How To Calm An Excited Dog (First Meeting) - Live Dog Demo!
Today I want to give you an inside look into my live show, and how I worked to teach Tony the dog the right way to meet other people!
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In this live dog demo, Cesar Millan works with Tony, an overly excited dog who jumps and pulls on the leash when he meets new people. Using Tony's nose and sense of smell, Cesar works to teach Tony calm energy and the right behavior!

  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    Did you know how important a dog's nose is to its learning? How do you keep your dog's nose engaged?

    • Zee

      thanks Ceasar! I've watched you for years ans i think the most important thing I've learned from you that helped me a kot is CALM-ASSERTIVE ENERGY. in turn, my dog learned to be calm and to communicate with me.

    • Jennifer Chandler
      Jennifer Chandler

      High pitch voice before leaving made the neighbor dog anxious to next door people

    • Rz k
      Rz k

      😂 facts!

    • Guess Whats on my mind
      Guess Whats on my mind

      You are a legend

    • Loretta Singer
      Loretta Singer

      How lucky is this guy to have honour of Ceaser to help him with his pack. I have a new puppy after loosing 2 of my 3 loving family puppy Members. Love to have Ceaser help my new puppy and 5 yr old. Our largest presents to my family just past at 8 yr old. For large breeds I’ve in past live to 14. This was/is huge loss. She was great leader like daddy. To teach my new family pup member. How are ever so lucky to have Ceaser come stay to help. Dream come true. Relying onto....Re watch my 8 -10 yr video set. From: Sask., Canada


    I have an insanely excitable pit bull puppy. She loves people soooooooo much. Never have I had a dog that gets so happy to see children especially. She wants to kiss them and nibble on their toes and fingers and chase them all over. I am using these tips 100%

  • Kat H
    Kat H

    I don't know I am trying to train a stray dog and when she knows I have food she will scratch the hell out of me before she even begin to calm down. I am black and blue from trying to make her understand.

  • Pascale Hopstaken
    Pascale Hopstaken

    Can you give advice for the fear of free walking dogs and their owners who are saying : "my dog will do no harm, he is so sweet"!...

  • Cheryl Pillay
    Cheryl Pillay

    Thank you for taking education to much needed areas. I love your technique

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel

    Gracias Cesar por tus consejos y videos

  • Nancy Probst
    Nancy Probst

    Cesar - you are the best!

  • Jet Feb
    Jet Feb

    I was taught to hate Cesar in vet school, but all I see is positive reinforcement here. I’m sorry that the world was against you when all you are trying to do is educate. People love to criticise anything..

  • Cris Barbieri
    Cris Barbieri

    Traduzir ou legendar

  • Carlos Acosta
    Carlos Acosta

    Señore How may or can I be a part of the revolution ! Tengo dos peros presa cañero and a rodeishian ridge back and they are amazing . I have followed you for years since I lived in LA to now Phoenix and I can understand the relationship between my pack and how others are. I seem to come off as a know it all to the human but the dog seems to get me and what I'm trying to help all of them with but I find more behaviour problems with the owners than the dog it's self?! May I learn from you and the proper way to approach humans the Real problem lol

  • Jayne Martindale
    Jayne Martindale

    He's my mentor. I rehabilitated a rescue dog who had extremely bad fear aggression. I was told she couldn't be helped. I've had professional dog trainers ask me how I did it. She is calm loving and friendly and nearly 11 years old now. Thank you Cesar.

  • 甘甘國英

    Caesar Sir is magician, he is too good controlling the dogs,😀😀😀👍👍👍

  • Lorena C. O
    Lorena C. O

    Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a comprender la psicología canina, eres un hombre muy valioso que tiene la sociedad y todos los perritos también te lo agradecen. Tal vez hay videos en español? Muchas gracias 🤗

  • Ken Otwell
    Ken Otwell

    I love to play with excited dogs - why would I want to disappoint them?

  • April Cadwell
    April Cadwell

    This dog does not seem high energy at all! I can send you a video of 2 high energy dogs which would be our 2 dogs.

  • Henrik Jacobson
    Henrik Jacobson

    Thank you Ceasar for all your good advice. I have helpt my self by your book so now my dogs loves me even better

  • Akash Bond
    Akash Bond

    C'mon pal. We all know that dog is a paid actor.

  • Happy Feet For Dogs
    Happy Feet For Dogs

    Teach him to play fetch, We only learnt the best from Cesar!

  • arturo yanez
    arturo yanez


  • Stephanie Lloyd
    Stephanie Lloyd

    What kind of dog is that.

  • Marge Hackett
    Marge Hackett

    Love Ceaser

  • Nan Feliciano
    Nan Feliciano

    You are the best....Ty muchas gracias Cesar

  • FoxtrS2

    i was to get i bit worried at start... didnt know it was a ferry until I saw Helsingborg... Caesar in sweden :-)

  • Orange Ziggy
    Orange Ziggy

    I am watching this multiple times and still fascinated.

  • molk

    "dog named troy" me: used to live in detroit 😌

  • Cindy Jencks
    Cindy Jencks

    I was walking my small dog in Arizona and a pack of dogs surrounded me and my dog. They went for my dog and I scooped her up. I had to hold my dog nearly over my head. Fortunately One of the owners of a dog called their dog and the dogs were distracted and we were able to get away. I wonder how Cesar would face a pack of dogs. My dog and I are fine but it was scary.

  • Elly Mau
    Elly Mau

    dog:"HE IS NOT HOOMAN,MOM!!"😂

  • Dawn Frye
    Dawn Frye

    Caesar how do I get my dog to stop lunging toward vehicles ( from bikes to cars &trucks , motorcycle , tractors, & ATV’s) onwalks?

    • Trisha Whitehouse
      Trisha Whitehouse

      My dog doesn’t do this, but I once hit a dog because it ran into my car ..the owner didn’t get upset at me because he said the dog did that often. I thought it would be a very scary habit for a dog to have. I hope your dog stays safe.

  • Zach Hamill
    Zach Hamill

    There’s seriously no one like Cesar. Cesar must’ve been the most trained dog in his past life 😂

  • Lucky Strike
    Lucky Strike

    I'm still making the same mistakes, even after 15 years. I've watched every Cesars video and yet still, it's so easy do forget

  • akhil raman
    akhil raman

    ന്റെ പൊന്നോ...ഇയാൾ പുലി തന്നെ 🙄😲

  • mathew duffy
    mathew duffy

    This is how to calm a mild mannered dog but how do you calm down a lunatic like mine

  • O X
    O X

    The way we view dogs is how ETs view humans Cesar: see how Troy is in an excited states ETs: see how they are suffering to put out those fires

  • Sandra Viviana
    Sandra Viviana

    Desde cuando en idioma español?

  • GM504

    What if you do have food...

  • amiski024

    So what should I do if guests come over and get excited upon seeing the dog which makes the dog excited? Should I tell every guest not to make high pitched exciting noise? Or idk how do I go around that without coming off as rude when I’m trying to train my golden retriever puppy to be calm around people.

  • Gabriel Ortiz
    Gabriel Ortiz

    Very simple technique and yes, I will apply it starting today. Good work César 🙂 gracias

  • Eric Bananaman
    Eric Bananaman

    The thing is that Cesar dont treat dogs in right way . Probably giving to this animals some drugs to be relax that he can make video that's he wants

  • Sanjay Mohan
    Sanjay Mohan


  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker

    National Geographic should GIVE Cesar the rights to "The Dog Whisperer".

    • rcsc824 sc
      rcsc824 sc

      Unfortunately that's what big networks do.. steal, and take advantage of people that just don't know how big business work when they start. Corps hid it very well in the find print and their "big words". But I'm glad Cesar can get past it and just keep growing.

  • Hey You!
    Hey You!

    Funny how she keeps pulling the dog at the beginning like to show Ceasar she knows how to handle her own dog,😏 If she did she wouldn't be there.

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill

    A Mexican who jumped the border to America, then later on he conquered the world with his magnetic personality and knowledge about dogs. He has tamed both dogs and his audiences all ove the world, literally he has Psssst everyone!

  • Jamie Carter
    Jamie Carter

    Mate, from the UK and from the heart; you've had so much unjustified negative press over the years it's saddening. People love to hate. That's the reality. You are and always will be a gentleman and a "legend". Keep doing what you do because the non-haters appreciate genius. Moreover they love genius ideas and techniques "explained" in simple terms. Keep doing what you do and keep safe.

  • Volvox

    Ima have a conversation about special and general relativity with the dog. He will get tired in no time!

  • Perry Pelican
    Perry Pelican

    So happy you are back in action and even more calm.

  • Krasimira Stankova
    Krasimira Stankova

    I think Tiger boxer can be very aggressive dog, but... is uo to the owner off course

  • RSS Kurniawan
    RSS Kurniawan

    You are still the best dog whisperer! Thank you for sharing

  • Swan

    Im pretty sure Cesar is Nose Eyes Ears

  • Sebastián Caris
    Sebastián Caris

    ignore the behavior, we are going to reward the behavior we want... dude... I'm watching Cesar vs Eric Cartman

  • Manu Barboza
    Manu Barboza

    That part where the dog is jumping for the food and Cesar is ignoring him completely reminds me of that episode of South Park where Cartman is jumping for some KFC 😂😂

  • kero howgee
    kero howgee

    i think cesar is ready to move on to the next level, training humans

  • GabKoost

    Yeah. There's no staying calm and create boundaries when a dog jumps you and gets your clothes all dirty with their paws. You will have to jump back, he'll jump forward, she will pull the leach and yell. IRL this entire perfect dynamic rarely occurs.

  • Mr Farhan
    Mr Farhan

    3 bites later. I am a cat person

  • Barbara D'Ambrosio
    Barbara D'Ambrosio

    Master. Respect.

  • Mr Reddy
    Mr Reddy

    Cesar how do you teach your dog to sit away at the dinner table and not to climb on people to beg for food.


    ​Dogs are highly sensitive but they are very intellectual. If you want to train your dog, I recommend this

  • miranda rights All rights reserved
    miranda rights All rights reserved

    Daddy of 2000 and we won’t forget him or

  • Ricard Jun Roloma
    Ricard Jun Roloma

    Can someone help me. Our dog never makes a single sound to us, his family, and never howled since he was a pup. I think that this is not normal. Also he only makes a sound(bark) when sees humans and other animals that are strangers. Please help

  • Modest Mind25
    Modest Mind25

    I like how Cesar does video breakdowns while waiting at airports for his flight

  • Patricio Garcia
    Patricio Garcia

    My boxer dog goes insane when people come to the house, jumping and running around, jumping towards them, and getting the people freaked out. Even when I go to the store and come back he does the same. Tried holding the food and almost knocked me out....

  • Franky Valley
    Franky Valley

    Hi Caesar, I have a dog who is not good with other dogs but absolutely loves humans. She has been by my side through the toughest of times but it makes it super hard as I’d love to take her to dog parks or off leash at the beach or even on dates but I’m scared she will hurt another dog and get put down. We need help 🙏

  • Quentin Jaxon
    Quentin Jaxon

    "Mother nature is always communicating" That's deep

  • MrBrokentowels

    What the hell? I have to be honest I didn’t think that was gonna work

  • Ryan

    cesar i wish i could come work with you and you could train me i live in louisana

  • Brian2600

    Yo, estás en mi país!!! Bienvenidos César!! 🇩🇴👍

  • animals don't lie
    animals don't lie

    Practise your method every day. From everyone in my pack, thank you Cesar. Thank you so much. You changed everything for us

  • Lauretta Berger
    Lauretta Berger

    I have learned so much from you about dogs Cesar! Thanks so much for all you do! I thought I knew a lot about cats but realized that I didn’t know anything after watching Psycho Kitty on! What an eye opener! Animal whisperers are amazing! 💕💕

  • The Man From Snowy River.
    The Man From Snowy River.

    That dog is not excited,he is a very well behaved dog,a very easy set up to deal with,I would have liked to see a dog that is really excited and see what he can do.

  • Nicke Kotevski
    Nicke Kotevski

    Compassion to animals he said. He eats meat though, right? That´s not being compassionate to animals.


    Mann I love ur video i just don't get bored

  • John Connolly
    John Connolly

    In two short minutes, you can learn everything you need to know about approaching dogs. Ceasar is not only a dog genius but a superb example of a good human being. I learned the basic "no touch, no talk, no eye contact" thing from him years ago and it has served me well over the years. One time, an aggressive pitbull broke through a gate and charged at me from behind. The owner was of course shrieking at him, making things worse, but I knew exactly what to do. I heard him thundering up behind be and I just stood still and ignored him. He came all the way to me full speed and bumped my bare leg with what I assume was his nose or head.

  • Nono Spammo
    Nono Spammo

    Awesome videos

  • Cynn's Life
    Cynn's Life

    I let my dog smell and snap my fingers when I dont want her to touch it

  • A J18
    A J18

    Please come in India

  • Rain Rabbit
    Rain Rabbit

    I love how you entertain the human waiting for the dog to settle down before reward. You have two animals you are training. Amazing.

  • Jill Lopate
    Jill Lopate

    Oh my gosh, Caesar is so amazing. I learned something just from this video alone.

  • William Levy
    William Levy

    Thanks dad. Now I'm learning how to understand what my relationship with women and children should be. Dominant, not aggressive. In other words if I can control my pride and impatience but still discipline them without an intent to damage them emotionally I can become a man. Single mothers are the worst. They should be socially shunned always by all people.

  • steve morel
    steve morel


  • Dona Lamb
    Dona Lamb

    I have the issue with my dog being overly excited when we go on walks. He'll sit because he knows will only put the leash on if he sits, but he's super jittery and when I try to put them in his harness it's a lot harder because he keeps moving once as I'm trying to put it on. Not sure what to do for that

  • Jamie Barbosa
    Jamie Barbosa

    Do you have a video on dogs being aggressive with trying to get them to drop things ir getting things away from them

  • Ann Runacres
    Ann Runacres

    Cesar, I’ve always followed your advice and Simon our rescue Bichon has really gained his confidence now. But your methods also works with sheep. Simon and I were walking along the path (on lead of course) across our local sheep field. Maybe the sheep thought Simon was a small lamb, but three started to follow us about six feet away. So I turned, took the attitude, pointed my finger, and said the tsssh. They stopped, and waited until we left through the gate. Amazing, thanks Cesar.

    • Mark Farrow
      Mark Farrow

      He's an arse has no idea how to treat a dog he's full of aggression and he an arse hole and always will be

  • Pat Pat Moo Moo
    Pat Pat Moo Moo

    How many here think the dog was a hired actor to be a “participant from the audience”??!!!?? Man, how does Mr. Milan do that?

  • Leon Sanchez
    Leon Sanchez

    The owner seem a bit slow.

  • Isabell Haydar
    Isabell Haydar

    Love Cesar Milan, thank you very much for everything you do💚

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA

    Cesar waits for the desired state of the dog and rewards that. He does NOT get excited and entertain himself and , in effect, USE the dog to entertain himself for 15 seconds. He is a dog HANDLER doing things correctly. And nearly NO owner follows his guidance because they want to be entertained rather than help their own dog. See?

  • Colin Byrne
    Colin Byrne

    What type of dog is he ?😍

  • Khai Zhe Wong
    Khai Zhe Wong

    How do I make my dog calm down and not jump, He always Jump and kick me then jump off I don’t know what to do he is also very hyper

  • Henrik Kosonen
    Henrik Kosonen

    The one thing that ive learned the most from Ceasar way back, is to just ignore the dog, let everything settle, when all is calm, then greet the dog! The dog will come to you! Eventually, when u have set the ground rules @ceasarmilan

  • paul wayne
    paul wayne

    the main man .....

  • Zbigniew Ledwoń
    Zbigniew Ledwoń

    It's plain awesome.

  • Andreas Roger C
    Andreas Roger C

    Your the best Milan 🙌👍

  • Itsmy Lifestyle
    Itsmy Lifestyle

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  • viktoriya pugacheva
    viktoriya pugacheva

  • Tapping with Tabitha
    Tapping with Tabitha

    This was like watching a magic show!

  • Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld

    AlwYs teaching Love it my the Love of Christ take hold of you heart ❤️ Mr for the treasure in a man heart is knowing or getting to know the kingdom of God my this help u so your ways are always loyal to the true just like this dogs are when they come across with someone that can talk to them that not a dog Cesar yours is the message of the kingdom of God threw the story of in Christ Jesus just like dogs we also have a good side

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones

    This brings back memories of my ex bf's mom's dog years ago. Lol! I'll never forget when we went to her house and went through the backyard to go inside. I saw a huge doggie playground with tall food and water bowls so I'm thinking wow this must be a big dog! I went inside the house, and the dog looked like a big, fluffy bear! Lol! I was scared and unsure, but he was so excited and making howling sounds! The dog waited by the bathroom door for me to come sweet! I felt bad, but I was scared! Lol! I'm thinking it was a malamute....not sure....

  • Sitcom Christian
    Sitcom Christian

    Galatians 3:26-27 For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

  • Roger Garcia
    Roger Garcia

    Cesar,Im From República Dominicana,Thanks For Visiting!

  • Carolina Marmolejo
    Carolina Marmolejo

    Ijoles no entiendo el inglés y está muy interesante

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar

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