How to Calm Down An Overly Excited Dog
Legacy the Pitbull has lots of energy and wants to play with everyone and everything all of the time.
Cesar explains in three simple steps how to calm them down to a level that it is then okay to play.
Andre Millan:
Calvin Millan:
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  • Elly Grace Numia
    Elly Grace Numia

    So helpful thanks. I have a pit bull cross. My third dog and raising her - now 10 weeks appears totally different to past dogs. I have to step into my leadership role. No touch no talk no eye contact is challenging as. But moving out of my own puppy to take up the challenge. Thanks Caesar for all you do xox

  • K9 Care Center Dog Training
    K9 Care Center Dog Training

    Always helps cesar's methods. I am a big fan of you Cesar..💓

  • La Mooky
    La Mooky

    Click bait for a advertisement

  • martin ettenes
    martin ettenes

    I love to hear what Cesar is saying but, the so called background music is far to loud, it became foreground music :( ...

  • Leigh Stone
    Leigh Stone

    Caesar I need help my dog won't stop jumping my fence and going after people he doesn't bite but he jumps and bites there feet. I'm disabled and I have been trying but I believe I'm failing my dog what can I do to get him from jumping the fence and stay in his yard.I can't afford another dog at large ticket again and don't want to give him up. Please help!!!

  • Dianne Schuler
    Dianne Schuler

    My lab goes nuts when we go for a ride in the car ! She whines and makes a shrieking noise . I take her out several times a week to run thinking she will eventually stop freaking out but nothing . Please help .

  • Sherry DeLancy
    Sherry DeLancy

    It would have been nice, if he had demonstrated the use of the collar.

  • Kasia C
    Kasia C

    Sorry Cesar. U used to be brilliant with hands-on advice, but not any more. There was no useful information in this video. I do not want to buy a collar. I want my dog to stop being an ass, and the collar although helpful is not a solution. Please stop plugging. Go back to giving real advice.

  • Revenant1775

    So, my dog is registered as an emotional support animal for me and is supposed to accompany me on a flight at the end of the year. However, he loves people and whines when around a lot of people because he wants their attention. I'm afraid this will be an issue on the flight. So how do I fix this behavior?

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Helloooo, might be a good thing for such kind of Breed's. I think so. Sending many lovely Greetings ❤️

  • Ricardo_M.

    His show the best

  • Pug Things
    Pug Things

    Is this a product placement

  • Xub Erant
    Xub Erant

    Showing us a exact situation & how it's done would have been more helpful.

  • D HB
    D HB

    My dog is a patterdale ooofff

  • Danielle Mosca
    Danielle Mosca

    So basically this was a commercial

  • Samantha Arnett
    Samantha Arnett

    Cesar sos my male pitbull is 1 yr old and he is constantly jumping on me and hurting me because he is so big... Also he will drag me down the stairs when going outside (our yard isnt fenced) what can i do to stop this from happening.

  • shree

    #Ceasser SOS

  • shree

    #Ceasser SOS

  • Giannis Kiritsis
    Giannis Kiritsis

    I have a pit bull he have never bite a human even me when he was puppy

  • Vicki Burt
    Vicki Burt

    I have a feeling this was a video with context but it was transformed into selling this product because it doesn’t match the second half.

  • Anonymous

    Ceaser : _No touch, no talk, no eye contact_ Me : _Ohh.._ 👁️👄👁️ *_Proceeds to run_* 🏃

  • Jasmine Ramirez
    Jasmine Ramirez


  • robinflea

    Needs to be longer, where do we find full episodes

  • Alex Ballesteros
    Alex Ballesteros

    Is there a video showcasing the collar?

  • Somjyoti Sarkar
    Somjyoti Sarkar

    I never get tired of your lessons

  • Conejo World
    Conejo World

    Thank u Cesar I train my pitbull from watching your videos... I had some before but couldn't keep them because I wasn't training them right... Thank you so much

  • moist banana
    moist banana

    I got the no eye contact ,no tuch,no talk. But my dog its mad and starts barking and niping at me

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez

    I love you Cesar

  • Rebecca Bosco
    Rebecca Bosco

    This dog is not even a little bit hyperactive as mine, really. My dog when is hyperactive jumps up to my face to bite it, if I don't touch him to put him down he would probably eat my face, legs and hands playing. And he does not mean to be aggressive when he is in that mood, he's 3 and a half months old and he is playing when is that hyper active. Man if the dog in this video is Hyper active I don't know how to describe mine.

    • Lara

      Geez get professional dog training now. That is not okay! He is massively disrespecting you, that is actually scary.

  • Chris Hewson
    Chris Hewson

    Does the penny bottle work for excessive barking?

  • Candela Perez
    Candela Perez

    Hola. Una lástima que no tengan aunque sea los subtítulos en español.....much@s nos manejamos fatal con el inglés. Siendo mexicano podrías tener el detalle del idioma :-) Saludos desde España.

  • Silvia Voss
    Silvia Voss

    I take my Pit Bull to the river and throw a stick into the water for her to fetch, she was over weight when I rescued her, never walked, etc., so I take her for 2-6 mile walks and when it became hot and humid I did the trip to the river which she loves, she gets very excited, in a crazy zone oblivious to all but the stick and fetching, I got bit twice, not deliberately, once in my knuckle when choosing a stick and in my knee when bending to pick it up. I was calm although I did talk and look at her, I'll not do that and see how it goes, oh she's off leash and wearing a harness with a handle, it's a no pull one that has helped

  • Johanny

    I need to try this with my dog she loves to launch and pull.

  • Tabatha Carey
    Tabatha Carey

    I need a little extra guidance as I have a dog that is this hyper, work with her daily and with treats.. She hasnt made it past sitting down in a month and shes still wiggling and moving around as she sits with no touch no talk no eye contact .. She will calm for 45 secs tops at a time .. Cant even make it to lay down, a month in and she's constant pacing wiggling bouncing around ..

  • Cayden 3671
    Cayden 3671

    My dog is a beagle and sometimes when he walks past my cat he gets hyper and the cat jumps on my dog and fights with him

  • Way2n2me

    Where do you buy the collar? I don’t see it on the website?

  • MultiRibrob

    Didn’t help in the slightest this video

  • Alone Wolf
    Alone Wolf

    i'm watching this video because my dog is acting like strange or excited... i don't know but she looks like she is hearing something or feel because she always going under the table (that is the place where she always go when he is scared) and i don't know what she is doing...

  • Silva Cleo
    Silva Cleo

    That will be very hard to do! When I see my puppy excited and playful, I wanna play with him, too. It's contagious! 🤪

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden

    People coming home to their excited nervous dog: HELLOOOO HI BABY DID YOU MISS ME

  • Hiren Walia
    Hiren Walia

    Does this apply to puppies

  • F Marrapodi
    F Marrapodi

    ???? What??? I don't understand Cesar. So I buy you collar and that fixes the problem? I'm more confused. I love your videos C but this one.......not so much!

  • xCriminalKingx

    My family has a pitbull and we love him so much his name is Joker like joker from Batman!!!

  • Eva PM
    Eva PM

    What?? A collar presentation? Teach us, that’s what we want

  • SO Vlogs
    SO Vlogs

    Nice, but would have liked to see the collar in action.

  • Dominique M
    Dominique M

    My dog is a little fuckeroni. He’s absolutely adorable and loving and sweet, but he’s a hyper-active, overly mouthy pitbull/lab mix. Toby is 100% that happy-go-lucky pooch.

  • CoupleOfThings

    not at all helpful.

  • Marko I.
    Marko I.

    Does this collar work with puppys? Would wish to see how Cesar would raise a puppy, because there is nearly no content from him for puppies. But there the problem begins. With the raising of a puppy.

  • I wish i had mac and cheese
    I wish i had mac and cheese

    Great content and music

  • New Thought
    New Thought

    Cesar does not suit the Disney style of presenting.....

  • Dana and Malakai
    Dana and Malakai

    My puppy is so hyper I cannot even get a collar or a harness on her.

  • Jinuel Rienzi Lat
    Jinuel Rienzi Lat

    blow some weed to your dog and he will instantly calm down

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    These advice works in every guardian dog?

  • Shelby4275

    I don't see how no touch, no talk, no eye contact is going to help my pitbull when she wants to play with other dogs or cats.

  • life t
    life t

    Bro how much u cost to come out and help me out with my 1year old. He aint all aggresive but he does get attitude for time to time and snap when being told. And just help train. I hope you this and can respond fast as you can. Much appreciated and i like how you teach

  • Callie Smole
    Callie Smole

    Love you!!!

  • Fergus Larter
    Fergus Larter

    No thanks I love when my dogs beserk

  • Jade Earl Dacuyan
    Jade Earl Dacuyan

    Watchng 2 ads before the video will make you bark

  • Rahul Soni
    Rahul Soni

    Which dog is very dangerous in Pitbull and Rottweiler, which dog quickly gets angry and bites

  • roger peet
    roger peet

    I was looking for dog fighting, sorry.

  • Rebekah Asdfjkl
    Rebekah Asdfjkl

    So far I’ve learned it’s my fault my dogs are a mess. I’m trying to balance my energy around my animals but it’s super hard when I live in a constant state of anxiety and haven’t learned how to control myself, of course my dogs follow suit🤦🏼‍♀️

  • andrew k. ennis Andy
    andrew k. ennis Andy

    DNA would probably show Border collie in that "PitBull". I have a rescue that came from Pit mom and unknown dad. He has herding instinct and acts just like this. He also looks a lot like this dog in color.

  • Hilda Strangwayes
    Hilda Strangwayes

    Como puedo comprar uno de estos collares. I wonder what make people to love a dog like one of my kids, but some people don’t care about them.

  • Oli

    What’s the purpose of this video

  • •Vicky Pig•
    •Vicky Pig•

    I showed this to my dog so he could teach me how to calm down 👁👄👁

  • Moönchild

    where i can buy cesar's collar? it's international shipment?

  • Sophia Rodriguez
    Sophia Rodriguez

    My dog nites alot I hit hime but he thinks its funny so he keeps biting me

  • alejandro blondell
    alejandro blondell

    Cheers for this, been searching for "how to stop a dog from whining at night" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Cayemis Bewildering Control - (just google it )? It is a great one off product for discovering how to stop your dg from excessively barking crying or whining minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • ShiroMani Ŵ
    ShiroMani Ŵ

    My puppy bites me and growls and runs when she’s exited we need to stop this immediately.

    • ShiroMani Ŵ
      ShiroMani Ŵ

      I’m guessing she is 5 months and what I’ve learned is quite the treats, they are obviously not working.

    • ShiroMani Ŵ
      ShiroMani Ŵ

      Also put her on a leash.

    • ShiroMani Ŵ
      ShiroMani Ŵ

      Lol hey past Shirona, she’s not growling anymore but she is 6 months and still biting...

  • peter talon
    peter talon

    Thanks Caesar, it helped a lot. I have 6 puppies that go wild and yelp when we greet them. Since practicing the no touch, no talk and no eye contact, they've become more settled as affection is only given after they have calmed down.

  • Naota Nandaba
    Naota Nandaba

    LOL, love that intro! 😂

  • Jacq

    Thankyou about the collar placement ;)

  • אור סבן
    אור סבן

    amazing video thanks as always!!

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis

    Why are PITBULLS so dominant?

  • Cindy

    whee can I buy the pack leader collar? I don't see it on Amazon

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez

    Thank you for the advice!!

  • dill papa
    dill papa

    if you don't neuter your dog is it animal cruelty to not give them hand jobs?? (or any 4 legged pet or wild animal)?? because they don't have palm finger grip hands like humans/monkeys do.

  • Priscilla Taylor
    Priscilla Taylor

    Hello Cesar! I have a 4 year old male labahoula. He is the best! He is amazing with my children and is very well behaved...but...he has so much energy! My husband takes him for a 3 mile run in the evening and we play with him in the backyard. We also take him to the park once a week. He is still so active. Help! We have a 1 year old female lab and she is so calm and relaxed. I was hoping my labahoula would calm down as he aged ..but he is still the same.. What are we humans missing in my house?

  • Anthony Marich
    Anthony Marich

    I did not learn a thing from your misleading headline. Keep making the money Caesar!!!

  • STO AntiTrollDivision
    STO AntiTrollDivision

    This was more about sales than teaching. ;(

  • systemsoundbar

    question: how to calm down an overly exited dog? cesar: yes

    • John Dough
      John Dough

      Please answer the question Cesar.

  • Yolanda Cantu
    Yolanda Cantu

    You were not helpful

  • Arabella Pearl
    Arabella Pearl

    The illusion collar isn’t even available on Cesar’s website! Why would he be advertising a product you can’t even buy?!?! Also this video was wrongly titled! It should've been called Cesar Millan Illusion Pack Leader Collar Advertisement or something this showed nothing about how to actually calm down a really over excited dog! I love Cesar’s techniques but this video wasn't helpful since the product he advertised isn't even for sale and can't be bought!!!

  • The 5 Star
    The 5 Star

    downvote for salespitch instead of advice

  • kyle sanger
    kyle sanger

    Great Video. Cesar has boat loads of videos, so he is likely to go 100% in video 1 (everything from a-z about a topic), 75% in video 2 about the same topic, 50%, 25%. Eg. 5 topics - 100%. Repeat 5 topics at 75%, Repeat 5 topics at 50%, an so on. This is my thoughts on how content for youtube is created. So if you do not find the information in this video, check his others. This trend should be the same for 33% of youtubers/vloggers

  • Emily Cool girl
    Emily Cool girl

    I think my dog is fucking possessed

  • Paola Egusquiza
    Paola Egusquiza

    I agree with @rufio2201 , the video markets a product and not the actual skill I am looking for. The product looks great and the explanation makes sense, I would like to see the actual use of it and the strategy to use, please Cesar if you actually read these posts, would be great to redo ¨how. To calm down an overly excited dog¨.

  • Galacita

    *Hola🐕 cesar no hablo inglé gustaría que me ayudara tengo un Pitbull de 6 meses de edad .el problema es que cuando llega visita el perro se lanza y jugando busca las manos de las personas para morder creo que las ve como juguete es bien incómodo...mi deseo es conocerlo eres de mi gran admiración pero lo veo imposible Seattle*

  • The Baroness
    The Baroness

    Great way for product placement, I figured I'd watch this guy and he didnt fail to be well a fail.

  • Troy Boy R
    Troy Boy R

    This video was so helpful! I love Cesear!

  • Tina Price
    Tina Price

    I cannot find this collar anywhere :( Was hoping to buy it but maybe they dont make it anymore?

  • Z Ace Carvajal Vlog's And pets
    Z Ace Carvajal Vlog's And pets

    Cesar best dog trainer already met philipines best dog trainer lestre zapanta

  • Good Doggy
    Good Doggy

    Always a great source for information Cesar🙌 I have been also following the Brain Training for Dogs myself 😉

  • Juppes Moin
    Juppes Moin

    César looks like a drunken Mexican 😂

  • Mia Hope
    Mia Hope

    Isn't that a French bulldog

  • Nena’s ideas & Creations
    Nena’s ideas & Creations

    All you did in this video was SELL YOUR PRODUCT (COLLAR) you did not show us NOTHING! i have this problem and this was a waste of a video 😥😭

  • Dreamy Doggo Y.T
    Dreamy Doggo Y.T

    I own an overly excited pitbull, this helped a little bit I would have liked to see a demo

  • Ed Janiszewski
    Ed Janiszewski

    So... HOW does one calm an overly excited dog? Cesar is "here to break down the struggles that you the viewers are having with your own dogs" but this video does not contain a break down. Also, the video doesn't show Legacy's owner touching, talking to or making eye contact with Legacy. Maybe the trick is to wait for the dog to get tired and come to you then put your hands on each side of the dogs face, look it in the eyes and say "be more zen-like".

    • Ed Janiszewski
      Ed Janiszewski

      @Cesar Millan Thanks for the reply. Often when my dog comes in from outside he runs around the living room as if his tail is on fire; in that moment he's entirely over excited and seemingly out of control. This is not acceptable behavior. I understand not touching, talking to or making eye contact but is there not something more pro-active I can do? This happens even when I have him sit and wait to be "invited" inside.

    • Cesar Millan
      Cesar Millan

      Ed Janiszewski options : To wait calmly (Zen like ) To exercise until the dog uses all his or hers energy ( tired dog )

  • Duncan Turner
    Duncan Turner

    he should show a demo of his talk touch and eye contact method. it would be more helpful.