How to Approach a Dog (Putting My Sons To The Test!)
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Calvin Millan:
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  • Heather Laird
    Heather Laird

    His kids learning from the best. This was a really cool episode

  • Lucky Lady
    Lucky Lady

    Volume is very low on my computer?

  • Anand Abhinav
    Anand Abhinav

    You make the brain come out 😂😂 00:02:50

  • Aime Ruiz
    Aime Ruiz

    So great your sons are learning so much from you, we definitely need more dog whisperers. God bless you all.

  • Mercedes Russell
    Mercedes Russell

    you are a big insporation to me i hope to be good as you one day

  • Sonja unome
    Sonja unome

    Yep it goes for people too good boy ceaser gooooo boy except for the clapping unless your on stage.

  • Ellie X.
    Ellie X.

    Does ceasar have his own children?

  • Emi Ja
    Emi Ja

    Hey, Cesar your children have grown so much, you are an awesome father. Greetings from Australia.

  • Gapanredi

    I would love to work under and learn from Cesar. I’m going down a different path in life right now but one day I would love to work with all sorts of animals ☺️

  • croninn

    Watching you work with your boys (young men) working with the dog, well you all just made me smile. Thank you.

  • Vetiejane Deguzman
    Vetiejane Deguzman


  • Jena Gailen
    Jena Gailen

    I’ve watched you for a long time and I have always thought, if reincarnated is a thing, you sir, were a dog in another life. And when you imitate their actions, wow! Your good. I wouldn’t trust another person when it comes to dog advice. And all of your advice is right on!

  • blackbird35217

    Thank you Cesar, you are a wonderful human being.

  • Laura Briese
    Laura Briese


  • Hella Bella
    Hella Bella

    It’s amazing that Cesar’s kids haven’t picked up the basics by now! I am actually happy to see it because no matter how many times I tell my son what to do or how to be around dogs, he has difficulty with some understanding but my son is slightly autistic. I’m happy Calvin is in Cesar’s life now, he’s such a handsome boy! There will NEVER be another Cesar..

  • Edward Deitch
    Edward Deitch

    Those are some really cool kids.

  • Edward Deitch
    Edward Deitch

    Cesar can imitate a dog like he is one. Great acting ability.

  • Edward Deitch
    Edward Deitch

    Great kids. Handsome too.

  • Robyn Smith
    Robyn Smith

    Cesar talks a lot. I lose track. Love him, though.

  • Filu10

    Querido Cesar me podrias regalar un perritos mediano. Mi perrito adoptado se me fue al otro mundo de viejito hace casi dos años. No quiero comprar y vivo en Vancouver, Canada. Gracias!!!

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    Beautiful description and instruction for us all. Thank you Cesar!

  • DJ Noto Redd
    DJ Noto Redd

    Calvin es guapo

  • JoPinheiro


  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte

    I want cesar to train me .....

  • Shauna

    Ay, Cesar, there are so many comments on this video, I know you will never read mine. But I still want to express my respect and love for who you are and what you teach. Your understanding of behavior (human and canine) is simply profound, and I am thankful that your boys clearly realize that. Keep being YOU. The world needs Cesar Millan.

  • Queen LoveOfMyLife
    Queen LoveOfMyLife


  • Brenda Montoya
    Brenda Montoya

    Teaching us all. Thank you Cesar!

  • Heather Querin
    Heather Querin

    thanks for sharing the process! big gains for me. thank you!

  • Fabricio Emmanuelli
    Fabricio Emmanuelli

    God bless your children my friend, they look like awesome young gentleman! Muchas bendiciones!

  • Diablo Anonimo
    Diablo Anonimo

    Gracias Cesar, su sabiduria me a servido inmensamente

  • di5gustipated

    volume leveling in the video editing process could be an improvement to work on

  • Greyowl T
    Greyowl T

    Love your videos

  • Alma et al
    Alma et al

    Love you forever Cesar, you taught me all I know. XOXO

  • Phoenix

    It's wonderful to see Cesar passing his amazing skill on his sons. It'll be rough & tough, keep up the great work.

  • Viki Visszzard
    Viki Visszzard

    I loooove ceaser milan but i dont like that he hits dogs as part of their training or he did hit them in the past (btw hes got exceptional understanding of dogs)

  • Viki Visszzard
    Viki Visszzard

    I loooove ceaser milan but i dont like that he hits dogs as part of their training or he did hit them in the past (btw hes got exceptional understanding of dogs)

  • Mark DeBoard
    Mark DeBoard

    How can I come live on your ranch and learn the proper way of caring for and managing dog behavior? I would do it almost free, just feed me and give me a tent to sleep in? PLEASE PLEASE {:EASE. I have a rottweiler and a mix of black lab and pit bull. I need that education to take proper care of these 2 wonderful dogs. send me an e-mail so we can discuss it. I will send you my phone number. Too much of my personal things to write it here. It would be a "rehab" for me as well. Please lets talk.

  • Kara bo bara
    Kara bo bara

    this sweet girl gave yall her very best.

  • paige jo
    paige jo

    i want to become a dog psychologist because of you. i love this type of work. i want to be a dog trainer but more than that. i am so inspired by you. i want to be like you

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl

    Really great to watch. I learned a lot..👍💜👏👏

  • BlackWaterPirate

    Does he know the kid is gay though?

  • pancho perfulcro
    pancho perfulcro

    16:34 Now You are my son again XD dude got close to being disowned

  • Sharkonabicycle

    Jurassic Park with Cesar Milan: *Raptors enter the kitchen* Cesar: "Tsst.* *Raptors look away and lay down on the floor.*

  • Be Sew Crafty By Arti
    Be Sew Crafty By Arti

    Cesar i love my dog more than anything. It breaks my heart how she can never relax and just enjoy life. She is always on edge. I got her a little brother and they play together but now I have two dogs that fear other people and other dogs. I need your help so bad! Please teach me how to be the human my pups need!

  • peter nuon
    peter nuon

    “ now ur my son again” 😂😂😂

  • peter nuon
    peter nuon

    Cesar u need a new cameraman

  • Jason Livesay
    Jason Livesay

    OK video but really should have shown the dog most of the time.

  • Michelle Gregersen
    Michelle Gregersen

    Is there anyone in the world who understands more about dogs?

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Cesar I think you better help that black dog in the long grass behind you at 2:20 because it hasn't moved for like 15 minutes lol

  • Michelle Gregersen
    Michelle Gregersen

    I love how Cesar Millan cannot stop teaching! He's really the expert and so disciplined himself that he does not let a moment slip by (at least in this video) where he can allow any missed opportunities. There is no sleeping on the job!

  • Mary La Gorda
    Mary La Gorda

    Cesar! You are truly amazing! Thank you for always teaching us something new, with every video that you upload! 🙌🏼♥️

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill

    7:25 That is something to consider for us all, laymen. We would think the dog is happy and relaxed...

  • Donna Jacquet
    Donna Jacquet

    Wow love this guy, i would love to be like him

  • s1r3n1971

    I’ve missed Cesar’s facial expressions when he’s mimicking dog behavior, and how much do I love Andre’s headband and Calvin’s earring 💗

  • leVodge Spotson
    leVodge Spotson

    Great video guys !

  • Sky P.
    Sky P.

    I don’t even have a dog 😂 but have learned so much from you. I cannot have one due to an allergy in the family. But my heart aches every time I see a pooch anywhere. Maybe one day I can enjoy that companionship. 😞when I do, I will be a WELL TRAINED HUMAN from binge watching all your episodes. 😂

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    16:17 🤣 she wants to play with him

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    People do not study dogs behavior when they consider them "toys"; pets are not toys.

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    11:25 Exactly, their world is a totally different world than ours.

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    10:51 Woah!... Like magic

  • Omar Castillo
    Omar Castillo

    This man truly is amazing

  • Cynthia Wright
    Cynthia Wright

    Beautiful Sons

  • Jill Havern
    Jill Havern

    Cesar isn't just a Dog Whisperer, he's an Animal Whisperer. Loving all your videos Cesar, I'd like to see more rehabilitation of the animals with 'issues', like the ex military dog with PTSD and the dog who couldn't walk past the end of the driveway unless Cesar held his back legs like a wheelbarrow. I love to see their 'cure' and how they can live a normal life again. It's lovely to see how much love Cesar feels for all these dogs. You're one of the best humans on the planet. I hope that when I die heaven looks like your ranch.

  • lisa merc
    lisa merc

    This is old ?

  • deanna belle wingo
    deanna belle wingo

    Hello its nice to know u your looken cute hugs kiss bye

  • AmeriKanGrl

    Your knowledge is so great with your sons. Its all about patience and understand and communication with your sons. Its gonna take time, but they seem willing to learn. So great to watch.

  • Katrina Williams
    Katrina Williams

    Calvin is cute! 😍

  • Samantha 9
    Samantha 9

    I love these videos but you guys have to get better sound equipment the sound is so low you can't really hear anything unless you have earphones in or it's quiet where you are. Please make more videos and get some mics

  • Jonathan Vachon
    Jonathan Vachon

    BELL tshirt? You guys are in Canada now? 🤔

  • Caroline D
    Caroline D

    great video; Cesar you have such a calmness , great to watch how you transfer your skills to your sons


    Caesar, I love you very much, but you do have to give your son a chance. I am just starting to see the beginning omg.

  • Pippi Langstrumpf
    Pippi Langstrumpf

    Your sons are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! And you too, of course :-)

  • Ibn Battuta
    Ibn Battuta

    Please do more of these!

  • Doob Dedoo
    Doob Dedoo

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  • badassdahn

    Glad your sons are with you Cesar. All that hard time you went through a few years ago i was worried you would lose your boys but thank God for everything

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  • Shad Ahmad
    Shad Ahmad

    I don’t have a dog, but I love watching Cesar every content because it’s not just about dogs, it’s actually life philosophy, you can learn so many life lessons from Cesar Millan techniques, ideas and dog psychology training.

  • S. B.
    S. B.

    Can I visit your ranch please??

  • Laurell Dockall
    Laurell Dockall

    Most of how Cesar is with the dogs and the suggestions he makes would work between 2 humans. Partners or parent and child. The first thing a baby has to learn is trust. Until that is assured they cannot move to other things. I believe that is why his boys work so well with him. Children with boundaries feel the love. If you did not love them you would let them run wild. Because they love them you take the time to work with them. If this makes sense??

  • Shin m0h
    Shin m0h

    Piper is soooo sweet. My heart was all "awwwwwww" all the time...

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    Kimbra Holbrook

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    Lettie’s Life

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    Nathaniel Schmitt

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  • Em Bem
    Em Bem

    Awesome bond between these kids and their dad. They know his suggestions and corrections are not a personal attack on them and instead are learning tools. Awesome family.

  • Doline Puntual
    Doline Puntual

    calvin is me im very introverted and quiet but i know damn well im not calm, huhu i have to fix myself for my dog