How Properly Walk A Overly Excited Dog
Tune in this week for my best advice of how to correct the bahavior of an overly excited dog when out for a walk!
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  • Julio Leon
    Julio Leon

    So WHEN do we get to see him show us HOW to do it visually?

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra

    Its hard to watch these videos because every time a dog makes a crying noise my 2 dogs wake up and I feel bad :(

  • Christina

    If that dogs is a 6, my 1 year old is a 12

  • Chuck Dalton
    Chuck Dalton

    Total BS. Hope you sell many dumb backpacks 🤔

  • Father

    That's it?

  • Esmeralda Torres in
    Esmeralda Torres in

    Yo no se si veras mi mensaje. Estado mandando mensajes pidiendole a dios que alguien me escuche yo nesesito ayuda con mi perro. Antes de darlo en adopison por que no se como ayudarlo 😪

  • Keyonna Wilson
    Keyonna Wilson

    I have a 7 month old American pit bull a.d she recently started biting and pulling her leash, she also jumps on me and bites. She's getting too big and powerful and I'm worried im gonna get hurt.

    • Brochy Nussbaum
      Brochy Nussbaum

      im having the same issue but my dog is a aussie

  • Volvox

    2:03 ... or some drugs? 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 ;)

  • 1k.baybee

    I have a dachshund and he pulls the leach

  • goldfish02rex

    Waste of three minutes for infomercial

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Good Morning Mr. Millan, 😘 are you still awake? Sending lovely Greetings to YOU and your Doggy's from Germany today we have in Germany a National Feiertag, free day, like a Sunday. GREEETINGS Shops are closed today.

  • Phil C
    Phil C

    My husky still focus on other dogs while running like the wind dangerous at times

  • Ruth Lowry
    Ruth Lowry

    So glad to see you are well and back to dog training Cesar, We missed you!

  • Melinda Lofgren
    Melinda Lofgren

    How can I get personal advice from you? I've got a 14wk Yakutian Laika. Yes they're stubborn, but very smart, she needs exercise but it's crazy pulling already, despite all my knowledge of how to stop this, we play, hard for an hour before a walk, I stop when she pulls and she'll create slack in leash, we'll go again and it's 3 steps before we have to stop. I've gone the other direction and stubborn, she sits and or puts the breaks on. She's also biting at leash if it's too loose, and/or, if she's in heel, she's begun nipping at calves or shoes to herd me. Yes she's bred to pull sleds and herd livestock, I've done everything I can think of to redirect these behaviors. I'm not a fan of harnesses, but I'm getting one and a martingale collar too. Please give me some advice, thank you

  • ProudBirther

    why did this couple get a cattle dog??

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma


  • Adam Fears
    Adam Fears

    I don’t want a back pack for my dog , I’ll continue searching for a better solution

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA

    this is so obvious... the man walks the dog on the right side, he does not look at the dog at all, he does not correct unwanted behavior, he does not know how to hold a leash correctly.... just to start. He needs to go to a pro handler and follow instructions. A dog is a lower animal and YOU are not a dog handling expert ... so ask for help!

  • Aridamann sanga
    Aridamann sanga

    My dog(beagle) doesn't wants go for walks unless two people come (not with one person) with him so someone pls tell me what should I do

  • Miss Creepy
    Miss Creepy

    My dog is so evil . Drags me on the streets with people laughing at me. I’ve started jogging with him now so that’s not a problem. He eats my clothes destroys my stuff. Idk how to deal with it. I have tried to train him trust me. But now I just don’t care . I love him . He’s my spoilt child . He’s 1.5 years old . I hope he’ll get better with time.

  • Shannon Davidson
    Shannon Davidson

    Aussie not a cattledog . Big difference.

  • April s
    April s

    Can you please rename this video appropriately, how to get people to buy a dog backpack

  • Surreal Verve
    Surreal Verve

    Why would anyone dislike Cesar Millan's videos ? I trained 2 American Pit Bull Terriers using his tips and they behave perfectly.

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta

    i have dog like that but my is puling me all walk an when he see another dog she lanch towerds him and i dont now how to stop or coret that,and she make noses at night ,and at the table when we eat ,dog is yorkshire terrier and she is 2 years old, taken from family that didnt want her any more and she wase wery underwight.

  • Imok Howru
    Imok Howru

    That dog ain't being over excited..... Give me a break. This guy is a joke

  • God

    My dogs a 10 when she sees another dog

  • Naomi Naomi
    Naomi Naomi

    So doesn't tell you what to do to solve the issue just sells his products

  • parmesh sharma
    parmesh sharma

    counting crows

  • The Dog Walkers ph
    The Dog Walkers ph

    You are our inspiration for our IRbin channel! Love you Cesar!

  • donna M
    donna M

    Does Cesar not have his longer shows on? These short ones don’t really teach much.

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Not easy to wear for my Chihuahua 😂🎒💼🤣 It's just a Joke 😉

  • Linette Low
    Linette Low

    “Give your dog a mission” makes a great slogan for Caesar’s family. Such great advice, thank you :)

  • Cy Faller
    Cy Faller

    Scam. He just want to sell his products lmao

  • Nadia Nowak
    Nadia Nowak

    Hello, does anyone know why does my dog calm down and stops pulling on the leash in public when he is walking in between me and a family member. Is it possible it is caused by seperation anxiety. Any information could be really useful.

  • Hama Nari
    Hama Nari

    If that’s a six my dog is a twenty


    How does ceasar only have 1.1 million he surpasses everyone

  • Adam K
    Adam K

    Jesus is the only Way to the Father, receive Him before it's to late. Salvation = 1 Receive Christ and become born again. 2 Love God above everyone and everything. 3 Love thy neighbor as thyself. 4 Walk in obedience with Jesus, repent from all sins, and do what He want's You to do. 5 Forgive everyone. 6 Have Faith and Trust in God. 🌼🤜🤛🌼 Tribulation starts soon. Fake Alien inavsion ( Demons that look human ), mark of the beast, a chip/mark or vaccine that changes Your DNA. Whatever happens, do not take it. Project Blue Beam, Jesus in the sky can be a hologram type of thing, do not be deceived by it. Do not listen to anny big world leader that will arise, this person is the antichrist, it can be Obama, but not sure. Shalom

  • TheButterflyNZ

    Wow. That has to be the most unhelpful dog "training" video I've ever watched.

    • Troy Fraser
      Troy Fraser

      Yep. Doesn’t even show the product in action that he is trying to push the sale of 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Elizabeth Dickerson
    Elizabeth Dickerson

    6!! If he is a 6 my dog is a 47

  • FIDA Global
    FIDA Global

    Great video, Cesar!

  • Mandy

    I need help with my (house pet) COONHOUND. Come see if you can get her to not pull on a neighborhood walk. I don't want to use a Halti. It makes her sad and nervous.

  • Lona Tes
    Lona Tes

    Ironically, my dogs name is Caesar. He's a 9 year old Springer Spaniel who was my parents for 7 years but he is now my responsibility because my parents don't put much work into him. He is a beautiful, sweet, friendly dog but he is not well mannered. One of his major issues is pulling on the leash. I have tried the stop and go technique but he doesn't even acknowledge that I have stopped - he just keeps tugging. I am going to try to invest in the harness you showed and hopefully that may help with the tugging issue. Another major issue is that... Caesars favorite snack is POOP. He eats every turd he sees- dog, horse, pig, cat. Any turd except for his own poop. He has done this for his entire life and I wish I could let him free roam around my yard (he stays in the yard when he is off leash) but he scavenges for turds to eat and sometimes he rolls in it! Please, Please give me some advice on how to fix this that doesn't involve spending 3 hours pouring hot sauce on every turd I find 😂😂😭😭 Thank you!

  • Zach Anderson
    Zach Anderson

    Love to come to a video looking for advice and instead have some money grabber asking me to buy his product instead. Are you the dog whisperer? Or the dog monetizer?

  • Gábhán De Brun
    Gábhán De Brun

    If only we all had Cesars energy for this the world be a better place,

  • Nadine O'Brien
    Nadine O'Brien

    Best line "Please, I just want to do something with my life!" Yessss!!!😂🤣

  • c00t999


  • Kari Liz
    Kari Liz

    Huh? What is the back pack supposed to do? Make the dog think he's working?

  • Dogtrickheaven

    Yes I find that’s the biggest dogs today are bored 👍

  • Ken K
    Ken K

    dudes kinda old

  • Ken K
    Ken K

    dogs really not that bad

  • awsomegamer100

    Me: Searches IRbin for how to walk my dog Cesar: “Buy my product” Me: ...

    • Joshua Mcgruder
      Joshua Mcgruder

      awsomegamer100 yuh

    • Adam K
      Adam K

      @Gabriella Del Castillo Jesus is the only Way to the Father, receive Him before it's to late. Salvation = 1 Receive Christ and become born again. 2 Love God above everyone and everything. 3 Love thy neighbor as thyself. 4 Walk in obedience with Jesus, repent from all sins, and do what He want's You to do. 5 Forgive everyone. 6 Have Faith and Trust in God. 🌼🤜🤛🌼 Tribulation starts soon. Fake Alien inavsion ( Demons that look human ), mark of the beast, a chip/mark or vaccine that changes Your DNA. Whatever happens, do not take it. Project Blue Beam, Jesus in the sky can be a hologram type of thing, do not be deceived by it. Do not listen to anny big world leader that will arise, this person is the antichrist, it can be Obama, but not sure. Shalom

    • Gabriella Del Castillo
      Gabriella Del Castillo

      Same 🤔🤔

  • Ellee Townsell
    Ellee Townsell

    My dog barks and whines the minute she seees a dog just across the street.. She is so hard to control she pulls and jumps.

    • Ari Arredondo
      Ari Arredondo

      My dog too lol have you been able to calm your dog? I need help

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller

    that did not help

  • Lisa

    But I can’t find his backpack anywhere!?

  • Laura Flores
    Laura Flores

    How do I get my dog to stop pulling on my clothes a lot and he won’t stop.

  • True_King

    Tf was that cesar? You have changed man, guess you forgot where you came from, this was bs.

  • Phil Barrows
    Phil Barrows

    Shameless hawking... Shame on you Whisperer

  • Andi V
    Andi V

    What your dog is saying “I just want to do something with my life.” Omg 😂😂😂 soooooo true

  • Mary T
    Mary T

    Woooof Wooof Talk to Meee

  • Rose M
    Rose M

    My dog gets so excited that he start hopping on his 2 back legs! ☹️ help

    • Coach Cicely
      Coach Cicely

      In addition to walking you could look into dog massage techniques for relaxation and calming. And talk with your vet to make sure he is getting the right kind of food and enough for his lifestyle.😎

  • mrbeanskids01

    @Ceasarmillan #ceasarmillan I could not find a video helping me to help our 11yr. old. He gets SO excited BEFORE a walk.. whining, jumping.. we won't attach his leash until he sits quietly, but if he whines while sitting, he has to wait again and it keeps repeating until after 5-7min we get frustrated and attach his leash when he is sits quietly for at least 7seconds.. then he get excited again. Make him wait more, until the 2-3seconds of calmness shows, then we start out and he's pulling. Used to jog with him when he was younger (11yrs) now, but we always need to start out anyway with a walk warm-up. Are we not waiting long enough to see "calm" come over him before we leash him and then before we begin our walks?

  • Ania

    I had hilarious situation today. Me: woman 23 y.o. , the only big part of my body is my boobs. My uncle: imposing silhouette, grown ass man , many ppl who don't know him may be scared, the owner of "honey" Honey: 5 month old swiss moutain dog, PUPPY (so hella excited)...... Many ppl mistake them for a berneese mountain dog I went on the walk with honey. Honey was walking (draging)my uncle(Not the other way around hahahaha). I ain't feeling to follow honey"s speed so i walk my pace. Uncle was trying few Times for her to come....50/50 result. When honey walked my uncle like 0.5km away I needed to catch up, but I ain't trying to catch up with her, bc 1) I'm on a high heels 2)I'm the leader, so SHE MUST listen to me etc. Now. My uncle is calling her to come like 3 Times, after third one she came.Why? Because of baby talk. When I called her to come, I called firmly in normal voice ONE TIME (bc I'm her leader, not the opposite way; oh hell nah) .... And guess what? She came after 1 time . The hiliarious thing is that we both didn't have any dogs before.... 😝😁😂😂😂😂😂 ¯\_(๑ ᴗ ๑)_/¯

  • Kenn P62
    Kenn P62

    I know it needs to run. But to me, it looks like it just wants to trade sides of walking so it can sniff the grass and get some old food out.

  • Steffen Kienle
    Steffen Kienle

    complete Bullshit!!!

  • Karen Orozco
    Karen Orozco

    Cesar Podrías grabar un vídeo de cómo controlar a un schnauzer miniature de 7 años? Me acabo de mudar de una casa donde el (Mufasa) tenía su propio espacio a un apartamento y no solo les ladra a los otros perros pero también a las personas que van pasando. Lo dejo solo por 8-9 horas mientras trabajo y sacarlo a caminar se ha vuelto en ansiedad para mi también.

  • Pedro Reis
    Pedro Reis

    old man with a young Australian shep. dont match

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch

    These dogs have more energies then others. Not walk next to a senior. Get a 🚲

  • Guillermina Chavez
    Guillermina Chavez

    Gracias César por tus videos y por lo que ases por los perros y en lo personal a mi también me a ayudado con problemas psicológicos e inseguridad . todos los dias cuando boy a comer veo tu programa es mi terapia diaria.. Muchas GRACIAS Y felicidades.

  • อุทัย หนึ่งคํามี
    อุทัย หนึ่งคํามี

    My dog not walk I don’t know Stan

  • อุทัย หนึ่งคํามี
    อุทัย หนึ่งคํามี


  • Charismatic Cook
    Charismatic Cook

    Hola eres un gran ejemplo a seguir .. gracias

  • joy renee
    joy renee

    i don’t even walk over-excited dogs, i run with them tbh

  • Will King
    Will King

    I feel like you're just selling your products here

  • ULA K
    ULA K


  • Gladys O
    Gladys O

    my dog is WAY WAY WAY more excited than this dog when he sees other dogs as he's a rescued and was cooped up in a cage without walks for 2 years. Just glad he isn't aggressive. When my dog sees other dogs he DASHES like really DASHES its like zoom in less than a second he would be barking like a MANIAC if i do not approach the dog. Went for training lessons and finally fixed this issue. If you think you've seen dogs barking and jumping and think they're crazy, you haven't seen mine! link to how he used to react : I used to think he was afraid till one day i mustered enough courage to let him sniff an extremely calm big dog then i realized he was just SO EXCITED. i think on a scale of 10 hes an 11..

  • ArtAbuse

    Have a beagal that seems to lock onto a smell and pulls as hard as she can when going on a walk and chokes herself, I know use a harness so she don't choke but still pulls hard. If you call that a 6 well she is a 10! Will this backpack with weights work??

  • Mati Schiavoni
    Mati Schiavoni

    Buen dia. Gracias Cesar, sos un modelo a seguir, me inspiraste y enseñaste mas de lo que imaginas, incluso gracias a vos pude comprender y rehabilitar a mi perra y a mi mismo! Ella es una Boxer Mexicana que me acompaña en todas mis aventuras y viajes. Incluso q hoy dia trabajo rehabilitando perros y enseñando a las personas a disfrutar mas de sus fieles compañeros. Abrazos y Gracias Siempre!

  • Tina Runström
    Tina Runström

    Hey Cesar! I have paractic all your lesson to my amstaff and she is wonderfull, Thanks Cesar for you help/Tina

  • AndrewHan777

    Hi sir~ how to train my german shepherd to get into the car? thank you!

    • Coach Cicely
      Coach Cicely

      Don't know how this will work for you, but it's worth a try. I trained my Golden Retrieve to get into his kennel this way. Make sure the vehicle is not running and turn him backwards and push him in. Also do you know his history. Like has he had any bad experiences with vehicles?🤔

  • SANDRA Sotero
    SANDRA Sotero

    I did not find the backpack in the video on the website? I am looking for his double collars as well.

  • Izaya Kaiden Blake
    Izaya Kaiden Blake

    My 2 year old dog almost pulled my arm out of its socket on our last walk I’m wondering now if this backpack might actually help or just give her extra strength

  • Fabiano Pina
    Fabiano Pina

    I thought there was a tutorial here instead I got a product placement?

  • Liz Rawr-son
    Liz Rawr-son

    I would love to meet Cesar one day. My dogs are pretty well behaved because ever since I was younger, I watched one episode and wanted to know more and learn more. I have 2 dogs and have been thinking about making a 12 to 14 hour drive to go to the training classes but I dont have the money to and my husbands military so by the time I would have the money saved up, we could end up moving further away. Love the videos!

  • liverplover1

    Looked on your website and you don’t have your backpack for sale.

  • Yvonne

    I love taking Lady with me in the car and she's great, BUT, she whines a need it drives me nuts. I'll tell her to stop and for second she will.

  • cheryl foy
    cheryl foy

    Cesar my jack Russell mix dog gets badly excited at a house that has a big dog. It is hard to control him . I have to run past the house. Any suggestion?

  • hannah tattoo
    hannah tattoo

    Thought it was a sheep

    • Ricardo V
      Ricardo V

      yeah, its a sheep dog, downunder :)

  • deborah nail
    deborah nail

    I have a beautiful Pit and she is calm when she’s asleep!! She is two and her Vet told me, “we have another year before she calms down.” She loves Dr Joe and is so excited to go and be near him. She’s not mean, she’s just a sweet pet. They put her in a room with the door closed and he will open the door slowly to see if I have a good hold on her because she will jump all over him!! She has a ‘NO PULL HARNESS’ and it helps but I have to hold on tight. I need prayer too!! Lol😁

  • Ashley Quaal aka Gardner
    Ashley Quaal aka Gardner

    Cesar just gets it!!

  • Lovisa M
    Lovisa M

    If that dog is a 6, my dog is a 32!


    Caesar I have a blue pit bull that we rescued when he was 5 months old. People abused him daily well I thought by getting him so young that he would come out of any harm that was done. But he is way over excited! He will not sit still at all and constantly into something! He just jerks and goes on anytime on a lead and I have experience with dogs I have owned and trained them my entire life but just can’t do anything with him! 😂 any suggestions at all??? Anything would be a help

  • Cosmo

    In the case of my dog.. What kind of "mission" do I give when I'm simply aiming to go for a walk so he may use the washroom? He gets overly excited, pulls and even begins to jump on people and gets very hyper when he sees another dog..

    • Halil Hadzisadikovic
      Halil Hadzisadikovic

      Coach Cicely i have central asian shepherd or alabai I CANT WALK HIM i WANT SO BADLY but he overpowers me

    • Coach Cicely
      Coach Cicely

      What breed do you have? 🤔

  • theresia 0110
    theresia 0110

    Cesar, please consider to come to Jakarta, I really want to see you teach the dog here, thanks in advance !!

  • Clary Hustles
    Clary Hustles

    Yo my dog is horrible on leash and I’ve tried everything. The only way I can handle walking him is on a prong, and even then he pulls. He’s not even supposed to be able to pull with it but he just doesn’t care. It makes it hard to take him out and about all the time the way I’d like. He’s not responsive to association training. If I stop he’ll automatically stop pulling and sit like he was trained as a puppy before the pulling started. I’ve tried the walking away from his pulling method and he’ll happily follow and pull in that direction instead. He escapes all of the halti harnesses and no pull type contraptions. He’s a 70lbs husky so don’t tell me to overpower him lmao If anyone can help me, let me know.

  • Tamiko Bishop
    Tamiko Bishop

    I live in a neighborhood, where it is textbook, as you stated years ago! I go to a certain part of town where there are people that don't treat their dogs like humans, and actually get involved with exercise, discipline, then affection, and it's quiet, and peaceful. Then on the other side of town where people are either, older, soccer mom's, or teenage, or college students, oh some are using walkers, but their dogs are barking like crazy from their cars, can't walk them because the dogs will drag them, every time the dog sniff something, they stop, not social, they walk no further that a patch of grass to potty, and you can tell these dogs need stimulation! And, little dogs that's been given so much control it's not funny. I feel sorry for the dog.

  • Oscar Jimenéz
    Oscar Jimenéz

    thanks a lot, thats exactly what my dog needs, seria bueno subtitulos en español para la audiencia latina. muchas gracias.

  • Prakash Nair
    Prakash Nair

    Everyone have different thinking on these types of dogs but what i think before putting leash the dog should be relaxed, then before opening the gate the person should be in present he should not have any past feelings of his life.

  • Prakash Nair
    Prakash Nair

    How old is junior?

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    It wont work Cesar i need you :( I have 2 dogs and one is ALWAYS just going crazy :((

  • Mary T
    Mary T

    Cesar knows what is Best we must Listen to him