How Ten Different Animal Species All Walk Together
Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone got along like this all the time? It isn't just dogs that need walking!
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  • Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan

    Getting out and experiencing nature is so important! How do you enjoy nature with your animals (or on your own!)? And don't worry, IRbin family! We are getting a stabilizer and an external mic for our future videos! 😉

    • lwichi mwibanda lwichikennels
      lwichi mwibanda lwichikennels

      Please subscribe to my dog training channel

    • Lee Angel
      Lee Angel

      What a magical video you have a beautiful life Cesar :)

    • 83rdox

      My boxer dog is a perfect gentleman. Our only issue is me, i wish i was better for him, i wish i didn't habe so many issues so i could do more great things with him,more outside activities

    • Larry Long,Jr.
      Larry Long,Jr.


    • Claire Abbott
      Claire Abbott

      I love walking through the English countryside with my Milo. I do wish he was better around the cows tho - would love some tips on how best to achieve this. Watching your family walk was amazing :)

  • Liza Rossellini
    Liza Rossellini

    One of the greatest things I have ever seen!! Your like the greatest human ❌⭕️❌⭕️🙏💖🙏🥰❣️🌈touches my soul💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾🙏💖🙏. So deep!! Your a Human Angel saving the world and humanity

  • Liza Rossellini
    Liza Rossellini

    ITS A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!! Watch this and thinking of that song. Cesar is a Legend great Human Angel. Hugs

  • Liza Rossellini
    Liza Rossellini

    Wow!! Look how the species staying in an organized group walking is amazing!!! We humans coexisting with other species. Great healthy outdoors fresh air exercise eat veggies plants and have great poo is LIFE!!! Fight the good fight against arthritis diabetes pandemics parasites superbugs and dont get the Covid!!! Praise gratitude love joy discipline pack walk precious joy. So spiritual Holy Spirit is praise, gratitude, focus on the breath and life. Love and hugs all beautiful animals and Human Angels!!!

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles

    That was so cool and impressive to watch. Cesar you are truly are gifted my brother.

  • EDS S
    EDS S

    I dont agree with tied up llamas and stuf but That pug was looking regal af

  • Didier Hernandez
    Didier Hernandez

    I was lied to. The ark is not in Kentuky. It's in Cali!

  • Ernest Obeng
    Ernest Obeng

    I think I'm getting interested in animals now

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel

    The Mexican Dr Doolittle

  • Larry Long,Jr.
    Larry Long,Jr.

    Cesar millan and his sons are ultimate pack leaders to all of their animals!🐕🐩🐎🦄🐏🐑🐐🦙🦜🕊

  • NayNing

    Wow! Hahah! Enjoying and at the same time learning. Love this! Thanks sir #CesarMilan ❤❤❤👍👍👍🙏🇵🇭

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Oooooh WOW Mr. Millan is🎶 the 🎶 He is the greatest Dancer 🎶💃🕺🎶🎶 Sister Sledge 🎧 Good moves 😍 Lovely Greetings

  • jose guzman
    jose guzman

    If Pokémon were real this man would be like a professor or something Professor Ceasar

  • pumasgoya

    He had no arthropods...but seriously, when did Cesar become Carlos Santana? All this talk of energy and love.

  • Heidi J
    Heidi J

    Love you Cesar.. thanks so much ❤️

  • Lori Norman
    Lori Norman

    This is amazing !

  • Sonia Lopez
    Sonia Lopez

    Hahaha, hablando y trabajando... my dad’s words... i modified to haciendo y hablando (doing and talking) 😊👍

  • maye bentenna
    maye bentenna

    Adore este video !!! Falta la reconciliacion con los felinos!!

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Good Morning Mr Millan and Animal's, this is sooooo beautiful seeing You with your following wonderful family members. ❤️😍😍😊

  • Mary Mcwatters
    Mary Mcwatters

    Don Cesaer loves animals.

  • Lee Angel
    Lee Angel

    My favourite part is Cesar dancing with Rio 😍

  • xredstar303x

    Are we sure Cesar isn’t secretly Doctor Dolittle or something?

  • Dr Deng
    Dr Deng

    That pomerian is ultra Cute

  • 2678dhetysjk

    I think Cesar gets annoyed with the guy talking and not working so much.

  • Lizzeth Rocha
    Lizzeth Rocha

    Y el pato ¡Compermisoo! ¡Compermisoo!

  • Lizzeth Rocha
    Lizzeth Rocha

    Tienes un don ¡INIGUALABLE! Dios te preste muchísimos años de vida ...

  • xpdta ooki
    xpdta ooki

    An awesome walk! Luv u all 😘❤️❤️❤️

  • Rogelio Razo
    Rogelio Razo

    cameraman dying out there

  • marcy gonzalez
    marcy gonzalez

    How does he keep all the animals especially the dogs near him. My dogs would be everywhere.

  • That one comfort friend
    That one comfort friend

    I love birds, especially ducks. I think they are really cool, but maybe not wild ducks. Wild ducks can be mean lol

  • Veronica Silva
    Veronica Silva

    U are wonderful to be an animal whisper and lover of them all God bless ! 👏❤️🙏

  • Andoy Laplana
    Andoy Laplana

    I dont have a dog but sure would like one🐕😍

  • Cessia Chavez
    Cessia Chavez

    THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for sharing, watching this video made me smile ear to ear. Awesome and beautiful animals creation and gift of our amazing God to us.

  • Krystal Newton
    Krystal Newton

    Cesar you are a legend. Love your videos and love your mottos in life even more. Always puts a smile on my face to watch your family. 💙

  • Jessie Moreno
    Jessie Moreno

    That was so funny that lama eating while walking,,,

  • imcharmed4evr

    Does the parrot ever poop on you? Where is his exercise since he’s sitting on your shoulder?

  • Gary Kang
    Gary Kang

    Amazing 👍

  • Mark

    Having a cat out for a walk would be nice.

  • Tori The Food Goddess
    Tori The Food Goddess

    This is the life! ❤❤ so blessed to be able to do that everyday!

  • Teresia Naigulevu
    Teresia Naigulevu

    You have taught me alot about animals...HUGE RESPECT! THANK YOU SO MUCH CESAR ❤❤❤

  • marivic lee
    marivic lee


  • Money Money
    Money Money


  • Erin Lord
    Erin Lord

    Thank you for being such a great role model, Cesar! You were one of the biggest influences in my life and I've dedicated it to working with animals as a zookeeper and wildlife educator. 240 species later, I am still learning from you. I hope one day to become a great pack/herd/flock leader for my current animal family. This is an inspiring vid. Gracias!

    • Erin Lord
      Erin Lord

      I don't watch a lot of TV, but do you do "farm whisperer" episodes? Lol, I would love for all my upstate NY animals to have a life like this at Finger Lakes Wildlife Center!

  • Margaret Brisbin
    Margaret Brisbin


  • Nancy Ingunza
    Nancy Ingunza

    Que maravilla, tantos animales juntos y felices. :)

  • Ricardo Zambrano lopez
    Ricardo Zambrano lopez

    Subtitulen el Video . Español 😔😔

  • Paris Devine
    Paris Devine

    Cesar check this lady out you will love her pack 💕

  • Anna M mazur
    Anna M mazur

    Amazing, your energy make me feel so good, I love animals and your approach. Big fun of you Cesar

  • Lucy jacobo
    Lucy jacobo

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • cat lover
    cat lover

    Real heaven is like this: So many different "healthy" animals with trust, respect, and love, peacefully staying together, and there are NO sick animal abusers, and no disgusting fleas or ticks!!

  • Phoenix007

    Que hermoso espíritu tiene este hombre maravilloso . Sus hijos y tus animalitos son afortunados de tener un padre como tú cesar Milán .

  • Malu5D

    That’s one of the cutest and most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen! 👍✨💕

  • Liliana Paiva
    Liliana Paiva


  • †

    Love to You & Your Pack, Cesar! I appreciate all you have done! You are continuing to help Me, America, Mexico, our Hearts, our Animals, AND our Humanity!!! THANK YOU & THANK GOD!!! ☝️❤️ ( I'm Christian, Conservative, and believe America needs Trump 2020. Trump would love you & could use some input from Cesar Milan's Man-heart! 🙏🏻)

  • Elizabeth Anne Hill
    Elizabeth Anne Hill

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! So inspiring. What a way to live, Cesar!

  • Sashy Pooh
    Sashy Pooh

    I see Apollo!!!!! ❤️

  • Irma Camarena
    Irma Camarena

    You are so lucky. Its looks beautiful there and you have the best company 💎💓

  • ConspiracyBear

    Echame el burro. Con huevo y queso. ✌🏻🐻

  • Ahimsa Space
    Ahimsa Space

    I miss my dog so much. This is wonderful to see.

  • Irene Kim
    Irene Kim

    Have you seen a dog driving... would you recommend it? I just saw it on my home feed.

  • Priority 1: Kindness
    Priority 1: Kindness

    There were actually 11 animal species including the homo sapiens. 😎

  • Human Disco Ball
    Human Disco Ball

    alguna vez han tenido algún avistamiento de puma en el rancho?

  • Ladisblogs g.o
    Ladisblogs g.o

    Cesar te imaginas como fuera el mundo si siguieramos el mismo paso que tus animalitos .no hubiera tanta violencia ni envidia ni tanto egoísmo de nosotros los encantan tus animalitos

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    TOP WHAT YOU ALL ARE DOING EVERY DAY!! I do the same I'm every day walking in the nature with my dog. I love that❣️It's very healthy to have a dog or maybe more it depends on how much place you have in your home.

  • Chema ChakMo'ol
    Chema ChakMo'ol

    I want to see him swim with dolphins

  • Miguel Angel Velasquez Flores
    Miguel Angel Velasquez Flores

    The real Dr. Dolittle

  • red panda
    red panda

    Gio makes me wanna die. He's the CUTEST fricken dog. I love pugs 😭💖

  • Jessica Gardner
    Jessica Gardner

    Love it 😻

  • Trish

    Can we just talk about how for the first 3 minutes of this video i thought the animals Cesar was walking were all dogs

  • june july
    june july

    Amazing Cesar!!! Thank you!!!

  • Cynthia Del Carmen
    Cynthia Del Carmen

    I Love your videos Cesar, you are very inspiring. Saludos de tu fan Peruana.

  • Gilbert

    Love it Cesar your living my dream life around animals & a ranch...

  • Rebecca Soller
    Rebecca Soller

    Nice video.

  • Auburn and Grey
    Auburn and Grey

    Just a friendly warning... Many Donkeys and Llamas are used as livestock guards Because they don't tolerate canines (coyotes) well so don't try this at home if you want to avoid your off leash dog getting accidently kicked.

  • Meike

    how to be part of that amazing family

  • Luisa Chavez
    Luisa Chavez

    Todos ala walky,I love that!

  • Heidi Thaw
    Heidi Thaw

    So funny the little dog keeps up.

  • A

    This mans stress level must be 0

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    Mario Diaz

    You should do a Spanish video one day

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    natasha bakunda

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  • Felycia Aranda
    Felycia Aranda


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    enti suhardi

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    Modern Canine Vlog

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    Jiranan buddhawajana

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  • Thia Castle.
    Thia Castle.

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    Zylice Liddell

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  • Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial
    Fabiano Jardineiro Oficial

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    K Productions

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  • Aleta


  • Miss Fitt
    Miss Fitt

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    Sandra's Paper Creations

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