dogs getting re-homed time and again after causing injury and mayheim. Re-name and re-home when you can’t seem to whisper enough to doggie. Yup, thank Caesar, along with many rescue organizations.

  • More Choice
    More Choice

    I have 2 caucasian dogs since they were puppy two years ago while I have two old dogs for the past 10yrs. They are well disciplined, obedience and very friendly to each other till last December that the female caucasian attacked and killed one of the 10yrs old dog. This scared me that made me to cage the female because i don't know what she can do to my family but I still release the Male around the remaining old dog . After one week the Male caucasian grabbed the old dog at the neck and tried to kill her but I was around to rescue her. They are both chained now and I dont know what to do

    • More Choice
      More Choice

      Just watched the video. As for mine they have been friendly to each other for so long and I dont know what caused the change between them. And when they attack its to kill because they grab them on the neck as when a lion want to kill the prey with holes through the neck. I am scare of what will happen if I am not there

    • More Choice
      More Choice

      Thanks a lot

    • Dee F
      Dee F

      I found this Cesar video on You Tube "Ending a dog fight between young and old dogs." Maybe this would help. In the meantime, I suggest you separate the younger dogs from the older one- use baracades instead of chaining them- until you can train them. Also, Cesar often says dogs will attack old, sick or overly submissive dogs. Was/Is the older dog sick?

  • Dee F
    Dee F

    Cesar, your advice and technique are great, but why is the dog being teased, locked up and wearing a muzzle? Why did the owner rescue a dog they don't know how to handle?

  • Ricardo22 da Silva
    Ricardo22 da Silva

    Rescherch his lighty shining eyes, and try to understand wheres this from ;)

  • Fluffy BunBuns
    Fluffy BunBuns

    That dog isn’t aggressive I’m not a professional but I can tell that muzzle looks really bad I’ve seen muzzles not so uncomfortable and it looks like she has him 24/7 with his muzzle because in the video she had him in the crate a place for him to feel comfortable in but she had a muzzle on him in the crate no wonder he doesn’t let her put it on

  • Ms Gazelle
    Ms Gazelle

    Your intro is amazing and funny awesome job to the designer

    • Dee F
      Dee F

      Totally agree. Love to see more of Mr Benson, too.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    It's all about the food 🍗🥩🍖the smell 😃

  • Shirley Szeliga
    Shirley Szeliga

    Be careful the Pomeranian will tear you to shreds !

  • Shirley Szeliga
    Shirley Szeliga

    She needs to start from day one. The dog is obviously scared and not trusting of her. Go to jail directly to jail do not pass go. That’s what has been done to that dog.

    • Mickey Mic
      Mickey Mic

      You are SO RIGTHT!!!

  • irene birgita
    irene birgita

    Love the intro!!!

  • Marie F
    Marie F

    That dog Benson is so adorable 🥰 so willing to want to be the guinea pig awwwww

  • Gloria Gehring
    Gloria Gehring

    Didn't see that one coming, a little fluff ball. Wth

  • Pat

    I don´t know why Cesar always seems to be yelling on these videos... Hey, production! Take a look at it, because I guess these are not amateur youtube videos, are they?

  • Ace deuce
    Ace deuce

    I thought this fool was dead!!!

  • MaryDgo E
    MaryDgo E

    I love your videos I used to watch your program online all the time I am glad I found you here at IRbin 🤗 fantástico trabajo

  • Purpur Drachen
    Purpur Drachen

    Nur eine Frage . Haben die die Perversen aus Hollywood gekauft ?

  • Connie Wolf
    Connie Wolf

    an overly aggressive dog....

  • D

    Hi Cesar, are you also making new episodes of Dog Whisperer on National Geographic? Or are you doing only IRbin now? 😊

  • Atena Chios
    Atena Chios

    Picasso is a Killer no dog . O M G (°•°)

  • Aabha Sharma
    Aabha Sharma

    Why is Caesar so cute?

  • EmanThe Dawg
    EmanThe Dawg

    Cesar, I’ve tried these techniques with my pet parakeet, help!

  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie

    I think he smells Chinese food, latkes and Apple sauce

  • Corner of the Barn
    Corner of the Barn

    did he just dab? he just dabbed. that was the best dab i ever did see man five stars ★★★★★

  • precision Brown
    precision Brown

    Well that’s one way. She’ll have to work with him a lot and gain his trust back. Dogs rarely change like that for a reason. Maybe pain like a tooth ache. He may have a medical problem. I’d try to get him to the Veterinarian first

  • Lenny's Corner Live
    Lenny's Corner Live

  • Lenny's Corner Live
    Lenny's Corner Live

    In East Palistine Ohio some idiot went into a residence backyard stole the dog, the next day the son of the dog's owner found the dog's decapitated head. In the backyard where he was stolen from. Man what is this mess, and nobody is actually talking about this. What the heck is this world coming to. R.I.H. Trouble the beagle It just sad.....

  • thatjerseyb

    I'm not even a 'small dog person', but Mr Benson is my favorite! lol

  • Biomirth

    This isn't good enough Cesar. You can do so much more and we've all seen you do it. Even if you just fell back on your 'groups of three ideas' advice it would be better than this. I don't know if the problem is in who is editing or whether you've made these decisions yourself. You know better than anyone you can't phone it it, particularly when dealing with a potentially dangerously aggressive dog. Thinking of you and hoping you're well.

  • Lexie Renouard
    Lexie Renouard

    Good tip... but doesn’t really address the issue...?

  • Gisela Dougans
    Gisela Dougans

    Great video. Thank you. Blessing to you & your family always 👍🏼💜😇

  • Kelissa

    This works. I did something similar with my rescue dog since he would not even put on his hardness for a walk. I had to put hot dog bits on his hardness and let him eat it off it to learn to associate it with good thoughts. It took a month (he was pretty bad) but finally he was sold and has enjoyed daily walks for years now.

  • cinema 4d tutorials
    cinema 4d tutorials

    vaya es la misma raza de perro que el pateo hace años

  • Jean Dias
    Jean Dias

    Ótimas dicas!! Só não entendi nada! Kkkkk

  • Sue Mason
    Sue Mason

    I was hoping for more hands on with the problem dog. I really enjoyed your older videos where you addressed the dog and its issues.


    Picasso is pissed cuz he's in a cage for 20 hours a day...

    • Carolina Adler
      Carolina Adler

      German shepherd Reilly it’s a fact. Not cool

    • Jack Rea
      Jack Rea

      Let’s only speak facts

    • Bree Reilly
      Bree Reilly

      Let's not judge

    • Felipe Bernardes
      Felipe Bernardes

      HAUTECOMMODITITES Maybe because he keeps attacking people...... duh.

  • Trena Phillips
    Trena Phillips

    The advice makes sense. I feel they will need a lot more help with Picasso though. I have a fear reactive 2 1/2 year old Sheltie. We've had him since 9 weeks. I've had dogs in my family for over 40 years but I cannot seem to figure out how to help him. He is bright and smart and sweet, but anxious and terrified of all other humans except myself and my daughter. He finally did bite someone. I am so sad. I keep trying. I cannot give up on him.

    • Trena Phillips
      Trena Phillips

      @Dee F Thank you. I will watch them.

    • Dee F
      Dee F

      Cesar has lots of videos about fear aggression. I suggest you watch them all.

  • efuseakay

    Good. Now do that with Picasso. 🙄

  • Lioness006

    I wonder if Picasso was in pain or something. Seems strange that the behavior would start up out of nowhere.

    • Lioness006

      @Dee F Right? When your dog's behavior changes suddenly, the first thing you should do is take them to a vet to make sure there's nothing physical that could be causing the problem.

    • Dee F
      Dee F

      Yeah, he could have a fracture, a break, a tumor, an imbalance...get a vet check!